StarScope Monocular Reviews: Is It Really Legit?

StarScope Monocular Reviews: Is It Really Legit?

With the improvement of the camera feature in smartphones, photography is accessible for many people today. You no longer need to buy an expensive camera to carry along with you no matter where you are. StarScope Monocular is the best monocular & star scope monocular is the perfect choice for travellers.

As a result, tech companies are producing items to make your camera more efficient. One such item is the Starscope Monocular. You can use this item as a telescope and attach it to your camera to get amazing, crystal clear shots from a distance.

Read our in-detail review of this amazing gadget and how does it work. Price, features and specifications.

StarScope Monocular is no more available in the store as well. You can check out ZoomShot Pro Monocular in such case!

What is BAK4 Prism?

StarScope Monocular

BAK stands for Baritleichkron and is used in high-performance binoculars. It is the highest quality and most desirable way of building a monocular or binocular prism, which is why it was used in the Starscope monocular.

Why do I need this monocular?

In today’s world you want to take photos or videos anytime and anywhere. For this purpose a smartphone is needed. For pictures in the distance, such as at a concert, a sporting event or a visit to the zoo, it makes sense to use a high-quality lens. This offers you the advantage of a high zoom factor.

The zoom function makes it easy for animal or bird watchers to see all details from a distance. Starscope Monocular has a high-quality finish and is very easy to use. It works equally well in good weather or rain. The device is waterproof, so you can use it even in the rain without hesitation.

Many recordings or videos that are intended to capture an object at a distance do not have good quality. One of the reasons for this is that your own smartphone reaches its limits. The Starscope Monocular should make it possible to magnify objects up to 12 times without blurring or losing details.

If you want to use it with your smartphone, you can attach it directly with a phone clip. The lens is compatible with Android devices and iPhones. So you always have the possibility to enlarge distant pictures optimally. The Starscope Monocular lens is suitable for all people who like to observe objects from a distance. When it is used for a soccer game in a stadium, you get the feeling that you are right next to the players.

What is StarScope Monocular?

The Starscope Monocular is a binocular for outdoor use. From excursions in nature to the football stadium, the manufacturer promises you up to 10x magnification when you look through the monocular. In conjunction with an Apple or Android smartphone, you can also take photographs. 

This feature is perfect for on the road. If you like to take pictures of animals or nature, you do not have to put yourself in danger with the monocular.


  • 10X magnification: View things as far as possible. If you think you can capture every moment with your phone, you are wrong because your phone cannot zoom in up to x10, and even when you zoom in with your phone, the images end up becoming blur.
  • 50mm wide lens: Starscope Monocular is built with a lens that can capture a wide view of action, so you don’t miss a scene.
  • BAK4 Crystal Prism Lens: A BAK4 Crystal prism lens. BAK4 Crystal prism lens is the highest quality used in the making of binoculars. Since the StarScope Monocular features a BAK4 Crystal prism lens, it assures you that its manufacturers did not come to the optical instrument market or world to disappoint.
  • Multi-Coated HD Glasses: Multi-coated HD glasses and lens enable the Monocular to be strong, reliable, and useful. The Multi-coated HD glasses and lenses are not susceptible and do not break with ease like other Monocular do.
  • Compact and Lightweight: When you are traveling, outdoor gaming, camping, taking a walk, or hunting, you can easily capture sceneries with the exceptional tool. StarScope Monocular can fit in any pocket or daypack without weighing you down. It measures 320 grams in weight; the piece does not take up a lot of space in your bag and can be fixed to helmets.
  • Pocket-Friendly Price: The device is pocket friendly. When you compare purchasing binoculars to a Monocular, the Monocular is a cheaper option. The StarScope Monocular does not require you to invest a lot of funds. It is available at a very affordable price compared to binoculars or any other related optical device with similar features.
  • Durability: Another additional feature of the remarkable Monocular piece is that it is made from durable materials. It is characterized by a BAK4 Crystal prism lens, an expensive technology incorporated in exceptional binoculars. Besides, the premium Monocular is waterproof. The device can also last for many years; thus, you are assured that you can get the tool’s longevity.
  • Versatile Application: The StarScope Monocular has a very versatile application. Most news broadcasts highlight that it is really ideal for most outdoor activities. When using the state-of-the-art Monocular, you can get super sharp photographs taken from extremely far distances.
  • Precise CNC/CAD Construction: The remarkable optical piece has an inbuilt computerised numerical control system. The Precise CNC/CAD construction enables it to perform many of its top advanced functions with great ease and get wonderful photos.
  • Streamlined, durable design: A well-made, high quality design makes sure your investment lasts for years on end.
  • Multi-faceted use as a binocular and a high-zoom lens: Can be used either as a binocular or as a 10x zoom for your smartphone.
  • High Definition Picture Clarity: The photographs you capture are high definition and the clarity is incredible at that range.
  • Water and dust resistant: Made from quality components, the device is 100% waterproof, dust-proof, which gives it the ability to operate in extreme weather.
  • Made from advanced polymers: Made from quality materials and ABS plastic, the device is incredibly durable and can last you ages if taken care of.

