IceBox Air Cooler Review: Is it Really Legit or Scam?

IceBox Air Cooler Review: Is it Really Legit or Scam?

Do you find it hard to endure summers? Thinking about getting an air conditioning system installed or do you live in a rental where you can’t even do it? We have a solution for you! Imagine if you could have a portable air conditioning unit that uses little electricity, that would be compact enough to take it on a trip and not make the air in your house dry with a musty smell. Everything is possible with IceBox Air Cooler!

The IceBox Air Cooler is an air cooling system exclusively available through the official website. The air cooler features a water tank for extra cooling, an LCD, multiple airspeeds, and other features to enhance its cooling power.

Is the IceBox Air Cooler the right choice for your summer? Is it worth the price? Keep reading to discover if the IceBox lives up to the hype.

How Is Your Health Threatened when Not Using an AC System?

If you live in a warm place or do more physical activities when it’s hot outside, you should know that you put yourself at risk for heatstroke. Health professionals can stop this if they find it early and treat it. Keep in mind that heatstroke can cause problems that last a long time or even kill you.

If you have any of the above signs of a heat emergency, you should go to the emergency room. You can avoid some of the bad effects of this health problem by remembering to drink water every day and not drinking any kind of alcohol. Also, remember that caffeinated drinks, like coffee and soda, will make you pee more, making your body lose water faster. If you work out in the heat, remember to take breaks, find places in the shade to hide from the sun, wear light-colored clothes, and use an Ice Box, AC Cooler, to cool down quickly.

Before you read about how this portable and personal air cooler works in the next section, you need to know the technical cooling principle that its engineers used to build it. Ice Box draws air from the room and cools it with water or ice before letting it out. For ease of use and convenience, it has an LCD screen that shows the parameters at which it is running and the modes you have chosen for it to run on. In other words, it takes the warm air out of the room and puts it back in.

This portable air-cooling device is also great because, unlike traditional and window AC systems, it doesn’t use freon. Since it’s small and light, as we’ve already said, you can bring it with you when you travel. Remember that this air conditioner can only cool one person at a time.

Signs That Calls For Getting an IceBox Air Cooler

Sweating a lot: Sweat stinks and brings dirt along with it. You can concentrate less if your clothes are wet with sweat.

Even if you drink gallons of cool water, high heat makes it hard for your blood to flow correctly, making you feel dizzy and confused. Because the air around them is dry, some people may feel like they can’t get enough air.

Lack of focus: As the temperature rises, most people find it hard to stay on task. Working in a hot place makes you weak and tired, which makes it harder to get work done.

What is the IceBox Air Cooler?

The IceBox Air Cooler is a small, innovative air-cooling system that is made to help you feel more comfortable during the long, hot summer. The air conditioner has a second-generation engine that uses less energy and doesn’t make any noise while it works. It is a small, easy-to-carry device with state-of-the-art cooling. It can work well for a long time and let you use its services from afar anytime, even if you don’t have access to power. This device can also be used to clean the air. It doesn’t let water leak out, so you can work and rest without sweating, getting dehydrated, or getting too tired from the heat. Chemicals that are bad for people or the environment are not in the Ice Box Air Cooler.

IceBox Air Cooler

The IceBox Air Cooler is different from other air conditioners and fans because it has an adjustable air vent that lets users control how cool the air is. Also, because it uses so little power, it is a cost-effective, functional, and energy-efficient device. If you use an IceBox Air Cooler, you won’t have to pay much for electricity or installation. The power engine of the Ice Box Air Cooler doesn’t give off heat as other similar devices do.

IceBox Air Cooler Features & Benefits

Here are some of the best features and benefits of IceBox Air Coolers as described on their official website:

  • Cooling and purification of air in a flash
  • Five speeds to choose from
  • Display with a crystal clear LCD
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • At night, use the sleep mode
  • 7 mood lights with ultra-low noise mode
  • Extra-long cooling with 375mL water tank

The IceBox Air Cooler doesn’t use freon and is made to use very little power. Standard air conditioners use a lot of electricity, but the IceBox Air Cooler uses only a small amount, making it an excellent way to cool your home. You can even use a laptop to power the unit. Because it runs on USB, you can use it in more places than you would typically use an air conditioning system.

How Does the IceBox Air Cooler Work?

The IceBox Air Cooler is like other portable air coolers in how it works. You fill the 375mL water tank with water. The IceBox Air Cooler then blows warm air over the water to cool it quickly. Some people put ice in the water tank to make it even more relaxed and make your house feel like the Arctic.

The IceBox Air Cooler is not meant to cool an entire home like a traditional air conditioner. Instead, it is made to cool down smaller rooms and spaces for a lot less money. Instead of putting in a complicated HVAC system or paying hundreds of dollars a month to run your air conditioner, you can just cool the rooms you use and enjoy cooler temperatures and cleaner air.

