PhotoStick Mobile Review 2021: A Must Read Before Purchasing

So, do you fear your phone getting lost or damaged and then your precious images being lost? Then you must not have still heard about the magical device PhotoStick Mobile. If you have and are wondering that Photostick Mobile is the same thing as Photostick, they also keep on reading. And for those of you who think that the PhotoStick and the PhotoStick mobile resemble USB, you also need to read below. All of you are at the right place, as we will be explaining in detail PhotoStick Mobile Review, its features, benefits, and why you should be buying it right away!

During any function or family gathering, we click so many different photos to capture all the memories that we have spent with our family and friends. Still, all the memory gets crushed when your drive crashes. You lose everything that you have captured. This is not the only problem with USB flash drives; many times, you have faced that you have to delete certain things from your USB to capture new ones. At that time, the PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile are the best things for you.

The Importance of PhotoStick Mobile and PhotoStick

In this entire review, we will make you aware of all the benefits, advantages, applications, and purposes of using the PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile.

An image of Photostick Mobile

If you are using PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile for the first time, you will find that it works similar to that of USB flash drives where you can store and backup thousands of photos in a matter of seconds. After storing all of your essential photographs in PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile, you have not to worry because you are now not going to lose any of the photos, and also they all are kept in one place, which makes it easy to find them. One of the most significant advantages of using PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile is that you can connect it to any device such as laptop or mobile, which makes the transfer of your photos from one device to other devices simpler, and you also don’t have to purchase any other software or medium for transferring photos.

Besides maintaining your photos, it also makes it easy for you to search any document, image, or other important files that you have forgotten after storing. PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile will help you to cherish your older memories that you have forgotten with time.

Yet not purchased? 

It’s alright here; we are putting our efforts into letting you know if purchase of PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile is a good deal for you or not. In this entire review, we will let you know about many different factors to consider before buying PhotoStick or PhotoStick mobiles, such as their advantages, characteristics, and critical functions of the justiciable object. Now let’s start our essential discussion about the PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile and see whether it completes our demands and requirements.

Things to be considered at the time of buying a PhotoStick Mobile?

When you want to buy PhotoStick or PhotoStick mobile, you need to consider certain things; many of these things may also apply to USB.

In this entire review, we have manly provided four primary considerations, use of PhotoStick may be simpler than one, but it might create difficulty for you; generally, this is because it is not able to fulfill your demands, the considerations that are given below will help you to know either this PhotoStick are completing your demands or not.

 Capacity to store images

One of the vital factor to be considered while purchasing a PhotoStick or PhotoStick mobile is its storage capacity .as the primary function of this device is to capture photos and to store then you must ensure that the device you are buying has enough capacity that you require .most of the USB devices has limited options to select. In contrast, PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile usually have three option sizes, making it easier for you to get the device of your choice.

The PhotoStick is generally of 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB, the  8GB PhotoStick can store around 3400 photos, 64 GB PhotoStick can store around 35000 at last 128GB PhotoStick can store up to 55000 to 60000 photos. According to the size of your photos, you can typically store higher or lower numbers of photos, for example, if the size of your photos is enormous. You can store a lesser number of photos than the actual capacity.

Mostly all these categories will give you a reasonable storage amount. Still, it depends on your requirements: how many photos you are capturing and how many of them you want to store in your device. Many people save everything they capture while some keep only those they think are essential and deletes the rest of them. From your experience, you must find how many photos you are saving and capturing regularly, and based on that data, it will be more accessible for you to select the PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile of appropriate size. You should always try to buy a PhotoStick that has more capacity than you require because it will help you complete your future needs, and at that time, you don’t require to buy a new PhotoStick of larger capacity.

For PhotoStick mobile, there are also three size options available, but the difference is that the PhotoStick mobile isn’t available in 8GB size. Still, it doesn’t create any difference because 8GB is too small in today’s modern world. Generally, PhotoStick mobile is available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

Their policy and services

One of the vital things to look after is their service after buying the object. There are many services that they should provide to you, such as customer care, warranties, and money-back guarantees .it is always important to know about each policy in detail so you can know what you can do and what you can’t do. You should try to search every detail regarding the product and its company policy before purchasing.

