VKTRY Insoles Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

VKTRY Insoles Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

If a small amount of carbon fiber might benefit athletes, VKTRY founder Matt Arciuolo reasoned that a full-length carbon fiber insole could have a lot of promise. Arciuolo developed a carbon fiber footwear insole adaptable to provide performance benefits for athletes far beyond the bobsled after nearly a decade of research and development, all prompted by an effort to provide the USA Olympic bobsled team with additional explosiveness on their starts.

VKTRY has made inroads in major college and professional sports across the country, gaining support from LSU’s director of athletic training Jack Marucci, now-retired Lakers trainer Gary Vitti, Red Sox doctor James Creps, and a handful of professional athlete endorsers four years after that patent and three years after producing its first commercial insoles.

What is the use of carbon fiber in a running shoe?

In running shoes, carbon fiber usually appears as a stiff plate on the sole. A lightweight foam fixes to it along with a heel height and shoe profile that vary from shoe to shoe. However, they are beneficial for specific running styles. They do not occupy much space in the sole. In the Brooks Hyperion Elite, the carbon fiber plate is only one millimeter thick and has a raised spine of approximately 0.5 millimeters through the midsole.

Adding carbon fiber to running shoes is not exclusive to Nike. In fact, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony, and Hoka One One all offer shoes that feature the infamous carbon fiber plate. In light of a recent decision by World Athletics that will allow Nike to use its VaporFly ZoomX shoe at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and clarification of the use of foam and carbon fiber in shoes, shoemakers can expect to see more carbon fiber sneakers in the near future.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is lightweight, particularly in comparison to the metals it frequently replaces in automotive, aerospace, and industrial uses. Carbon fiber is an important material in racing bicycles because it reduces weight, which is crucial for speed. However, today’s running shoes are lightweight foam and polyester fabrics.

Carbon fiber plates are typically used in athletic shoes to improve energy return, especially when an athlete’s toe pushes off the ground during the “toe-off.” These plates are designed with a curve beneath the arch that bends slightly downward under the ball of the foot. The goal of this strategy is to store energy when the heel strikes the ground and release it back to the athlete when they toe off, giving them a boost. With springy, lightweight foams such as Brook’s DNA Zero and Nike’s ZoomX, the energy return is even further increased.

Scientists have also found that the carbon fiber plate is beneficial for stabilizing the ankle joint, reducing the pressure on the calves, and maintaining the toes straight – all of which are important for maintaining good running form and reducing injury risk.

What’s the Benefit of Increased Energy Return?

An increased energy return does improve running speed when a runner steps off with an extra boost. New Balance FuelCell 5280, the lightest shoe of the pair, weighs just 5.3 ounces (VaporFlys weighs 6.6 ounces). Long-distance runners, in which every second counts, will benefit from the improved speed.

Other sports can also benefit from the shock absorption and increased energy return of the cushion. VKTRY is a manufacturer of carbon fiber insoles for shoes suitable for a range of sports activities. The insoles of VKTRY’s shoes are flexible, and the carbon fiber layers are arranged in different directions as opposed to stiff plates in running shoes. Based on an athlete’s sport and physical characteristics, VKTRY uses an algorithm to determine which insole will be optimal.

The increased energy return is particularly beneficial to jumping athletes, such as basketball players and volleyball players, who can perform higher jumps and land with less force. VKTRY developed their insoles originally for bobsledders to assist with their running starts, but the flexible carbon fiber insoles are also being utilized by athletes in other sports, including football, baseball, and cheerleading.

What is VKTRY Insoles?

VKTRY Insoles

Carbon fiber in footwear is nothing new, and it is now widely used by manufacturers such as Nike, particularly in performance running. High stiffness, good tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, and minimal thermal expansion are only a few of the benefits of carbon fibers. Carbon fiber is widely used in aircraft, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, as well as other competitive sports, due to its unique qualities. However, when compared to similar fibers such as glass or plastic fibers, they are quite pricey.

This technology was employed by Vktry to create a stiff carbon fiber insole. The firm insole imitates the motion of a spring-like hinge that snaps back after being bent. Insoles are typically constructed of cellulose paperboard, a fragile, spongy, or cushioned foam-like material. Vktry feels like a metal plate in the hand, while the ordinary shoe insole feels like soft construction paper.