The USB port powers the IceBox Air Cooler. The item you bought comes with a USB power cord. You can plug that USB cable into a computer or laptop. Or, you can connect it to a smartphone charger to plug it into a regular wall outlet.

Once you’ve found a power source, fill the IceBox Air Cooler with water and ice, plug it in, and turn it on to enjoy cleaner, cooler air that is free of allergens.


  • Model: WT-F10
  • Working Wattage: 1W to 5W
  • Material: ABS/ Silica Gel
  • Working Current: 0.2A to 1.0A
  • Size: 6.69×5.98×6.18″
  • Weight: 12lb
  • Input: 5V
  • Water Tank Capacity: 500 ML
  • Engine Speed: 2,200rpm (low setting), 3,100rpm (medium), or 3,600rpm (high)

How To Use the IceBox Air Cooler

Steps for using IceBox Air Cooler

IceBox Air Coolers are easy to use. According to the manufacturer, there are four steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Uncover the water tank by opening the device’s door.
  • Step 2: Fill the water tank with water. The cooling power can also be enhanced by adding ice.
  • Step 3: Use the USB cord that came with the IceBox to connect it to a power source. Any USB port or USB power adapter can be used to connect the IceBox Air Cooler. It can be connected to a laptop. Or, you can connect it to a regular electrical outlet by plugging it into your phone charger.
  • Step 4: Turn on the IceBox Air Cooler and adjust the power.

You can change the settings in any way you want. Some people use the lowest setting as a sleep mode, which lets the device run while they sleep. Some people put it on the highest setting to get the most cooling power.

The water in a full tank lasts for eight to nine hours. The IceBox Air Cooler will keep running as a fan after emptying the tank. You can always put more water or ice in the tank.

The IceBox Air Cooler has blades that can be turned in any direction. The blades let you send cool air wherever you want, like your face or feet.

What are the Advantages

The Icebox air cooler works well as a portable way to keep cool. It has the following main benefits:

  • Optimal Space: The IceBox air cooler can effectively cool a space that is up to 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size, which is better than most other coolers on the market.
  • Compact design: It is popular because you can use it on almost any size or shape of surface. Also, the IceBox air cooler is almost weightless, making it much easier to move it from one place to another.
  • Dust Filtration: It has a unique filter that removes dust and allergens. This one-of-a-kind filter will get rid of pollen and other chemicals like it in the air.
  • Leakproof: Unlike many other items on the market, the icebox air cooler doesn’t leak.
  • Ease of Use: It’s easy for anyone to use, no matter how tech-savvy they are. There’s nothing to set up. Plug the air cooler in, fill it with ice, and use it immediately.
  • Rechargeable: You can plug the IceBox into any USB port and power it from a laptop or phone. It will keep you cool while you work or relax.
  • Safe to use: Yes, it is safe to use around kids because it not only cools the air but also cleans it, making it easier to breathe. It doesn’t use freon.

How is Ice Box Air Cooler Different From Other Coolers?

Because its power source can be changed, it can be used almost anywhere. You can’t do this with most other ways to cool down.

Because it doesn’t use dangerous chemicals, it is good for the environment and natural resources.

In the summer, it’s a cheap way to have fun.

It has a 50% discount and is free to ship anywhere in the world.

What to Expect When Using this Portable Air Cooler

Using the IceBox Air Cooler at home will provide you with all of the following benefits:

  • During the hottest part of the day, feel refreshed
  • Stay away from sweating
  • Relax and enjoy your time off
  • Focus on your work at all times
  • You can get a good night’s sleep no matter how hot it is outside.
  • All summer long, stay energized.

Heat can hurt you. After being in too much heat, some people sweat a lot, get dizzy, get pale skin, or feel weak. Others have trouble focusing on their work, and some even pass out.

Some people with asthma or breathing problems also use the IceBox Air Cooler to help them. The IceBox Air Cooler filters and moistens the air. Most air conditioners work by sucking moisture out of the air. The IceBox Air Cooler can add moisture to the air, so it won’t be as dry as it is with other air conditioners.

How Does the IceBox Air Cooler Cool the Air?

The IceBox Air Cooler works the same way as other portable air coolers to cool the air. Warm, dry air goes in one end of the machine, and cooler, cleaner, more refreshing air comes out the other.

When you turn on the IceBox Air Cooler, this is how it works:

  • IceBox Air Cooler is equipped with a fan to draw in hot, dry air.
  • Over the water tank, air passes.

The air cools as it encounters the moisture of the water tank. The temperature drops even more sharply with ice in the tank. Through evaporation, the water in the tank gets added to the air, increasing humidity and lowering the water in the tank.

