Bondic vs SpectroSeal - Complete Guide

Bondic Vs SpectroSeal Complete Guide

Glue can be messy, be it normal glue or superglue. On top of that, glue can only be used to essentially reattach broken items thus does not fill in seams and make the overall profile stronger. Read about Bondic vs SpectroSeal here.

Making a decision between two awesome items like these is tough. Our writers invest a lot of time in research and putting out the most honest information.

Bondic vs SpectroSeal

Bondic vs SpectroSeal - Complete Guide
Bondic vs SpectroSeal – Complete Comparison Guide

We will be discussing here about the features and what makes these uv glue different from each other.

Supported MaterialsPlastic, Wood, Metal, PVC, Steel, Rubber, Wiring, Ceramic, Figurines, Vinyl, Kevlar, Polypropylene, Leather and so much moreWood, Plastic, Ceramic, Glass, Metal
Resistance against acids,
lyes, oils, lubricants
Drying Time5Second5Second
Starter KitBondic bottle, UV LED light, Metal CaseSpectroSeal, UV LED Light
Price19.99 USD19.99 USD
Where to buyOfficial SiteOfficial Site
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What is Bondic?

What is Bondic?

Bondic is liquid plastic welder which is handheld and has a special liquid formula that transforms anything into plastic in just 4 seconds, once it exposed to UV light. It can be used for fixing broken things made of plastic, low voltage wires, fabric, glass, etc.

What is SpectroSeal?

What is Spectroseal?

SpectroSeal is a UV light glue pen  that works as both a filler and a bonding agent. It can be used to add insulation, fix glasses and toys, connect 2 objects, and pretty much repair anything that needs to be repaired. When used to connect 2 objects, it forms a very durable bond, so it can be said this pen is not just a tool that provides a quick fix. 

Features of Bondic and SpectroSeal

Features of Bondic
  • Easy to clean – If you want to bond any two materials, they must be cleaned up well.  Now, the materials will have to be cleaned in every corner possible, and this would need a sharp tool. This tool is provided in the Bondic package. The material has to be cleaned before you apply Bondic. You can use a paper towel to clean the materials and you do not need any special cleaning materials.
  • UV Light – The Bondic Liquid Welder package includes UV light, which has been designed to ensure the liquid substance solidifies and transforms into plastic quickly. Once the liquid substance is shaped, you can use UV light to dry it up and bond.
  • Versatility – Bondic can be used on any material – wood, plastic, fabric, toys, glass, ceramic, etc. It is a versatile product. And it dies only when exposed to UV light. Furthermore, it is waterproof and weatherproof, and hence exposure to any condition will not hamper the product quality. You can use it to prevent leaks in aquariums or pools. The hardened plastic does not melt at all. Even when it dries, Bondic is very versatile.

Reasons Bondic is a Must Buy

  • Safe – Bondic is a non-toxic and safe product. It removes the risk of burning as it doesn’t need heat like glue guns. You will not have problems when you use Bondic.
  • Long Life – The typical glue generally sets when it is exposed to air. Despite closing the tube/can, the glue might dry out. This indicates that the sealant of the tube gets clogged easily and it gets tough to open it up. Bondic is a substance that dries up only when exposed to UV rays and hence it remains in liquid form in the tube for years together. The Bondic kit includes every tool you need to begin your repairs immediately.
  • Strong Bond – Once the liquid gets cured under UV light, Bondic’s liquid plastic formula gives you a very strong hold that lasts forever.
  • Does Not Dry – Bondic is not like glue. Hence it does not dry when it is in the bottle.

Characteristics of SpectroSeal

  • Long-Lasting Results

Spectroseal helps you to fix your PVC or other pipes even chargeable cables. Spectroseal is has a good quality which provides it with transparent bond that are waterproof,theaterproof and heat resistant.

  • Easy to Apply

SpectroSeal has provides with delicate repairs which  spares the mess associated with drippy, finicky, time-sensitive glues that seem to get all over everything. 

  • Better Than Glue

SpectroSeal has a better quality which provides  a non-toxic, solvent-free liquid polymer that goes on wet to help you fill and seal. Simply push the UV light button for the strongest hold, no matter how small or delicate the object

  • Guaranteed High Quality

SpectroSeal rapidly makes repairs on nearly any material that will hold for life.

  • No-Hassle Returns

If you are not happy with spectroseal, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

  • Quick & Convenient

Spectroseal is made to be used straight out of the box with minimal setup or frustration.

Benefits of Bondic vs SpectroSeal

This revolutionary product offers several benefits you will enjoy when you use it. First, it gives you strength unparalleled to any other adhesive in the market. It provides you safety, keeping your body from the harmful effects of ordinary adhesives. The product gives you full control of how the glue will affect your project by giving you an applicator and the UV light that determines when the glue will solidify. You also get a long-lasting product as it does not harden when exposed to the elements.

Benefits of Spectroseal
  • It repairs objects in a short time.
  • It is non-toxic in its effect
  • Works with UV lighting to fix the objects fast
  • The final strength reaches the fixed objects within a few hours
  • Ideal for the indoor and outdoor use items
  • 100% waterproof and heat resistant technology
  • It Has solvent-free formula that does not gets dry if not used for long years
  • It can be used on ceramic, metal, wood, ceramic, and glass
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • It is Eco friendly.

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