CoolX Portable AC Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

CoolX Portable AC Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

There are already 90 degree days in many parts of the United States, and summer hasn’t even begun yet. Many buildings already have air conditioning, but others do not have sufficient means of maintaining a comfortable temperature. With CoolX Portable AC, you can maintain the perfect temperature for this type of heat. Read some of the real reviews with us.

Learn everything about portable ac before making your final decision. We have tried to explain every detail!

What is CoolX Portable AC?

CoolX Portable AC

CoolX Portable AC is an air cooler that lowers the cost of electricity while maintaining a more pleasant environment than the summer heat. Consumers won’t have to spend a lot of money on installation or maintenance for this device.

Using CoolX at home, in the office, or in the car is entirely portable. By manually changing the pre-set controls, users can change the speed setting of the fan in any area of the house. The fan provides an icy coolness in any area of the house. A button on the console controls the device, rather than a remote as with other products.

Additionally, CoolX illuminates at night, which creates relaxing atmosphere for the user. This device displays seven different colors with the LED light, which is ideal for calming use in dark areas. It is portable, so users can place it wherever they need. They may even leave it overnight in a bedroom.

Having other air conditioning units in the home can be difficult, especially if they must be secured in an open window or require hoses to circulate the air outdoors. Furthermore, these large units only cool a single room anyway, which is exactly what CoolX does, but at a cheaper price. Due to the lower operating cost of the small units, users can take advantage of the relief from the heat in specific areas instead of cooling the entire home without worrying about high costs.

CoolX’s trophies speak for themselves when it comes to proving the cooler’s efficiency. They have earned three different awards so far despite the product being so new – the XY21 Innovation “Most Useful” Award, Dublin Today’s “Most Innovative” Award, and Innovator’s “Readers’ Choice” Award. These are just a few of the accolades CoolX has received this year, though the device is remarkably quiet so as not to interrupt any work or recreation.

Features of CoolX Portable AC

Individuals should now be familiar with the 3-in-1 mechanism, the ease of use, and the portability of CoolX. CoolX Portable AC creators claim that this is just a small fraction of what they stand for. Other features that may contribute to its success include:

Different Speed Settings

There are three pre-set speeds on CoolX (low, medium, high) which can be adjusted with the push of a button. People can play around with these settings as they please, depending on the weather outside.

Compact Design

In addition to its portability, the device is also compact. Thus, individuals can carry the device anywhere there is an on-let or USB port (without breaking a sweat).

Convenient Charging

You can easily charge it through its USB port or through a wall outlet. Typically, conventional air conditioners do not have this feature, and that is why CoolX is so portable.

Easy-to-fill Water Tank

According to the description, individuals do not need to create any sort of solution to add to the water tank. CoolX takes care of everything else. All you need to do is pour water from the overhead view.

Multiple Uses

Up until now, we’ve learned that CoolX is a humidifier, cooler, and purifier. This device, however, has one more function that makes it a four-in-one device. It is specifically equipped with a 7-color LED light system. Due to its illuminating yet dim light, CoolX can be used as a night light, which is likely to improve one’s sleep.


  • Dimensions: 174 X 170 X 170 mm
  • Battery time: 6 to 8 hours
  • Noise level: none to minimal

How does CoolX Portable AC Work?

Working of CoolX Portable AC explained

There is so much more to this product than simply circulating air. CoolX draws in hot, dry air from the room it is placed in to start the cooling process. It has to pass through the filtration system before being recirculated again.

The air is filtered through a water tank to deliver cool air to the user. Consequently, the coolness also introduces a moisture that is not found in other devices, resulting in an icy texture. You can use it as an air conditioner, a humidifier, and a purifier all in one. It will have a much greater impact on air quality in areas that are drier, so users in every part of the country can enjoy this device.