On the other end of the device, the moister, cooler air, goes through a filter and comes out as cooler, cleaner, and more refreshing air.

The official site says that the IceBox Air Cooler can cool a room up to 215 square feet, which is about the size of a small bedroom or office.

Pros and Cons

  • Provide an easy-to-use and quick-to-cool air cooling system.
  • Because it is ultra-quiet and utilizes a small amount of electricity, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Kids-friendly
  • It also functions as a humidifier and air purifier.
  • The direction of airflow can be altered.
  • Filters are used to remove dust and germs.
  • Air that is pure and fresh, reducing the risk of cancer and other lung diseases.
  • It doesn’t irritate the skin, is waterproof, and can be powered by a phone, a battery pack, or a computer.
  • Transportable and mobile
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The procedure of purchasing an IceBox air cooler is straightforward and quick. Purchases can be made from anywhere on the planet.
  • Free shipping to any point on the planet is provided by the organization.
  • The official website is the only place where you can get it.
  • Not available on Amazon, eBay, or any other retailer.
  • It is not available in local stores.
  • It’s possible that it won’t work in a large family. As a result, it is only suitable for one individual.
  • There is a limited amount of stock available.

Customer’s Review on IceBox Air Cooler

“After reading the positive reviews, I just got one of the iceBox units at my local airport. We couldn’t be happier with the gel packs and battery unit we purchased to precool the plane on the ramp. The IceBox product has left me quite impressed.” – Pete. R

“Great device for keeping the heat out of my Beechcraft Bonanza! We give it a five-star rating and highly recommend it.” – Rick

“The lack of a lock on the cooler’s top is a major flaw. Any turbulence in the air could bring water into the cockpit.” – Jeovanny S

“I purchased the “complete system” 24V version, which includes the cords, converter, and batteries. When hooked into airplane power via the cigarette lighter, the gadget operated perfectly. It does not work at all when using battery power, since it does not turn on. I did, in fact, charge the battery and set the control box to “batt.” I wish I hadn’t ordered it in the first place.” – Raymond H

IceBox Air Cooler Pricing

You can buy it from the official website at 50% off. With the code for a 50% discount, each IceBox Air Cooler costs $99 instead of its usual price of $198.

When you order more than one unit, the price goes down even more, and you can get an IceBox Air Cooler for as little as $59 per unit.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 x IceBox: $99 + Free US Shipping
  • 2 x IceBoxes: $159 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 x IceBoxes: $199 + Free US Shipping
  • 4 x IceBoxes: $239 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 x IceBoxes: $299 + Free US Shipping

The sales page offers two upsells, including standard delivery (an additional $19) and a three-year warranty (an additional $19). All of the packages above include free tracking and worldwide shipping.

How to Buy Icebox Air Cooler?

A great way to cool off this summer! For a limited time, IceBox Air Cooler is available at 50%!

IceBox Air Cooler can be obtained in 4 SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. Choose your country from the list.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now” button.
  3. Fill in your delivery information.
  4. We take care of the rest!

Refund Policy

The IceBox Air Cooler comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a partial refund up to 30 days after the date you bought the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a water tank last before you fill it up again?

The IceBox can keep cool water in its tank for up to eight hours before it needs to be refilled.

How old do you have to be to use the Ice Box?

According to the official website for the Ice Box, the company that made it looked into using it around children. Even if the research I just talked about isn’t posted anywhere on the website, it’s safe. An Ice Box would be a great addition to a child’s room because it cleans the air, making it healthier and easier to breathe.

Would IceBox make your skin dry, as most air conditioners do?

No. If you use this air conditioner, your skin won’t get dry or irritated. Because IceBox eliminates allergens, dust, and 99 percent of germs, people with pollen or dust allergies can use it for breathing cleaner, fresher air and protecting their health.

Final Word

The IceBox Air Cooler is a cooler that you can take with you. The water and ice tray in the air cooler cools down small rooms. When warm air goes into the device, cooler, cleaner, and more refreshing air comes out.

Everyone wants to live a good life and have good times. No one wants to live a life full of stress. With the help of the Icebox Air Cooler, people have been able to relax. If everyone uses Icebox Air Coolers, there will be a lot less body odor in the world. Also, the amount of heat that is made in an environment will go down a lot. It is of the utmost importance to take a few minutes to calm down in order to think clearly and do your job well.

Even when walking in the heat, working on a farm, or doing other things in the sun, you need an Icebox Air Cooler to at least use when you stop for a break. So, we can be healthy, strong in school, and strong all around.

Everyone needs and should have at least one Icebox Air Cooler as a personal asset. Everyone should be able to get a lot out of Icebox Air Coolers. After a long day of work, it can be hard to carry hand fans.

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