ChargeHubGo+ Review: The Best Wireless Charging PowerBank

ChargeHubGo+ Review: The Best Wireless Charging PowerBank

ChargeHubGo Review: The smartphone has evolved into a requirement for all. Without a doubt, we need it almost every minute; from transmitting and receiving information to understanding results, performing calculations, and conducting transactions, digitalization has taken over this planet. Of necessity, on the other hand, it has been a boon for most of us. Its ease of usage and convenience are two of its most important advantages.

Around the same time, running out of batteries has been a significant source of frustration for those around. With so many applications for this mobile phone, we hardly have time to charge it up. You will never want to leave your phone behind simply because the battery is down, and this becomes particularly inconvenient during periods of crisis.

Nowadays, smartphones come equipped with massive batteries that can last for days. However, advancements in battery technology are being balanced by advancements in sensor and cellular technology. As a result of all those power-hungry characteristics, the phone struggles to have a good battery backup.

What is ChargeHubGo+?

With the ChargeHubGO+, charging on the go has never been simpler. This portable battery bank features a wireless charging pad, a USB charging port, and two built-in charging cables compatible with Micro, LightningTM, and Type-C computers. The large 5000 mAh battery size charges devices without external accessories! Ideal for charging computers, laptops, and speakers, among other devices!

It is a battery bank that can quickly charge almost any smartphone. It can also charge four objects simultaneously if desired. The ChargeHubGO + is the ONLY way to charge your smartphone at this rate wirelessly. Their proprietary SmartSpeed technology is exclusive to this device and charges your phone much faster than any other alternative.

Additionally, the ChargeHubGO + is the only device on the market with this battery capacity (5,000 mAh) in this compact size and weight. It’s incredibly light and sleek, which means it fits well in your pocket. Additionally, the technology automatically detects the device you are charging (even though you are charging four separate devices simultaneously). It adjusts the charging rate and pace to match your device exactly! However, more on this in a moment. For the time being, rest assured that the ChargeHubGO+ is the ideal charging buddy for wire-free, hassle-free, lightning-fast charging.

It is a portable phone adapter that charges up to four gadgets simultaneously! It features three USB ports: a standard USB type C port, a micro USB port, and a USB port. The first USB port is used to charge standard computers from the battery, while the mini USB type C ports and mini USB ports are used to charge the handset more quickly. Additionally, it protects against harm caused by current overload, short circuits, and other electrical injuries.

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  • Ultra-fast charging: The portable charger is patented with innovative pace technology that detects the battery level of the handset and guarantees that it charges faster without overpowering
  • Wireless: The true innovation of Charge Hub GO + is the ability to charge devices wirelessly! By putting your laptop on the wireless adapter, you can charge it at any time.
  • Convenient: Several power banks on the market today have a small recharge capacity. Many charge a battery and then need recharging the power bank. Other than that, ChargeHubGO + has a 5000 mAh battery that will completely charge your computers for two to five days.
  • Compatibility and reliability: The charging hub wireless power bank are compatible with current smartphone and tablet versions. It charges some electronic gadget. Additionally, its dimensions and weight are very lightweight, allowing it to be comfortably held in a pocket.
  • Portable battery: Charge Hub GO + portable battery is secure and does not overpower the devices’ batteries. Additionally, it was reviewed multiple times, and then CE, FCC Standard Part 15, and RoHS approved.
  • Supports Form C Cord: You should do that for your phone’s type C chord. Since almost every smartphone owner owns a C-style chord, you can easily link it to your ChargeHubGO+.
  • Huge capacity: It has a total capacity of 5000 mAh, which is ideal if you’re going on a tour. If you don’t have a wholly charged smartphone battery and, on top of that, are unable to locate a charging point to refresh your phone’s battery, this power supply can meet your needs for an extended period.

What Makes ChargeHubGo+ Different from the Others?

