GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: Toilet NightLight Worth It?

GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: Toilet NightLight Worth It?

You suddenly realize you have to go to the bathroom, even though you’re fast asleep. The lights go out while you’re stumbling in the dark, and you awaken. Right now you’re up and have no plans to go back to sleep any time soon. What do you think? GlowBowl helps you get a better night’s sleep by illuminating your toilet bowl without using any harsh lights. In our GlowBowl Fresh review, we’ll examine how the Glow Bowl Fresh works and what benefits it offers.

What is GlowBowl Fresh?

Glowbowl Fresh

With GlowBowl Fresh, you can rotate colors and adjust brightness for a motion-activated nightlight and air freshener in your bathroom. The harshness of your bathroom lights does not have to worry you when entering or leaving the bathroom.

As soon as someone opens the toilet, the toilet light turns on automatically and shuts off afterwards. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t wake up whenever you need to use it. Children will also feel more comfortable using the bathroom at night.

With GlowBowl Fresh, you can put an end to blinding bathroom lights. The light illuminates your toilet bowl so you and your children will never miss your mark. Enjoy late-night bathroom trips with a color-carousel mode and seven vibrant LED colors.

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GlowBowl Fresh Features

Automatically Lights Up: It has motion-detecting sensor. As a result, you will save more battery life and ensure safety. As soon as the environment gets dark, the LED light will automatically turn on. The led toilet light is one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective lights you can buy.

Keeps Bathroom Smelling Fresh: Every bathroom will no longer smell of pee and poo. Get rid of your old fashion air fresheners with this We need to upgrade even air fresheners in our generation. Thus, you can enjoy its replacement lavender air freshener, which can last for a long time.

Enhance Toilet Visibility: This fun LED toilet light makes every toilet more visible. By setting it to CAROUSEL MODE, it will automatically rotate 13 colors each changing every four seconds, so you can now AVOID missing your target.

It is possible to lock the color of the light at any time if you prefer that. Among the many fun colors available are green, red, yellow, purple, and many others!

Perfect as a Gift: Back in your childhood, did you have a brother who hated toilet sessions? You can both reminisce about those days together while using this LED toilet light. You might even see him using it.

Easy To Install: You can easily put this night light together. Your perfect setup will take you no more than a minute.

Easy To Clean: The best part about this color-changing toilet bowl light is that its casing is totally waterproof! Due to this reason, you can maintain hygienic conditions by using any household cleaner.

Controlled Brightness: It has a dimming feature, meaning you can enjoy five different scenes, unlike other toilet lights. Thus, you can also experiment and customize your bathroom’s brightness!

Hands-Free Activation: I don’t use voice commands. Using motion sensors, this outstanding toilet seat light operates. By sensing your movement, it automatically turns on and off the LED lights. In addition to saving energy, time, and money, this also helps you to save time.

Better Sleep: Actually, it isn’t exactly how you imagined it. LED lighting in toilets promotes better sleep by enhancing your sleepy mood. The bright toilet lights at night can as a result surprise your eyes, especially if you’re in the middle of deep sleep. When a sudden call from nature strikes, we’re glad that this smart lighting innovation keeps our eyes half-closed by providing a bright night light!

Every Toilet Can Have It: The system is flexible, yes! A 3.5 inch flexible arm makes it possible for GlowBowl Fresh to fit on any toilet, which makes it universally fit. There is a patent on this design and once you fix it into its place, it stays in place.

How does GlowBowl Fresh work?

GlowBowl Fresh is the only motion-activated toilet light on the market. For the first time, it is made of high-quality plastic that is easily cleaned and sanitized using household cleaners. This extendable bendable arm, which is splash-resistant and can be replaced if necessary, illuminates 7 LED colors.

Using the 7 LED colors of Glow Bowl Fresh, you can make bathroom breaks more fun for you and your kids. The color will automatically rotate every four seconds if you choose the automatic option. You can dim the brightness level in 5 stages.

Benefits and advantages

Reviews of the luminaire would be incomplete without mentioning the device’s benefits and advantages. Does Glow Bowl work? GlowBowl reviews from users will expose more of its benefits and show its relevance.

