BarXBuddy Reviews: Anti Barking Device Legit or Scam?

BarXBuddy Reviews: Anti Barking Device Legit or Scam?

Do not buy the BarxBuddy device before you see our updated review, Does Barx Buddy Stop Dog Barking device Really work? Is it Non-Violent to dogs and humans?

Read our full and detailed Barxbuddy review before you decide if this product will work for you as expected. always provide most honest

Barking dogs can be fun but annoying as well especially if they keep on doing it. It can also be embarrassing if you are going to have guests over for parties. Your neighbors can get disturbed if your dog keeps on barking.

What is Barxbuddy?

BarxBuddy is a small device that produces a sound on a frequency only dogs can hear. When you press the button, the dog will hear the sound and stop what they are doing and cease their barking.

The device emits a small light, from an LED, to let you know that it is functioning. The sound can be startling to dogs the first time they hear it, but it’s not dangerously uncomfortable to them so there’s no need to worry about their health. The noise is just bothersome enough to make your dog stop barking.

The same way that a dog’s barking is enough to get your attention and get you to pause for a moment, the sound the dog hears when you press the button for the BarxBuddy will also encourage them to stop and pay attention. The dog isn’t likely to continue barking after the high-pitched sound starts being emitted.


The device itself is handy and does not require a lot of space to store. The device has-

On/Off Button: A simple button to switch the device on or off.

Ultrasonic Sound Emitter: A dual speaker system on the front of the device that emits a sound of around 30,000Hz.

LED Flashlight: The device also comes with a flashlight as an additional feature to keep your dog under check. Simply shine it directly at them to make them stop acting up.

Adjustable Collar: An adjustable collar that can fit around any dog’s neck for easy carrying.

Battery: The collar it comes with has a small rechargeable battery, so you do not have to replace batteries over and over again.

Handy and portable: BarxBuddy can easily fit in one hand and in any pocket. It’s lightweight and doesn’t require much steps. Just press the “On” button to start.

Why do I need BarxBuddy?


Dogs can be very playful and naughty, and controlling them just by the usual words sometime won’t do the trick. But with Barx Buddy, it will surely help you discipline your dog without being too harsh. Dogs who are unfriendly and aggressive can help using the Barx Buddy without caging them or getting stressed because your dog doesn’t seem to follow you.

Another good thing about Barx Buddy is that it id not only perfect for your lovely dogs, but also for rodents. The high frequencies are very annoying for them, and rodents hate that noise. This means that you are not only disciplining your dog but as well as keep the rodents away from your home.

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What Are The Benefits

  • This device is chemical-free and uses high-quality material, which is beneficial for both dogs and human beings.
  • Your canine will never bark at another one of its kind, provided you use it constantly.
  • It allows you to shape your pet as a well behaved one.
  • Being a portable product, one can carry the same in the pocket always.
  • This device will transform your dog’s behaviour, beyond expectation.
  • It is portable and anybody can carry it in the pocket.
  • After bringing this device your dog will make you happy with good behavior.

How does BarxBuddy anti barking dog device works?

A train using the Barxbuddy device

BarxBuddy emits ultrasonic noises that are inaudible to most human ears – but audible to dog owners. Some humans may hear a distant, high-pitched noise when activating BarxBuddy.

Most humans, however, hear nothing.

Your dog will hear BarxBuddy immediately. Dogs have a different hearing range than humans. They hear a loud, high-pitched noise, then immediately adjust behavior.

BarxBuddy also comes with a flashing LED light. You can activate the flashing LED light to aid dog behavior training.

  • When your dog starts barking, remain calm and get near them. Do not yell, it only gets the dog more wound up.
  • Position yourself so your dog can see you.
  • Point BarxBuddy at your dog and press the button to emit the Ultrasonic sound.
  • You may take a step toward your dog, which may force them to take a step back or sit down, enhancing your instruction and training.
  • If you have a more stubborn dog, the LED light can be used to add visual stimulation to the audio output.
  • As BarxBuddy helps your dog calm down, release the sound and/or light buttons and allow your dog a moment to remain calm.
  • Always reinforce the good behavior, whether with pets, praise, attention, or treats. Making sure your dog knows you are happy with their behavior will help them understand what you are expecting from them.
  • Keep BarxBuddy handy so it is ready for any training opportunity or to avoid a stressful and embarassing situation.

