Nexfan Evo Review: Portable Air Cooler Worth It?

Nexfan Evo Review: Portable Air Cooler Worth It?

The portable air system, that cools and purifies the air, and is quieter and smaller than traditional systems, is now available in our country. Recommended by 97% of people. Read Nexfan Evo Review before making any decision.

Do you want your home to be free of allergens and bacteria? Now all this is possible with just one device! Yes, you read that right!

We’re talking about a new and revolutionary ventilation and aromatization system called Nexfan Evo, that is specially designed for high summer temperatures, since it’s capable of cooling while also disinfecting the air.

We’ve all had the experience of being stuck in the sweltering heat of summer, without no air conditioner in sight. Whether in an office, or in rooms of a house that don’t have air conditioning…the heat is unbearable!

About Nexfan Evo

Nexfan Evo

Nexfan Evo is an Ultra Portable Air Cooler that can be carried anywhere. This cooling system was designed by German Engineers who are experts in designing cooling systems. It creates a miniature environment in every desired spot and it can be used to cool the breeze by 5/9 immediately.

The Air Cooler is equipped with an exceptional battery that can solve electricity usage and bill problems up to a certain level. It can also be used to purify your environment and allow you to breathe clean air. This device is also affordable for everyone. This is due to the fact that you are entitled to huge discounts.

Features of Nexfan Evo

  • NexFan Evo is portable at 14.4×16.1×15.9cm. It’s easy to transport and fits in any bag. It is compact and weighs less than 1 kg.
  • Filtration Technology: Cool air is provided by air filtration technology. It removes germs and other residual particles.
  • LED Screen: To get a restful night, you can also opt for the dimming option. A screen will indicate that your battery is low.
  • Chargeable: The cooler can be charged with a USB cable like any other cell phone.
  • Multifunctional: This device provides cool air, refrigeration, humidification, and humidity. It can also automatically clean its internal reservoir.
  • Cost Savings: You don’t have to pay high electricity bills. You can also set it to low fan speed to help you save money.

Why you should have NexFan Evo Portable Air Cooler?

Nexfan Evo giving cool breeze

With Nexfan Evo, you can save a ton of money!

Also, we’re not just talking about extraordinary costs, not only for the installation but also in summer electricity bills. The impact that the proliferation of air system systems has on the environment is unbelievable. Care for the planet while keeping your home cool!

And that’s not all! Nexfan Evo helps combat heat with just the push of a button, quickly, easily, and without the need to keep up with maintenance costs.

This powerful, light, and compact portable air system can be brought anywhere. It cools, hydrates, and cleans the hot air of your room, to turn it into a cool and clean space.

It’s easy to use, and will allow you to get cooled off in no time. Nexfan Evo works by extracting hot air from the area through its water filter, to fill any space with cool, clean, and comfortable air in just a few minutes.

Remember all those times you’ve dreamed about having a home with an excellent odor, aromatized, and a nice temperature at all times. Now you can make that dream come true!

What are the benefits?

DON’T SUFFER THE HEAT: Cool your room in less than 5 minutes.

Three Fan Speeds: It has three fan speeds, is very quiet and has a low power consumption.

IT COOLS, HUMIDIFIES AND CLEANSES AIR: It cools, humidifies and cleanses hot air in any room. Its revolutionary system uses water and ice to generate a current of cold air.

SAVE Money: Compared to other traditional appliances, it is more efficient, smaller, more portable, and cools the air much faster. Take it everywhere!

Perfect Gift: Ideal gift for friends and family.

How does Nexfan Evo works?

Nexfan Evo working

Nexfan Evo works by extracting hot air from the area through its water filter, to fill any space with cool, clean, and comfortable air in just a few minutes.

  1. Water filling section – The upper part of this product is removable and the water filling is done in this part itself. The water required to be poured is not more than 1-2 tumbles.
  2. Cooler air coming out from the Fan – The front side of this product has a fan placed inside it. This fan exerts an amazing quantity of cool air once it is started (the product has a rechargeable battery that is long-lasting enough). The speed of air can be adjusted according to the needs of people between low, medium, and high.


If you are not satisfied with the features of Nexfan Evo, you can check out other portable air coolers as well.

