Does Photo Stick Work on iPhone?

Does Photo Stick Work on iPhone?

Are you looking forward to using a Photo Stick for your iPhone? Are you confused about whether a Photo Stick work on iPhone or not? Here in this article, we will answer all these questions. So read this article to the end.

We all know that Apple is very concerned about its user’s safety and security. Due to security reasons, Apple products are bound to use only some features, and many of the features that others use cannot be used by Apple users. This makes us think about whether Apple allows the use of a Photo Stick in their products or not. Here, we will tell you this.

First, let us understand what a Photo Stick actually is.

What is a PhotoStick?

An image of Photostick device.

A Photo Stick is a device that looks exactly like a USB pen drive that can be inserted into your laptop/desktop easily. This device consists of the software inside, which is designed to retrieve all the hidden, lost, or deleted images from your system within a period of a few minutes only. The interface is pretty simple; you have to insert the USB inside your system and click ‘Yes,’ and it will start searching for your lost images.

One more important purpose for a Photo Stick is that if you plug it in your system, you can back up all your images and videos in a compressed format in the Photo Stick itself. So, this works as a safe storage device as well. You can store the images and videos inside it for a long time without worrying about them getting lost.

Let us have a look at the features of a Photo Stick.

Key Features of PhotoStick

  • Keeps All Your Files Safe: Almost 40 % of people lose their data from their desktop or laptop, and the percentage is higher for smartphones for one or the other reason. It is important to keep your images or videos safe as they are your memories you’ll search for someday.
  • Huge Storage Capacity: It stores all your data in a compressed form. This means you can store more data in a small space. A decently sized Photo Stick is enough to carry around 60,000 videos to give you a rough idea. Even if this is not enough for you, you can use Photo Sticks with higher storage capacities.
  • Removes the Duplicates: Duplicate images and videos take up a lot of space unknowingly, and we generally ignore them. There may be times when you have stored the same images in multiple folders, and this device will help you remove them and only keep a single copy of them in your system.
  • Straightforward Interface: All you need to do is plug the Photo Stick into your system and click on ‘go’ or ‘yes.’ Your system will automatically identify it for you. This software will make it work for you and not waste your time or complicate you.

However, the above talk is about desktops and laptops that support USB. For mobile phones, you will have to use Photo Stick Mobile. Let us see what it is.

What is PhotoStick Mobile?

An image of Photostick Mobile

A PhotoStick Mobile is similar to a PhotoStick; just one difference is that you can plug in a Photo Stick Mobile in a mobile and a laptop or desktop. So, a Photostick Mobile has 2 ports, one the USB can go into your computer and the other that can go into your smartphone.

Now, let us move to our main question, whether PhotoStick works for an iPhone or not.

Does Photo Stick work with iPhone?

Does Photo Stick work with iPhone

Technically, a Photo Stick cannot help you with iPhones and any other phones, including Android phones. However, a PhotoStick Mobile is also a part of PhotoStick, and that PhotoStick Mobile can work with an iPhone or any other Apple product. 

How does Photo Stick Work On iPhone?

The Photo Stick for iPhone works in the same way as other devices. It is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is purchase a Photo Stick Mobile for iPhone.

Plug this stick in your iPhone, give up the permissions, and press click on ‘yes’ when asked.

All it will need a few minutes to retrieve and store all the images from your phone.


We can conclude that yes, a Photo Stick Mobile can work with an iPhone; a Photo stick Mobile, and a Photo stick are almost the same. We highly recommend using Photo Stick Mobile to keep your files safe and secure in the long run. Your iPhone may get lost or die out due to multiple reasons, but a Photo stick Mobile can be kept safe in the long run.

For most people, the data inside the smartphone is more precious than the smartphone itself in today’s time. Use Photo Stick Mobile, and keep your data safe. We sincerely hope this article helped. Please let us know anything exciting about Photo Sticks that we may have missed in the comment section.

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