LifeVac Review – Choking First Aid Kit – Is It Worth?

LifeVac is a life-saving device that eliminates the source of choking. LifeVac has saved 103 lives to date. The device is a non-invasive, single-use airway clearing device intended to assist choking individuals in reviving.

What is the LifeVac procedure? Is it necessary to have a large number of LifeVacs in your home? There is much more to learn about LifeVac today than you do, so be sure to read our complete review.

What Is LifeVac Exactly?

LifeVac Kit

LifeVac is a self-contained, self-cleaning dry cleaning system. LifeVac, which is accessible online at, is a life-saving anti-choking device. As of February 2021, LifeVac has saved 103 lives globally. The firm just celebrated saving its 100th life after the Heimlich Maneuver’s failure, and that life was that of a little child.

Nowadays, the LifeVac firm promotes the device as a life-saving device that every home should own. Some people keep many LifeVacs around the home. You may have one or the other when it comes to having LifeVacs in your car and kitchen.

The general attraction of LifeVac stems from its popularity among families, although it is equally successful in removing blockages in people of all ages. It is safe to use on the elderly, adults, and children, as well as anybody else who may need assistance during a choking situation.

LifeVac LLC did not work directly with the product’s inventors to market the product online; instead, it sold it via an independent third-party business named GetLifeVac. The inventors’ official website is Additionally, the two websites provide exact pricing: LifeVac sells for around $ 70 per unit.

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What is the purpose of the LifeVac Device?

LifeVac used on a child

You may use LifeVac to protect your loved ones in the event of an emergency. Numerous television channels have highlighted the life-saving technique, including the physicians, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Occasionally, you’ll read internet stories about LifeVac assisting individuals in Asia and Africa. Recently, the technique saved a British child who had been in a coma for 11 months and a Polish patient who had been bedridden for years.

There are not many additional elements that complicate LifeVac’s design. Additionally, similar to a plunger, it pushes objects downward. The suction cup is put over the victim’s mouth, the plunger depressed, and the victim is drawn.

In this situation, LifeVac will remove the blockage causing the individual to choke in a way remarkably similar to the Heimlich Maneuver and other well-known choking therapies. It offers one-way suction, and prevents the obstruction from being removed violently from the airway.

Each purchase of a LifeVac includes a vacuum suction device, an adult mask, a child mask, and a practiced mask. When someone is choking, you maintain the choking rescue kit in the exact location to be immediately available. The suction device is connects to the mask, thus, the sufferer breathes through it.

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What Is The Best Way To Use LifeVac?

Steps for using the LifeVac

LifeVac is easy enough for anybody to rescue someone from a watery grave and clear an airway obstruction.

Attach the suction cup to the mouthpiece, determining whether to use a child or adult mouthpiece based on the victim’s size.

Step – 2: Seal the subject’s mouth and nose with the LifeVac. When you press the device, the one-way valve prevents food or other things from being forced down by air pressure.

Step – 3: Depress the plunger and then pull to create a one-way suction, which quickly eliminates any stuck food or objects.

Time is critical in all cases when someone is choking, and LifeVac claims to reduce choking and clear a congested airway in seconds.

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Key Features and Benefits

LifeVac promotes the following features and benefits:

  • Effortlessly portable and lightweight: You can take LifeVac with you everywhere you go since it fits easily into any glove box, backpack, or travel bag.
  • No prescription required: LifeVac is accessible without a subscription regardless of whether the consumer has a prescription. You may buy LifeVac in the same manner as you would any other item found on the internet.
  • It may be used on yourself: While LifeVac is intended to be used by others to assist someone choking, it may also be used on yourself if you are having difficulty breathing. You may even use the device on yourself in an emergency.
  • Is suitable for both adults and children: Your LifeVac order includes two mouthpieces, one for adults and another for children. You can use the suction cup with any mask. The child mask is suitable for youngsters weighing more than 22 pounds, while the adult mask is suitable for anybody weighing more than 22 pounds.
  • Clinically confirmed to be effective and safe: The LifeVac has been clinically confirmed to be effective and safe via peer-reviewed scientific research. The gadget is FDA-approved and manufactured in the United States. Numerous clinical investigations have shown that it is safe and effective for clearing airways.
  • Unclogs a Blockage in Seconds: LifeVac unclogs a blockage in seconds without the need for many pumps or minutes of work. Rather than that, the device should operate in seconds, removing an obstruction with a single button click.
  • Simple to use: Anybody may use it to clear the airway of a choking sufferer. To put it simply, the device is easy to run. Operate the equipment without the need for an instruction manual. Attach the mask to the suction cup and push and pull the plunger to clear a blockage.

Is it true that LifeVac has reportedly saved up to 103 lives?

Lives saved by Lifevac

Indeed, it is. While the FDA has certified the gadget’s efficacy to an excessive degree, research released in February 2021 indicates that the device has saved 103 lives to an excessive degree. We learn of numerous cases each month in which LifeVac has saved lives along with what we’ve previously heard.

These accounts are documented on the website LifeVac refers to as Saved Lives. The business saved its 100th life during a catastrophe on February 1, 2021.

