Bondic Review: Does It Really Work?

Bondic Review: Does It Really Work?

With the rise of industrialization, there are new inventions almost every day, from a far-fetched approach to the ones that are useful to humankind. Appealing to the market is the crucial feature for innovation these days. Talking about the sealant and adhesive market, it is witnessing a significant growth across the globe. One such product we will be reviewing in this article is Bondic.

About Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

An image showing Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic is basically an adhesive used to fix certain materials that include wood and metal. Once you are done creating a bond, you then have to apply the adhesive and use the UV light directed at the liquid. This UV light helps the adhesive dry instantly. Then you can sand the surface for removing any extra. In this Bondic review, we will show you how you can use the adhesive and things that you can be using it on. We will also be covering the main reasons for buying this bottle. 

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Remember that Bondic is not a glue. Bondic is liquid plastic welder which makes use of a special adhesive that bonds only under UV light. There are some amazing features of Bondic which make it unique and special:

  • Durable: Once it is mended, it is not going to break again, neither does it lose out on potential. The plastic solution is formulated to be durable and lasts forever.
  • Easy to use: Bondic does not require a lot of practice to use and is non-toxic. Simply add a dab onto whatever you want to fix, shine the UV light on it, let dry and there you have it, an insanely strong bond that lasts forever.
  • Clean: Superglue, or glue for that matter is just messy. If you miss your mark, it can be a hassle to clean, if it cleans in the first place. Bondic is super simple to use, even if it spills, you can easily clean it and it does not dry out until you want it to.
  • Controlled: Since you decide when you want Bondic to set, there is no margin for errors. Have it set using the UV light only when you are satisfied with its location and quantity.
  • Safe to use: Bondic is non-toxic and does not stick to the skin as glue does. You only need some simple guidelines to make use of Bondic and you are good to go.
  • Extremely strong: Much stronger than simple glue or epoxy, once dried, Bondic will make sure the bond you just created stays there forever without fail.
  • Can be sanded and painted over: As soon as you are done mending the item or items, you can smoothen out the excess and even paint over. Making the fix completely inconspicuous.
  • Versatile: There is no doubt. Bondic is a way better option over any other kind of adhesive in the market. You can easily use it to fix wood, plastics, ceramics, metal, glass and so much more. Not only can it be used to reattach, but also fill, insulate and mend irrespective of the material.

What makes Bondic different compared to traditional glue?

Using Bondic to repair broken spectacles

Bondic is incomparable to something so simple as traditional glue. For starters, it can be used to replace missing pieces, hence providing 3D properties. Next, its contents can be cured to one’s liking, whereas with glue, it only does so in the presence of air.

Who can forget that Bondic carries multiple tools from the plastic itself, and the UV light to additional means for shaping an object – all in one? Finally, not all glues work on multiple surfaces, as they usually serve one purpose, but with Bondic, many surfaces can find a use for it.

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How does it work?

The manufacturers formulate the product using a unique liquid-based formula. This formula is non-toxic and is therefore safe for customers to use. In order to join the parts, the adhesive has to be applied over the surface of the item.

In order to use the UV light tool, aim the ultraviolet light tool over the surface for four seconds. The adhesive will then harden. By following the appropriate steps, a permanent fix is achieved. There is no chance of getting messy fingers with this adhesive since it doesn’t require the use of hands.

Pros and Cons of Bondic

  • Clear when it dries.
  • You get a durable and quick bond.
  • It can work well on various materials.
  • You do not need much preparation.
  • You can use it in a few steps.
  • It offers controlled drying and it is consistent when it hardens
  • You can use it to form any shape and recreate the broken item
  • Easy to use
  • The liquid dries in 4 seconds only when exposed to UV light
  • You can sand the material post-curing
  • The product comes in tube form and can be applied easily
  • It is not sticky and not messy
  • Creates a strong bond which is long-lasting
  • Chemical-free and is non-toxic
  • It has a long life
  • Working needs a UV light source.
  • It might not work on all the materials. 