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Features of VKTRY Insoles

  • These insoles are substantial footwear, such as work boots, jogging shoes, and hiking boots.
  • A strong foam core with a thin layer of fabric for moisture wicking and a rubberized underbelly adds further support and rigidity to the structure.
  • These insoles are available in men’s, women’s, and ‘youth’ shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 to 15.
  • The VKTRY website also has the following things to mention:
  • Cushioning in the forefoot is 3mm, while the heel is 4mm.
  • Ideal for shoes that are a little bigger or a little wider.
  • Highest quality materials’ combined
  • Ankle alignment has improved.
  • Support for the subtalar joint
  • Oversupination or pronation prevention
  • Anti-shock cushioning mechanism that’s second to none ridges that prevent slipping.

What problems does VKTRY Insoles solve?

VKTRY Insoles

VKTRY Insoles was created for use in a variety of sports — major footwear brands like Nike and Asics have begun using carbon fiber in long-distance running shoes for linear benefits — and it’s been adopted everywhere from football to baseball, with basketball and volleyball players enjoying the energy return for higher jumping ability and less force upon landing. We’ve heard some incredible stories from athletes who have had sore knees or shin splints and are now pain-free.

The original bobsled design, which required the insole to fit within the narrow constraints of a spike, contributed to the development of a product that was suitable for all competitors. He believes the problem was finding something that not only worked in terms of propulsion but also fit in the shoe. The carbon fiber element of the product is only a millimeter thick and weighs less than an ounce. Additional comfort is provided by a special polyurethane top cover.

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How does it work?

The procedure is broken down into four parts, each of which makes use of carbon fiber’s outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. When the heel strikes the ground, the VKTRY insole absorbs the impact and bounces back like a trampoline. The arched design deflects and adds cushioning as an athlete’s second phase of their gate transfers their complete body weight over the middle of the insert. The magic happens in the third step.

When athletes lift their heel to take a step or jump, the carbon fiber stores the energy at the ball of the foot, returning it in the toe-off phase — phase four — which returns all of the energy stored in the first three phases. The insole does not generate energy on its own; rather, it uses the energy of the athlete and returns it to them for efficiency and explosion.

Are VKTRY Insoles effective?

“Many of these athletes tried VKTRY Insoles for the first time while training for the NFL Combine. Steve Wasik, the CEO of VKTRY, said, “They felt the energy come back right away, and their Combine numbers went up right away.”

“Players love that they can run 9.3% faster, but NFL coaches and sports medicine staff really like that they are less likely to get hurt. This was recently proven by one of the best athletic research facilities in the world.”

“After a 6-month study by the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut, it is clear that VKTRY Insoles improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee when running, and shock absorption when landing,” said Dr. Douglas Casa, PhD, Professor of Kinesiology, CEO of KSI, and member of the NFL Medical Committee. “These changes can help protect athletes from getting hurt by making them safer.”

“Several of our players with nagging foot and ankle injuries have used VKTRY Insoles,” said Tennessee Titans Director of Sports Medicine Todd Toriscelli. “All of the players who have used VKs say that they feel less pain and have more support than they did with their old cleats.”

How long do Vktry Insoles last?

NFL athletes can wear out their VKs in 5-6 months even if they’ve been using them for over 3 years. The VKs will usually last nine to twelve months.

How is VKTRY Insoles different from others?

In our Vktry Insoles Review, we discovered that the insoles are genuine. They do help athletes perform better by giving them an advantage. They also have the effect of increasing the athlete’s speed. Their carbon fiber construction provides optimum stress absorption and significantly reduces injury risk. The insoles foam cushion stabilizes the heels and provides arch support. Furthermore, the insole’s curved design aids in energy storage and gives optimal energy return.

In addition, the insoles are actively advertised on social media platforms like as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Overall, the insoles perform admirably and are really beneficial to the athlete’s performance. Despite their high price tag, the insoles provide excellent performance.

Main Benefits

Better Performance: VKs have been tested and proven to increase ground force and explosiveness.

  • Faster: 40 yard dash: 0.12 sec faster
  • Higher: Vertical jump: 1.6” higher
  • Farther: Broad jump: +4.0” better

Increased Protection: VKTRY Insoles provide significantly greater stabilization of the knee, ankle and foot. Test of 263 athletes using VKs at 4 major Universities showed:

  • 41% less foot & toe injuries
  • 22% less lower leg injuries

Improved Recovery: VKTRY Insoles have been known to help athletes recover from injuries such as Turf Toe, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Jones Fractures, Lisfranc, Achilles, etc. We recommend you consult your doctor about all injury treatments.

Assured Comfort: The product provides foot comfort even when people wear their favorite shoes during the cold season. An anti-slip material on the inside, allows you to walk comfortably without ever having to worry about slipping. Also, it keeps the inside of your boot or shoe dry even if you walk or run through wet areas.

