Top 10 Best Portable AC: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Portable AC: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of sweating during those hot summer days? Well, buying a portable air conditioner is the best way to deal with that. A portable AC can be used anywhere there is a power socket and they are specifically designed for cooling small spaces. They work by removing the humidity from the air and replacing it with cool dry air. 

The portable air conditioner has come a long way since the one I had as a child (and that’s not a compliment).

Today’s units are much smaller, safer and quieter. They’re also more affordable and energy-efficient.

All of these features make the portable AC a nice addition to almost any room in your house — especially if you live somewhere where temperatures routinely get above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Top 10 Best Portable AC

Types of Portable AC

And let’s face it: If you live in Florida, Texas or someplace similar, there is no other option but to buy a good unit. You simply cannot survive the summer without it! There are two main types to choose from:

Portable ACs without a built-in water tank – Also known as “evaporative coolers” or simply “coolers,” these units provide less cooling power, but they’re much cheaper and more portable. They do an excellent job of cooling a small room down to 65 degrees, but can struggle with anything above 80. Some advanced models have humidifiers that you can use for cold mist instead of cold air.

Portable ACs with a built-in water tank – These units are also known as “condensers.” They pull warm air through the evaporator coils and shoot it back out at a colder temperature thanks to having a separate hose connect them to their own special reservoir. Condensers cool better than evaporators do and can work with large, open spaces. They’re also good for humid climates because their separate water reservoir means you don’t have to worry about adding humidity to the air like you do with evaporative coolers.

What features to look in before buying?

Before you go and buy a portable ac, first take a look at your house to see if it would be compatible with the product. Whether you have an old AC unit or not, we recommend that you search for something portable unless you want to spend money on repairing your old one. Also

, take a look at the size of your house and buy an AC that would fit into that area. Another thing to consider is where you want to place the ac; whether it will be on the wall or on the floor. This is especially important if you live in a flat because most porters can hear what’s going on inside too! We highly recommend finding a product with a good warranty, so if anything goes wrong with it, you can send it back and have it replaced for free.

Buying Guide to Buy the Best Portable AC

The first thing you need to think about is determining whether or not this unit is even right for your home. Portable air conditioners can’t cool large spaces. These are ideal for small rooms like bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

There are separate portable air cooler for home.

It’s also important to consider how much energy the unit will use because running some portable ACs can be expensive. Additionally, you need to think about where you want to place the unit; it needs to be near an electrical outlet and some units are too heavy or bulky for a window mount. Aside from these factors, you should also look at noise volume (for sleeping) and ease of installation (some models just don’t fit in windows).


It is also important to check out things like BTUs (British Thermal Units), which are units used in measuring the volume of heat in one particular room. A bigger BTU means that this unit is more powerful in cooling down larger rooms. This can be measured in thousands so when choosing an AC always remember that higher is better than lower when it comes to BTUs.

Cooling capacity is more important than ac size

You should buy the bigger cooling capacity you can afford, but bigger doesn’t always mean better – some portable ACs with lower BTUs may provide you with sufficient cooling and for less money than a model which has a larger cooling capacity. Just make sure to buy something that can cool your room effectively. If your bedroom or living room is not too large and you plan on using it in the summer when temperatures are high, we recommend buying an 8000 ~ 9000 BTU (2450~2750 watts) unit; such models do an excellent job at maintaining a comfortable temperature even if the weather outside is sweltering hot.

If you live in an area where temperatures frequently go under 80 Fahrenheit then we recommend getting something with 12000 ~ 14000 BTU (3050 ~ 3400 watts) since such models can cool down larger spaces and they also offer more settings and features compared to their lower capacity counterparts. To maintain the optimal temperature in such conditions, buy one that has built-in dehumidifier because it will help reduce the humidity level inside your room. Also note that larger portable ACs are heavier than smaller ones; some low-end units weight at around 22 pounds while higher-end models are usually around 30 pounds.

Can the product blow out cold air

Not all portable air conditioners can also be used to blow out cold air. You need to know what the product is capable of before buying it. Some smaller models only use their compressor and fan without a cooling coil, so they’re unable to provide you with any cool air; that means that these models cannot be used as an “air cooler.” These types of units focus on dehumidifying and removing heat and moisture from the room. If you want an “air cooler,” make sure to look for one which uses its evaporator’s coils in order to produce cold air.

There are some machines which use both evaporator and condenser parts together for producing cool air. The machine blows out hot air from the evaporator and brings cool air in from the condenser.


it’s a good idea to get something lightweight and easy to carry because if you’re going on vacation then you need to pack it up before moving out. Also, some people might want to get a larger capacity unit although they don’t necessarily need one since their rooms aren’t that hot. The best way of getting the ideal cooling performance is by matching your needs with its specifications and features: low power consumption, high BTU values and included dehumidifier will provide optimal performance in any case.

Check Reviews Online

Always check out reviews online for any kind of product before buying because they usually contain information that you cannot find anywhere else. A lot of websites also post videos of the product in action so you can get a good idea of how it works.


Most important thing to consider is noise, which is why it is always recommended that you go for something more expensive because they are usually quieter than cheaper models. This will prevent you from having any problems with your neighbors and keep them happy as well. So do adequate research before buying one for yourself!


A portable air conditioner is also a good alternative to standing fan, especially if you want something that will cool down your room quickly. A 50-inch tower fan can provide great airflow but you need to place it in the middle of your room and it won’t really make a difference if there are two people or eight people inside because its cooling power stays the same.

Portable ACs, on the other hand, have much higher cooling capacity which means that even with one person in a 100 square meters room, everything will be cool as long as the temperature outside is high enough. In order to maintain comfortable temperature inside such large spaces, you should maximize your windows by opening them as wide as possible; this way you will let the hot air escape and the portable AC will have an easier time maintaining a good temperature.

If there are multiple windows in your room, it’s best to place portable ACs near them so they can easily cool down their interiors; this is why buying something that has casters or wheels is always a good idea because you won’t have any trouble moving it from one location to another if needed.

Pros and Cons

  • it takes quite some time for portable units to cool down the surrounding area so expect having to wait until its compressor starts working
  • Also, make sure not to block any of its vents because this will affect its performance.
  • If you plan on using your new AC to cool down your bedroom, then you need to place it near the bed so you won’t have to move too far.
  • Finally, keep in mind that these are pretty loud so they might not be suitable for your bedroom or other rooms where watching TV is common.

If none of these cons bother you, go ahead and buy one because they are extremely useful when the weather gets way too hot. Portable ACs are not very expensive but make sure to check out different models and their specs before making a purchase. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises and ensure high efficiency during those sweltering summer months.


Hope, at the end you are able to make up your mind regarding the portable air conditioning. Firstly, list down your requirements and compare the capacity of the products you like, before you buy the best portable AC.

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