Bondic Vs New Lazer Bond (Complete in Detailed Comparison)

Bondic Vs New Lazer Bond (Complete in Detailed Comparison)

If you are finding it difficult to select between Bondic vs New Lazer Bond, then our complete guide between Bondic and Lazer Bond will surely be your savior. Both Lazer bond and Bondic are liquid plastic welders. They can repair, build, bond, and fill up many surfaces. But the primary difference lies in their structure, works, and design. Using the UV rays, a Lazer bond can join a certain material, and then you can paint over it without any issues. 

Bondic, on the other hand, works just like the Lazer bond for fixing any material and can be used underwater, in sunlight and also in the dishwasher. Here we will be discussing the comparison of the Lazer bond and Bondic and figure out the best option between the two. 

The Primary Differences Between Bondic And Lazer Bond

Both the Lazer Bond and Bondic can join the unrepairable materials that cannot be done with the use of regular super glue. They are different in their work and use. Here we will only be focusing on the primary key differences between Lazer Bond and Bondic. So let us get started. 

What is Bondic?


Bondic is basically a liquid plastic soldering iron. It hardens under the UV LED light. The Liquid plastic has the ability of gluing things that a regular super glue cannot fix. You can also use it to apply an extra layer of plastic for your cables, gadgets or any component that needs this. The operation is simple. The glue pen helps you in extending the useful life of many of the devices. This way there will be less wastage and less pollution by cutting the need for manufacturing new ones.


This liquid plastic welder can join any material where the power of superglue fails. Let us see below the features of Bondic.

Drying time: Once you apply the liquid on the broken surface, it takes about 4 seconds or joining the part with the UV lights. The joint becomes strong and flexible, and so it becomes difficult to break it for the second time.

Safety: The tube does not have any toxic chemical on it, and so your skin will be safe. Also, the UV light completely dries all the liquid and does not leave any mess. Basically, you do not have to worry about stickiness.

Structure And Design: Bondic is made up of a plastic tube containing the plastic liquid as well as the UV light at the end of the pen. You can use the liquid for about 70 to 80 times without the need of refilling it again.

Use: This glue pen can be used under the dishwasher, sunlight as it creates a really strong bond between the cracked materials. You can hardly break this joint with the pressure of your hand.

On which material does Bondic work?

Bondic can work well on cold, hot, wet, dry and all surface types. You can fox glass, metal materials, ceramic, leather, PVC, fabric, plastic and the metal materials. This creates a long-lasting bond between the broken parts and thus provides a strong bond forever.

Pros and Cons

  • A solid and strong bond
  • No toxic and chemical elements
  • It isn’t messy
  • It can work on all materials
  • Water and Heat-resistant
  • Long-lasting holds
  • Buy new plastic liquid refills

What is New Lazer Bond?

New Lazer Bond

The Lazer Bond, on the other hand, generates a liquid plastic solder compound. This allows you to fix things in a matter of a few seconds. It is neither a glue nor a standard adhesive. It does not stick. The pen-shaped tool has the liquid plastic with powerful ultraviolet light to form a permanent bond that has the capability of joining wood, leather, glass, metal, fabric and other stuff. 


Lazer bond is the UV welder that is resin-based and can join any material by creating a solid bond. Let us see the features and use of the Lazer bond. 

Dry time: The Lazer bond will take only about 3 seconds for drying the resin material on the cracked materials. It fixes any surface by filling it, fastening it and sealing it. The UV lights should be used over the resin.

Safety: The liquid resin is solvent-free, and thus you do not have to worry about any risk of damage that it might cause if it sticks to your skin. Swallowing the resin material accidentally can be a problem. 

Use: The liquid material is resin, and so you have to apply it only when the surface is dry. It can work with both wet and hot weather conditions, but sometimes it might fail to join the cracked part in these conditions.

Design and structure: In the pen-shaped tube, it has the resin and has UV light at the end of the tube. This is different from the Bondic in the design. The structure of the UV light is a bit different from the Bondic and also works well.

On which material does Lazer Bond work?

Lazer bond has a solvent-free and non-sticky resin that offers both heat proof as well as waterproof protection. With this, you can easily fix fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal and a lot more in just a few seconds.

Pros and Cons

  • Fixes all the cracked materials
  • Solvent-free
  • Heat and water-resistant
  • No-sticky resin
  • Fast-acting
  • Need to replace liquid resin, and it is costly

Final Verdict: Bondic Vs Lazer Bond

In this Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison, Bondic is definitely the best plastic liquid welder. Bondic’s quality, structure and design are a step ahead than the Lazer bond. In the Lazer bond, the liquid resin is weaker than the plastic liquid. The plastic liquid creates a strong bond that is difficult to break.

Both of them work well with all types of materials and surfaces. You will not face sticky messes while using them to fix broken items. The Bondic liquid tube can perform 70 to 80 times, and Lazer Bond performs up to 50 times with the full tube liquid resin. All in all, Bondic is the best UV welder to fix any materials.


How does bondic work?

It looks just like a regular pen shape. It works on ultraviolet light and liquid plastic. After you put the liquid, light up over the broken part for it to joint immediately. The UV light helps in hardening the liquid and joining the part that is broken permanently. The tube holds the plastic liquid and the UV light located at the end of the pen. In just 4 seconds, any material can get fixed.

How long does Bondic glue last?

Unopened Bondic Glue can last up to a year. To accomplish this, ensure that your Bondic Glue tube is always properly sealed and stored in its metal case. While most adhesives harden or dry when exposed to air, Bondic Glue hardens or dries when solely exposed to ultraviolet light.

How does Lazer Bond work?

The Lazer bond is designed with the UV light at the end of the pen and resin in the pen-like tube. This way, it creates a solid bond between the broken parts by using the ultraviolet light and reisin. This bond can withstand around 350 to 400 pounds of weight. It can be used under wet places, rain and sunlight. You can also paint and sand over this bond because the bond is flexible and permanent.

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