Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review: Portable Air Cooler Worth It?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review: Portable Air Cooler Worth It?

Summer heat strikes once more!— A nightmare scenario that we all wish we could avoid. Provide us with summer and spare us the heat. Is such a thing even conceivable? Let’s face it, the weather is becoming warmer. The planet is warming, and many people around the world experience severe heat during the summer. Is that necessary for anyone to have a headache right now? Of course, but not for those who have prepared for this summer’s heat by keeping the required gadgets on hand. Read the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review.

All owing to technology, convenience has been redefined, and thanks to portable AC, you can now experience a cool breeze and pleasant air almost anywhere you are or need to be. What type of portable air cooler are we discussing, and how can it aid us this summer?

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC provides a convenient cooling option for any space in the house or business. We’re going to look at the Blast auxiliary classic AC in this review and see how it can assist you this summer and beyond.

What is the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC integrates cutting-edge technology for maximum cooling performance. Blast Auxiliary knows the value of being at ease in one’s own home. Their  goods are inspired by common individuals who crave ease and simplicity. They specialise in home and wellness goods that transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is a desktop air cooler and humidifier that provides long-lasting respite on the warmest days. Compact and lightweight, the Blast Classic Desktop AC travels with you to maintain the ideal temperature.

In contrast to conventional fans and air cooling units, this desktop air cooler delivers moisture to the air, preventing your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out.


The Most Refreshing Comfort

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is versatile and strong, capable of creating a cooling breeze or operating as a standard fan. Additionally, it functions as a humidifier, which is ideal for relieving dry air or stuffy sinuses.

Adjustable Fan Power

With the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC’s adjustable fan strength, you’re sure to discover the perfect level of cooling. Discover the ideal setting for any situation where you require heat relief.

Water Curtains That Are Simple to Replace

Infuse the water curtain with water, insert it into the gadget, and enjoy the most delightful breeze. The water curtain has a lifespan of around 3-6 months and is absurdly simple to repair. To add to the chilly effect, fill the ice tray halfway with ice for a chill unlike any other!

Portable & Lightweight

Maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of where you are. The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC’s lightweight design makes it easy to pick up and transport to any space. Without a doubt!

SIMPLE TO USE: With easy to-fill pouring, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is designed to make your life easier. No re-fill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air.

CONVENIENT: Travel from room to room or take it with you to the office for keeping cool wherever you go.

ADJUSTABLE: With 3 fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference.

How to use Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

Using Blast Auxiliary Classic AC


  • To begin, connect the gadget to a power source and spin the knob clockwise until a click occurs. 
  • Continue twisting in the other direction to raise the fan’s speed. Counterclockwise rotation of the knob reduces fan speed or turns the device off.

(Note: Before turning on the power, verify that the knob is in the off position.)


  • Do not tilt, lie down, or invert the device while it is filled with water to avoid water from seeping and entering the circuit board.
  • Keep the base parallel to the ground when carrying while filled with water to avoid leaks.
  • When not in use for an extended period of time, remove the water curtain and allow it to dry in the sun/air.

Why should you buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Right Away?

A girl carrying the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC
  • Utilize it as an air chiller or a standard humidifier.
  • The included ice tray circulates ice-cold air.
  • Simple to operate


  • Adjustable dial for fan speed
  • Removable water tray
  • 300 ml water tank capacity
  • Low noise
  • Comes with 2 ice trays, keeping one in the freezer while you use the other
  • Blue LED ambient light 
  • Replaceable water curtain, can be used for 3-6 months
  • Adjustable louver to direct air
  • Powered by coaxial port from the side
  • Input voltage DC5V
  • Working voltage 5V 1A
  • Max power 4.5W

How Blast Auxiliary Classic AC works?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC giving cool breeze

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC cools your area using evaporative cooling. The interchangeable, effective Water Curtain wicks away moisture, removing heat and creating a cool, soothing breeze. Additionally, the integrated misting device mists a cool, soothing mist that aids in the relief of dry skin and congestion.

It is quite effective and has a shelf life of up to six months. It is easily interchangeable and new water curtains are readily accessible on the Official Blast Auxiliary website.

Additionally, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC includes an ice tray to further cool the air. Simply insert the ice tray and you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled from Arizona to Alaska.


