GlowBowl Instructions – Complete Guide for Toilet Night Light

GlowBowl Instructions – Complete Guide for Toilet Night Light

We are here to discuss about the GlowBowl Instructions. Many people find it difficult to install or how to use this motion activated toilet night light.

Follow the instructions shared below for complete setup. Before moving on to the instructions, let’s find out about GlowBowl.

What is GlowBowl?

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The GlowBowl toilet night light will transform any toilet into a nightlight in seconds, making your life colorful all day.

No more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark. It is motion-activated and light-sensitive light that illuminates at darkness when someone get close to its sensing range(5m, 120 degrees) and lasts about 35s after he stepping away. One button press, you can choose from 7 different single colors or 12 colors Carousel mode.

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GlowBowl Instructions – How To Use Your Device?

Step 1: Fit to your Toilet:

  • Adjust the bending arm as needed to secure a tight fit to the rim of your toilet bowl.

2nd Step: Install your GlowBowl

  • Open the battery compartment. Insert 3AAA batteries into the compartment and replace the cover.
  • Use the Glow Bowl’s flexible arm to secure the unit to your toilet rim. Make sure the button is facing outwards and away from the toilet

3rd Step: Turn Off the Lights

  • Note that the Glow Bowl will only operate in the dark. When the sensor detects movement, the LED will turn on and remain lit for about 120 seconds from the last detected movement.
  • If the room lights are on, the Glow Bowl will remain off to conserve battery life. Note: the unit may remain turned on in dimmed lighting.

4th Step: Determine your Color Settings

  • The unit will cycle through all available LED colors.
  • Press the LED Selection Button to set a single color when the cycle hits your desired color.
  • Press the LED Selection button a second time to start the color cycle again.

Tips for Cleaning & Care

  • To clean, wipe the unit down with a wet wipe, damp cloth, or sponge. You may use chemical cleaners if necessary.
  • The Glow Bowl is designed for daily use with indoor toilets/bathrooms only.
  • Do not immerse your Glow Bowl in water or place directly under running water.

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