Xtreme Band Track Review – Is This Fitness Tracker Worth?

Xtreme Band Track Review – Is This Fitness Tracker Worth?

Today, will be talking about a wristband that acts like a watch, a fitness tracker, and a health guide. Learn about Xtreme Band Track in our review.

Nowadays, most people fall sick because they don’t know there vital signs. For example, during workout, you may have pushed yourself to far without knowing, then you sleep without getting enough sleep. This act alone, leads to various breakdowns in the body and you’ll see yourself falling sick.

But with a device that tells you how much calorie you’ve burnt, the rate at which your heart beats and other vital signs. And also tracks your sleep, this means the device records how long you’ve slept.

With this device, we both know that you’ll be able to avoid over working your body, and get enough sleep which will help repair all your worn out tissues.

However, I give you Xtreme Band Track. This is the wristband we’ve been talking about, that is a watch, a fitness tracker and a health guide.

What is Xtreme Band Track?

5 different Xtreme Band Track

Xtreme Band Track is a one-of-a-kind fitness tracking watch that tracks more than just your heart rate. Xtreme Band Track also tracks your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure levels, monitors your body temperature and monitors your sleep.

With such advanced mechanisms of tracking different aspects of your fitness and health, you can be sure that this unique fitness tracker can help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

An individual can track fitness and health and use it to make necessary changes to improve their health. This smartwatch can also help you determine the fact that you may not be feeling well.

In addition to all of this, Xtreme Band Track also has different sports modes, designed especially for athletes. This feature will help the gadget adapt itself to the requirements of the athlete. This is a great tool for athletes to help them become better and perform more efficiently.

This fitness smartwatch can also be connected to your mobile phone via BlueTooth. This will also help in recording your tracking results. The Xtreme Band Track is compatible with both Android and Apple phones.

Moreover, this gadget is waterproof, so don’t worry about sweat or moisture from the weather getting in. This smartwatch can also help you determine the fact that you may not be feeling well. Xtreme Band Track will work just as it should, no matter how much sweat or water it comes in contact with.

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Key Features of Fitness Tracker

ECG, heart rate, blood pressure  – It monitors your vitals 24/7 and alerts you for any health risks.

Step counter – It counts your daily steps, and at the end of the day, it displays the statistic on the screen. It shows you how many steps you have taken and how much progress you make.

Calorie counter – It counts how much calories you’re losing throughout the day. Displays the results on the screen.

Modern design – It comes with a sleek, stylish design. You can wear it with your daily outfits, and it will match perfectly. It also comes in different colors.

Sleep manager – It will display the time of your preferred sleeping hours. It improves your sleep quality by maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.

Battery life – Long-lasting battery life. It possesses a 380MAH Li-ion battery. It’s super-efficient and comes with a battery saver mode.

Display – It has a big 1.08inch display making it clear and easy-to-read. It’s paired with an excellent touch screen and easy touch control.

Control your music – You can change your music track or adjust the volume to your liking.

Detective mode – If you ever can’t find your smartphone, you can just call your phone with Xtreme Band and find it in seconds.

Capture photos – You can take pictures and capture your memories.

How to Use Xtreme Band Track?

Once the watch arrives at you, it is necessary to charge it. Afterwards you can use it immediately. To do this, it is simply synchronized with your smartphone. You just have to switch on Bluetooth.

Both devices will then connect to each other and you can immediately record some health data. Using the app installed on the smartphone, it is then possible to record the values regularly. The app creates statistics and provides further information. There is absolutely nothing more.

Why do I need this Fitness Tracker?

Xtreme Band Track Fitness Tracker on palm

The Xtreme Band Track Fitness Tracker is well suited for men and women who attach great importance to good health. It is designed for athletes who want to monitor their cardiovascular system and some of their body functions during exercise sessions. Due to its stable processing it can be used in a wide variety of sports, according to the manufacturer.

Anyone who does sport regularly is automatically interested in their health. But the fitness tracker is not only useful for sports activities. It can also be used to monitor your own sleep. During sleep, all physiological signals of the body are monitored. This offers the advantage that one’s own lifestyle can be changed accordingly.

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Main Benefits

  1. The first activity tracker capable of taking body temperature to warn if you have a fever at any given time. Monitors heart rate and blood pressure.
  2. Step counter. Set goals, achieve them, and lose weight fast. Analyze the quality of your sleep. Sleep monitoring is over 95% accurate.
  3. Calorie control: Incredibly useful if you are trying to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. Sedentary warning: Indicates when to sit less and move more.
  4. Notification of both calls and messages through Bluetooth technology.
    Updated application: All health details visible in the application.

