Memorysafex Review – Does it work?

MemorySafeX Review: Most of us have lost all our stored and saved videos and photos at some point or the other in our lives. It is tragic to lose everything because these are precious memories. Imagine losing family photographs of your children’s birthdays, anniversaries, graduation pictures and others.

It would be so good if you had something where you could save everything and be sure that they would not be lost. Something that did not require any technical skills and work well not just on a desktop but also with your phone! Do such gadgets really exist?

Losing all your photo & video memories that you’ve stacked up for all those years is heartbreaking. Imagine losing all your anniversary or sons graduation photos and videos. With MemorySafeX you can save and protect everything in seconds – no tech skills required! Works both on desktop & mobile devices.

What is Memorysafex?

According to the manufacturer, MemorySafeX is the newest and the fastest backup device for photos and videos, and designed to significantly improve the way we backup files to begin with. It looks like a small flash drive you can carry with your keys.

What is Memorysafex?

Once you plug it in, it searches through all your device folders and finds documents, images and videos. It will quickly back them up to its internal storage, so you can free your device of endless photos in minutes.

The MemorySafeX App will allow you to see the backup process, change your settings, and show all the files you’ve already backed up.

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Compared to other backup devices, this review will focus on what is so unique about MemorySafeX:

  1. Automatically scans, skips duplicates and will save on storage space.
  2. Saves you money buying storage on the cloud (iCloud, Google Cloud etc.).
  3. Super Fast backup – incredibly large number of photos, videos or any type of file you define.
  4. Easy to connect MemorySafeX to your computer and browse your files anytime.
  5. Backup your files on-the-go.
  6. Find lost or hidden photos and videos in your phone sub folders.
  7. A true one-time investment solution for backing up.
  8. Works with any type of Android, iOS or Windows device.

What are the Benefits of Using MemorySafeX?

There are several benefits to using MemorySafeX. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Automatic and fast 
  • Internet connection is not required
  • Supports different image formats
  • Automatically skips duplicate files: Sometimes, it happens that a file is duplicated while backing up. MemorySafeX scans for this type of duplication and skips it while saving.
  • No extra hardware required: When you are using MemorySafeX, there is no need for any other additional hardware to use it. Simply, you just need a mobile phone or desktop and your Memory SafeX.
  • Everything in a single click: There is no need to install any other software. Even you don’t need to select the files or photos to be backed up. Instead, MemorySafeX does this for you.
  • Any kind of platform: You can use it on your phone as well as your desktop.
What are the Benefits of Using MemorySafeX?

Technical Facts

  • USB Type-C connector connects the device to your phone
  • Large memory: 64 GB disk space
  • Plug and play
  • Direct data transmission
  • MemorySafeX app helps to adjust the settings and to find the backed files

How Does MemorySafeX Work?

How Does MemorySafeX Work?

MemorySafeX is a portable device that looks like a pen drive and has a USB port on one side and a C-Type port on the other. According to the manufacturers, this is a very sophisticated backup device that has unique software. After connecting to a smartphone, the software is automatically downloaded and installed on the phone. On clicking the Backup Now” button, this backup device starts scanning the smartphone for photo and video files. It can locate the photos and videos from the smartphone, transfer them, arrange them, delete the duplicate files and store them. It can then be connected to any computer, another Android or iOS smartphone for browsing. When MemorySafeX is connected the next time, for another phase of backup, it locates the duplicates and does not transfer them.

It works so easy and effortlessly, it’s honestly like magic! All you have to do is follow the three simple steps below:

1. Plug MemorySafeX into your computer, smartphone or tablet (works for both Mac and Windows).
2. Open and install the program/app.
3. Click “GO” and you’re DONE!!!

ONE click or tap and that’s it! You have an instant backup of your device in this little thumb drive

User Interface Explained

The main menu on the interface contains following options; File, View, Options and Help. you will be able to check for software updates, customize settings, and logs.

  • Status area – You will find status messages during, after and before back up is initiated. You will be able to know the status of the backup process.
  • Settings – Clicking on the settings button will bring you the options window and available settings options
  • My Photos/Videos – This button will allow you to view all the videos and photos that are already backed up on the device.
  • Capacity chart – Identify the amount of space used and the remaining space available for storage.
  • View Logs – This button shows the backup logs of the current and previous backups. 
  • Back up statistics -This area provides the user with information regarding the current back up process.
  • Exit -Click on the exit button if you want to close the program.
  • Go – Clicking on the Go button initiates the backup process of your videos and photos.

Why Do I Need MemorySafe X?

The fact that the device is not complex makes it suitable for use by even the less technologically advanced individuals. Unlike other USB drives, Memory Safe X does not mix files from different sources. It automatically groups them according to their parent storage devices. You do not have to search through you your laptop for a file you saved a long time ago. Use Memory Safe X and access the data as quickly as possible.

