ODii Review: Grab Anything From Hard To Reach Places

ODii Review: Grab Anything From Hard To Reach Places

For individuals of all ages, dropping objects and being unable to pick them up is infuriating. Odii is the perfect grab it tool with magnet.

Objects sometimes fall under seats or get trapped behind tables, and with the correct method, you can save them from being permanently lost. With paws, a charger, and a lantern, ODii, the grab-it device, will assist you in reaching them all.

What Factors Should You Weigh Before Purchasing it?

  1. Storage: How you store the latest tool will significantly impact whether or not you purchase it. Too-long or non-folding equipment will eat up valuable space in your cabinet or workshop. You can aim for one that collapses into a tiny package. Think how you can store the latest snatch it tool until you purchase it.
  2. Accessories: Most grab-it gadget gadgets are equipped with claws for picking up dropped clothes or other misplaced objects. If you want a complete grab-it tool, you can check to see if it has something else to assist you in picking up difficult-to-pick-up things such as shift. Using light for dark areas or locations to attach one may also be beneficial. Additionally, a magnet or a variety of different-sized claws can assist you.
  3. Length: Certain kinds of grab-it instruments are much too brief to be helpful. You need one that will be whatever duration you need. A well-designed extendable system can save you time and effort as items slip behind the sofa or into the vehicle. Additionally, a long pole allows it to access items on the top shelf of your kitchen or workshop.
  4. Material: Certain kinds of catch-it resources are made of inexpensive plastic that can snap or crack during the initial usage. The tool you need is made of more durable plastics or metals that can be used repeatedly without cracking or exhibiting signs of wear. The correct tool content would have years of service due to its superior construction.
  5. Ease of use: Until you purchase some grabbing method, you should understand its ease of usage. Certain types of grab-it instruments are cumbersome or difficult to use in various ways. The most effective method for you suits your hand well and does not give you physical discomfort. The method should be able to fold in and out without losing your time or creating complications.

Pros and Cons

  • The grabbing mechanism is capable of effortlessly lifting ten pounds.
  • It has a catch-it method that can be quickly shrunk for convenient storage.
  • ODii’ grabbing method includes a variety of materials, including an LED lamp and a goose-neck.
  • The instrument is not capable of lifting more than ten pounds.
  • For those kinds of items, you’ll need the tool’s expanded edition.
  • When in usage, the flexible claws can unscrew.

What exactly is ODii?

ODii is a simple-to-use app. This one-of-a-kind method makes it simple to reach things that are out of reach, such as those on a shelf or that you’ve lost. ODii’s nature enables it to function as a three-in-one weapon, with a nineteen-inch gripping claw capable of picking up to ten pounds. The grabbing method includes various accessories to assist you in grabbing everything you need, including a magnet on a goose-neck for picking up fallen metal and an ultra-bright spotlight for seeing what you dropped.

The Grabbing Tool is designed for someone who has difficulty reaching items that are either too far or have slipped. The tool’s numerous features allow older adults and people with health issues to sustain healthy behaviours without changing their routines.

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ODii is the weapon that anyone will take and go. It has various functions that simplify the task of retrieving toys for both the distracted parent and the elderly adult. It is pre-assembled and a weapon that can be used in any household to grab and grab.

Simple to Store: The method is the grab-and-go technique. Its architecture enables it to be compacted for safe storage in your home. It takes up no space and can be stored in tiny spaces such as kitchen drawers or the glove compartment of your vehicle.

Magnet: The instrument includes a twenty-three-inch-wide detachable magnet. The magnet is strong enough to attract dropped metal items such as coins, keys, and other metal artefacts. Magnet automatically absorbs the fallen object and holds it in place before it is removed.

The magnet is ideal for looking under car seat or couch seat cushions for lost change. Additionally, it eliminates the need to stoop to recover lost shift.

Goose-Neck Extension: The tool’s build features a bendable and lightweight neck. It can be extended or retracted to fit around corners or under narrow spaces. The power grip enables you to reach behind, over, and under close and delicate items. These places include the vicinity of your vehicle and your apartment.

LED Flashlight: It illuminates spaces where light cannot reach, such as behind your washer and dryer. You’ll once ever misplace a sock behind the washer or have difficulty picking up your car keys.