Usually, PhotoSticks devices will not give you warranties, but they must give you money-back guarantees to return the product. Generally, they provide you with a money-back guaranty of 30 days, and you can take all your money back before the completion of thirty days of buying it. You must ensure that, while returning the product, its quality should be good and it must be without damage; otherwise, the company will refuse to accept it. You can only return it if it has some company fault or manufacturing defect; if you did the damage, they would not be responsible for it, and they will refuse to take it back.

Regarding service, you must not forget to read terms and conditions before buying the PhotoStick and must look for the issues that can arise in the future. They must be patient with their customer and always keen to help them. Gratefully, the PhotoStick service provider is outstanding, and they are doing a great job in helping out their customers and giving them the proper solution to their problem. The team members always try to resolve every issue, and if they are unable to solve their customer’s query, they send it to a higher level.

Type of files PhotoStick can identify?

While purchasing the PhotoStick or PhotoStick mobile, you must be clear about its use, and you must know the purpose of buying it. Usually, any USB device helps in capturing and transferring the photos, but they have multifunction and help in the transfer and backup of various documents. If you want your USB device to perform all those things, then the PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile will not be a suitable option for you. For multifunctional use of PhotoStick, you have to buy an upgraded version of it; recently, PhotoStick plus has been released in the market, which could be a better option for you.

But if your requirements are low and if you need to back just a few documents and mostly wants to save your photos And videos, then PhotoStick is the best option for you .thats why it is always essential for you to identify the function for which you are purchasing the PhotoStick so that you don’t end up losing money. And with all this stuff, you also have to look towards the size of your videos, photos, and other documents so you do not have to face any issues later.

Above shown are some types of formats in which photos and videos can be stored. Most probably you have to work on this type of file format, but many times you may find some new format, and if you try to back up those files, you may find some difficulty in it .for backing up of that type of file either you need to do it in some other device, or you have to let it go.

Systems in which you can operate PhotoStick?  

One of the critical considerations is the compatibility of PhotoStick’s use. It refers to PhotoStick’s use in media types and PC or mobile. If you don’t have a specific device to operate the PhotoStick, you may find that it will not work at its full pace. It will make you unhappy, and you will not be able to use your device; that’s why it is always essential to consider its compatibility.

 The media file in which your PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile can work fluently are shown in the above images, so we are not going to look after them, so you must ensure that the videos and photos you are transferring are present in one of those media files. If you are not aware of these media files, you must check your experience and identify the type of file you are mainly transferring and storing images. This PhotoStick is not going to work with other media files.

In addition to compatibility, you must also consider the type of system you are operating, PhotoStick. If you are operating it in Mac, you must ensure that it has a 10.7 operating version. For working PhotoStick on a laptop, you need to have at least Windows 7 or above. The requirement for operating PhotoStick in mobile is different for a different version; if you have an Android version, it must be compatible with OTG and have at least OS 6.O version or higher than it. And if you have an IOS version, it needs to be greater than 11.3.

Before we explain to you the difference between PhotoStick and The PhotoStick Mobile, you need to know a detailed review of both to know the key differences and why you need to buy both these devices.

Review on PhotoStick

The original version of PC PhotoStick is first up. It is easy to use and is also available in various sizes. The only thing you need to do is plug it, and the press goes as soon as the file pops up; after doing that your all the videos and photos will back up. All the PhotoSticks are usually acquired with a fixed algorithm with the help of which they can reach up to every photo so that no gets missed. It can back up your every file without even losing the file that has been already backed up.

Based on your device’s storage capacity, you can generally transfer around 60000 media files. You can back up every photo and video in seconds if you are operating your PhotoStick in the correct system. If you have many media files already stored on your PC or laptop, then PhotoStick is the best option for you.

Working of PhotoStick

As PhotoStick resembles a standard flash drive, you may have thought that it has a similar function to that of the flash drive, and your thinking is entirely correct because it contains a USB port, so you will always use this device.

While inserting the PhotoStick to your PC, make sure that it is running, and as soon as you enter the PhotoStick to any port, you will have to ‘go’ to start your PhotoStick and give it access to all of your files.