What makes StarScope Monocular unique?

Specifications of Starscope Monocular

Starscope Monocular stands out because it is light and very handy to use. You don’t have to worry about missing anything because they’re not too heavy for your hands to lift, and even if you decide to give your hands a break, then why not? Starscope Monocular comes with a tripod stand so you don’t have to be in control of it everytime.

Starscope Monocular is made with advanced polymers making it a long lasting gadget for you. Even when this Monocular falls down, there’s nothing to worry about because it is scratch-resistant, so it is always as good as new.

Starscope Monocular is compatible with either iPhone or Android phones. You can always attach your phone to the Monocular and take sharp, quality shots as they appear on the lens.

Technical Specifications

The Starscope Monocular webpage shares the user manual for the monocular, making it easy to see the technical specifications for the monocular and compare it to other products available today.

Here are some of the important technical specifications for the Starscope Monocular:

  • Magnification: 10X
  • Lens: Fully multi-coated (FMC), green
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Durability: Waterproof and fogproof
  • Color: Black
  • Exit Pupil: 3mm
  • Eye Relief: 20mm
  • Prism Glass and Type: BAK4
  • Field of View: 114/1100mm
  • Dimensions: 155x70x44mm
  • Weight: 320g
  • Compatibility: Works with tripod or smartphone

How does Starscope Monocular works?

The makers of the Starscope Monocular produced their lens by testing and finding “to equal or exceed the zoom and photo quality produced by some of the most expensive brands on the market.” In fact, the company claims their $48 lens has comparable power to a $4,000 DSLR camera.

When you buy the Starscope Monocular, you get a compact, lightweight monocular telescope you can use for a variety of tasks.

The Starscope Monocular is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. Just place the monocular up to the camera on the front of your phone, then capture distant objects using the 10x zoom capability.

Others describe the monocular as a “telescope”: they attach the device to their smartphone to capture high-resolution photos of the moon. In one example photo posted, a man was able to capture close-up images of craters on the moon using an ordinary iPhone camera outfitted with the Starscope Monocular.

Who is Starscope Monocular Designed for?

How does Star Scope Monocular work?

At a glance, the state-of-the-art light-weight product was designed to be used by the common folk. StarScope was designed to make it easy and simple for an amateur to operate without much hassle. Therefore, the common folk will get to enjoy world-class smartphone Monocular telescopes with great affordability.

The StarScope Monocular is one of the best investments you can have in your life as it has great design, versatility, and excellent materials.

Besides, you should opt for the product if you are tired of carrying around heavy, expensive camera equipment during travels and outdoor activities such as camping, mountaineering, travel, backpacking, bird watching, and hunting. If you are a content creator who wants to make wonderful content pictures for work, you may opt to use the instrument.

Main Benefits

  • It is made up of advanced and accurate Computerized Numerical Control or Computer-Aided Design construction which makes it advanced.
  • It also uses the BAK4 prism type.
  • Light in weight, easy to handle lens.
  • You can click extremely clear and sharp pictures using it.
  • It is waterproof and fog-proof. It doesn’t matter wherever you carry it. You can carry it while adventuring, hiking, and camping.
  • It is a fully operable telescopic Monocular. You can look up to about 50 miles away by holding up to your naked eyes.
  • It has multiple coatings to give you extremely clear photos that are there in the costliest lenses of the camera.
  • It is also surrounded by a protective and non-skid coating. So, you may use it in any of the conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is too hot or too cold.
  • It has a streamlined shape which is very easy to hold.

Where can I use this StarScope Monocular?

If you don’t have hands-on experience of using the Starscope monocular before, there is no need to worry about anything. When you receive your package, all you need to do is, unwrap the Starscope monocular and clean the lenses. The next step will be to adjust the focus of the lens in such a way that you can get a clear perspective on the object you want to see. Using the Starscope monocular is not as difficult as some people make it sound. You need to be confident enough when using it.