Note: These training steps can be modified as necessary to achieve your training needs. Results are not immediate. Training should be repeated as much as possible to teach your dog what is desired and undesired behavior.

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Is it really worth all the hype?

This device has been selling out regularly since its debut. It really is that popular. The amazing reviews and sharing by word of mouth or social media are selling it out, since it hasn’t even been advertised yet.

What are the lights for on the BarxBuddy ultrasonic trainer?

Lights from the training device

Great question. The light switch has three positions. Slide it forward to use the device solely as a flashlight (handy feature, right?). 

Slide it to the “I” position to use the flashlight with the ultrasonic trainer. When you press the ON button, your dog will hear the high-frequency sound and see the light. This is an ideal setting for training your dog.   

Slide it to the “II” position to use the infrared light. When you press the ON button you will see a red light, which is ideal for distracting aggressive barking dogs and dogs that don’t belong to you. Use it when you’re at home in your yard and bothered by a neighbor’s barking dog, or take it on walks to distract dogs that bark at you as you enjoy a stroll. 

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What kind of technical specifications does this device have? Well, it’s very small- so small it can fit in your pocket. And it is lightweight too, and you will hardly even know that it is there. The tiny device can fit in your pocket, handbag, purse or anywhere else. The dimensions are 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm and it weighs just 18.1 grams.

Barx Buddy comes in either black or yellow and it offers three different settings- training, stop barking , and LED light.This device has a range of up to 10 meters, and it requires a single 9-volt battery, which is not included in the purchase.

How To Use BarxBuddy?

  1. Calmly approach a barking or misbehaving dog and point BarxBuddy towards them. Make sure that it’s visible so the dog can associate the sound to the device.
  2. Press the “On” button to catch their attention and make them stop. Keep your finger on the button until they stop. You may also use the LED flashlight.
  3. Once the dog has stopped, allow them a moment to calm down.
  4. Reinforce the good behavior by giving them a small treat, verbal praise, or pet them to let them know.
  5. Results are not immediate. You may repeat or modify the steps as necessary to teach the dog what behavior is and is not acceptable.

Technical Facts

  • 30,000 Hertz and above
  • Imperceptible to humans
  • Dogs direct their attention to the sound
  • Undesired behaviour can be corrected
  • Suitable for: barking dogs, every dog breed, some cats
  • Additional flashing LED light

How to Train Your Dog with the BarxBuddy?

It is easy if you do!

Go to near your dog and use the BarxBuddy Training Tool Device. The trainee starts to “listen” the sounds (ultrasonic). On a daily basis, you have to train your dog. Anti Barking Dog Device is a good tool!

“You can feel that the trainee is becoming familiar with the sound”.

After some days, you can feel and see that your dog “hears” the sounds carefully and admits what you want to say. In other words, now, you can stop him or her from barking if you press the ON button of the Barx Buddy Device. Please, be a good trainer so that you couldn’t complain about the device.

Does It Work On All Breeds?


Yes, Barxbuddy is known to work on all breeds of dog and is completely safe for them. However the time taken to get trained varies from one breed to another. Some common breeds of dogs on which it works are:

  • Big dogs like German Shepherds, Huskies
  • Small dogs like Pomerian
  • Active dogs like Boxers
  • Aggressive dogs like Pitbull and Rottweiler
  • Milder dogs like poodles.

Apart from dogs, it also works on cats and rodents.

Pros and Cons of BarxBuddy

To maintain the neutrality of this barxbuddy review, we have to tell you what the pros and cons of Barxbuddy ultrasonic anti-barking device are.