The power grip tool includes an ultra-bright flashlight to assist you in seeing into dark areas when picking up your fallen object. It’s ideal to go behind the refrigerator, microwave, or bed frame and see what’s behind them.

Extendable Claws: Claws protrude from the tool’s safety vent. The claws are large enough to grasp the majority of small everyday objects, and the style aids in gripping each securely. Not only can you pick up the fallen object with the claws, but you can also monitor how tightly it grips it, with a maximum weight of ten pounds peruses.

What issue does ODii solve?


With ODii, you can quickly access certain things that are difficult to reach without leaning over or standing on a stool/chair! Additionally, you can rapidly and comfortably snag tiny objects in areas where your hands do not match.

  • Car: Items fall between the car seat and the console or under the seat, such as coins, credit cards, phones, and food.
  • Home: Items stored under the refrigerator or microwave, behind the washer and dryer or bookcase, or on high shelves or cabinets, etc. 
  • Effort: Items that accumulate behind the seat ODii are also excellent for cleaning up anything you don’t want to touch, such as garbage outside, insects inside, bacteria attractants (used tissues, paper towels, etc., old food), and so on.
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Main Benefits Of Grabbing Tool

  • Grab & Hold Items Up To 10 Pounds!  – ODii is the only claw in the world that lets YOU control the grip strength (instead of a flimsy spring) – allowing you to easily pick up almost any out of reach item (heavy or light).
  • Fits Into Really Tight Spaces  – The patented “flexible claw” is 19 inches long and easily bends around any corner. Anywhere your hands cannot go, ODii easily makes its way.
  • Powerful (And Detachable) 23-inch Magnet  – ODii’s unique flexible goose-neck magnet attachment (included) will immediately attract and stick loose metal items to it (holds up to 2 pounds!). Whether it’s your keys, phone, loose change and more – you can now easily grab them in seconds.
  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight  – Easily see into any dark or small space (e.g. under the stove, refrigerator and more!) for incredibly precise “reach and grab” accuracy.
  • Shrinks Down For Easy Storage  – Fits perfectly in kitchen drawers, glove compartments, and tool boxes.
  • Perfect For Every Car  – Constantly drop items between your car seat & console? With ODii, you can easily and quickly retrieve credit cards, kids toys, food, coins and more! Easily stores in glove compartment.
  • Perfect For Every Home  – Need something from a high-up cabinet? An item from under the couch, bed or behind a heavy appliance? With ODii, you’ll have it in your hands in seconds.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee  – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your ODii, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Why is ODii unique in comparison to other solutions?

Using the Magnetic PickUp Tool

ODii is unique in comparison to every other grab-it method on the market.

The lightweight, bendable claw and extra-strong grip are the primary differentiators, as are the versatile and detachable magnet and the ultra-bright LED display.

  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight – Easily see through every dim or limited room (e.g., under the stove or refrigerator) for highly accurate “swing and catch” precision.
  • Strong (And Detachable) Magnet – ODii’s patented magnet connection (included) instantly attracts and adheres to lose metal objects. If it’s your keys, watch, or loose change, you can now quickly retrieve them in a matter of seconds.
  • Fits Into Very Narrow Spaces – The 19-inch-long proprietary “flexible paw” conveniently bends around every corner. Wherever your hands are unable to reach, ODii quickly finds its way.
  • Odii Is Capable Of Grabbing & Holding Items Weighing Up To 10 Pounds – ODii is the only claw on the market that allows you to manage the gripping power (rather than relying on a flimsy spring) – enabling you to effortlessly pick up virtually any object that is out of reach (heavy or light).
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Top Use Cases

Odii being used in kitchen

ODii‘s unmatched flexibility is one reason it has performed so well in the sector. The following are some of the most popular forms in which consumers use ODii regularly:

Grab and snag everything that comes between your car seat and center console with ease (or under your seat), Credit cards, dollars, a laptop, snacks (for example, pretzels or candy), pens, lighters, and so forth.

Easily grasp a tiny object that is tucked away in an area where your hand would not reach, and your vision is impaired (using flashlight and magnet or claw).

You can use it under a large refrigerator (fridge or laundry machine), in the drain, behind a dresser or desk, in a car’s motor, etc. Magnets often perform suitable for locating some metal in a carpet that is difficult to see.