Secondly, if you have an obsession with taking pictures, using this device is not going to be anything tough. It is equivalent to a conventional binocular with the only difference that it gives you a 10X view of whatever you want to see.

How to adjust for Individual Eye Strength?

As individual eyesight varies from one person to another, your Monocular Telescope has a diopter adjustment which allows you to fine-tune the monocular to your vision.

Instructions for Care

  1. Avoid hard impacts. Set your monocular down gently on hard surfaces.
  2. Ensure your monocular is attached securely to any accessories before use.
  3. Store your monocular in a cool, dry place whenever possible.

How to use Starscope Monocular with your Smart Phone?

Starscope Monocular

You’ll love how easy it is to use Starscope Monocular to take incredible telescopic photos with your smart phone. You’ll love the ability to frame and shoot your shot in just seconds!

  1. You can either focus the while looking through it with your eye or attach to your phone and focus by using your phone’s screen.
  2. Aim your Starscope at the subject you’d like to photograph.
  3. Snap the photo.
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How to clean StarScope Monocular

  1. Blow away any dust or debris on the lens or use a soft lens brush. Do not rub.
  2. To remove dirt or fingerprints, use a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and gently clean in a circular motion. Using a coarse cloth or unnecessary rubbing may scratch the lens surface, eventually causing permanent damage.
  3. For a more thorough clean, use photography-type cleaning fluid or isopropyl alcohol. Always apply cleaning fluid to a cleaning cloth and never directly on the lens.

Does it Really Work?

Okay, this part of the Starscope Monocular review is important because it answers the question, does the monocular really work? This device does indeed work, and it’s mainly because it is made out of high-quality parts that are technologically advanced and has a 12x lens that makes things far away look like they’re a whole lot closer.

Bird-watchers, hunters, and people who love to go to football games or concerts will absolutely love this monocular, and even people who wear eyeglasses can use it and see great every time.

This monocular has millions of satisfied customers all over the world because of its versatility and how well it actually works. Most of the customers who purchased it have given it a 4 or 5-star rating, and if users go to sites such as Amazon and others, they can read many of their reviews.

Pros and Cons of StarScope Monocular

  • Waterproof and fog proof design allow for outdoor nature photography no matter the weather.
  • Quick and easy connection and disconnection of the lens to your phone.
  • Small and lightweight with high-end magnification of 12x.
  • Multi-coated lens provides an exceptional quality view.
  • Shipping can be slow for some users


  1. Ease of use: The device is incredibly easy to use but takes time to get used to. Tweaking according to your own preferences and according to the outdoors is necessary.
  2. Functionality: The multi-faceted nature of the device makes it compelling to purchase and start using. Either of the functionalities of the device, the binocular as well as its portable lens aspect can be used without any hassle and by anyone without many instructions.
  3. Durability and design: The device is made scratch-free, water, dust, and fog resistant as well as is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.
  4. Compatibility: When used as a lens, the device is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones.
  5. Competition: There is not particularly a product like the Starscope Monocular. You can obviously invest in a binocular and a lens separately, but that is what this device cancels out. It removes the need to get two products and strives to do both effectively and efficiently.

StarScope Monocular Highlights

The optical instrument every outdoor lover needs. Designed by the finest engineering, Starscope Monocular helps you see for miles with precision and depth for an experience that enhances wildlife and nature. Enjoy the best view and amazing pictures.

  1. Super sharp and super clear photos
  2. Always with you. No bulky, heavy lenses to carry
  3. Enjoy while camping, hiking or adventuring
  4. Perfect for travel!Compact and durable!

Is it a scam?

No, Starscope Monocular and all that you have heard about it is not a scam. This is why we have customer reviews, to allow customers to share their experience of the device, and thankfully, the majority of the users always have something good to say about Starscope Monocular.

So, it is good if you should ignore any rumors about the product. Just like any known product, not everyone understand how it works and they won’t be ready to understand this. Just like I have taken my time to explain most of the confusing stuff about Starscope Monocular, understanding them and believing them lies in your hand. As far as being legitimate is concerned, this product is fully legit and working well.

Starscope Monocular Opinion

If the manufacturer and the testers are to be believed, the Starscope Monocular is a high-quality lens. It can be used for hunting, camping, traveling, hiking or bird watching. But it is also very useful at concerts or sporting events when videos or films are to be made of the actors. The device can be used like a kind of binoculars. It is very light, handily built and has a modern design. Thanks to the light and simple lens, heavy camera equipment can be left at home in the future.

