Pros and Cons of BarXBuddy: Read Before Buying

Pros and Cons of BarXBuddy: Read Before Buying

The affection and adoration is an emotion that few people will deny. How do you do that? A dog’s love is courageous. However, the scratching of your precious dog can be very distracting at times. Check the Pros and Cons of BarXBuddy.

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, our dogs are not acceptable. There are several causes for your dog to bark – risk, food, excitement, isolation, and more. Barking is their normal and most successful reaction to gaining our attention!

What Exactly is BarxBuddy?

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BarxBuddy is a portable gadget that emits a signal at a pitch that is audible exclusively to pets. When you hit the bell, the dog can detect the click and immediately halt their activity and barking.

The unit indicates its operation by emitting a small light from an LED. While the sound can be alarming to dogs the first time they encounter it, it is not dangerously unpleasant for them, but there is no need to be concerned for their welfare. The noise level is only loud enough to deter your dog from barking.

Pros and Cons of BarXBuddy

To maintain the neutrality of this barxbuddy review, we have to tell you what the pros and cons of Barxbuddy ultrasonic anti-barking device are:

Pros and Cons of BarxBuddy


Simple to Use

The one-button activation and dynamic settings render this a breeze to operate. Since there are no lengthy manuals or initialisation procedures to follow, there is no chance to forget how to use it or encounter difficulties. It’s the best method for quickly regaining custody of your puppy.


Since the BarxBuddy produces sound at a frequency of about 30,000 Hz, it is not strong enough to injure the dog. Since it is not audible to people, it does no damage to anybody or anything and is therefore entirely harmless. You won’t have to think about the dog experiencing any adverse consequences. Additionally, it is non-toxic to other species, so you can purchase with certainty, understanding that it has been thoroughly checked and shown to be healthy for both animals and humans.


The lightweight size allows it convenient to fly in. It’s not too big to be cumbersome or inconvenient, and it fits well into your pocket or handbag.


It is designed to operate quickly. BarxBuddy is a quick-activation gadget that immediately emits the sound to coax your dog to come to a halt, cease barking, and come under pressure. It is more efficient than a voice order, resulting in a more favorable outcome.

Superior Quality

The unit is designed to be highly robust. It can withstand everyday use, and even though you lose it a few times or aren’t very cautious about it, it should continue to run correctly for an extended period. Of course, you ought to look after your BarxBuddy, but it can continue to function normally for some time, even with extreme caution.


The Barxbuddy is reasonably priced compared to most barking termination products. You may get it for as little as $39.95, although it can cost extra at some periods of the year or if you do not purchase it directly from the seller. Consider the expense of mechanical or intangible dog fences and various types of behavior management, which may cost a lot of dollars. The savings are apparent, and you can take advantage of them by using BarxBuddy instead.


May Only Be Ordered Digitally

The primary disadvantage of opting for the BarxBuddy path for your anti-barking system is that it is now only available online. This could change in the future, but for the time being, this is not a retail product. If you happen to come across something in the shop that claims to be the BarxBuddy or a connected device, rest assured that it is not a genuine article.

You cannot depend solely on it

Training is needed. BarxBuddy will end your dog’s undesirable conduct. However, you must be actively involved with the training phase. When your dog ceases barking or engaging in undesirable conduct, you must thank him. Until this condition is met, this tool would be unsuccessful.


If you have a dog who barks excessively or exhibits inappropriate habits that you are having difficulty controlling, BarxBuddy is an excellent method to try. This Pros and Cons of BarxBuddy will help you in making the decision easier.

I believe it is the most robust anti-barking system available. Although the ultrasonic sound is innocuous to your dog, it is an obnoxious sound, and he will immediately cease his actions upon hearing it. Dogs are family members, so to make it easier for both you and your puppy, it’s essential to train your pet. BarxBuddy is a dependable teaching technique for restraining some of the dog’s undesirable habits.

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Is BarxBuddy humane?

Safe, humane, effective, easy to use — all of the above. Yes.

Does ultrasonic sound hurt dogs?

We need to be straight with you: People hurt dogs; tools don’t hurt dogs. And when people misuse training tools, that can harm dogs. The BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device is safe, harmless and foolproof when used as instructed. The high frequency sound won’t hurt your dog, but it will get their attention so you can correct unwanted behaviors.

Can I use it on other dogs, dogs that are not mine?

We get this question a lot. A customer has an annoying neighbor dog that won’t stop barking, and they want a humane but effective way to stop it. Yes, you can use the BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device to distract any barking dog. However, without proper train-treat-repeat training, it may not be a good long-term solution. Check out our guide on what to do if your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.

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