The youngster was three years old and choked on a cookie, making him the hundredth life saved. While the other son dialed 911, the mother used LifeVac to clear the airway congestion. To do this, she used the LifeVac to commence the Heimlich procedure, and back blows were ineffective. According to paramedics on the scene, LifeVac saved the boy’s life.

Along with life-saving occurrences, LifeVac has assisted in the rescue of elderly choking sufferers. Lifecare institutions worldwide now employ LifeVac, and LifeVac often shares stories of how their technology has saved lives in nursing homes.

For this reason, LifeVac maintains that 103 is “more than a number” for the company. Each digit symbolizes a family that has been spared the agony of a catastrophic loss (and a preventable loss). Each number signifies a life saved, as well as a family that remained whole.

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LifeVac’s Scientific Justification

Numerous testing and experiments have been conducted on the LifeVac. Peer-reviewed journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine have published studies demonstrating LifeVac’s ability to renew choking patients and save lives.

In a 2017 study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, researchers evaluated the effectiveness of LifeVac in choking situations using the Laerdal Choking Adolescent Simulator. To assess the effectiveness of LifeVac 500 in resuscitating someone who was choking, researchers inserted a hot dog into a choking simulator and then administered LifeVac 500 times.

Despite the failed attempts, LifeVac successfully removed the blocked hot dog in 472 of 500 attempts. Removing the hot dog successfully with the LifeVac system took two attempts (a total of 497 plunges), during which the device failed twice. LifeVac removed the hot dog in all 500 attempts on their third attempt.

Essentially, LifeVac has a 100% success rate when it comes to removing a hot dog from a congested airway, with a considerable proportion of cases (approximately two-thirds) resulting in instantaneous success following a single push and pull.

The researchers arrived at this conclusion after analyzing the data. They concluded that, in light of the above, it is “possible” that LifeVac might save lives if abdominal thrusts fail to renew the choking victim.

Numerous studies have been done and published on a variety of platforms. When you consider it, the most compelling scientific evidence for LifeVac is that it has saved many lives. By February 2021, LifeVac is expected to have saved 103 lives worldwide, with a new life added on average every week.

We can declare that LifeVac is backed by study findings that indicate it saves lives and clears airways, based on the outcomes of various scientific studies and real-world evidence.


To get a copy of LifeVac, please visit or Pricing is identical across all websites.

3 × LifeVac Kits: $209.85 + free shipping to the contiguous United States

2 × Choking First Aid Kits: $ 139.90 + FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES

1 × Kit: $7.95 plus $7.95 shipping

For an extra $ 49, you may purchase a LifeVac Travel Kit. As with the standard LifeVac kit, the LifeVac lifejacket package provides everything you need to aid with breathing and includes a transparent plastic carrying case for convenience while traveling.

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Refund Policy for LifeVac

LifeVac offers a ten-day return policy on this item. You may get a refund for your purchase if you return it within ten days after receipt. This return policy is only applicable to opened LifeVac goods. You will not get a refund if you have opened your kit to inspect the gadget.

There is a stringent requirement for faulty faults (e.g., faults in the unit or masks). If you are dissatisfied with the goods, you will not get a refund. Without opening LifeVac, it’s unclear how you’d determine whether there was a manufacturing defect, and therefore the company’s return policy makes little sense. In contrast to a LifeVac gadget, however, most refunds on such a gadget are challenging to get. As a result, LifeVac offers a generous return and replacement policy for LifeVacs to save lives.

To request a refund, send an email to

Their No-Fee Replacement Policy for LifeVac

To get a free new LifeVac, people who have saved a life via the use of LifeVac should submit evidence of their heroic actions to

Kindly schedule an appointment with them by completing their form. To prove your tale, LifeVac will want you to specify the most basic details surrounding the incident. Once approved, you’ll get a free replacement LifeVac.

Who Is Responsible for LifeVac’s Design?

Arthur Lih, dubbed the “Father of LifeVac,” founded LifeVac. After rescuing LifeVac’s 100th life, Arthur was overjoyed, referring to himself as “the happiest man alive today” for rescuing all of these one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable lives.

“This is the gift that you will all get. As the luckiest man on the planet today, I am pleased to have rescued all of these precious lives. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone.”

LifeVac is a registered device with the FDA, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). The headquarters of LifeVac is located in Nesconset, New York.

LifeVac Review

I’m Diana Reeves, and after reading the LifeVac review, I decided to purchase one for use during our CPR training. My adult disabled son, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, was strangled today while eating french fries as I was driving on the highway. He was not moving and was afraid of death. I grabbed the shoulder and hurriedly reassembled it, which enabled me to use it on him.

The french fries were consumed during the initial plunge, and he was able to breathe. It took seconds to build and operate, and he was already pulling air in. He is seated in an electric wheelchair, which is secured to the floor. Without the Heimlich procedure, rescuing him from the truck and removing him from his wheelchair to perform the Heimlich would have taken considerably longer. My child is still alive because he is wearing this device! Finally!


LifeVac is a life-saving device that clears blocked airways. Each life saved by the single-use device comprises children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens who have suffered from choking. The LifeVac is a life-saving equipment, which costs around $ 60 per unit. It is easy to use and many studies back the product to show it can save lives by cleaning airways.

As a consequence, we owe our existence to innovation. This investment is well worth it. I intend to purchase more copies!

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