Many buyers and testers are very positive about the features of the device. Especially the individual use and easy application of the lens are seen as very advantageous. The Starscope Monocular is mainly used by sports and animal observers. It is a handy tool, but can also be very useful for hikers.

You can watch Wild animals, trees or other things n from a distance. The device is scratch-resistant and fog-free. This prevents it from falling asleep at the most inconvenient times. The device also improves the camera function of a cell phone. All images are enlarged and displayed precisely. Since it is supplied with a tripod, it can be used hands-free at any time.

Who manufactures the product?

With advanced technology and carefully executed craftsmanship, Starscope brings you closer to the world around you so you can experience every outdoor excursion and moment in wildlife like a professional world traveler!

Contact Starscope Monocular:

  • By Email:
  • By Phone: United States: 609 414 7087
  • Canada: 778 300 0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316
  • Address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 2020; 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands

Starscope Monocular Scam

Starscope monocular is not a scam. The company “Complete Performance Commerce B.V.” is well registered with head office located at Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595DA, The Hague, The Netherlands. They offer a 100% 30days money-back guarantee, so you have every confidence to return the product if not satisfied with the package, and you get back your complete refund.

We may not really be in the best position to tell why some consumers claim to have been scammed. Maybe they purchased from the wrong website, or competitors of starscope monocular paid them just to bring down the company’s trust. However, you have your choice to make, and feel free to report your satisfaction after purchase.

What’s in the box?

  • Starscope Monocular (with integrated front lens cap)
  • Carrying strap
  • Carrying pouch (with belt loop)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Lens cap
  • Mini-tripod (with a ¼” camera mount screw)

Starscope Monocular Reviews Consumer Reports

From where to buy?

After checking out the official website and comparing the price with Amazon. We advise you to purchase the StarScope Monocular from its official website. There are different payment methods available and website is completely secured.

Starscope Monocular Price

Starscope Monocular is significantly more expensive than similar monocular lenses sold online.

  • 1 x Lens: $47.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 x Lenses: $79.99 + Free Shipping
  • 3 x Lenses: $107.99 + Free Shipping

You can pay online via any major credit card or PayPal.

Discount Alert: If you remain on the Star scope Monocular sales page for a few minutes without proceeding, you’ll get a special “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” offer for $79.99.

Refund Policy

One important caveat of interest is that the Starscope Monocular has an unusually strict refund policy. Package has not to be torn for a trouble free return.

You can only request a refund if you send the product back “in the original unopened packaging.” If you opened the Starscope Monocular packaging, tried the monocular, and didn’t like how it works, then you cannot request a refund.

In fact, your refund seems void as soon as you open the packaging. However, if there is any problem, it is very wise to reach out to the official Starscope Monocular customer service support team with any concerns or questions for the fastest response available.

Starscope Monocular Amazon

Read some of the real reviews by customers about Starscope Monocular on Amazon listed below:

“Perfect portable telescope for traveling. I personally use it for sightseeing and star gazing but could easily be used by a professional in many different ways. I was shocked to learn that this could alo be used as a camera lens when attached to your phone.” – La’Kiara

Multifaceted Tool

” I thought it was smartphone-compatible but found out it did not come with an attachment for a smartphone but otherwise, it has a terrific view. It doesn’t have night capabilities.” – Dennis Martinez


Have Questions? Read our FAQ’s

Can StarScope Monocular be used with glasses?

Since it is equipped with an eyecup, it cal also be worn with glasses. It does not interfere with vision at a distance. The eyecup can be adjusted as needed.

Who invented StarScope Monocular?

You can get in contact with the manufacturer of Star Scope Monocular easily via Address is Strong Current Enterprises Limited, PostBus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands.

Is the Starscope Monocular rugged?

Yes, it is extremely drop resistant and is covered with a non-skid, protective coating. You can use it safely even under extreme conditions!

What is it made of?

The Starscope Monocular is made of real, high-quality optical GLASS. They are multicoated just like the most expensive camera lenses, to give you super-clear images. They are the finest quality that can be made.


The final verdict about the device is that you should give it a try. This is an extremely useful product if you love to see and click pictures of far-off objects. It is very lightweight as well, and it becomes your travel companion. It provides 10x magnification for best viewing and high-definition pictures. You will love this device since it is so easy to use and performs the function of a binocular as well as a camera.

The company offers several packages for you, so you can select the package according to your requirement. The Starscope Monocular is available at discounted rates. Buy your device now from the website of the company!

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