VKTRY Insoles vs Superfeet: Choose Wisely

VKTRY Insoles vs Superfeet: Choose Wisely

If you suffer from common injuries like plantar fasciitis or overpronation, or are a runner, athlete, or have a job that requires walking all day, we can help you find a pair of insoles that fit your unique needs. Read the Vktry Insoles vs Superfeet comparison.

Choosing insoles is a very subjective experience that depends on your foot shape, size, needs, and medical conditions, so let this review serve as a guide to what each brand offers. The two most used insoles are VKTRY and Superfeet. Thus, here in this article, we bring out the differences in these two to help you make a decision between VKTRY and Superfeet. 

What is VKTRY Insoles?

Vktry Insoles

Matt Arciuolo, founder of VKTRY, figured that engineering a full-length carbon fiber insole could provide athletes with significant benefits. An insole made from carbon fiber, patented by Arciuolo, provides performance benefits for athletes beyond the bobsled, all fuelled by an effort to provide the USA Olympic bobsled team with more explosive starts. 

Pedorthist Matt Arciuolo created and founded VKTRY, initially creating insoles for the USA Olympic teams in Bobsleigh and Skeleton. In 2015, Arciuolo received a product patent for their product design following the Olympics.

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Key Features

  • Full Length Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber: Due to its full-length support, stability, and shock absorption, VKTRY’s ultralight carbon fiber base improves athletic performance and enhances injury protection.
  • Highly Engineered Design: Although VKTRY’s carbon fiber base appears to be made from a single piece, it consists of several layers of carbon fiber that are individually hand molded and then placed into an autoclave for hours. VKTRY Insoles provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility.
  • Patented, Curved Shape: As a result of VKTRY’s unique arch shape, it stores and returns energy during natural foot movements, allowing athletes to perform at their best.
  • Comfortable Top Cover: With a proprietary foam cushion, the carbon fiber base plates provide superior comfort, heel stability, and arch support.

Different Models of VKTRY Insoles

VKTRY Gear has introduced the Silver Series of carbon fiber insoles, a more affordable and highly effective version of the original Gold Series. Designed for consumers who want to improve their performance, protect themselves from injuries, and have comfort as well as protection, Silver VKs are a smart choice. 

On the basis of third-party computer modeling and in-house testing, it is estimated that Silver VKs will provide athletes with a performance approximately 75% higher than Gold VKs. All VKTRY insoles are manufactured in the United States according to aerospace-grade manufacturing standards. A carbon fiber composite is used for the base plate, and an EVA polymer foam cloud cushion of 5mm thickness is used for the cloud cushion. These cushions are available in a variety of sizes and in customized levels of flexibility.

How much does it cost?

The Gold VKTRY Insoles cost 199$ and Solver VKTRY Insoles Cost $119. Do check your size and order the one which are most suitable to you.

What is Superfeet Insoles?


Since almost 40 years, Superfeet has been one of the most popular brands of insoles. Use different kinds of feet, shoes, and boots with different types of arch supports, varying thicknesses, and different styles.

You can trim almost all Superfeet styles to fit. Basically, you trace around your existing insole and then cut out the Superfeet insert from the front. When placed in your shoes, they will provide you with a perfect, custom fit.

We recommend Superfeet RUN Comfort for runners. A women’s version is also available for this model. Superfeet also has many models for those who don’t run.

Key Features

  • Support: In addition to providing high arch support, these inserts correct overpronation. The volume of these inserts is also HIGH (they fit looser in shoes and boots). The best Superfeet insoles can be cut down if they don’t fit into certain running shoes. From the heel to the tip of the insert, the stabilizer cap provides support and structure.
  • Durability: The insoles are made with rubber soles and are of professional-grade. If you are looking for an insole to be as durable and reliable as possible, Superfeet inserts are a great option.
  • Overall Fit: Users have reported that these insoles fit well in most shoes and run true to size.
  • Comfort: If you want a comfortable set of inserts you will love these. They don’t have a break in period and many users have some serious loyalty to this model.
  • Value: Professional orthotic company is behind these inserts and are an affordable option (under $40).

Different models of Superfeet Insoles

This is where I find VKTRY wins clearly over Superfeet. Superfeet has such large variety of insoles that people tend to get a bit confuse which one to buy and which one to buy. Because, if you see, you need to ultimately buy 4-5 different kinds to match your lifestyle which proves to be way expensive also.

How much does it cost?

As there is large variety of Superfeet Insoles, you may check the price of the model that you wish to buy on their website.

Vktry Insoles vs SuperFeet

Better Performance: I don’t believe in magic…I believe in science

Tests have proven that VKs boost ground force and explosiveness

  • Faster: 40 yard dash: 0.12 sec faster
  • Higher: Vertical jump: 1.6” higher
  • Farther: Broad jump: +4.0” better

Increased Protection

A study by KSI (Korey Stringer Institute) demonstrates that VKTRY Insoles greatly improve knee, ankle, and foot stability, thereby reducing lower leg injuries.

Test of 263 athletes using VKs at 4 major Universities showed:

  • 41% less foot & toe injuries
  • 22% less lower leg injuries

Prevent injuries by protecting yourself from them. I have never seen an orthotic product that could absorb shock while maintaining stability like the VK.” – Gary Vitti, former head athletic trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers (32 years, 8 World Championships)

Improved Recovery: Athletes use these to treat injuries like Turf Toe, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Jones Fractures, Lisfranc, Achilles, and so on.

You should consult your doctor about all injury treatments since each person and each injury is unique.

Customized Flexibility

All athletes differ in size and age, so VKTRY Insoles come in different levels of flexibility (Pro Levels). It takes more “spring” to tackle a 300-pounder than to cheer on a 100-pounder. Indicate your preferences and the VKTRY Algorithm will recommend the optimal Pro Level for your needs to optimize the performance, protection, and comfort.

Money Back Guarantee: Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Return VKTRY Insoles if the quality and fit does not satisfy you.


Hope, by the end you have made up your mind about the insoles that you wish to buy. Do let us know if you still have doubts in the selection between Vktry Insoles vs SuperFeet, we shall help you.