What are the benefits?

You need to keep in mind that Bondic is not a glue. Though it functions in the same way, just like the other adhesives do, it can create a tight bond that can last longer. Some of the greatest benefits that Bondic has over craft and other types of glues are:

  • It can both replace the missing pieces when used as a filler as well as form tighter bonds when used as an adhesive.
  • Bondic lets you create the type of bonds that you need, which includes both permanent as well as temporary bonds.
  • You can use the adhesive in the molds for creating custom parts without any residue to stick to the mold.
  • Bondic does not use the same chemicals and other toxic ingredients in its formula that other glues can.
  • You can be storing Bondic in much more areas around the home without the formula getting dried out or sticking to the inside of the bottle.
  • Bondic works on most materials without requiring separate glues for each one.

Who Can Use Bondic?


Bondic is non-toxic and contains no chemicals that can cause harm to the skin. So, it is completely safe, and there is no risk of the skin sticking uncontrollably to it as with other glue guns.

Children over the age of 12-13 are advised to use this product. In addition, it is safe for everyone to use.

Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

Bondic has a wide range of applications. From crafts to repairs, it has many uses. Bondic is used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Glass and plastic that have broken need to be repaired
  • Wood forming bonds with each other
  • Making or repairing jewellery
  • How to fix fake fingernails that are broken
  • Repairing damaged electric wires and wiring
  • Making molded plastic shapes
  • Repairing eyeglasses
  • When used as a fabric glue
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How Do You Use Bondic?

How to you use Bondic?

Sand: Before you apply the adhesive, you should be using sandpaper that can be rubbed across the surface of every object/material. Once you have finished sanding the surfaces, you can blow or wipe off any shavings. But if you want to use Bondic to create a temporary bond, you can skip this step.

Applying the adhesive: The adhesive comes in a small bottle, and this way, you can easily apply the perfect amount of Bondic to all your items. You will want to use a really small amount on the item and only on those spots where UV light can hit. If you need to glue two objects together, only apply the adhesive to one of those items.

Pointing light: You need to hold the light in one hand and then carefully aim the UV beam towards where the adhesive is. The manufacturer recommends holding the position for about four seconds. You may need to move the light around, especially if you applied a large amount of the adhesive.

Repeat: For a secure and a durable bond, you may want to repeat these steps. Using several thin layers of the adhesive is more effective than applying one thick layer. You should apply the adhesive and let it cure/dry in between each layer.

Is There Any Side Effects or Any Problems?

Bondic consists of zero chemicals and is entirely non-toxic. The product is therefore not harmful to the skin. Additionally, the liquid formula is non-sticky, and the solvent-free formula will not leave the skin sticky. It is safe for children 12-13 years of age to use bondic since it is side-effect-free and does not pose a danger.

Things You Can Do With Bondic

Things you can do with Bondic

With Bondic, removing a rusted or tight screw is no longer an issue. You just have to apply a small amount of the adhesive and then let it dry for filling in the area around. Once it is all dried, you can then remove the screw with ease. This adhesive is pretty suitable for repairing the broken and damaged electronics as well as creating the new threads. Some of the uses for Bondic are as follows:

  • Reducing the strain on an item
  • Replacing a damaged piece of plastic
  • Forming a connection between two materials or objects
  • Creating bonds in spaces/areas where you can’t use traditional glue
  • Adding insulation to wires
  • Repairing minor leaks

Bondic can work well as a repair agent. Consider a situation where your child has a toy that he or she loves but broke. You just have to use a small dab of the adhesive and then apply the UV light to repair that toy in a matter of just a few minutes. It works on metal and almost on all types of plastic, wood, and electronics. Bondic can work well on plumbing pipes and low-voltage pipes too.

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Is This UV Glue Any Good?

There are some people who claim that Bondic creates a bond of just as much strength as super glue and not much better. The hardening process adds versatility and a more effective application process.