  1. ChillWell AC
  2. Arctos Portable AC
  3. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

How To Use Nexfan Evo Portable AC

The Nexfan AC is very easy to use and install. The process of setting up and using the air cooler is not stressful at all. Also, you do not need to have in-depth knowledge about technology before you can make use of this product.

Steps on how to use Nexfan Evo

The following are ways by which you can use the Nexfan AC:

  1. Fill the tank of the Nexfan AC with clean water.
  2. Make sure you properly arrange the replaceable water curtains.
  3. Make sure the Nexfan AC is fully charged.
  4. Turn in the Nexfan AC with the use of its power button.
  5. Each of the water curtains of the Nexfan AC lasts for a period of about 6-8 months before it can be changed.


  • 8 hours duration of use.
  • Has a LED indicator to show when it is charging.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Availability of seven (7) types of mood colours.
  • Makes low or no noise.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Has a three (3) fan speed setting.
  • Has a water tank capacity of 330ml.
  • It can be charged with the use of its USB cord.

How To Install NexFan Evo Portable AC

Step1: Unboxing

The first step in setting up NexFan Evo Portable AC is to unbox it. It must be taken out of the box, the plastic coverings removed, and the stickers removed. A DC5V plug is also included. Remove it as well, and plug it into an AC outlet.

Step 2: Chairing

It is believed that once the device is in front of one, they will investigate it. All of the components and buttons, as well as the water tank, should be found. Using the other or the power cord, connect this NexFan Evo Portable AC to a power source.

Step 3: Watering

While the device is charging, you can locate the water tank and fill it up to the full capacity. This one water tank is enough to keep the air conditioner running for 10-12 hours.

Step 4: Settings

The device’s red light indicates that it is charging, and when it turns green, it is ready to use. Different temperature settings, fan settings, and modes buttons can be found. It is expected that one selects the parameters that suit one’s preferences and turn it on. It will take less than a minute for the cooling process to begin.

What do people have to say about Nexfan Evo?

“My wife and I love this device! You fill it with water, and it releases cool air throughout the house, and it’s totally quiet! We got one for each of us, in case we’re in different rooms. 100% recommendable.” – Maria and Jose.

“I bought this portable air system because summer has arrived, and I don’t have air conditioning in my house. It’s a small mini cooler, very useful, really surprising how well it works.” – Rodrigo E.

“I bought it last summer, and I’ve been using it to cool personal space, and it works! If you put it on a table nearby you, it’s quite recommendable since it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it keeps the temperature really nice.” – Mónica U.

How much does it cost?

The most legit and reliable way to buy your own Nexfan Evo from its official website. Also, they currently have a lucrative discount for each of the offers of Nexfan Evo. So, I will never want to miss that if I were you. Right now, the best packages to seal your deals are: (Nexfan Evo shipping available worldwide and price can be different currency wise!)

  • 1 for $79.95
  • 2 for $129.95
  • 3 for $159.95

Plus, there is a section where you can buy extra accessories for your air cooler like filters and USB Plug, etc. Also, get additional 2 year warranty at just $9.95.

Where To Buy Nexfan Evo?

All you have to do is follow these 3 steps to get yours:

  1. Order Nexfan Evo today through the official website to take advantage of a huge discount.
  2. Receive your order quickly.
  3. Start using Nexfan Evo and forget about suffering from high temperatures at your personal space! 🙂


Does it need to be filled with water?

Yes! Fill it with water and it will release fresh air throughout the house to keep you at the temperature you want.

Does it make a lot of noise?

Not at all! In addition to cooling the room, Nexfan Evo is quiet and unobtrusive.

What happens if it runs out of water?

It will just work like a normal fan.

Is it too big?

No! In fact, it’s the perfect size to place on a table near you. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s portable.

Conclusion (Nexfan Evo Review)

Nexfan Evo is a small air cooler and air purifier. It is a recent technology that performs both tasks simultaneously and lessens fuel usage. The fuel usage is also less using Nexfan Evo because it is run on a battery that specifies a long-lasting lifetime. This device works free of noise and is easily placeable. It is available on its official website where multiple discount deals are running along with free shipping, the makers permit different payment methods and it combiningly becomes an accommodating factor. Lastly, the prices are the most appealing element of all.