  • ChargeHubGO+ is the First portable charger with proprietary SmartSpeed® Technology and a built-in wireless charging pad for fast, easy charging. This versatile all-in-one adapter means that you’ll never have to fear the dreaded ‘low power’ warning again! 
  • Portability in the Size of a Pocket – Works well in your pocket without the bulkiness and scale of traditional power banks.
  • Wireless Charging – Just put your phone on top of the charging pad for an instant charge – no need for wires!
  • Universal Compatibility – Charge nearly Every laptop utilizing a regular USB cord, the wireless charging pad, or either of the two included USB compatible cables: 1 USB Type-C to Android computer and 1 Micro/LightningTM Apple device reversible cable.
  • Ultra-Fast Charging – Patented SmartSpeed® technology automatically senses the type of unit plugged in to guarantee that the optimum charging speed is achieved WITHOUT overpowering the device.
  • Safe Charge Protection – This charger has been tested and validated to ensure that you can safely charge all of your costly devices without fear of overpowering, overheating, or foreign object injury.
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How to charge different mobiles?

  • 1 Android data cable
  • 1 single Apple cable
  • The wireless charging pad is affixed to the device’s top.

You may use the universal USB port to charge additional equipment, such as speakers or headphones.

Any charger that connects via USB will also operate here.

ChargeHubGO+ is a good product, which is why I adore it. You’d be hard-pressed to locate anything that cannot be charged.

Limitless Innovations did not disappoint when it came to protection. According to many ChargeHubGo+ ratings, the unit has undergone the most strict product consistency, reliability, and protection certifications, including CE certifications, UL listing for the internal battery, and compliance with FCC Standard Part 15.

How does ChargeHubGo+ work?

The ChargeHubGo’s battery capacity is a robust 5,000 mAh, which is sufficient to charge most smartphones twice.

Charge up to four smartphones simultaneously — practically every system — utilizing just the ChargeHubGO+. There are no additional strings!

Put your phone on top of the wireless charging bank to charge wirelessly. You’ll immediately see the SmartSpeed technology, as well as how quickly this thing charges your battery.

Some Other Features

  • Quick technology – SmartSpeed Technology features a proprietary SmartSpeed technology that enables simple device identification, allowing it to recognize nearby devices and begin charging without hesitation quickly. It enables you to quickly identify the appropriate devices so that you can conveniently access them for charging. This technology is truly remarkable, and once you begin utilizing it, you can understand why it is so common.
  • Dual Charging Device – This has both a corded and a wireless charging system, allowing you to do it up to your comfort and desire. It can charge several devices concurrently, which is undoubtedly one of the primary factors for this device’s increasing success.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Once you decide to purchase ChargeHubGO+, you would be relieved to learn that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • ChargeHubGO+ is well-known for its 5000 mAh charging speed. With a 5V/2A wired charging output, you have the ideal opportunity to charge any battery.
  • Recognizing paired devices – The most vital feature of ChargeHubGO+ is that it incorporates proprietary SmartSpeed technology. It is capable of recognizing and charging the paired devices without any problems.
  • Charging Safety: While charging with ChargeHub Go, you should be assured that there would be no overheating problems. It is compatible with intelligent pace technologies. You’ll be able to charge your phone about five times quicker and in a more secure way.
  • It Is Compatible With Any Device: This proves to be the most significant benefit, as charging with ChargeHub Go is very easy, and you can use it to charge a variety of devices. It’s the ideal wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and many more. 

What Problems Can ChargeHubGo+ Help You Solve?


Maintaining a freshly charged phone at home, college, the gym, or elsewhere has never been simpler. ChargeHubGO+ is the First portable charger with proprietary SmartSpeed® Technology and a built-in wireless charging pad for fast, easy charging.

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Significant Benefits

I’ve been hunting for a power bank that doubles as a universal wireless charger, and I’m pleased to report that Charger Hub Go plus exceeds my expectations. For your ease, I’ll list the most beneficial aspects that aided me:

  1. Portability: This wireless charging bank is small enough to carry with you everywhere you go.
  2. Wireless charging: This cell phone adapter is compatible with a wide range of products that allow wireless charging. For instance, I use it as a wireless Samsung charger.
  3. C Universal compatibility: With its USB charging center, you can charge any unit.
  4. Fast charging: It features a proprietary SmartSpeed rapid charge technology that enables quicker charging of any handset or tablet.
  5. Security and safety while charging: Charge hub go wireless power bank would not overwhelm or overheat your batteries, thus protecting them.

How Does ChargeHubGo+ Work With Multiple Devices?

