Difference Between Photostick And The Photostick Mobile

Difference Between Photostick And The Photostick Mobile

Many of us love to snap pictures and save those precious moments forever by storing them in a safe place. This way, we can recall and cherish these great moments. Read the difference between Photostick and The Photostick Mobile.

The majority of people prefer using computers in order to store their photos and videos in an organized manner. But this definitely is a cumbersome task that takes a lot of time. Now the great news is that you can save these files, videos and photos in just a single click with the Photostick.

The Incredible Photostick Product Comes In 2 Versions: 

  1. Photostick
  2. Photostick Mobile

If you wish to back up the data from the mobile, you should opt for a photostick mobile, whereas for the computers, Photostick will work the best. This compact and easy to use flash drive makes the process of backing up a lot more simple and manageable.

Explaining The Difference Between Photostick And The Photostick Mobile

The major difference between both the devices is that Photostick is designed for the Computer OS and Photostick Mobile for the Mobile OS. Both the devices have some differences that we will be discussing in the article.

The Photostick

The Photostick

This small USB drive comes with the feature of quickly backing up the documents, files, videos and images from the computer. This device is self-operating, and so there isn’t any need for selecting, copying, pasting and doing other things. It automatically collects the data as well as stores it. Photostick works only with the computers and is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. You do not have to pay money for the monthly subscription for storing all the files, videos and photos.

Generally, we need to manually sort all the duplicate files, but with Photostick, there isn’t any need of doing any manual work. This device is a great organizer that will automatically identify the duplicate files as well as remove them.

The device comes with a storage capacity of 8GB, 64GB as well as 128GB. The 8GB variant has the capacity of storing about 3500 ptxhotos, the 64GB variant has the capacity of storing about 30,000 photos, and the 128GB variant has the capacity of storing about 60,000 photos. So you do not need to worry about space issues for file storage any more. All you need to do is connect the device and click on the go tab.

Photostick Mobile

Photostick Mobile

Another version offered by Photostick is the Photostick Mobile. The device is pretty compatible with the mobile devices and can back up all your images, videos in your mobile and other media documents. Photostick Mobile is a lot like a USB thumb-drive for using with your mobile phone. 

This innovative design is empowered by the latest technology and brought for this generation. It makes the process of backing up super quick and efficient. Its smart and compact size makes it super portable for carrying and storing anywhere. What makes the Photostick mobile best is that it can work perfectly with both iOS as well as Android devices. You get the photostick mobile application on both the play store as well as the app store. iPhone users can download the application from the app store, and Android users can download it from the play store. The device can have the capacity of backing up about 60,000 photos. This way, your mobile will have a massive space. Photostick can also organize all your files.

How do you use Photostick And Photostick Mobile?

Difference Between Photostick And Photostick Mobile: Usage

Both the devices are ideal for securing your memories. So let us see the working of both the versions.

Using Photostick

  1. You need to connect the computer to your photostick. 
  2. It will start to work in a matter of a few seconds, and then hit the start button. 
  3. Once that is done, the photostick screen will appear and then click on the go button. 
  4. The device will then automatically collect as well as organize all the files. 
  5. Give it some time for completing the process.

You can be changing the format in order to organize all your files manually. From the various versions, you can opt for the perfect one with the storage capacity you need. 

Using Photostick Mobile

  1. Install the mobile application of Photostick on the phone. 
  2. Insert the Photostick on the mobile’s USB port. 
  3. Open the application and then select the files or photos for back up. 
  4. It will take a few seconds for backing up.
  5. Once you are done with back up, the phone memory will be evicted instantly.
  6. Finally, remove your device.

Keep in mind that the Photostick Mobile for the iOS will not be working with Android, so make sure to select the correct one.

The Main Features Of Photostick And Photostick Mobile

Here we will be discussing the main features of both the devices. 


Working of Photo stick Explained

The device can work automatically and pretty fast when it comes to backing up the photos, videos as well as other files. It supports files with various formats, viz. JPG, HEIC, AVI, 3GP, MP4, MP3 and many others. The in-built software is super easy to work with, and anyone can be operating it easily. The device allows free storage for videos and photos and does not need any internet access. It is portable, manageable and easy to carry. You do not have to subscribe or pay for any extra storage.

Photostick Mobile

Working of Photo stick Mobile Explained

In just a single click, all your files get uploaded. The USB port lets you save the data on an external hard drive or computer. The device keeps your original file format in an organized way. Photo stick Mobile is compatible with various formats viz MPEG4, AVI, BMP, PNG, TIFF, WMV, GIF, RAW, MOV, ICO, PCT, JPG formats. Photo stick Mobile doesn’t need extra payment for the subscription. It can also auto-delete the duplicate files. The device can very well back up the photos. If any file gets deleted from your mobile by mistake, then you can be restoring it from the app.

The Best One Among Photostick And Photostick Mobile

Now that you have read the above sections, you will have an idea about both the devices. By now, you must have understood the difference in both the devices and their working. Both the products are useful and boast unique features. Photo stick is suitable for the mobile whereas Photo stick Mobile is for the computer. On the basis of your preference and need, you need to decide what will work the best for you. In order to transfer the files from the computer, you need to use the Photo stick, and for freeing up space from mobile by transferring the files, you need to use the Photo stick Mobile.

Wrapping It Up

These products are an easy solution and incredible options for securing the videos, photos and all other files. With the Photostick, you can experience convenient and hassle-free backing up. This way, you can save up your valuable time and also cut off the fear of losing the videos and photos. In order to make it convenient for you, we have discussed the price difference so that you can make an accurate decision.


Can I use ThePhotoStick® Mobile as an ongoing backup solution?

Yes, it’s a great backup solution! Many people plug ThePhotoStick® Mobile in weekly and do a quick and easy backup to make sure they are continually protecting their memories.

Can I use ThePhotoStick® as an ongoing backup solution?

Yes, it’s a great backup solution! Many people leave the ThePhotoStick® plugged in and do a quick and easy weekly backup to make sure they are continually protecting their memories.

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