  • Portable: Barxbuddy is a small, pocket-size device that one can conveniently carry around anytime, any-day. It is not bulky or heavy at all. You can use it at home and in the streets to coordinate your dog.
  • No setup required: Unlike most other devices you order, you do not have to set up or install anything in order to start using Barxbuddy. You can launch Barxbuddy the moment your package arrives without any hassle.
  • Highly effective: Many users have attested that they have tried talking their dogs into behaving well but all their dogs did was embarrass them. Some even went ahead to take their dogs to obedience school, but in the end, they couldn’t see much changes. Barxbuddy is one device that has been trusted to change your dog story for good.
  • Harmless: While other kinds of dog control devices will hurt your dog or make them feel unpleasant, this is simply a noisemaker, and best of all, you cannot hear the noise. It will only be audible to the dog, thanks to the amazing use of technology here.
  • Durable: Barxbuddy was made and designed with strong and reliable materials that keeps it working as good as new for years. You don’t need to worry about your device getting damaged when it falls because it is made to last, no matter what.
  • LED lights: Comes with a torch light to guide you as you walk your dog. The LED lights, when pointed to your dog’s face makes it stop barking and divert its attention to you, giving you the authority to be in control of your dog.
  • Low-cost: Barxbuddy, with all its quality features and design, is very much affordable to own. When you buy Barxbuddy directly from the website, you get it on a discount, and you are assured of a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase.
  • It can only be bought online and is of limited stock.

Who should buy this ultrasonic dog trainer?

Anyone who has any concerns with the behavior of their canine pets. If you have a dog that you can not get to stop barking, you know that there is often a time when you are dragged to wit’s end. The constant barking at a leaf falling three blocks over, especially with so many of us now working from home.

If you have a chewer or an inappropriate digger, there are few ways to train your dog humanely, and short of having a trainer come into your home for a lot of hours and a lot of money.

To change the behavior, you have to stop and redirect at the moment. There is simply no training class for so many dog training issues that can help you with that.

If you do not have a dog, that does not mean the BarxBuddy can’t be useful to you. If you have any aggressive animals within your neighborhood, you may want to look into a BarxBuddy. Some BarxBuddy reviews state the device has helped them to stave off animals that are not being adequately confined.

Perhaps you are a jogger or have a driveway that involves walking any distance and are scared of the raccoons that love your garbage can or have stray dogs that chase after you, be sure to have a BarxBuddy with you. Their tone can deter any ferocious or aggressive animal that may be lurking in your neighbourhood.

BarxBuddy Instructions

  1. As soon as the dog starts barking, calmly get near them. Never yell at the dog for barking, it will increase their energy level and make the problem worse.
  2. Point Barxbuddy at the dog, then press and hold the ON Button.
  3. Take a step toward the dog, essentially using your body to push the dog back from anything they were barking at.
  4. For extra stubborn dogs, you can activate the duo LED light feature in addition to the ultrasonic sound.
  5. Once the dog has backed away, let go of the sound and light buttons. Allow the dog to calm down for a moment.
  6. Remember to reinforce the dog’s good behavior as soon as they do what you want. Give the dog a small treat, verbal praise or pet them to let them know you’re happy with their good behavior.
  7. Keep your BarxBuddy close by so that when training opportunities arise, you’ll be ready.
  8. You can modify these steps as needed, to work for your training situation. Train, Treat and Repeat

Is it really safe?

BarxBuddy may be releasing ultrasonic sound, but it is definitely safe for your dogs. You won’t be hearing it so you don’t have to worry about the sound that the tool that emits. Now, to ensure that you and your dogs are safe, make sure to introduce the tool with him before using it as he may get agitated when you start using it to him.

Common Reasons Dogs Bark

Let’s take a look at the different types of barks and when it’s best to use an anti-barking device, like the BarxBuddy.

ALARM BARKING: If your dog barks at everything he sees and hears, it’s most likely he’s alarm barking. You never know what’s going to set off an alarm barker. This one’s a toughie to figure out, so don’t be discouraged.

TERRITORIAL BARKING: Your dog may start barking like crazy if he senses other dogs, animals, or people approaching or in their space (like your home or yard). Territorial barking is common and usually stops when the offending outsider leaves the area.