Multiple Colors: The product is available in a variety of colors to accentuate almost anything you wear. Wear them with formal, casual, and sporty clothes, as well as shoes and boots without having to worry about matching patterns.

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Why are VKTRY Insoles best for running?

The company, VKTRY, makes lightweight, carbon fiber insoles designed to help athletes jump higher, run faster, and avoid injury-just ask any Olympian or professional athlete who uses them. According to an independent scientific study conducted by a Ph.D., VKTRY Performance Insoles improve ankle and knee stability, shock absorption during landing, and overall explosiveness when running.

Additionally, they are designed specifically for your favorite athlete. They suggest the perfect insole based on a few specific factors (gender, sport, shoe size, weight, and age).

Pros and Cons

  • Faster, stronger, and more explosive
  • Convenient
  • Facilitates midfoot strike, similar to track spikes
  • When the energy returns, you really feel it
  • Different shoes can be worn with it
  • Fits some shoes but not all
  • Places foot slightly higher within the shoe
  • When changing direction rapidly and sharply, the edges of the insole can be felt by the toes.
  • Costly

Which Celebrities use VKTRY Insoles?

Over 200 NFL players will wear VKTRY insoles. This season, VKTRY GEAR said that a record number of NFL players will be wearing carbon fibre insoles as preseason workouts for the 2020 season get harder. A record number of players on 29 of the 32 NFL teams are now using the world’s first carbon fibre insoles to improve performance and protect themselves from injuries.

  • Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb
  • LV Raiders RB Josh Jacobs
  • Buffalo Bills RB Devin Singletary
  • SF 49ers WR “Deebo” Samuel
  • Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf
  • NY Jets DE Quinnen Williams
  • Buffalo Bills CB Josh Norman
  • Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller
  • LA Chargers OT Brian Bulaga
  • Denver Broncos TE Noah Fant
  • New York Giants TE Evan Engram
  • Buffalo Bills WR John Brown
  • Pittsburgh Steelers LB Devin Bush

This number is up 300% from last season, and it includes some of the NFL’s best young players and most respected veterans.

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What Professional Athletes Have To Say About VKTRY Insoles

Where to buy these insoles?

We advise you to purchase the VKTRY Insoles from their official website. The main reason behind this statement is that it would be easy to make returns. You could get some additional discount for the product.

VKTRY Insoles Price

There is a $169 price difference between Gold and Silver Vktry Insoles. VK’s original insoles are gold. Carbon Fiber of the highest quality. There is no comparison. Made from high-quality carbon fiber composite, the Silver VK is a more affordable evolution of the original Gold VK.

VKTRY Insoles will always be premium priced due to the high level of product engineering and carbon fiber quality. We should be able to lower our costs and prices down as we expand up our business. All athletes should have the opportunity to experience the VKTRY difference.

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In general, the VKTRY performance insoles are excellent for a variety of sports. They improve performance and give sportsmen with a high level of comfort. They are well worth the money. Furthermore, they prevent sportsmen from injuries and aid in maintaining foot stability. Their adaptability is also impressive. The insoles are fantastic and well worth purchasing. However, we urge all customers to consider their comfort and fit before placing an order, as this differs from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VKTRY Insoles come in different widths or arch types?

No, we do not make VKs in different widths or arch types. They have been designed with the different foot types in mind (neutral arch, low arch, and high arch), and our sizes are very generous in the width. Our VKs fit most foot types and sizes, but if there are any issues with comfort after trying, please contact us.

How can an insole help someone jump higher or run faster?

It’s not magic, it’s science. VKs act as a spring. When you bend your foot to run or jump, you are loading up the VK (storing energy). When you push off, the stored energy is returned to you. Think of archery and pulling a bowstring back, or deflecting a diving board; both are designed to store and release energy.

If I have flat feet, can I wear VKTRY Insoles?

Yes, athletes with flat feet (also called pes planus and fallen arches), actually love the feeling of VKs because it adds the “spring” that they are missing.

Do Vktry Inserts work?

Hundred percent they work! Highly recommended! The game changer! The insoles are amazing. One plus is that it fits very comfortably inside the shoe and doesn’t feel bulky.

How thick are Vktry Insoles?

The thickness varies according to the type of insole you buy. For example if you buy Silver VKTRY insoles, the thickness of 5mm is given. And if you buy Gold VKTRY the thickness is customized as 3, 5 and 7 mm based on the sport and shoes.