  • Can be used to provide a cooling breeze or as a standard fan. Whichever suits you.
  • It can also be used as a humidifier. If you’re experiencing dry air or congested sinuses, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC can help.
  • Blast Auxiliary produces REALLY COOL AIR QUICKLY! In a matter of seconds, you can enjoy ice-cold air.
  • Fan speed can be adjusted. Adjust it to your preferred level of comfort.
  • Quiet operation. There will be no loud, irritating fan noise to distract you from your concentration.
  • Conveniently sized and transportable. It includes a carry handle. It weighs less than two pounds in its unfilled state.
  • Adjustable louvers direct cool air in any direction you like.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review

While working in the kitchen or doing my office work, it usually gets very heated up. One day while working I found the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC and upon reading some review. I found the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC to be very perfect. It is a small, compact and portable air cooler which makes it best. As per my suggestion, you should get it.

I simply love this. It has made my life super comfortable. I am a passionate traveler. After this magical portable cooler, I plan my trip anywhere without thinking about the facilities offered. Blast Auxiliary Classic air cooler is so portable and lightweight that I carry it anywhere. Literally everywhere I go. Blast Auxiliary Classic air cooler is outstanding and helpful.

Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

  • Fits in small spaces
  • Don’t worry about installation
  • Portable and lightweight enough for on-the-go use
  • Not only cools the air, but it also humidifies the air.
  • People who travel a lot can carry it along, even as they travel and enjoy the benefits of cool air
  • Can be bought online only

Who is the portable air cooler for?

This device was created specifically for you throughout the summer and any other time of the year. It is so lightweight and portable that you may take it with you everywhere you go. For many people, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has become a way of life.

On a single charge, this Air cooler will keep you cool for up to eight hours. You won’t get hot whether travelling, going on picnics, sleeping, or working with this air conditioner.

This air cooler is equipped with filters that traps dust particles in the water curtain. The humidifier function of this air cooler is also included.

Blast Auxiliary Classic Air Cooler, on the other hand, may be just what you need. Get yours now and enjoy a stress-free day.

What our Customers have to say about Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

“I used to have a noisy fan blowing on me while I slept. It didn’t work that great, so I was so happy when I tried the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC for the first time. I slept like a rock for the first time in years it seemed. Really recommend it.” – Vanessa S.

“I have a powerful AC unit installed in my home but the amount I had to pay to run the darn thing was insane. I got a Blast Auxiliary from a friend at an office gift exchange and since it worked so well on my desk, I got a couple to put around the house. So much money saved. Thanks Blast.” – Alex I.

“I had a similar one to this before with the same water evaporation. That was great, but this thing has this ice tray that makes EVEN COLDER air than before. I liked that one, but I LOVE this one.” – Daniel E.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy this is from its own website as they are running a discount too. 

This Summer, Everyone Wants To Be Cooler. That Is Why You Must Act IMMEDIATELY

If you appreciate a good deal, you’ll appreciate the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC. It’s the sexiest summer gadget ever! It’s small, lightweight, and incredibly strong, and it’s going to blow you away.

And if you order now, you may take advantage of a big 50% discount on your purchase. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! It’s quickly selling out!

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Price

A single Blast Auxiliary Classic AC costs $69.99 (USD) while a pack of 4 comes at a price tag of $191.99.

At the timing of writing this article, there are 4 various deals to choose from:

  • Personal Cool Pack: 1 AC at $69.99
  • Too Cool Pack: 2 ACs at $139.99
  • Three’s Company Pack: 3ACs at $156.99
  • Mega Cool Pack: 4ACs at $191.99

30 DAY GUARANTEE: Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC offers you a 30 day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

What comes in the box?

When you purchase the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC, you receive the following:

  1. Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable Air Cooler
  2. AC Adapter 
  3. Instruction Manual


The Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC is a great product because it integrates cutting-edge technology for maximum cooling performance. Additionally, the company knows the value of being at ease in one’s own home and specializes in goods that transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Their desktop air cooler is compact and lightweight, making it easy to travel with you wherever you go. If you’re looking for an efficient and stylish way to keep cool this summer, look no further than the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC.

Portable AC makes it easier for a person to work easily in a hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to change the water curtain?

The water curtain should be changed every 3-6 months, depending on use.

Is the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC noisy?

No, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC is very quiet.

Can I buy this product in store?

The Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC is only available online and supplies are limited.

Disclaimer about Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

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Blast Auxiliary also serves as a portable personal air cooler that uses a fan to blow hot air through a water-soaked water curtain. As air passes through the water curtain, the water evaporates and cools the air. This cooler air is then recirculated through the room. However, cooling time and capacity may vary depending on environmental temperature, area size, proximity, humidity, and other factors. The images are used for illustrative purpose only. Actual conditions and scenario may vary from the ones shown. Blast Auxiliary makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this website, and such information is subject to change without notice.

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