Fast drying glues cannot compete with its strength, but it can also be used as a filler for projects that have missing pieces.

Bondic Founder

Bondic Founder

Dr. Thomas Offerman, a German dentist, designed Bondic after one of his patients used bonding material from his dental practice to fix the microchip wires in a microscope.

The development of Bondic, a miracle agent designed and developed by Dr. Offerman after realizing the potential of plastic bonding materials. Bondic is a fast and easy-to-use adhesive that hardens when exposed to UV light, creating a strong bond that can be sanded down and even painted over. It works similarly to dental glue used to attach orthodontic braces to teeth.

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Is This Liquid Plastic Welder Worth It?

Bondic adhesive should not be confused with glue.

Bondic is a molding liquid that is capable of gluing two things together as well as replacing most types of glue. However, Bondic is more of a molding liquid than an adhesive.

Many different materials can be used to fill holes in various items and hold them together. Its brilliant drying method allows it to work with a wide variety of materials. A large enough quantity could even be used to create new objects.

Since only ultraviolet light will cure the adhesive, you have an ample amount of time to prepare your work so that you can create repairs that will last. If there is any excess liquid on the surface of the tube, wipe it with a paper tissue or a piece of cloth immediately following the application of Bondic.

Another benefit of this product is that it will not clog the applicator tube. Unlike superglue, it will not set on its own inside the tube and become trapped. As a matter of fact, we believe the cost of purchasing a kit is well worth it, as the product lasts a long time, enabling you to complete many projects.

Is it Safe to use Bondic?

Bondic is completely safe to use. To manufacture the product, the creators utilize a non-toxic formula. Hands or fingers are not required for any purpose whatsoever when using the adhesive. You will not have messy fingers using it, as opposed to other super-glues. Bondic adheres permanently once hardened. The surface does not need to be heated.

Is it a Scam?

My first experience with bondic was a bit confusing as I used several products but none of them worked for me. It actually works like magic when I apply it to my broken accessories. They are all repaired immediately, and have remained fixed to date. Bondic is used to repair cable, glass, plastic jugs, wood products, etc.

In contrast to regular glues, bondic is effective on so many different materials. Since Bondic contains no harmful and dangerous materials, it is completely safe for the skin. I no longer have to throw out so many of my accessories. Several items I use regularly that I repair with bondic. Accordingly, I believe Bondic is a worthy product and not a scam.

Is Bondic Stronger than Super Glue?

Super glue is both strong and quick-drying. Before applying this adhesive, it will be necessary to carefully align your items. Once they are stuck together, they cannot be moved easily.

I discovered that Bondic binds stuff together as well as or better than conventional super glue.

It is crucial not to contact fingers together when working with superglue, since this will result in undesirable bonding.

For me, Bondic is significantly more effective than superglue. When I utilised Bondic to create the bond, all of my fixes remained intact even when I applied force to the components.

Super glue is not always the safest and most effective method for attaching household items.

Bondic adhesives, which bind pieces without releasing harmful chemicals or fumes like other adhesives, may be a preferable option.

Bondic is an excellent, adaptable substance that may be utilised in a variety of ways. It has received widespread acceptance and acclaim for its adhesive properties and its capacity to cover faults or holes in projects.

Bondic is an excellent tool to have around the house.

How Long Can This UV Glue Last For?

The majority of the adhesives and glue in the market have a liquid consistency that slowly dries down when it is exposed to air. If you leave the cap, even if it is slightly loose, air can get inside, and the glue will dry out. Bondic is one of the few adhesives available that will not dry out. Irrespective of how long you keep it stored in your home or garage, it will retain its liquid consistency. This way, you can easily use the adhesive for any projects on your to-do list.

With correct storage methods, it can last for about a year or more than that. The manufacturer claims Bondic can last for over three years. Most of the Bondic reviews state that it is a good tool for craft enthusiasts and mechanics for keeping in hand. It can work well on most of the plastic surfaces.