Based on the number of media files you have on your hard drive, the PhotoStick will work .As soon as you give access to your PhotoStick, it will look into all of your documents, videos, and photos. The PhotoStick will start backing up everything on your device .It will also help you find music and documents.

How can you operate a PhotoStick?

PhotoStick is quite simple to use, but we should also know about the user interface to operate PhotoStick efficiently before moving to the main point.

1. Main menu:

This is one of the vital tools from which you can operate PhotoStick and can use PhotoStick for various purposes; the main menu mainly includes images, videos, and other valuable features .this tool also helps you make appropriate settings so you can operate PhotoStick efficiently.

2. Area of status

Generally, when your PhotoStick is functioning, this tool will help you know about your program’s current status.

3. Capacity of PhotoStick

Generally, on the device you are operating your PhotoStick, you will see a small chart on your screen. It will show you the storage capacity of your PhotoStick. It indicates your consumption and free space available.

4. Back up data

This is the tool from which you can know about your entire backup activity, and it will give you all the necessary information regarding your recent backup.

5. Organizer button

From this button, you can easily access all your backed-up images, and videos .the videos that you have backed up are present in this folder.

6. Setting key

This is one of the essential keys that you will find on your screen, which will help you open different options, and you can make different settings according to your comfort.

7. Guide button

This button is crucial for new users, and it will help you know everything about PhotoStick .it will guide you from starting to end and makes it easy for you to excess PhotoStick.

8. Exit button

At last, when you complete all of your tasks, then you can close your program by pressing the exit key.

9. Go button

It is the key that will start backing up all your photos and videos .by. Pressing into the ‘go’ key, the PhotoStick will start doing back up.

Steps to operate PhotoStick in windows

For running your PhotoStick in windows, you need to follow different steps such as

  • First of all, you need to insert your PhotoStick inside any empty port of your PC or laptop.
  • After correctly inserting your PhotoStick in your PC or laptop, you need to open file explorer where you will find PhotoStick windows, press on PhotoStick windows to open PhotoStick
  • Once you open your PhotoStick, you can see the ‘go button in front of your screen .by pressing on that ‘button, you can quickly start backing up your images and photos

Steps to operate PhotoStick in Mac

You are amazed to know that PhotoStick also works in Mac, below it is mentioned how to operate it in a Mac:-

  • In your Mac, insert the PhotoStick in the empty slot
  • As soon as you enter your PhotoStick in the Mac, you will see an icon named PhotoStick on your screen, and if you are unable to find it, you need to go to the finder to open PhotoStick.
  • When you will open the PhotoStick, you can see a folder named ThePhotoStick Mac; press click in it to open your PhotoStick.
  • As soon as you open that folder, you will find the ‘go’ button on your screen; click on that ‘go’ button to start backing up all your images and videos in Mac.

Advantages of PhotoStick – 

  • You can able to transfer your videos and photos very easily and quickly
  • It is most straightforward in use and can be operated very easily
  • As it is one type of USB, so it is straightforward to carry it along with you
  • Selectivity of PhotoStick is very high so that you can select the PhotoStick of your requirement

Disadvantages of PhotoStick – 

  • The features are pretty complicated for you to understand during your initial phase of use
  • It is not provided with the feature of organizing your pictures. It randomly put them all together
  • And at the time of transferring the media file, it will transfer all the files that are available on your device 

Review on PhotoStick Mobile

The only difference between PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile is that it contains a USB adapter that can be easily plugged into your Mac and PC. PhotoStick mobile also contains a microphone USB with it to be used in mobile. Now you have understood that your PhotoStick can be operated on mobiles and your PC. You have to keep in mind if you are an iPhone user because it doesn’t include micro –USB, so make sure that the version you are buying has an adapter in it. It also works similar to that of its older version and can back up your videos and images in a few seconds.

In a PhotoStick mobile, you can transfer up to 60000 images just like PhotoStick on PC or Mac .It can work by clicking a few buttons, and you can start it and close it with just a few clicks.

