SolarScape 2.0 Reviews: Solar LED Lights Worth It?

SolarScape 2.0 Reviews: Solar LED Lights Worth It?

While decorating a new house is exciting, updating your current home can also be enthralling. If it is impossible to see where the homeowner is walking, pulling into a repaved driveway with perfect evenness does not quite have the same effect. Read the SolarScape 2.0 Reviews with us.

Any home must have outdoor lighting, but installing it can be expensive. Nevertheless, this is a necessity. It is purely decorative to place a garden gnome or a wheelbarrow planter, but lighting improves safety for the user. Driving up to a beautiful home and then landing on the ground is something nobody wants to happen. Before now, the only options for outdoor lighting were to hire someone or purchase conventional lighting, but both options were very expensive. Obtain A professional look without a professional price with the SolarScape 2.0.

What is SolarScape 2.0?

Bright LED bulbs create SolarScape 2.0’s spotlights, which offer all the light you need without the high price tag. 7,000 Americans purchased SolarScape lights, which sold their lights to people who wanted to add a little light to their lawns.

With the upgraded version, you have more brightness options, seven color options, and three light modes. Installing these lights takes about 15 minutes, so users will have enough light to walk around their yard tonight without assistance. Consumers also save even more money than before, since the rates are already low.

Installing SolarScape 2.0 does not require the assistance of a professional. The light is bright and use it outdoors easily. No requirement of electricity to operate these weatherproof lights, so they are perfect for any home.

User need not activate them. By automatically turning on and off as the sun sets, the light gets brighter. In order to ensure that the user can see his or her walking path during the night, the light will remain on until the sun rises again.

Features of SolarScape 2.0

  • Revitalize Your Nightscape and Pathways: Your home’s facade will be highlighted by our ultra-bright LED spotlight. Additionally, the new multicolor feature enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.
  • Reinforce the Safety and Security of Your Property: With outdoor night lights that stay ON for a full 8 hours, intruders or burglars can no longer enter your property and home.
  • Fully Solar Powered: No additional electricity costs will be incurred. By harnessing the power of the sun, Solarscape 2.0 can brighten your yard at night.
  • Easy to install and operate: It’s solar-powered, so you just stake it into the ground and adjust the light beam angle, then you’re ready to go. No wiring required! The light turns on by itself!
  • Energy-efficient and Durable:  These are solarscape spotlights that are environmentally friendly and leave the smallest carbon footprint. Further, its IP44 rating makes it resistant to weather conditions.

How Does SolarScape 2.0 Color Spotlights Work?

SolarScape 2.0 Working

Self-charging solar panels are included with each SolarScape 2.0 spotlight, and they come preassembled in an IP44-rated housing. Installing the solar panels only takes a matter of minutes: choose a location with direct sunlight, stake them into the ground, switch them on, and then let the sun do the rest!

As soon as dusk falls, SolarScape 2.0’s innovative “Dusk to Dawn” sensor turns the lights on. Your lawn, porch, pathways, driveway, and garden are illuminated by dazzling lights that switch off at daybreak.

In contrast to traditional electrical lights, SolarScape 2.0 requires no batteries, wires, or bulbs to replace – saving you time, money, and the hassle of maintaining them.


  • 11 Ultra-Bright LEDs + 7 Vibrant Color Modes
  • Affordable, Durable, Long-Lasting Landscape Spotlights
  • Simple DIY Installation Takes Minutes
  • 4,000+ Americans Transformed Their Yards With Solarscape

How do I Illuminate SolarScape 2.0?

Here are some easy and affordable ways to illuminate your home

The Solarscape 2.0 game is currently only available online and not in stores.

The company is offering 55% off the regular price of this revolutionary new light to first-time customers right now. And unlike store-bought lights, the company offers free shipping and a 30-day guarantee.

After learning how to brighten and secure your home (without spending a lot of money & time on installation & maintenance), follow these steps:

  • Place your order at the official SolarScape 2.0 website
  • “Smart solar” outdoor lighting illuminates, beautifies, and protects your home.

How Does SolarScape 2.0 Compare to Store-Bought Lights?

