Bondic Vs 5 Second Fix: Unbiased Comparison

Bondic Vs 5 Second Fix: Unbiased Comparison

There are numerous brands in today’s time offering gluing solutions, but the most popular ones are Bondic vs 5 second fix that offer incredible performance. They can quickly join the broken material, and this way, you can get rid of the regular glue as well as it getting stuck to your hands the majority of the time.

All you have to do is roll the devices over the affected surface, and then it hardens and bonds the joint. There are differences between 5 Second Fix and Bondic plastic welder glue. Here in this article, we will present which is better: 5 Second Fix vs Bondic. Let us get started.

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix: Comparison

FeaturesBondic5 Second Fix
Supported MaterialsPlastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel,rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines,vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene,leather vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene,Leather, plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and stone.
Resistance against acids,lyes, oils, lubricantsYesN/A
Drying TimeSecondsSeconds
Starter KitBondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal CaseN/A
ReviewBondic Review5 Second Fix

Which is better?

Based on all the information and reviews from users, Bondic is one step ahead of 5 Second Fix for everyday use. The 5-second fix works best on smooth, flat surfaces, like a plate, and it can cause skin reactions. On the other hand, Bondic is completely safe because it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients. This means that you don’t have to worry about skin problems.

It can stand up to water in every way, so you can put it in the dishwasher. The high pressure and speed of the water don’t break the bond. Bondic has 80 drops of material, while the 5-second fix only has 50 drops. This means that Bondic lasts longer than the 5-second fix. Bondic is better than 5 Second Fix because of these things.

What is Bondic?

What exactly is bondic?

Bondic is the first tool for bonding the liquid plastic across the globe. Bondic is successful in those places where glue fails. The best part is that the liquid will not dry until you are ready. You just need to squeeze out the amount you want and then apply the UV LED light. Bondic just needs four seconds to cure, making it the quickest drying bond in the world.

Bondic is resistant to the oils, Lyles, lubricants, acids, water, and heat. There are a plethora of uses of this product. When you fix a particular object, you get complete control over the adhesive strength. This basically means that you can use Bondic for the temporary as well as permanent use. I have fixed the objects simply by making a few undercuts before you use the product.

Bondic is effective when it is milled, painted, sanded, molded, filed, and polished. This is how you can customize all the repairs. Bondic is super lightweight and portable. It can be easily taken anywhere you want.


Welders from Bondic have features that make them reliable and superior to others. Discover the features below:

  • Quick and permanent result: A permanent rock-solid bond forms after 4 seconds of UV light and adhesive application. Due to the bond’s strength, you can drill, sand, use acid paint, etc.
  • Solvent-free: When the tube lid is opened, all glues dry. When the Bondic adhesive is exposed to UV light, it never dries up. It will be yours to use forever, so you will be able to control it completely.
  • It performs well on rough surfaces. Using super glue I have repaired a lot of cracks that were unrepairable. The best results are obtained when the surface is always cleaned before use.
  • No mess: Glue sticks to everything, which is an annoying characteristic. Unlike traditional liquid adhesives, Bondic’s advanced formula remains nonsticky and clean. Therefore, skin problems are not a concern.
  • 100% safe: No harmful elements are present, so the Bondic is safe for anyone to use.

How To Use Bondic?

The Bondic system is extremely easy to use. Making it work doesn’t require a lot of effort.

  1. To fix a material, it must be clean.
  2. Use Bondic to fill in the crack.
  3. Bondic stick come with a UV light on the other end to solidify the cure.
  4. Bondic must be applied and cured repeatedly until you are satisfied.
  5. A more clean finish can be achieved by sanding the excess Bondic.
  6. To make it look better, paint it over.


It is possible to repair broken objects using a Bondic plastic welder. We have thoroughly tested Bondic and it is far superior to most superglues available today. If you ask me, this fix constitutes a proper restoration.

  • Resistant: Other glues are susceptible to heat, water, acid, or oil, but Bondic is highly resistant. The plastic doesn’t scrape or fail once it has set. You can fix something and it will last for a long time. Temperatures ranging from -40°F to +150°F are tolerated by the hardened solution.
  • Easy to use: A user can utilize it in an incredibly simple way. To use the program, only basic instructions are needed. Use the UV light to secure Bondic, then apply it to the area or object you need to fix. 
  • Non-stick: If you don’t want it to stick to something, Bondic won’t stick to it. A plastic weld will not harden unless it’s shone with a UV light. It is much better than superglue, which is incredibly messy.
  • Universal: Bondic can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, and glass. Long-lasting performance is ensured since it doesn’t dry out.

Which materials can Bondic work with?

Using the Bondic plastic UV welder, you can weld most basic materials efficiently and without problems.

  1. Wood
  2. Plastic
  3. Metal
  4. Fabric
  5. Resin
  6. Electronic components
  7. Shoes
  8. Jewellery, and more.

Pros and Cons

  • For a hard consistency, the formula dries fast
  • It is possible to sand Bondic when necessary
  • Using Bondic as a binding agent or as a filler is an option
  • Metal, wood, and even teeth can be bonded by Bondic
  • In order to use Bondic, you must possess the appropriate device to direct light
  • Bondic is not better than super glue based on some user reviews

What exactly is 5 Second Fix?

What Exactly Is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid welding compound. It can be used quickly and easily and create permanent seals and repairs. You can be bonding numerous compounds, including plastic and metals. This is a lot different from typical glue and adhesive. The 5 Second Fix can be used to position as well as reposition until you have achieved as well as the desired results before it makes a permanent weld. You can paint or sand with no sticky mess left behind. Your purchase includes a carrying case and two units of the product.