One of the advantages of using PhotoStick mobile is that it doesn’t require any internet connection and external software to operate it and storing images. If you search for something that can quickly transfer your media files from your mobile phones and laptop, then PhotoStick mobile is the best option for you.

How to operate PhotoStick Mobile?

To operate the PhotoStick in mobile-first of all, you need to download the app called “ThePhotoStick mobile.” Once you download it on your mobile, you need to connect it to your SmartPhone. After connecting it with your device, you have to click on the ‘back up now button.

As soon as you click on it, your PhotoStick will start operating, and every photo will back up, and after the completion of the backing up process, they will store at a specific location.

Once your backup process gets complete, you can delete the data you don’t want to keep with you.

There are so many different options available in the market for selecting PhotoStick mobile. Still, you must select it according to the version you have on your smartphone, that is either IOS or Android.

Can you use PhotoStick on iPhone and iPad?

Photostick Mobile for iPhone

Yes!  It also works with iPhone and iPad. To operate the PhotoStick Mobile for iPhone, you need iOS 11.3 or more fantastic version of it .Similar to that of Laptops and Mac, you can also do your time-consuming work in just a few seconds with just a few clicks on your iPhone and iPad.

Steps of operating the PhotoStick on iPad and iPhone – 

  • First of all, you need to install the PhotoStick app from your app store
  • One the installation process gets complete, you need to tap on the ‘open’ button to start your PhotoStick application
  • Once you will open the app, it will be asked for permission to send a notification; you need to permit it to send you the notification.
  • After allowing it to give you the permission, you can have excess to the PhotoStick

Can you use PhotoStick Mobile on Android?

An image of Photostick Mobile for Android

As you know, most of us have excess to Android versions, and it is good for us that it can also work on Android; below, I have mentioned the names of every brand of mobile phones that has excess to PhotoStick.

Brands of Android mobile that are suitable for PhotoStick:-

  • HTC
  • MI
  • VIVO

Any phone that has excess OTG can be operated with PhotoStick. 

Steps of using PhotoStick in an Android phone – 

  • Firstly, you need to download TPS mobile app from your google play store.
  • Now, you have to install it on your mobile
  • After successfully installing it, you need to press on ‘open’ to start using your app
  • As soon as you open your app, it will ask to provide you the permission to send a notification. You have to press on ‘agree’ to permit it to send you the notification
  • After allowing your app to send you notifications, you can see a ‘back up files option on your screen; you have to press on that key to start backing up your all photos and videos
  • To select your PhotoStick mobile device, you need to click on ‘select folder.’
  • When you will open the select folder, you can see the menu bar on the left corner of your screen; press on it.
  • On opening the menu bar, you can see the option of ‘PhotoStick.’ Just click on it to start using it. You may see a ‘generic mobile device ‘ in place of PhotoStick in many mobiles.
  • On entering into the “PhotoStick “folder, you can see the option of ‘use this folder’ at the bottom-most part. Tap on that to open it.
  • Once you open that folder, you have to press on ‘allow’ to star excessing into the PhotoStick drive.
  • After your “PhotoStick” gets open, click on the ‘back up’ option to start backing up your photos and videos.

If you want more information than you need to visit their official website.  The official website for various brands of Photostick Mobile for Android is given below

For Samsung S9

For galaxy j7

Advantages of PhotoStick Mobile

  • It has access to all devices such as mobiles, Mac as well as laptops
  • Similar to PhotoStick, it also doesn’t require any external software and connectivity to the internet
  • The back process can be done very quickly in few minutes
  • All type of photos and videos can be discovered easily
  • It can be operated with just few clicks

Disadvantages of PhotoStick Mobile

  • It is pretty expensive than any other USB device
  • Normally it is not available everywhere so to buy it you may need to pay import higher taxes

Troubleshooting while using PhotoStick

For factory default, how can you reset your PhotoStick?

If you are running the PhotoStick in’ factory default mode’, then it can do:-

1. The settings that you have already make are going to replace with the default settings

2. It is going to remove every thumbnail

3. It will delete every folder and subfolders that are present in a PhotoStick

4. It will automatically delete all the media files

But it has to be clear that it will remove everything from PhotoStick only and not from the hard drive of your PC or laptop.

