UltraLuma Lights Reviews: Is It Worth The Hype?

UltraLuma Lights Reviews: Is It Worth The Hype?

Is there something missing from your yard? As a result of completing the pergola, and laying the new stone pavers on the walkway, your walkway looks amazing. However, as the sun slowly fades on a beautiful day, you notice that your yard is in need of some light. Read the UltraLuma Lights Reviews with us.

Garden lighting solutions using solar energy are a cost-effective and practical choice. When you use solar energy, your lawn won’t need to be covered in cables. Solar energy is captured during the day by the lights, and the light is converted into light at night.

There is no need to worry about the cost of installing solar panels in your yard. A solar panel system can typically be purchased for less than $100 from an online retailer. As solar technology progresses toward better efficiency, LED bulbs continue to draw less power and battery life has improved.

A few years ago, solar lights were weak, and they often failed before the middle of the night, causing your yard to be in the dark. Several models of solar lights are available for your home today, with a variety of power and efficiency.

A solar light is a decorative lighting system that provides an air of mystery to your garden. In addition, there are solar security lights that are bright and alert you if there is any movement in your backyard at night.

You can find out here which solar system will work best for your garden if you don’t know which one to choose.

Here is a review of UltraLuma garden lights that offers something for everyone. Let’s get started

What are UltraLuma Lights?

Adding UltraLuma lighting to your home adds instant curb appeal without breaking the bank. You will be even more proud of your home when you choose this lighting solution.

When your guests see how stylish your home has become, they will “ooh” and “ahhh”. It will no longer seem like “just another house”. It will become a symbol of vibrant light in the neighborhood.

Imagine your neighborhood being a lighthouse. It’s going to be the talk of the neighborhood to drive by your bright house… “Hey, let’s drive by that bright house!”

Plus, UltraLuma floats in your pool, fountain, or other water feature, giving your home a style so unique that everybody will ask where you got it.

Features of UltraLuma Lights

  • Round: The Luma Lights are rounded rather than flat, so they provide you with 360 degrees of illumination, if you need it.
  • Lightweight and Compact: It’s so lightweight that most people can carry it in their palm, so it’s not difficult to carry. One of these is ideal if you want a bit of light while you’re out walking at night without carrying a larger flashlight. You’ll find that it can easily fit into a backpack or handbag when you aren’t using it.
  • Four Per Set: There are four Luma Lights in each set, so you can place them wherever you like. A couple of them can be used in the bedroom, made to go in the glove compartment, kept in a dark kitchen drawer, etc.
  • Remain Cool to Touch: It’s impossible to get burned by touching these lights, since they are always cool to the touch. You won’t have to worry about burning your children’s fingers if you leave them with them.
  • Come With Holders: Two white holders are included with every set of lights. Each one holds one light. When you remove the adhesive backing from the holder, you can stick it on any wall, such as a closet, and insert a light inside.

What Will UltraLuma Lights Do For My Home?

UltraLuma Lights in Garden
  • They will add instant fun when you are spending time in the backyard with your family.
  • The neighbors might be so curious that they peek over the fence to see what’s going on. Sadly, you won’t be able to invite them along.
  • It’s a sight to behold and guests will admire the light show. It is not surprising if they decide to take selfies with your lights.

What makes it the best solar led light?

  • 8 Vibrant Colors
  • 1 Light Only 
  • Wireless
  • Complicated Wiring Needed
  • Money-saving
  • Increases electricity costs
  • Doubles as Floating Pool Lights
  • Doesn’t work when exposed to water
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Hours of Labor to Install 
  • Auto On/Off
  • Must Switch On/Off Button


  • Make Great Night Lights: The Luma Lights get the job done well when placed beside the bed, especially for children. By using one for this purpose, you’ll be able to provide yourself with a bit of light so you can walk to the bathroom without worrying about almost blinding yourself with bright lamplight. In the event that your child falls asleep with their light on, it will automatically turn off nearly immediately, wasting almost no energy.
  • Can Help You Find Things: One of these lights will help you find small items in dark cabinets, crowded drawers, or your purse more easily if you have trouble finding them. If you have trouble seeing clearly enough to slide the key into the keyhole of your home or car door at night, you can use one to illuminate the keyhole.
  • Contribute to Safety: If you need to walk in the dark or if you simply want to make sure you’re safe while walking, you can carry one of these lights with you. Additionally, keeping one in your glove box will make it easier to exit your car at night since you can carry it instead of stepping into darkness.

How to install UltraLuma Lights?

UltraLuma Lights Installation

A disco-like pattern is created by UltraLuma’s color-changing LED bulbs. They are so colorful that from a distance, you will think you are at a colorful festival. Additionally, they are floatable. Suitable for parties in the backyard or swimming pool dips at night.

Install them in a location with direct sunlight. Solar panels harvest the sun’s rays to turn on automatically at night (no messy wiring or plugging in needed). To plant the stake, simply push it into the ground. Place the stake facing up on the water to use on water. Floating stakes are available. You can sit back and enjoy the bright LED lights at night; the lights will turn on automatically.

My Personal Experience

Day 1:

I was extremely pleased with how quickly the lights arrived. Immediately after receiving them, I installed all 1 dozen of them. Besides the pool, I put three in the backyard fire pit, three in the flower garden, and two along the path. Right after that, I went inside. It was stunning in the evening. I was not disappointed. 

My pool looked like something out of a magazine. My eyes were drawn to it. Rose, the neighbor next door, was immediately shocked when she peered over the fence. The lights also seemed to mesmerize her. 

Day 7:

Lights were a tremendous success, I cannot deny that. I ordered another 12 as soon as I received the first 12. It made me feel a bit uneasy that everyone could see that area, including passersby, neighbors, joggers, and drivers. Nonetheless, we decided to move forward… The plan worked well when night fell. Hank and Meg, the people across the street, wanted to know where we got the lights. Our front yard was the favorite of the neighbors living 4 houses down.

Day 30:

People stop and stare when they pass our house when jogging or walking their dogs. People usually remark on our house when they see it outside, such as “It looks fantastic!”and “Where did you get this?” I wanted to share that feeling with my family, so I ordered a dozen more for my parents, and my husband ordered 3 boxes for his sister. And of course they all loved it

Here are some of the UltraLuma Lights Reviews

How much is it going to cost?

In total, UltraLuma Lights will cost you $20.90, with a shipping charge of $5.95.


You won’t have to worry about a high electric bill. Installation is also a breeze. Lights absorb the sun’s energy during the day and automatically turn on at night. They won’t raise your electric bill like other outdoor lights. Installing them is also easy. When the evening comes, they automatically turn on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be used in water?

Yes they can! They are built to float and shine down stunning light in pools, hot tubs, or fountains.

How do they get power?

They charge with solar panels on top of each light – meaning no wiring for you!

Do they come with a stake for grass?

Yes, every light comes with an attachable stake to put in dirt or grass