GREETING BARKS: When your dog gets excited any time you arrive home or guests come to visit, he may add in some greeting barks and maybe a few whines to get the attention of whoever has come through the door. Greeting barking often includes a lot of tail-wagging and jumping.

SEPARATION ANXIETY: If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, chances are he barks at great length when you are away from home. This type of barking usually comes with other behaviors like chewing on things, having indoor accidents and pacing.

ATTENTION, PLEASE: Some dogs enjoy attention-seeking barking because it ends with their owner fawning over them with a handful of treats.

HEALTH ISSUES: Your dog may bark due to an illness or injury. Before you address your dog’s barking, ensure it’s not because of a health problem.

3 reminders about dog barking

Once you have ruled out a threat or health issue as the reason behind your dog’s excessive barking, there are a few tips to keep in mind when working with your dog.

  1. Be sure he gets plenty of daily exercise. A tired dog is (usually) a good dog
  2. Don’t accidentally reinforce your dog’s barking by looking at him, petting him, or otherwise doing something he’ll think is a “good dog” reward.
  3. Resist the urge to yell. When you yell, your dog will think you’re joining in his cacophony of barking.

Barxbuddy Reviews Consumer Reports

How much does it cost?

To bring in more consumers, the creators behind BarxBuddy are offering a promotion that would give them as much as 50% off of their order. That means a single BarxBuddy that would ordinarily be priced at least $80 drops down to $44.95.

Other packages include:

At the time of writing, the official website for BarxBuddy stated that there were less than 10 devices left in stock. Consumers that would like to purchase one of the Ultrasonic BarxBuddy training tools will need to act fast to get it.

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Barxbuddy Review Amazon

“3 dogs in the house so when one starts up they all start up. We used the command “QUIET” in a firm voice followed by a short press on the button. Within a few days, all that was required was the command. The dogs still bark when someone comes to the door, and other random times, but the command QUIET ends the borking frenzy.” – Cohen Fincher

It works

“Love this product, literally have been going crazy since working at home and trying to keep my rescue quiet as I am getting used to the new norm of working from home. Best thing I have tried yet!” – Vince E. Ashley

Saving my job

BarxBuddy Supplier

BarxBuddy: PO Box 52171Phoenix, Arizona, 85072-2171 


Email: *


Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Is it safe to use on puppies?

We do not recommend using the BarxBuddy ultrasonic training device on dogs younger than 6 months for two reasons. First, the high-frequency sound might scare the puppy. Second, puppies have very short attention spans, so they may not be effective. Around 6 months of age, dogs start to become trainable.

Does it work indoors and outdoors?

The BarxBuddy ultrasonic trainer is a perfect tool to stop dog barking indoors and to control barking outdoors. We recommend that you keep one outside for training while playing in the yard, and keep another indoors so it’s always within reach.

Will BarxBuddy Hurt to Cats?

Generally, ultrasonic sounds cannot harm people and animals. These sounds are used to find “something”. In simple words, ultrasonic sound is used by scientists and/or physicians for some purposes.
When we talk about the ultrasonic sound in the device, BarxBuddy then we come to know that the sound is safe. These sounds will NOT hurt cats. Maybe many dogs’ owners also have cats in their homes. So, they can use this device as it is safe for their cats. But remember that a cat cannot be trained with this training tool device.

What is BarxBuddy’s maximum range?

BarxBuddy is most effective at a range of 30 feet or closer.

Final Verdict

BarxBuddy offers a training solution for dog owners that are looking to curb unwanted behavior and improve their relationship with their dog.

The device is safe, convenient, and proven to work for most dog owners. Of course, there will be dogs that do not respond to this type of training, which relies on high-frequency sounds. Some dogs will only bark more, and some owners won’t use the device correctly.

However, the benefits of far outweigh the cons, making it worth your while to try. Say goodbye to incessant barking and wild, crazy behavior. Just read up on BarxBuddy reviews and you will see how effective the product is. Besides, you have nothing to lose since the product comes with a 30 Day Money-Back-Guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with the product, just send it back and you will instantly get your money, easy peasy!

Get ready to bond with your pup in a whole new way through innovative, smart training (or retraining) techniques.

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