How to open images in PhotoStick Mobile?

Majorly there are only two ways to open your videos and images in a PhotoStick.

1. After opening your PhotoStick on any device, you need to press on ‘photos’ to view photos, and to open videos, you need to press on ‘videos.’

2. Another way to access your photos and videos are from your file manager

The photos that you save on PhotoStick go to ‘ThePhotoStick driveMy¬_files.’

For the case of windows, it will save as ‘My_filename_pc.’

 And for Macbooks, it will save in the form of /volumes/PhotoStick.

For Example, if your computer’s name is Aggy, then it will save as /volumes/PhotoStick/My¬_files/Aggy . Below I have pasted some of the screenshots and photos of a windows pc named Aggy.

Can PhotoStick escape non-original ones?

Yes, it can escape the non – original or duplicate documents. To skip the duplicate documents, you have to open the PhotoStick settings. You will find an option of “skip documents in the settings.” By checking  on that ‘skip documents’ button, your PhotoStick will scan all of your documents, and it will automatically escape the duplicate ones, but if you uncheck the ‘skip document’ option, then your duplicate files will be renamed as ¬_copy-#

PhotoStick vs FLASH DRIVE

As we know, both of them quite resemble each other in their physical form, but the actual difference is there in the function. Like a standard USB flash drive, a PhotoStick can also store images and videos, but on the other hand, it is not capable of detecting the file other than videos or photos. The flash drive is quite flexible in its use and can be used for various purposes such as transferring media files, photos, and videos. Still, one of the disadvantages is that it is time-consuming. In contrast, in the case of PhotoStick, you can transfer your documents with the help of just a few clicks because it automatically detects all the photos and videos.

PhotoStick is the device that has inbuilt software that reduces tedious work and can automatically save and scan all of your documents. On the other hand, if you are using a flash drive, you can manually detect all of your images and videos for scanning and saving.

That’s why most people prefer PhotoStick because it can save valuable time and complete your work in just a few clicks.

A USB flash drive is the best option for you if you are dealing with general data, while PhotoStick is the best option for those dealing with lots of documents and don’t want to waste their time manually selecting all the documents.

Is it an excellent choice to purchase?

 After knowing all the essential parameters that need to be considered while buying the PhotoStick, we must also give prior attention to the benefits and features of the product. Most people who want to buy a PhotoStick always look towards the benefits and features they will get after buying the product, so we can say it is one of the critical parameters for you to consider for buying the PhotoStick.

Though PhotoStick has various benefits, we have mentioned some of them below.

1.  Quick, Time saving and automatic

As from the above discussion, now it is evident that PhotoStick is one of the devices that can accomplish your work in a few minutes as we know that the PhotoStick already comes with the preinstalled software and starts detecting all of your documents in just a few clicks. That’s why you must always prefer a PhotoStick in place of any other USB drive if you have less time.

It is one of the fastest USB devices that can transfer and save Thousands of images and videos in just a few minutes, it is hard to believe, but it is true. The only area where it consumes maximum time is when you want to customize your files.

Hence, it is the best device for those who don’t like to back up their images and other documents.

2. Simple in use

This is one of the devices that can start working in just a few clicks; many times, you have observed that your family members are struggling with the use of specific technical devices.

It is one device that will not create any difficulty for you or your family members in operation. It can start working by just pressing a few buttons.

PhotoStick is one of the devices that your family members can easily excess. You have to insert your PhotoStick drive in an empty slot of your PC or laptop, and you have to click on ‘go’ to start backing up your folders.

It is a most suitable device for those who don’t have enough knowledge regarding technology and find it challenging to work with technical devices. Such people need to understand its functioning one or two times to get rid of it .The operation of PhotoStick is effortless, and you don’t need to follow the lengthy and complex process.

The only thing that is quite complicated with PhotoStick’s use is during the customization of files from settings, but it also becomes simple for those who are doing It regularly. If you understand the entire process of customizing two or three times very ideally, then you can quickly get rid of that also. Still, if you feel it is complicated, you need to practice it several times because the traditional USB drives are more complex and typical to use than PhotoStick.