The adhesive comes in handy when a mechanic needs to do a quick interior or exterior car repair. If you are someone who loves doing craft projects at home, you will like how long this adhesive can keep and how well it can work. Anyone who wants an effective adhesive will benefit from this product. You can get a kit that comes with both the UV light source and an adhesive, as well as a storage case.

What If Bondic Gets On Your Skin?

  • You first need to place the affected area of the skin beneath running water.
  • Then apply a small amount of soap.
  • Rub the water and soap on the skin before you rinse it with more water.
  • If you do not have access to running water, try using any type of liquid. You should apply the liquid to the Bondic and apply enough pressure and friction for breaking the bond between your skin and the adhesive.

The instructions for Bondic are pretty easy to follow. While you should not let kids under the age of 12 or 13 use it, the product is safe for teens and adults to use. You can apply the adhesive in just four and then dry it, though you may want to add a few steps to clean the object that needs gluing first and remove any excess adhesive later. Bondic is one amongst the few products in the market that can function as a glue but is also mouldable for those who need to create and shape the replacement parts.

The adhesive worked well on so many different materials too. It is water-resistant, making it safe for using on pipes and plumbing fixtures. Not only does this stop a leaking sink until you can contact a plumber, but it can also seal the leaks in pipes. This is the one and only adhesives that you can use on glass mirrors, car bodies, furniture, and craft projects.

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How Can You Remove Bondic?

  • Trying to get the adhesive as quickly as possible as it is easier to remove wet Bondic than the dried ones.
  • You need to run a wet cloth over the surface for removing any of the adhesives before it dries.
  • If the adhesive dries, use a sanding cloth or fine-grit sandpaper for sanding down the glue until you reach the surface beneath.
  • You can insert a chisel or another flexible and thin tool under the Bondic to pry it away from that surface.
  • Use a little water for removing the dried Bondic that clings to the surface.

How Do You Use Bondic As A Filler?


Bondic can be used as a standard adhesive, and others can also use it as a filler material. It works great for this purpose because it can develop a hard consistency when it dries and is completely clear.

You will want to clean and sand the item ahead of time before you want to use it as a filler. You can use ordinary water and a small piece of fine-grit sandpaper for giving the object the rough texture. This helps the adhesive cure on it. As long as the adhesive will work with that material, you can then add a small amount of Bondic to it and use the UV light to help it dry.

The next step depends upon how you want the finished product to look like. You can use the light for a second or two and let the Bondic partially cure. While it is still soft to touch, you can mold as well as shape the adhesive to the size and shape that you want. When you use it as a traditional filler, it is important that you let the adhesive cure completely and that you add it in small amounts. Once it cures and drying finishes, you can remove the excess adhesive with a new piece of sandpaper.

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Tips To Use Bondic With The Colored Powders

  • Pour a really small amount of the adhesive on the paper cup that can be thrown away later.
  • You then have to add a pinch of the colored powder to the cup.
  • Add more of the powder until it reaches the color you want; keep in the mind that it will dry slightly darker than when it looks when wet.
  • Mix and match it with other shades for creating custom colors.

Things That Comes In The Bondic’s Starter Kit

Before you buy Bondic, you should be keeping in mind that there are various kits that are available. The starter kit is the most basic and includes all of the following.

Bondic bottle: The most important item in the starter kit is the bottle of Bondic. This bottle has enough adhesive for the multiple applications.

Applicator tip: The starter kit will also come with an applicator tip. This tip looks just like those found on ballpoint pens. It lets you apply a thin layer of the adhesive to any surface without wasting any.

UV light tool: If you do not see the UV tool listed in the product description, you will want to order a different kit. Bondic will not be working without this tool, but some kits require that you purchase the tool separately.