Motion-Detection: It’s not new for nightlights to detect motion, but when they’re toilet lights, they’re a different story. Making sure your kids can use the toilet at night without being afraid of the dark is key.

Water Resistance: The device will inevitably become wet if it dangles in your toilet bowl. It is easy to clean and water-resistant to use the Glow Bowl Fresh bendable arm. Sanitise the toilet light with household cleaners or hot water.

Fresh Smelling Bathroom: Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to a bathroom that is aromatic and fresh? The Glow Bowl for toilet features an air freshener that maximizes odor protection and provides long-lasting fragrance.

Customizable Brightness Levels: You can customize the brightness of the toilet light, which is one of the most praised features of GlowBowl Fresh reviews. We understand that some people prefer a dimmer light than others. There are five stages of dimmer, so you can select the one that’s right for you.

Why do I Need GlowBowl Fresh?

Glowbowl Fresh

There are times when, when you come out of the bathroom, you do not want to turn on the lights. It turns on automatically when its motion sensors detect movement, removing the hassle of turning on a light every time you move.

Kids, young adults, and senior citizens can all use the device. The device is especially useful for those who have difficulty walking in the dark. In addition to assisting them in seeing where they’re going, it will also assist them in finding their targets. If you’re a young adult who is always looking for new ways to spruce up your house, GlowBowl is the perfect way to add a bit of class to your bathroom.

Children who are doing potty training can also benefit from Glow Bowls. Your kid will enjoy using this device when it is attached to their potty.

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What makes it different?

We will discuss how GlowBowl differs from other LED toilet light brands in this review.

This is the original toilet light manufactured by the ORIGINAL manufacturer. 13 beautiful and bright colors make it easier to see the toilet in the dark.

You can also easily replace the air freshener inside to keep your toilet smelling fresh. Our modern world does not allow us to use traditional air fresheners. People are looking for a single device that can do everything.

In addition to all that, this magnificent toilet night light will fit any toilet bowl. Simply clip it onto the toilet bowl and you’re ready to go!

The fancy toilet bowl light removes the need to use old fashioned toilet fresheners to freshen up your toilets. You can forget that you are in a comfort room for a moment thanks to its refreshing fragrance!

This toilet seat has one of the best features. It has LED lighting, use it where you need illumination the most. With its 5 dimmer features, you can also customize how you see the room with 5 different scenes. Adjust the light at different brightness levels to meet your needs. Still not convinced?

Does GlowBowl Fresh Work Or Not?

Glowbowl Fresh

According to my users, the GlowBowl has an awesome carousel mode with 13 different light colors that you can change. Therefore, children can stay safe at night without being frightened. My partner will not be disturbed by the glow bowl toilet light since it is very bright. The air freshener in the bathroom helps to eliminate bad odors. Upon opening the bathroom door, the LED motion sensor activates the light and shuts it off automatically when I close it. With five dimming levels, the brightness can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

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To whom it is suitable?

Old People: Old individuals tend to have a hard time navigating their way around the toilet. This usually results in these individuals missing up their targets and messing up the toilet floor. GlowBowl has been specifically designed to help such people find the toilet seat without a hassle.

Young Adults: As young adults, we’re always on a quest of finding ways to pimp items around our houses. With this fact in mind, GlowBowl fresh decided to design an product that’ll allow you to turn your toilet bowl into a party (disco bowl to be precise)

Kids: The bright minds behind GlowBowl have pointed out that this device can also be used to help small kids who use potties. The same way you would attach this to your toilet using the flexible arm is the same way you can connect it to your child’s potty and make his/her experiences fun. This may seem too far-fetched, but hey, nothing is impossible; and you never know what may make your little one smile.

Is This GlowBowl Fresh A Scam?

Glowbowl Fresh

I have purchased the GlowBowl to see if it is a scam since I hear about its ability to make the bathroom pleasant. It worked for me after a month of installation and use. Here are the reasons. The bathroom always smells good as there is a changeable air freshener.

Add your favourite air freshener. I use lavender. This LED light has 13 different colors and changes every 4 seconds, which makes the bathroom look vibrant. 

Furthermore, when anyone opens the bathroom and a person leaves the bathroom, the motion sensor automatically turns off and lights up. Cleaning has never been a problem with this light.