Additional Functions

Additionally to the cooling feature, the CoolX Portable AC has two other functions. In addition, it ensures that we get enough moisture in our surroundings as an air humidifier. Air conditioners of the conventional kind are prone to causing health problems and drying out the environment. When you have respiratory problems or persistent skin problems, it is important to have enough moisture in the air around you.

Thirdly, the CoolX Portable AC serves as an air purifier. Filtering and sucking out the molecules of hot air will occur simultaneously with it capturing air. You will receive cool air that is free of any unwanted, potentially harmful particles.

Advantages of using CoolX Portable AC

A girl using CoolX Portable AC to sleep

This portable air conditioner has a lot of benefits that we’ve already mentioned. We may be able to overcome some of the apprehensions we have about these cooling systems by looking at all these benefits in one place:

  • CoolX Portable ACs are portable air conditioners. Therefore, it is ideal for use at home, in the office, or even in the car. We may even be able to save several hours of gas if we charge it beforehand!
  • Our health, as well as our equipment, will be protected since the CoolX Portable AC will keep things cool more easily. Most of us now work from home, so we need a climate control system to avoid overheating. If we can accomplish this without relying on a conventional air conditioner all the time, our pocketbooks will be less burdened.
  • With just the touch of a button, you can change the settings of the CoolX Portable AC. This feature can be controlled without a remote (which might get lost) or several levels.
  • On CoolX Portable AC, the illumination not only adds to the appearance, but it can be changed to match your mood as well. If you are more comfortable with a particular color, this is good for you. Also, the dim light is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Setup Guide

Working with the device isn’t difficult at all. Once the user has plugged in the device and filled the water tank, he can choose the fan setting. There is no need for them to worry about using too much energy because they can adjust the fan setting as they see fit. Because it only uses a USB connection, it doesn’t require a particular plug or charger to be compatible. You can use any USB plug. Customers can also contact customer service with questions about usage.

CoolX Portable AC Reviews

In the end, CoolX Portable AC seems like a great choice for people who are on a budget, who want to stay cool, and who also want to remain environmentally friendly at the same time. When considering purchasing such a unit, there are several benefits to consider, though there are also some negatives.

The disadvantages of the CoolX Portable AC’s system have nothing to do with its efficiency or working, so we suggest giving it a try. There is a refund option, so there is some safety net in any case. Book our CoolX Portable AC as soon as possible to start cooling off in the most efficient manner possible!

How much does it cost?

Users can choose from a number of packages based on their needs. If users decide to order more than one CoolX portable AC at one time, they will get a great price. When users purchase multiple coolers, they will receive a discount as opposed to paying $89.99 per cooler.

The other packages available include:

  • Three CoolX portable coolers for $189.99 ($63.33 each)
  • Five CoolX portable coolers for $259.99 ($52.00 each)

The user has 30 days to get a full refund if they do not get the cooling they had hoped for.

Where To Buy CoolX Portable AC

There are so many portable coolers being sold online today that it can be difficult to find the CoolX device without directly looking for it. There are no other websites that have been approved to sell the CoolX device, so users will need to go to the official website to procure one.


How large is the CoolX unit?

Despite the fact that this device takes up very little space, consumers may be surprised by it. According to the website, the size of this device is 6.85″ x 6.69″ x 6.69″, so you can easily place it on your desk or bedside table. By keeping it within reach at all times, users are able to customize their cooling experiences.

How long will a full water tank last with the CoolX device?

After filling the CoolX water tank, users should be able to enjoy up to 8 hours of cooling. It is entirely up to the user what settings he or she chooses in terms of cooling. The cooler will last longer if they set the fan on the lowest setting.

Final Verdict

CoolX purifiers and humidifiers provide an easy way to combat summer air pollution. It is small and quiet, so it won’t disrupt your sleep or work. Installing and maintaining it are easy, and users won’t have to perform much maintenance.

The official website displays many customer reviews, showing how this device can benefit many different types of homes. Through the summer months, parents have used this device to keep their babies comfortable. During the hottest days and nights, users can feel confident relying on what keeps them cool.

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