Carrying case: The basic starter kit comes with a metal carrying case with a bright silver finish. The case is large enough inside for holding the Bondic and other supplies. It also has enough room for the UV tool, and this way, you can make sure that you never lose it. You can store both the UV light as well as the bottle of adhesive together.

Some other Alternate

When we talk about any product, it has alternate as well. In case of Bondic, we have found many alternatives for the same. You can check out the complete information about Bondic Alternate.

Also, we have compared some other products with Bondic, check them: Bondic vs FiberFix, Gorilla Glue, JB Weld and some of the Best Plastic Welder.

Bondic Where to Buy

The best place to buy Bondic is from its own official website as you are assured of the quality and also you are facilitated by the manufacturer with great discounts. 

Here’s why everyone loves Bondic

How much does it cost?

A Bondic kit is available for a low $19.99, plus shipping and handling. Especially for you though, we have additional offers. Buying 2 Bondic kits at $39.98 gets you another one absolutely free of cost.

If you require a bigger set, we have you covered for that too. Click on the link to buy 3 Bondic kits at $59.97 and get 2 additional kits free of charge and you even get free shipping worldwide, saving you over $40 on your purchase.

A Bondic set comes packed with the Bondic bottle, an applicator tip, the UV light tool, and a carrying case.

What are you waiting for? Click now! Get your Bondic set and get to fixing, mending, repairing without any hassle or effort.

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Bondic Review (Video)

Should You Buy it?

Bondic began as a crowd-funded product on Kickstarter. Over 6,000 users on the site donated about $300,000 for helping the creator turn his prototype into a completely functional product. Dr. Tom came up with the idea for Bondic after working on a patient’s teeth in his dental office in Germany.

The patient came back and then asked to buy dental glue from him. This is because he had an idea of how people can be using it outside the dental practices, and that led to Dr. Tom towards developing a type of adhesive that looked like a plastic that can dry quickly with the application of UV light. Though you may wonder what Bondic is made of, the creator is quite mum on the subject because he created a proprietary product. With the addition of UV light, this adhesive will dry in just four seconds.

One main reason for using this adhesive over another Bondic alternative is that it dries clear. Other glues dry to a bright white color or to a darker black/brown color. Bondic becomes completely clear once it is done with curing. If you wish to do some automotive work or tackle a craft project, the color of the dried adhesive will no more interfere with the design of your project or car. You can also add color to the adhesive with the addition of an acrylic powder. This lets you create a custom color that can match any object that you have in mind.

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Final Verdict: Is Bondic Worth It?

Bondic is one of those few adhesives in the market that can handle almost all types of jobs. Not only can you use it to repair damage to the fender or bumper, but you can also use it for stopping a leaky pipe before a plumber can get to your home. It can work great on both interiors as well as exterior jobs and can work equally good for craft projects. Bondic is a must-have addition to any toolbox.

As we are at the end of our Bondic review, it is safe to say bondic is literally a great option to resort to.

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Is Bondic easy to clean up?

You bet! While still in liquid form, Bondic® can be wiped off any surfaces that are not absorbent. To make the process easier, we recommend using organic solvents.

Is it safe? Or will my hands end up stuck together permanently?

There is no risk of skin sticking uncontrollably and dangerously. Even so, we recommend you only let children over 12-13 years handle Bondic.

How well does Bondic work on PVC tubing, Kevlar, or polypropylene?

As a matter of fact, Bondic works very well with PVC tubing, Kevlar, and polypropylene – as long as you properly prepare the surface. Generally, you’ll want to prepare a ring around the item to create strength. Sometimes you even drill holes in both surfaces to create extra strength.

How many uses will I get out of one tube of Bondic?

If it is small repairs you’ve got planned, (iPhone cables, widgets, gadgets, etc.), you’ll get dozens of uses. Each tube contains about 80 drops of material. A larger repair (like an entire bookshelf) may require one or two tubes.

What can Bondic Fix?

It adheres to metal, wood, ceramics, plastic, and even glass, providing even the most hopeless cases a durable hold.

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