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How Bathroom Breaks Disturb Your Sleep

The harsh light of a bathroom can completely wake you up when you need to use the bathroom late at night. Those who have trouble sleeping may experience this as a source of lack of sleep.

When you are using the throne, you should turn off the lights in your bathroom, but you could cause disaster if you do so. If your kids are around, this risk is even higher. It is common for children to need to use the bathroom late at night, and keeping the bathroom dark will not help.

This problem is resolved by . You will be able to bathe in a soft light without being overwhelmed by it. The Glow Bowl Fresh’s best feature is that it comes with an air freshener, so any household can use it.

How to Use GlowBowl Fresh?

It does not require any experts or technicians to set up or use it. With the WC light, our child will be able to overcome his fear of the dark. Here’s how I set it up and how I use it to make the job even easier.

Follow these glowbowl instructions for using the motion activated toilet nightlight.

  1. Install the air freshener that comes with the WC light fixture after unpacking it. Place the air freshener inside, then close the container.
  2. After that’s done, fix the toilet light to your bowl with the fixings you’ve created. You can change the light automatically by using the “All” mode, which changes the light after every four seconds.
  3. Then sit back and enjoy a pleasant smell in an atmosphere with great atmosphere.

How Do I Clean This Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight?

Since the Glowbowl stays in the bathroom for most of the time, I was uncertain how to clean it. My support center helped me clean, and I will share my experience here. Most household cleaners are effective in cleaning it.

While the GlowBowl is running, I wash it under slow running water for several minutes and make sure all sides have been properly cleaned. If you wish to use detergent or soap, you can do so, but I have never used either. To dry it after the water is wiped away, I use a microfiber cloth or a discarded t-shirt. I then plug the batteries in and place them where they belong.

GlowBowl Fresh Pros and Cons

  • Setup is easy
  • There are 13 variants
  • Battery-powered
  • Easily cleanable and water-resistant
  • Activated by motion, convenient nightlight
  • To ensure that the motion detection works correctly, you need to keep the device facing the front of the bowl
  • Insufficient durability

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How much does it cost?

To stop those late night ‘misses’ along with the nasty clean up and frustrations that come along with them, I’m sure you’d be happy to pay $30, $40, or even $50! However, GlowBowl Fresh is available for just around $17.99! It’s a small price to pay for a FUN nightlight everyone loves!

That’s right, for less than the cost of a pair of movies tickets, you’ll receive the revolutionary new nightlight that stops men’s toilet ‘misses’, makes nighttime bathroom trips a breeze, and even keeps your bathroom odor free for months! There is simply nothing like it!

And yes, GlowBowl Fresh makes the perfect under $20 holiday gift for friends and loved ones!

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Where to buy GlowBowl Fresh

To buy this fun-filled LED lavatory night light, customers will find discounted price offers. To purchase GlowBowl, you can visit their official site. This lavender-scented and convenient toilet bowl night light is reasonably priced, and it comes with terrific deals as well! A single unit of this unique light is sold at $19.99. Enjoy your toilet at night visits using this innovative lavatory LED lighting gadget. Prices are as follows:

  • One GlowBowl $19.99 + Shipping Fees
  • Buy One Get One Free $17.49 Each + Shipping Fees

Customers can also have at checkout the option of buying Three Energizer Max AAA batteries to ensure having batteries on hand when receiving their GlowBow for an additional $2.99.


If I buy more than 1, will they come individually packaged?

Yes! We want to make your life as easy as possible when giving these as a gift. Each GlowBowl Fresh comes in it’s own box!

Is it water resistant?

Yes! As mentioned above, GlowBowl Fresh is made with an ultra-water resistant seal to keep out any unexpected splashes.

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

Simply press the dimmer button to turn the light on. While the light is on, hold the button until it blinks. Now cycle through the 5 dimmer levels until you reach your desired level of brightness!

Final Verdict

It’s the first time we’ve seen a night light for your toilet. It was natural for us to have skepticism about what it could do and how it worked. Nevertheless, we were thrilled when some of our married friends started using it.

You will not be disturbed when you make your midnight nature call when you do not have to turn on the bathroom lights anymore. With GlowBowl, we can all make use of an effective gadget.