How Does ChargeHubGo+ Work With Multiple Devices?

I’m compelled to post the ChargeHub GO+. Due to the device’s compatibility with nearly anything, I can still lend a charge to a buddy in distress, regardless of whether their laptop, speakers, or headphones have recently expired.

  • Apple iPhone: X, 8 Plus, 8
  • Samsung Galaxy: S6 Edge, S6, S7 Edge, S7 Active, S7, S8+, S8, Note 8, Note 5, S9+, and S9
  • LG: G3 (Optional), G4 (optional), G6 (US version only).
  • Microsoft Lumia: 920, 928, 929, 930, 1020, 1520
  • Google Nexus: 7 (2013), 6, 5, 4.
  • BlackBerry: Z30, Priv. 

However, whether you choose not to charge wirelessly or charge wirelessly and choose to charge anything else concurrently has no doubt.

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How To Use The Wireless Charging Pad To Charge A Mobile Device?

  1. Place the Wireless Charging Pad on top of your compatible smartphone.
  2. To switch on the ChargeHubGO+, press the Power Button. Your device’s Battery Level Indicator Lights will glow, and it will begin charging.

How To Use The USB Charging Port To Charge A Mobile Device

  • Connect the USB end of a Charging Cable to the ChargeHubGO+’s USB Charging Port.
  • Attach the Charging cable’s opposite end to your mobile unit.
  • To switch on the ChargeHubGO+, press the Power Button. Your device’s Battery Level Indicator Lights will glow, and it will begin charging.

ChargeHubGo+ Charging Instructions

  1. Plug the USB end of your Charging Cable into a 5V/2A USB wall adapter. (not included).
  2. Plug the Micro Connector of your Charging Cable into the Micro Charging Port on the ChargeHubGO+. The Battery Level Indicator Lights will illuminate.

Note: This ChargeHubGO+ can also be charged with a Type-C Cable using the Type-C Port (Input).

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  1. Type-C Port (Input)
  2. USB Charging Port (Output)
  3. Micro Port (Input)
  4. LED Indicator Lights
  5. Wireless Charging Pad
  6. Micro/Lightning™ Reversible Cable
  7. Type-C Cable
  8. Power Button

Pros and Cons of ChargeHubGo+

  • Built-in cables
  • Universal
  • Multifunction
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Could have had a bigger battery

Technical Specifications

  • Certifications: FCC, RoHS, CE
  • Wireless Output: 5V / 1A | 5W 
  • Charging Cable Output: 5V / 2A 
  • USB Output: 5V / 2A 
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Micro / Type-C Input: 5V / 2A 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 4″ x 1″ x 7″
  • Shipping Weight: 7 oz 
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5″ x 4″ x .75″ 
  • Product Weight: 5.3 oz 

How ChargeHubGo+ is the Best for Outdoors?

iPhone and iPad being charged from a wireless charger

Of course, the primary selling point for me was how portable this could be on my journeys.

When you’re out and about all day, you’re going to need a backup charge, even more so if your phone isn’t brand new. However, the majority of portable chargers are cumbersome to bear.

The ChargeHubGO+ is the only portable charger on the market with a 5,000 mAh battery housed in such a small form factor.

It’s ideal for camping, fitting comfortably in my pocket or tossed into my backpack. Anything that comes near this level of strength would be far more significant and bulkier.

If you want anything larger and bulkier, go for it. However, those that value versatility and convenience while traveling can stay with the ChargeHubGO+.

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How quick is this wireless charger?

ChargeHubGO+ has a 5000 mAh charging speed, which is sufficient to charge two or three smartphones. Additionally, it has a 5-watt wireless charging outlet, which is incredible and much better than most wireless chargers. I’ll share my experience below about how easily it charges my mobile.

It is proprietary and equipped with SmartSpeed technology and USB ports to ensure that all electronics charge quickly. Additionally, it features a USB type C cable that charges a handset two times quicker than a standard phone adapter. The interchangeable micro/lighting USB cable charges quickly and efficiently when plugged in. Overall, my handset is still safe from overpowering and low voltage thanks to its proprietary device. The best feature of the portable power bank is that it fits all current versions, as I discovered when I tested it on my friends’ tablets. It’s beautiful and lightning-quick!

