Voltzy Solar Power Bank Review: Does it Work?

Voltzy Solar Power Bank Review: Does it Work?

Voltzy Solar Power Bank Review: Everyone needs an emergency plan. We need to be prepared for anything—pandemics, power outages, natural disasters, and slumps in the economy.

One thing you need to have in your emergency plan is the portable and powerful Voltzy solar charger. According to the creator, this ultimate solar-powered ‘power plant’ sold out 72 hours after its launch.

However, the product is now in stock at huge discounted prices. But is it worth the money? Where can you get it? What are its pros and cons? This review answers all these questions and many more.

What is Voltzy Solar Power Bank?

Voltzy charging iphone and iPad

Voltzy is a solar-powered power bank that works (and looks) much like a power bank. It has multiple ports though which means that you can charge several devices at one time using this device.

The material of the Voltzy solar charger is such that it lasts for a long time. It is not like typical power banks that run out of battery themselves and require electricity to charge. Voltzy charger uses the light of the sun to charge your devices and to stay charged up itself.

It is intelligently engineered and manufactured in such a manner that it can withstand different weather conditions. This is important because a solar powered device doesn’t go inside your bag but stays outside so that it can soak in the sun to charge.

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How does Solar Power Bank work?

Voltzy being charged by solar energy

The working of this power bank is scientific and easy and it summarizes the working of the device.

Solar panel is made of solar cells which are made of silicon. These cells release additional electrons as soon as they are hit by sunlight (which are actually photons which are electromagnetic waves that excite electrons) due to the high kinetic energy of the two layers of positive and negative electrodes that have a highly exciting phase it happens.

This electron passes through the wires for a large amount of time through these electrodes, the electron that is released is the current which is the electrical energy that charges the device.

It is then passed through an inverter which makes the current suitable for charging devices, mostly the current produced is direct current and is converted into alternating current which is the type of current home appliances use.

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Why you need this solar power bank charger?

Two Voltzy Solar Power Bank

It has so many advances over traditional, cheap, power banks. Not to mention the design is so sleek and well-made, it will blow you away.

With a few LED indicators at the top, Voltzy will notify you how charged it is. No guesswork on how charged the device is!

Simply plug your electronic device into one of the Voltzy’s secured ports. In just a short while your device will be fully charged.

With multiple ports, Voltzy can even charge multiple devices at once. Charge 2 phones from 0 to 100% purely off the Sun’s light.

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Features of Voltzy

  • PORTABLE & POWERFUL – Voltzy can charge all your devices: iPhone, iPad, Tablet, e-Reader, Kindle book. Compatible with any device that uses a usb cable to charge.
  • RAIN & DIRT-PROOF IP67 – Voltzy can get rained on and can even be dropped in puddle thanks to the rugged water tight housing.
  • SOLAR EMERGENCY CHARGING – Can be left out in the sun for a few hours to charge in emergency situations or left out for a few days to fully charge. Use the usb cable to recharge the device for everyday use.
  • LARGE 8000 MAH BATTERY – Can charge multiple phones in case of an emergency.
  • EMERGENCY LED FLASHLIGHT – Built-in flashlight ensures you can always see in the dark or can flag down help.

How to use Voltzy Solar Power Bank Charger?

Charging iPhone with Voltzy Solar Power Bank

Ordering a device like this over the internet can be concerning to some people. Some devices show up, having been sight unseen, they simply don’t work the way they are advertised. Others are far more complicated than they were advertised as being. We have also heard the horror stories of products that arrive with a manual that is badly translated form another language.

We want our readers to feel confident and secure. While the Voltzy manual is easy to read and understand, we will also tell you how to use the device right here. The device does come with a manual, but this is the gist:

  1. Place the Voltzy device in the sun, and it will charge
  2. If it is cloudy, the device can also be charged with a bright light or using an outlet
  3. Use the provided cable to connect a device that you would like to charge
  4. If you would like, you can charge several devices at once
  5. After you use it, place the device back in the sun! That’s it!

Benefits of Voltzy

  • High-Quality And Holds A Charge
  • Uses The Sun To Charge Your Devices
  • Perfect For Emergencies And Camping
  • Can Take On Any Adventures With You
  • Rugged, Shock Resistant, Waterproof
  • Powerful LED Light Included In Device
  • Built To Last With Intelligent Engineering

Voltzy Solar Power Bank Review

The power went out at our house for a few hours and my son played video games through out the entire time with Voltzy. Not the use I had planned but at least it kept him a little quiet. After reading the Voltzy Solar Power Bank Review, I got one for myself.

Never thought that video games would be what gets us through a POWER OUTAGE calmly. It is nice to know that this device is there in an emergency, next time we’ll use it for something better. – Allison H. Provo, UT.

How much does it cost?

Voltzy is currently available through the Official Voltzy website for the product. The manufacturer accepts several payment methods, including MasterCard and ApplePay. Currently discounted prices are:

  • Buy 1 Voltzy for just $ 29.95 + $ 9.95 shipping
  • 2 Voltzy + 2 Free for a total of $ 99.90 + Free US Shipping

It is important that you can try out Voltzy risk-free. A 30-day money-back guarantee supports every order of the product.

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Final Verdict on Voltzy Solar Power Bank

The above-mentioned solar power bank does not entail a unique design but it also serves as a distinctive emergency essential device. It is the best option available for individuals when in crisis, contingencies, or emergencies. Besides, individuals can also carry this device while going out, hiking, or in other places where they do not have access to charging sockets.

Comparatively, Voltzy is a much better alternative than other traditional power banks that has 8000 mAh battery storage power, a built-in flashlight, and multiple charging ports. The company does not only render affordable rates for the product but also offers additional discounted deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can this charge more than one device at once?

Yes, the Voltzy is capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously.

How fast does the Voltzy charge up a phone?

A fully-charged Voltzy can charge an average phone from 0 to full in just a couple hours.

How long does it take to charge the Voltzy off the solar panel?

To fully charge the Voltzy, exclusively with the solar panel and sun’s ray, it’ll take approximately 2-3 days of the device remaining in the light. We recommend for best use with the Voltzy is to provide it a maximum charge at the beginning of use , via the included USB charging cable, and utilize the solar power charging to keep it remained at a high charge.

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