SolarScape 2.0Store-Bought Lights
Easy, 15-Min InstallTime-consuming, complex installation
100% WirelessMessy wiring
Self-Charging, Solar-Powered LEDsMust replace bulbs & batteries
7 Unique Color Options1 Type of Light Color
Automatic On/Off FeatureRequires timers or manual switching
100% Weather-ResistantNot suited for all climates or seasons

We moved into a lovely home, but the street lights in our neighborhood just aren’t very bright. I’ve even driven past my own house on occasion because I couldn’t recognize it in the dark!

We got some string lights to put around the front entrance. It took a whole afternoon just to set them up. They worked okay for a few months, but then some of the bulbs simply burned out. Eventually we threw the whole thing away — total waste of money.

And then I saw an online blogger raving about SolarScape 2.0, saying they only took 15 minutes to install around her boxwood bushes and looked amazing.

So, I ordered a couple of boxes and that blogger wasn’t kidding. I simply had to stake them in the ground… done! But the best part? They run on 100% solar power: no extension cords, no outlets, no batteries, no added power bills.

What I really love is the automatic on/off feature. When I get home from work at night, they’re already on — bright, colorful, just beautiful. The front yard looks professionally lit and gives our whole house a much more modern, classy look. Plus, I haven’t overshot the driveway once since we put in these SolarScape… our home really stands out!

Bottom Line: This product is really impressive at a price-point you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to dramatically boost home security and beautify your entire property, SolarScape 2.0 is an excellent choice.

Personal Experience

SolarScape 2.0 Before and After

Our new home is lovely, but there aren’t many bright street lights in our neighborhood. My own house has even passed me by in the dark when I couldn’t recognize it! Now, the entire front area is illuminated. Putting them up took all afternoon. Several bulbs burned out after a few months.

Then I came across an online blogger who was raving about solar-powered landscapes, saying that they only took 15 minutes to install and looked amazing.

That blogger wasn’t kidding when he said that I would be getting a few boxes. It was as simple as stake them in the ground. How cool was that?

Automatic on/off is one of my favorite features. The lights are already on when I get home from work at night – bright, colorful, just lovely. With a professionally lit front yard, our entire house looks more modern and classy. Additionally, since we put in SolarScape, I haven’t overshot the driveway once.

SolarScape 2.0 Reviews from Consumer Reports

How much does it cost?

SolarScape 2.0 is beautiful and useful, but right now it cannot be purchased in stores. There is no other website that sells them besides the official website, and they are far better than all the alternatives available in stores.

Four solar lights are included in each package of SolarScape 2.0. However, users can choose to order more lights at a time if they want to cover more of their outdoor space at once.

Choose from:

  • 4 SolarScape 2.0’s for $13.97 each
  • 8 SolarScape 2.0’s for $12.97 each
  • 12 SolarScape 2.0’s for $11.97 each
  • 20 SolarScape 2.0’s for $9.97 each
  • 24 SolarScape 2.0’s for $9.47 each

Payments can be made viaPayPal or credit card.

Customers can get a refund within 30 days if they don’t find the product to meet their needs.

About Brightology

Brightology is a home lighting company found online at The company sells several home lighting products designed for use inside and outside the home.

Popular Brightology products include Lumeflame, Colorize, Ultraluma, and Colorluma. The company’s products have been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, among other major media.

All Brightology products are backed by a 30-day moneyback guarantee. The company has 200,000+ satisfied customers worldwide.

You can contact Brightology via the following:

Phone: 949-502-0150


Brightology, LLC is registered in Wyoming.


How does the SolarScape 2.0 system improve upon the original model?

This new model features 11 intensely bright bulbs. Plus, it features full-color LEDs with three different patterns and seven color options.

How many SolarScape devices should customers order?

The size of the customer’s yard will play a substantial role in how many lights they need. Most people purchase 12 SolarScapes or more since four lights are usually enough to light up a couple of trees, a small garden, or a pond.

How many days will SolarScape 2.0 take to deliver?

Most of these lights ship out within 5-8 business days.

What if the user is not happy with SolarScapes 2.0?

There is a 30-day protection policy on all orders. If the user doesn’t like the performance, design, or anything else about the lights, they can return them for a full refund.

For other questions, reach out to customer service at


SolarScape 2.0 is a cost-effective and attractive way to illuminate a dark yard at night. No requirement of electricity to run the lights, making them incredibly bright. It measures the amount of illumination needed based on how dark it is outside with a solar light. The multiple color options allow anyone to customize their home to their tastes.