How To Assure the Functionality of ChargeHubGo+?

This ChargeHubGO+ features a 5000 mAh battery size, ensuring that it can charge virtually every smartphone or tablet on the market. Apart from that, the ChargeHubGo+ supports wireless charging up to 5 W. However, although it is possible to charge an increasing number of devices simultaneously, this slows the charging phase. Otherwise, a single unit would charge quicker!


Herewith this article, we have attached a manual that would help you detail the product’s specifications and more. (ChargeHubGo Manual)

Is ChargeHubGo+ a Scam?

When I learned about ChargeHubGo+, I purchased it to determine if it was genuine or a hoax, as the market is saturated with counterfeit power banks. After many days of use, I’m pleased with its efficiency. It charged my Samsung S8 in 35 minutes and allowed me to charge my phone twice on a full charge. Its charging speed astounded me, and I tested it with all USB ports; all of them support quick charging.

The best feature of the power bank is the 5 watts wireless charging pad, which powered the Samsung S10 quicker than the included phone charger. Additionally, it features proprietary SmartSpeed technology, which protects our phones and tablets from overheating and enables rapid charging.

What’s in the box

I received several adapters in the package and the ChargeHubGO+ portable power bank. I’m going to show you the gadgets that come with the power bank. Consider the following – 

  • It includes a built-in USB socket, a USB Type-C port, and a Micro lighting cord that enables simultaneous charging of four phones or computers.
  • It includes a 20-inch charging cable that enables you to charge the power bank from a wall socket or other alternating current source.
  • The user manual contains instructions about using it, but it is straightforward to use, as outlined here.
  • The USB ports deliver 15 watts of power, while the wireless pad delivers 5 watts of power through SmartSpeed technology.

Where To Buy ChargeHubGo+

Therefore, which amount would you recommend purchasing? Anything is contingent upon the number of mobile phones or USB machines you regularly have.

The most accessible place to buy a ChargeHubGo+ is on their official website, which can be found here. You’ll get the best value possible, in addition to fast transportation + delivery and their multi-day guarantee.

ChargeHubGo+ Reviews – What Users Are Saying?

How much does it cost?

The price of this product may vary according to the quantity you select. Here is the price mentioned below:

  • 1 for $44.99 + S&H
  • Buy 2, Get 1 – $101.23 (Free USA Shipping)
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $134.97 (Free USA Shipping)

Conclusion: Is It Really Worth?

If you’re searching for a portable charger with various capabilities and functionality, the ChargeHubGo+ is the perfect option. Not only does it charge phones with a variety of various connectors, but it also allows on-the-go wireless charging. Without a doubt, this is one of the best portable chargers we’ve tried and used, definitely worth the investment. Apart from its versatility, it also has an exquisite and sophisticated appearance.

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

ChargeHubGo+ Is It Compatible With My Android or iPhone Device?

Almost! The ChargeHubGO+ is compatible with nearly all USB-chargeable devices, including HTC, Cameras, Nexus, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7/8/S9/Edge/Plus, Note 4/5, MP3, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro/Air/Air2/Mini, iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6/6s Plus, 5/5s/5c, LG, iPod, iPhone X, and Windows, with a few exceptions for large, power-hungry electronic devices such as laptops.

Which cables are included with the ChargeHubGO+?

ChargeHubGO + comes with two charging cables: one reversible Type-C cable and another reversible cable. Additionally, it has a USB to micro-USB cable for charging the Change Hub Go plus in a power outage. Add it to every standard wall outlet and charge it for backup capacity.

May I charge my phone wirelessly while wearing a case?

It varies according to the form of the phone cover, its width, and material composition. Generally, a thin case that is less than 5mm wide would suffice. Additionally, you should use a wireless charging case.

Does ChargeHubGO+ support Qualcomm Fast Charge?

No, although it utilizes Qualcomm’s SmartSpeed technology, does not accept Qualcomm Fast Charge. This proprietary system can accurately detect the battery and ensure that it charges at the highest possible rate.

Is ChargeHubGO+ compatible with ANY device?

Indeed! It is compatible with virtually all smartphones on the market. Additionally, other accessories such as smartphones, wireless headphones or earphones, and speakers may be linked.

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