3.  Do your back up in just ONE click

Most of the devices that are available in the market are complicated and require prior skill to operate them. These devices need to install external software for their use.

Also, they are so time-consuming that you require to select everything manually. Apart from these devices, we know that PhotoStick is the one that has pre installed software that can automatically detect all your images and videos and can back them up in just a few clicks.

Standard USB devices are suitable for those dealing with just a few documents, but if you are working with thousands of images and videos, you must have PhotoStick.

Once you insert your PhotoStick in your device, you have to press on ‘go’ key to start backing up your documents .as soon as you press on that ‘go’ key, your PhotoStick will start detecting your images and videos automatically as it works automatically, so you don’t require to bother about selecting all the files which you want to back up. It is suitable for those also who have forgotten about their past files.

Once the entire backing up gets complete, you can move towards the most complicated part of the PhotoStick that is the customization of your images and videos. In customization, you can remove and modify or organize your documents in your way. Customizing will tell you about every detail of your operation, such as – 

  •  How many GB it has acquired
  • Number of files you have transferred
  • Storage left in your device
  • Number of files you have stored

4. No need for internet

One of the most significant advantages of using PhotoStick is that it doesn’t require an internet connection; most USB drives work only on the internet. It is one of the best features for those living in the area where they don’t have internet connectivity.

You cannot transfer your documents without internet connectivity in most USB drives. Also, you can use PhotoStick while traveling, as you must have experienced that mostly you have weak internet connectivity or no internet while traveling. At that time, you are unable to use those USB drives. Still, PhotoStick can be easily operated at that time too.

So we can say it is the best device for those who don’t want to waste their money on data charges.  And one best thing about PhotoStick is that it is portable, so you can easily carry it with you while traveling. So as soon as you click photos on your mobile, you can transfer them to your PhotoStick in a few minutes, and you don’t have to bother about losing them.

5. Flexible with a different media format

As it is already mentioned above about the flexibility, the PhotoStick has different file formats. It can work with so many different formats of files quickly, difficulty may arise when you face any new type of format, but most probably, you have to deal only with the formats listed above.

If you are not aware of the type of media format you are working on, the only thing you need to do is check information from your past images and videos. If you find that the type of media files on which you are working is not from the one listed above, you must also check that either they are transferable or not. And also, if you are not able to convert them in a suitable form, then you need to select some other device to store them.

User comments

Most of the users are giving positive comments on the PhotoStick, and they are finding it more straightforward to use than any other USB drive. The only complaint that most users make is regarding PhotoStick’s shipping and sometimes for not having a program on a USB drive.

I have mentioned some customer comments and reviews about the PhotoStick below.

From where can I get a PhotoStick Mobile?

 One important thing is that most people don’t know where to buy the PhotoStick Mobile; if possible, always try to buy PhotoStick Mobile from their official site only and try to avoid buying it from any other online sources like Amazon.

You will generally find duplicate copies of PhotoStick Mobile when buying it from any online purchasing app.

Now, if we talk about the price of PhotoStick Mobile, it basically depends on the size you select

For 32GB, it is around $ 60.45, for 64 GB, it is around $99, and for 128 GB, it is something near to $ 125.56.


If you think that these are not serving your requirements, then several alternate options are also available in the market. There are generally many options available in the market, but we have discussed only 2 of them. You can also refer to the comparison chart to get a clear idea about different devices.

In comparison, you can find the device that is best suitable for you and can serve your purpose effectively.

The two alternate devices are

1.            Album saver

2.           InfinitiKloud

Let us discuss them in detail.

• Album Saver

It is a tiny device that will help you store all of your documents at a specific location. It is also simple to use and can be operated with just a few clicks.

You have to plug in and press on ‘go’ to start working.

It has more storage capacity than any other available device in the market, and it can store up to 70,000 images.

• InfinitiKloud

It is a multifunctional device that will help you to store many things such as photos, videos, music, and many more things. This device is a secure and accessible option for backing up the data. It can detect duplicate documents, and it copies only those required by you.


Here in this article, we have included everything you need to know regarding PhotoStick’s purchase. Using this device, you don’t need to worry about losing your important documents. We hoped this article helped.

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