Top Alternatives For Bondic: Comparison Guide

Top Alternatives For Bondic: Comparison Guide

Looking for top alternatives for Bondic? We bring you the top alternatives and competitors for this best gluing system. In modern times because of our hectic schedule, we tend to mishandle our things, and we end up breaking or damaging them. This makes robust gluing solutions more important than ever. One such revolutionary product in the market is Bondic. A powerful gluing solution that can fix everything ranging from a chipped bowl, a broken plate, or a doll. 

More often than not, people tend to fix these by using a superglue. But using a superglue, in all honesty, is terrible. Numerous brands promise that their product will not glue your fingers together, but they still end up doing so. This where solutions like Bondic come to the rescue.

A Brief Overview Of Bondic

Bondic is one of the best alternatives to traditional glue and can work on almost any kind of surface and material like fabric, wire, and glass. In the case of regular glue, you have to end up dabbing the glue. Then clamping the surface to keep it secure till the entire glue dries off. But Bondic is way different from it because this welding kit comes with liquid plastic that cures only when UV light is directed on it. This way, it creates a bond that will not break. It works where other glues don’t work. 

Now we have an idea about what Bondic is; here in this article, we will be talking about in detail other top alternatives for Bondic in the market. 

Top Alternatives for Bondic

Lazer Bond

Top Alternatives For Bondic - Lazer Bond used on a glass

The first on our list is Lazer Bond which is a liquid resin. Just like Bondic, this too gets activated with the UV light and creates a permanent bond on broken joints. In just a matter of a few seconds, this product can work wonders on almost any surface. 

According to the claims, the product can create a permanent bond in about 3 seconds, and this watertight and airtight seal can support about 350 pounds of weight. This high quality product can fix, build and bond a wide range of surfaces like porcelain, leather, copper, plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, PVC, glass, and more. 

What makes it better than any sticky glue is the fact that it does not harden up in any container and can be used whenever you want it to. The kit is inclusive of the pen, plastic resin, and LED light. 


Top Alternatives For Bondic - An image of BluFixx

This product is inspired by Dental technology and consists of an adhesive gel that can be cured with the Blue Light LED ray that can work great with almost any surface. It is best to use it over a non-greasy surface and the ones with the maximum thickness of 2mm. But if you want to cure much thicker surfaces, it is advisable to apply it more. 

Once you are done with the application part, you need to expose it to the light ray for a bit till it is totally cured. It works great for almost every surface like stone, plastic, wood, metal, and textiles. It can be used for filling any holes, sealing the cracks as well as hiding the remodelling flaws. Using this, you can also seal up the spliced and seams wires. It can bind and repair all without any pressure. 

It is easy to apply it and does not require expertise of any sort. Blufixx does not have any solvents and does not get sticky or messy to work with. On the basis of what you need, the material can be polished, varnished, drilled, grounded, vanished as well as polished. You can also match it to the shade of the original material, all thanks to its availability in different colors. It can be used for about 24 months if no light gets in there. The kit comprises a BlueLight LED, pen, a file, and two 7 gm cartridges. 

Rapid Fix

Rapid Fix is a dual component adhesive system that is scientifically developed and includes instant and strong bonding welding and adhesive powder that is pretty effective on various surfaces. It can give you instantaneous bonding results and can be very well used on its own or even with the welding powder. It hardens instantly and creates a weld-like bond that can be used to fill cracks, gaps, holes, etc. 

The solution can bond almost any material and can work well on various surfaces, including rubber, copper, glass, aluminum, steel, wood, ceramics, and plastics too. Once cured, the welding powder turns opaque white. It can then be painted, drilled, ground, sanded, and painted on. Rapid Fix can be cleaned easily with just a wet cloth depth in Acetone.

Rapid Fix is guaranteed to last for about 12 months, but if it is stored in ideal conditions, it can stay good for as long as 2 years. The pack consists of a 10 ml bottle of adhesive as well as welding powder.

5-Second Fix

The 5-Second Fix is the plastic welding compound that becomes solid when exposed to UV light. According to the company claims, you can fix, fill, repair, and seal anything in about 5 seconds. 

The solution can fix any surface like plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and stone. It is pretty flexible, paintable, and sandable. It looks clear when it dries, and thus you can fix almost everything. 5-Second Fix can cure only under UV light, and thus you can position and reposition it as many times as you want. 


JB Weld

It is a two-part, quick-setting urethane adhesive system that is known for providing strong and lasting repairs. It works on thermoset, carbon fiber composites, thermoplastics, coated metals, concrete & more. The solution has a 1:1 mixing ratio, sets in 15 minutes, and can be sanded after 30 minutes, with a tensile strength of 3770 PSI. 

It sets to a tan color and cures to a hard, permanent bond. The solutions work great for Filling Dents, Bumpers, Automotive Trim, Composite Panels, Interior & Exterior Plastic Parts, and Fiberglass. It can be used in Automotive, Brick, Ceramic, Concrete, Fiberglass, Plastic/Composite/PVC, Wood, and many other places.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix is a liquid plastic welder that can cure and fix your products in just 5 seconds. The product comes with liquid plastic, UV light as well as an applicator. It is paintable, flexible, and sandable. It looks clear when it dries up and can permanently cure Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Leather, and more. Quick Fix too needs UV light for curing, and thus you can very easily position and reposition it until you achieve the desired position.

Are liquid plastic welders the same as a super glue?

An image of Bondic

No, both super glue and liquid plastic welders have massive differences. Super glues can be at times really messy and need multiple layers of it to fix things. In the majority of the cases, it either does not work on a particular surface, or the bond it forms is not that strong. 

Liquid plastic, on the other hand, needs UV light to work and usually fixes everything in just a few minutes. It lets you position and reposition till you do not achieve the spot you desire.

What materials do liquid plastic welders work on?

Liquid plastic welders are pretty versatile and can work on various types of surfaces and materials like Plastic, Metal, Wood, Fiberglass, and many others. 

Are there any restrictions when using the liquid plastic welders?

There are no such restrictions to keep in mind when using these liquid plastic welders. On the basis of what your project is, you can build up layers on layers of liquid plastic. After creating the layers, you just have to apply the UV lights and go on and on with the process repeating it till you have built what you were actually looking for. The novelty of the liquid plastic welder lies in the fact that once you have completed the process of curing a broken joint with them, it is super easy to paint, sand, and polish it right according to what you desire.

Wrapping It Up

The liquid plastic welder in today’s time can be considered as a sheer bliss. It is definitely a must-have thing in your tool kit for fixing your broken stuff. Not just for fixing purposes, if you are someone very much indulged in under-taking the home or DIY projects, then liquid plastic welders can be a literal game changer for you. It proves to be an effective and easy way to fix your things.

What makes using the liquid plastic even better is the fact that you get right what you are expecting. This is because most of them fix only when treated by UV light. We hope you get an idea on Top Alternatives for Bondic.

This way of fixing things is super easy as you do not need any sort of expertise, but most importantly, this is the cleanest way of fixing things as it is not glued. You do not have to worry about any mess or fingers sticking.

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