What else can Xtreme Band Track do for you?

In addition to all the features that give us real time health information, Xtreme Band Track has much more to offer! With it you can set a daily step goal, see calories burned, or activate inactivity alarms that will warn us to take steps if we are standing still for too long.

That’s not all! We can monitor our weight through the application which is 100% compatible with Android and iOS. And finally, this activity tracker includes an alarm clock, a heart rate monitor, and notification of both calls and messages through Bluetooth technology and much more.

All these advantages prove why Extreme Band Track has been the best option for over 100,000 users who already use it not only for exercise but also for health monitoring on a daily basis.

How can the Xtreme Band Track activity tracker may change your life?

Setting up Xtreme Band Track

The current situation in which we find ourselves, has led the creators of Xtreme Band Track to prioritize the registration of symptoms that may indicate that a person has a fever. The latest version of the application allows you to take your body temperature thanks to the heart sensor included on the back of the activity tracker.

Furthermore, given that 18 million people die a year from cardiovascular diseases, another of the Extreme Band Track strengths is the real time monitoring it provides you with for your heart. You will be able to know if something is wrong right away and before it is too late.

These features are the reason Xtreme Band Track has seen so much success in men and women over 40, who according to various studies, are at higher risk of suffering from some type of cardiovascular disease.

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Technical Facts

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, the manufacturer has kept a bit of a low profile. Nevertheless we would like to summarize what we could find to the Xtreme Band.

  • Heart rate and blood pressure are monitored
  • Calorie control is possible
  • Sleep monitoring during the night
  • Step counter for a perfect activity monitoring

The Xtreme Band Track helps you to keep fit and has the necessary technique and prerequisites to do so. Unfortunately, we could not determine more technical characteristics through the Smartwatch. However, you can already get a good idea of the fitness tracker with these functions.

Who Can Use Xtreme Band Track?

A person wearing Xtreme Band Track on his wrist

Xtreme Band Track is extremely easy to use. It just has to be put on the wrist, and it’s good to go. People who want to be healthier and monitor their bodily functions should wear it all the time, regardless of their gender, age, and occupation. Even children can put this bracelet on for the entire day, as there are no side effects or contraindications of using it.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and portable, which means you can wear it all day long without even knowing it’s there.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • It comes in different colors for you to chose from.
  • Xtreme Band helps you stay in tabs with your vitals.
  • Durable design.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • It can only be bought online, though it’s not really a problem because most people already buy products online.
  • Limited stock available.

What Customers Are Talking About This Fitness Tracker?

“I was looking for a relatively inexpensive way to track steps and came across the Extreme Band. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the price was right so I decided to try it. It does most everything the more expensive brands do for a lot less money and it looks good on. Well worth!“ – Stacy

“For the price, you can’t beat this smartwatch. The main reason I was interested in it was the battery life, and it is amazing! I easily get more than a week out of it even with frequent heart rate checks. The long battery life makes it a great choice for a sleep tracker, since you don’t have to charge it every night!“ – Bella

Is There a Discount Price for Xtreme Band Track?

Seeing that it offers several beneficial health-tracking features, Xtreme Band Track comes at a very affordable price that is now offered at 50% OFF for one purchased bracelet.

  • 1 Xtreme Band– $ 49.95
  • 2 Xtreme Bands ($ 39.98/UNIT)- $ 79.95
  • 3 Xtreme Bands ($ 36.65/UNIT)- $ 109.95
  • 5 Xtreme Bands ($ 29.99/UNIT)- $ 149.95

Consumers at checkout can also choose a one or 2-year warranty, $5.95 or $9.95, extra wristbands, and a screen protector. All orders include free shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it iOS or Android compatible?

Compatible with both iOS and Android. 

How do I charge it?

Xtreme Band comes with a USB port and a USB-C charging cable. Just connect it to a USB battery source like your laptop or power bank. You can use a regular power socket, too.

I’m not a tech guy. Can I use it?

Xtreme Band’s main principle is that it can be used by anyone. It’s simple and very easy-to-use. Just press the button and you can access all the settings and fitness or health metrics.

Is it bad if the watch gets wet?

No, it is water resistant and can also be used outside in the rain or even when swimming.