StarScope Monocular Vs GoSky: Guide To Select Between The Two Most Popular Monoculars

StarScope Monocular Vs GoSky: Guide To Select Between The Two Most Popular Monoculars

Are you searching for a monocular to view beautiful but distant objects? If yes, you have come to the right place. Find out, which one is better between StarScope Monocular vs GoSky.

Here in the article, you’ll get to know about the two finest monoculars, which are StarScope and GoSky. Also, you will understand how one is different from the other. 

What is StarScope Monocular Telescope?

This mini telescope is one of the best to let you click amazing and crystal-clear photographs and record videos of distant objects/sceneries without or with smartphones. You can experience bird watching, hunting, and traveling with the help of it. The device has a transportable and wide lens of 40mm and has a capacity of 10X to magnify distant objects.

Representation of StarScope Monocular Telescope

This HD monocular will enable you to view your favorite scenery and sights very closely. As it gives a magnificent view of anything you focus on, you don’t have any problem zooming any bird or any other thing that is far away from you. It has various features such as a 3mm exit pupil diameter, a scratch-proof lens, and a crystal prism of BAK 4, and these features will help you see very precisely and clear all the things you want. 

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Pros and Cons

  • Water and fog-resistant.
  • In-built compass.
  • The monocular resist scratches.
  • It has a magnification power id 10X with photographs.
  • It has compatibility with smartphones.
  • Stars Scope Monocular has a 50 mm wide lens, enabling a more incredible view.
  • Effortless to handle.
  • Light weighted.
  • It has limited stock, and it’s not always possible to find it if you want it.
  • As the monocular comes with only one eyepiece, it is evident that you won’t see views widely.
  • It is good enough to use in personal, but binoculars are more preferable for professional uses.

What is GoSky Telescope?

An image of GoSky Monocular

Alike the StarScope Monocular Telescope, GoSky monocular is among the best ones to you click amazing and crystal-clear photographs and record videos of distant objects/sceneries without or with smartphones. It has a magnification of high power, and you can have the best sights on outdoor adventures. It has a capacity of 12X to magnify distant objects. with a bright and clear picture. Go sky Monocular telescope is the best-suited option for Ball games, Hiking, scenery, hunting, wildlife watching, hunting, bird watching, and climbing. While experiencing the outdoor adventures, this monocular assures you to have crystal clear and brighter sights. 

This device is most suitable for wilderness explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, the Go Sky mini telescope offers twist-up eyecups to provide eye relief which is an outstanding feature and doesn’t come in most monocular telescopes. 

Pros and Cons

  • It provides twist eyecups for eye relief.
  • You will get excellent picture quality.
  • Affordable.
  • Go Sky has a magnification power of 12X with photographs.
  • Pretty compatible with smartphones.
  • Convenient to assemble.
  • Light in weight and hence easy to handle.
  • Water and fog-resistant.
  • The holder of the monocular may be small for some smartphones.
  • It is a little bulky.
  • Sometimes may not compatible with your smartphones, as when you tighten the phone to safeguard, the case may compress the screen and stop the navigation function.

The StarScope Monocular is durable and challenging as it is made up of ABS plastic and a multi-coated lens. It can easily resist corrosion which comes as a result of nonaggressive water spray. Moreover, the telescope comes along with a wrist strap, carry pouch, and microfiber cloth to secure it every time.

You can view the field between 114m to 1100m, and you will be able to see mountain tops, flying birds, and high hills. It is light in weight which will help you hold it conveniently and focus on the distant objects appropriately. To be assured of the clarity, revive the zoom StarScope Monocular and make rotations to the focus to the time you’re entirely fulfilled with the object’s clarity. This light-weighted mini telescope has an incredible 20 mm eye comfort for all those who wear glasses. Also, for mountain-climbing enthusiasts, it has a built-in compass as well. These characteristics of the Stars Scope Monocular Telescope make it an impressive and easy-to-use device.

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

What is the use of a monocular?

A monocular is an altered refracting telescope that comes in use to largen the sights of objects at a distance from you without or with your smartphones.

Are StarScope Monocular and GoSky able to resist fog and water?

Yes, both StarScope and Go Sky are water and fog-resistant.

How much can StarScope Monocular magnify the distant objects?

StarScope Monocular has 10X magnification amplitude.

Which monocular telescope is most suitable for outdoor adventures?

Gosky Monocular is an excellent option for outdoor adventures.

Conclusion: Starscope Monocular vs GoSky – Which Is Better?

We have mentioned the two finest monoculars. Namely, StarScope Monocular vs GoSky. But which one is better? Well, this depends on your preference. Although both have their pros and cons, we can conclude that Go Sky Monocular has more magnification power than that of Starscope, but it is also true that Gosky is the bulkier one.

StarScope is more compatible with smartphones, and it is convenient. Simultaneously, GoSky is an excellent option for outdoor adventures. But both of them are best in their way! In the end, it is up to your preference and situation which will influence your decision to choose between the two.

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