Grasp things that you would not usually touchTrash, used tissues or paper towels, flies, expired food, or wrapped garbage disposal – attempting to catch anything in your hand may be risky. Additionally, there is even more!

How can Odii help you?

Using Odii

Here are few ideas to keep the creative juices flowing:


It’s an excellent weapon to have on hand with many scenarios. One of the most appealing aspects of ODii is its simplicity, including the fact that it contains so much value.

If it’s repairing objects around the home, retrieving items that have fallen into difficult-to-reach areas, or finding a way to get rid of items you don’t want to touch, Odii will handle it all!

The most important addition to every man’s toolbox:

Men adore their instruments and are always on the lookout for anything that can assist them in quickly resolving any issue that might arise. Suppose they’re cleaning/unclogging a pipe, working on their vehicle, extracting a spider/cockroach from their house, or retrieving a gift for their kid that dropped in a difficult-to-reach location.

In that case, ODii enables them to be the hero in seconds. Additionally, Odii compresses and stores exceptionally well in every toolbox or kitchen cabinet. Additionally, it looks awe-inspiring – as though it came straight out of a spy film. What man wouldn’t want anything like this in his arsenal?

What problem does it solve?

With ODii, you can easily grab those hard to reach items without bending over or standing on a stool/chair! You can also quickly and easily snag small items in tight spaces where your hands don’t fit.

  • Car – Items that fall between the car seat and console or under the seat: coins, credit card, phone, food, etc…
  • Home – items that fall under the fridge or stove, behind the washer & dryer or book case, items that are on high up shelves or cabinets, etc…
  • Work – Items that fall behind you desk

ODii is also great for picking things up you don’t want to touch, for example: trash outside, insects in the house, germs-attractors (used tissues, paper towels, old food), etc…

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Odii Reviews – What Real Users Have To Say?

How much does it cost?

ODii is available for $18 to $30 per unit, depending on how many you buy:

  • 1 ODii: $29.99 + $5.99 Shipping
  • 3 ODiis: $59.98 + Free Shipping
  • 5 ODiis: $89.97 + Free Shipping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your ODii, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

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Where To Buy Odii

The ODii Grabber Gadget is available for purchase on their official website here. Ensure that you use the specific link to obtain the initial, secure form. There are several counterfeit products available that are poorly constructed that may do more harm than anything else.

The retailer is now offering a discount on this fantastic gadget. Purchase one for yourself immediately. Our staff at IXWallet makes every effort to supply you with the most relevant details to assist you in making the best purchase possible.


How strong is ODii’s detachable magnet?

Very strong! The magnet can attract and hold any metal object up to 2 pounds! It’s also useful for grabbing lighter items like your keys, phone, coins, and more.

What are some of the most common ways people use ODii?

People love having ODii around because of how helpful it can be throughout their day.
Most customers say they keep one in the car to easily grab anything that falls between the seat and console like credit cards, coins, food, toys, and more.
Another great place to have ODii is in the house. It’s the perfect tool to grab items that are high up cabinets (without having to stand up on a chair), or under and behind heavy furniture and appliances (fridge, dressers, couch, bed, etc…). It also make picking anything up off the ground a breeze – without having to touch it or bend over.

Is this the original ODii I saw on Dragon’s Den?

Yes, we were lucky enough to be featured on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank).
Note: Please be careful not to buy counterfeit products that are made with cheap materials and will fall apart days after you purchase it.
By ordering on this site, you are purchasing the original patented product directly from us!

Is ODii patented?

Yes! We own both a design and utility patent. So if you see any similar products around, they are counterfeits and are likely made with low quality materials.
Don’t take a chance – order the product directly from us on this website to get the patented high-quality ODii (at the best price possible).

Final Verdict on Odii

The proper tool for every home accomplishes the task at hand. When you’re having difficulty reaching out for fallen items or seeing behind a dim sofa, you need a multi-purpose gadget. The ODii is a versatile and valuable tool used in the house, vehicle, workplace, or workshop. It is a universal instrument that assists you in completing tasks.

Before you get too irritated with the missing change in the car or the thing on the top shelf that is just out of look, reach for ODii. For more details, please press the following page.

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