Why Do I Need MemorySafe X?

If you are a photographer, Memory Safe X is the best device for your backup storage. The camera disk can sometimes disappoint you when malware corrupts its functioning, and therefore, you might lose your photos. However, when you have Memory Safe X as a backup, you will not have to worry about the pictures since the USB storage device will save you the frustration.

The device is also quite resourceful for college students that always keep their projects on their laptops. Sometimes the computer might begin to malfunction during a presentation due to viruses. With Memory Safe X nearby, your project files will still be safe for presentation even after the laptop breaks down. Some backup devices have insufficient storage space; therefore, you need Memory Safe X. The device can store large files that take a lot of space from your mobile phone or computer.

What Are The Causes of Data Loss?

What are the main causes of data loss human error. Humans make errors and one of those is deleting files accidentally. And another cause of data loss is dropping the hard disc which care make it worthless.

Given below are the reasons why you can lose data: –

Power Issues – When there is interference in the power line, there is a power surge. This causes interruption in the flow of electricity, causing the computer to shut down. The computer restarts automatically and this can lead to failure of hard drive. The read and write heads stop functioning properly and you lose data.

Hardware failure – One of the most common reasons for data loss is failure of hardware. Your hard disc has a number of components which may get damaged physically. This causes data loss.

Water Damage – If you spill water or any other liquid on your computer or phone, there is an electric surge that damages the device. There are not many devices in the market that provide protection against liquids and therefore, liquid spillage means the end for your device.

Excessive Heat – Most people learn the hard way that excessive heat also causes failure of hard drive. Increase in heat causes the hard disc components to expand. The components then cool down with the decrease in temperature and distort it. This leads to data loss.

Firmware Corruption – This is another reason for data loss, even though it is not a very common one.

Should I Buy MemorySafeX BackUp Flash Drive?

Should I Buy MemorySafeX BackUp Flash Drive?

This is must buy the product for you if you have the following problems:

  • Confusion because of mixed and disorganized photos and videos, even in the same device.
  • Anxiousness for losing photos and videos in different devices
  • Lack of backup because of having all photos in your smartphone
  • Loss of Photo and video files because of having different backup devices with different outputs
  • Several backup devices because of storage limitation

So, Don’t Wait for anymore if you have any of the above-mentioned problems. Just order your MemorysafeX and get rid of all these problems in seconds.

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Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use – All backup process is automatic
  • Takes care of yours and your family’s memories and keeps them safe
  • 64GB of Storage enough to store thousands of photos and videos
  • Compatible with most Devices: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
  • Automatically detects and removes duplicates


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.

Review of Experienced Users

You may have to know the amazing features of the MemorySafeX. Yes, I like the device. But I want you to share a broad view and different perspectives. So I looked for more opinions about that USB Drive. Let’s see what other people are saying about it:

  1. “I was prepared to buy the photostick. I was lucky to decide to buy it and found an improved version of it. It is very handy to use and works faster than others. I imagine that anyone who purchases a MemorySafeX does not regret it.”
  2. “Despite being a wonderful device, the iPhone has no expandable memory. This is a problem. I have an iPhone with 32GB storage and this is a problem. When my husband showed me a USB stick option that can help me with the backup, I didn’t think twice. After using it for about 3 months, I can assure that it is perfect and the best one. I don’t lose and I don’t mess with my photos and videos.”
  3. “I was a little doubtful about this device and I don’t like expensive devices and that limits me with the amount of memory I have. The phone I use has only 32GB of memory. I had the option of purchasing a memory card, but considering the benefits of MemorySafeX, I decided to try it out. The decent thing is that with more and more memory. With a local phone, the backup option keeps me organized.”

The MemorySafeX PhotoStick Review – Final Verdict

The MemorySafeX Photo Stick is a handy tool that anyone can use. As long as you have a USB port on your device, you can plug it right in and begin backing up all your files. If you want affordability, convenience,  and security in one tiny gadget, then MemorySafeX PhotoStick is for you. It frees up much-needed space in the computer and cloud storage. Plus, backing up photos was never so easy. You will not have to sort through everything before transferring them to another location. The photo backup stick does it all.

Read our guide on the memorysafex vs photostick and find out the complete difference.

Where can I purchase the MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the device get activated?

The device is easy to activate. As per the manufacturer, it gets activated as soon as it’s plugged into an operating system, such as laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Once it’s switched on and appears on the “connected devices” list of the system, customers can store files, images and videos into the device.

Can I use memorysafex with an iPad?

Yes, you can practically use it with any device android, iOS, desktop or laptop.

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