Useful Features

5 Second Fix has some useful features and they are mentioned below:

  • Liquid plastic glue: Using UV light, 5 Second Fix hardens plastic glue into a solid form. Featuring a capacity to hold 350 pounds, this bond is strong and durable. Bonds dry up transparently without leaving a mess behind.
  • Repair within 5 seconds: Five seconds are all it takes to fix any joint. Using plastic glue and a UV light, you can address the crack in seconds. It dries completely without leaving sticky glue behind.
  • Repair Everything: Surfaces that are rough cannot be repaired with glue. I have encountered a variety of results while using 5-second fix. The surface is permanently joined.
  • It is resistant to heat and water. Furthermore, glue liquid does not dry out in the air. The liquid plastic hardens after being exposed to UV light.
  • Sandable and Paintable: Using the machine allows for a smooth finish due to the clear bond. Paints can be used on it as well. No matter what the conditions, its bond is strong.

How to use 5 Second Fix?

Using the fix, fill, and seal method, the 5-second fix is applied in seconds. 

  1. Before fixing a surface, sand it. Thus, more plastic solution can be absorbed by the surface, increasing bond strength.
  2. The liquid solution should be applied a little over the cracks to start.
  3. For total bonding, shine the UV light on the surface for about five seconds.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the results, repeat these steps until you are.


  • High-quality liquid plastic: The liquid plastic and the device are both made of high-quality materials.
  • Flexible, sandable and can even be painted over:
    • The way you fix the broken object is by sanding off any excess plastic to ensure it does not lose its shape. Overpainting is another option.
  • Easy operation:  Plastic glue welders can be used by anyone, and there are no complicated instructions needed. Seal the bond by adding the plastic liquid to the broken item and applying a UV light to it. 
  • Dries clear: When plastic dries clear, it blends in naturally with objects.
  • Because the adhesive only cures once you shine a UV light on it, you can redo it or modify it until you are satisfied: Since the adhesive only cures once a UV light is shined on it, you can change it or redo it until you are satisfied. Use the UV light to harden it quickly once you have it where you want it.
  • A UV light cures liquid plastic within 5 seconds of shining it on it. In a matter of seconds, it completely solidifies.
    The product can be used to fill cracks, repair broken items, and seal open cavities.

Which materials can 5 Second Fix work with?

There are many materials on which the 5-second fix works very well, including:

  1. Wood
  2. Glass
  3. Metal
  4. Plastic
  5. Leather
  6. Electric components
  7. Fabrics and more.

Pros and Cons

  • Jewelry, heirlooms, and glasses can be restored with 5 Second Fix
  • Everything from statues to eyeglasses can be repaired with the product
  • I had trouble following the instructions
  • An adhesive works better than a 5 Second Fix
  • In order for a product to bond properly, UV light must be present

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix: Complete Difference

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix

The 5 Second Fix adhesive system can harden the solution with a UV LED light. You can operate it with batteries. The LED light construction is poor, and the majority of users stated that the batteries were dead the very first time they tried using the LED light. If the batteries are weak, the UV light gets progressively dimmer and hampers the bonding process. 5 Second fix is not an actual glue.

This basically means you do not have to worry about making a sticky mess. You can repair all the lighter objects that include ropes, belts, glasses, children’s toys, and a lot more. The Bondic can be used for permanent repairs in a matter of a few seconds. Bondic works better because it is both water and heat-resistant. The repair will be permanent as the bond is super strong once you use the LED light on the liquid.

With Bondic, you can be repairing all of the same items as with 5Second fix in addition to even more. Bondic is pretty effective for the low voltage cables as well as damaged casings. You can thus create invisible bonds with numerous uses like hanging the keys. Bondic is completely non-toxic and can resist lubricants, Lyles, and acids.

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Can you buy Bondic refills?

The Bondic refills can easily be ordered online. Bondic is available in bulk so you don’t have to refill them later and can save a lot of money on your order.

How long does a tube of Bondic last?

Bondic consists of around 80 drops in a single tube. Most things can be fixed before they expire.

How long does a tube of 5 Second Fix last?

There are approximately 50 drops in one tube of 5 Second Fix. Before it runs out, you can fix a few things.

Is Bondic waterproof?

Bondic is totally waterproof once it has dried out. Water can slightly hinder precision once the setting is complete, but shouldn’t cause an issue before.

Is 5 Second Fix waterproof?

That’s not the case, unfortunately. You will not lose your fix if you use a little bit of water, but a stream of continuous water will remove the outer layer.

Does 5 second fix work?

Upon researching and reading many reviews about 5 Second Fix, we found that the product being advertised does not meet up to its quality. It does not work well.

Final Verdict

All in all, Bondic is extremely effective where other products, including superglue, have failed. By using the LED light, the bond gets formed, all of the repairs get held well. You just need to follow the instructions on the package to achieve great results.

The product has saved me a lot of money on replacements. You can use 5 Second Fix as a liquid welding compound for ensuring permanent seals and repairs. The user reviews for it are not as good as those for Bondic. Some users have successfully repaired objects made from metal, wood, and plastic. Both products require the use of an LED light to create a strong bond for your repair.

A few features that Bondic offers over 5 Second Fix make Bondic the clear winner in our comparison between Bondic vs 5 Second Fix.

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