TrifiBoost Booster Wifi Extender Reviews

TrifiBoost Booster Wifi Extender Reviews

If you are the one who has a small house and still the internet is slower, Than Trifiboost is the best solution. Trifiboost Booster is the solution for every internet user.

It had happened with us, and even it happens with every single user. Our internet speed is excellent; still, we receive slow speed.

Ordinary people do know internet connectivity? They get it checked by an internet service provider guy.

What is TrifiBoost Booster?

TrifiBoost is a WiFi extender that that connects to your existing WiFi connection and acts as an extension to the same. It effectively rebroadcasts the WiFi signal to make sure dead zones in your house also get ample internet connectivity.

TrifiBoost works over both a 2.4GHz band and a 5GHz band for convenience to the user. If either of the frequency bands is ineffectively providing internet to your house, you can easily switch to the other and enjoy full functionality again.

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How does TrifiBoost Booster works?

Follow the steps below on using the TrifiBoost Booster.

  1. Plug the device to a wall outlet
  2. Connect the device to your home/office network by logging on the set up site on an internet browser.
  3. Use the login credentials available on the manual.
  4. Select your preferred mode.
  5. Connect to the internet.
  6. It’s recommended that after the initial set up that users immediately change the login credentials to prevent unauthorized access.


TrifiBoost Wifi Booster

  • Antenna: Left – 2.4G, Middle – 5G, Right – 2.4G
  • Supported Networks: 2.4G, 5G


  • Wireless Mode
  • Wireless Repeater Mode
  • Router Mode

Package Includes 1x TrifiBoost Wi-Fi AP/Router, 1xEU Plug, 1xUS Plug,1xQuick Installation Guide, 1xRJ45 Cable.

Technical Facts

Unfortunately, there is hardly any information on the technical properties. What is clear is that the device supports both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands in terms of the Wifi network. It’s easy to set up and designed so that the user doesn’t have to set anything up separately. It is suitable for all rooms in the household and can even be used in hard-to-reach places where the WLAN usually has problems.

  • Boosts your signal, extending its range dramatically.
  • Makes sure you get the full speed you’re paying for in EVERY room.
  • Easy to set up and works with both computers and mobile devices.
  • It can extend your network, even in the most signal-resistant rooms!
  • 5GHz to work with every router.
  • Data transfer at 433 Mbps
  • Three antennas for better coverage
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • 30-day guarantee

TrifiBoost Booster Modes

Wireless AP Mode: The Device is connected to a wired network then transforms the wired internet access into wireless so that multiple devices can share the internet. This mode is fit for office, home and places where only wired network is available.

Wireless Repeater Mode: The Device copies and reinforces the existing wireless signal to extend the coverage of the signal.

This mode is especially useful for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners. This mode is fit for a large house, office, warehouse or other spaces here the existing signal is weak.

Router Mode: The Device is connected to a DSL or cable modem and works as a regular wireless router. This mode is fit for an environment where Internet access from DSL or cable modem is available for one user but more users need to share the Internet.

LED Indicators

POWER/WPSON: The device is power on.
OFF: The device is not receiving electrical power.
Slow Flashing: The device WPS Waiting Client Connection
Fast Flashing: The device connecting to your AP/Router
ON: Ethernet port is connected
OFF: The Ethernet port is disconnected
Flashing: Data Transferring
WiFiON: WiFi is available
OFF: WiFi is unavailable

Why do I need this WiFi Booster?


The target group that will definitely make good use of the Wifi Booster is mainly those who want to improve their own Internet. It is irrelevant whether they live in an apartment or a house. As the product mainly supports the elimination of dead zones, it is suitable for households that have such zones and want to eliminate them.

It does not matter whether they are young or old. The latter will be just as comfortable with the appliance as the younger generation, as it is easy to use and simply plugs into the mains for this purpose. The Wifi booster takes care of everything else by itself. It is also irrelevant whether the user is male or female. In principle, everyone can benefit from this device and set up a connection over 5 GHz.

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How to Use TrifiBoost Wifi Booster?


One concern that a lot of people have when they order a device like this is that it will be much more complicated than advertised. Sure, it may come with manual, but sometimes it turns out to be in a different language, which is very unhelpful.

We can tell you right now that this one is made to be as easy to setup and begin using as possible. It comes with manual, but we can tell you how to use it right here and now so that you feel prepared to install it in your home. Here’s how to do your TrifiBoost wifi extender setup:

  1. Locate any dead-spots in your home
  2. Find an outlet halfway between your router and the dead-spots you identified
  3. Plug the device into that outlet
  4. Wait for the lights on the front of the device to turn green
  5. Once the light turn green, your signal is being extended and you should have much better coverage!
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What is a WiFi Extender?

Just like the name says, it’s a device designed to extend the connection of your WiFi. To be honest, at first, I didn’t even know this was an option. I thought the only way to boost your WiFi was to buy more coverage. In fact, I thought I was falling for a Trifiboost scam. Thankfully, I was wrong.

The Trifiboost can boost your internet connection and eliminate dead spots throughout larger homes and offices with multiple users. Trifiboost reviews even claim that they have boosted their connections without having to increase their monthly bills. This could be putting money back into your pockets in the long run.

When it comes to WiFi, many people think to themselves, “What is the best bundle package I can get for more WiFi?”. This is the wrong question you are asking. The real question should be “How can I extend the WiFi I already have without spending another penny?”. This is where Trifiboost comes in.

What Does This WiFi Booster Do?


The main purpose of this product is to strengthen the Wi-Fi range, so that you’ll receive fast network connection to browse the internet no matter where you are around the house.

Internet coverage is always needed in our household and that is what TriFiBoost does for you. It creates a better internet coverage with 5 GHz Wi-Fi network and thus also for fast internet.

TriFiBoost Wi-Fi extender promises to eliminate all dead zones in your household by strengthening the range of the Wi-Fi connection with the 3 additional antennas. This device amplifies all signals and readily provides you with high-speed internet to browse, watch your favourite series and so on.

What makes TrifiBoost WiFi Booster so essential?


SUPERCHARGES YOUR WIFI NETWORK: Trifiboost ensures you a strong and steady internet connection in ANY part of your home! It can extend your network’s range, and at SUPER FAST speeds of up to 433 Mbps on the 5GHz band.

PERFECT FOR COMPUTERS, MOBILE DEVICES, AND ONLINE GAMING CONSOLES: The extended WiFi range provided by TriFiBoost makes it easy to use any of your WiFi-capable devices in any part of your home.

GIVES A SUPER BOOST TO YOUR WIFI RANGE: What good is a WiFi network if you can’t use it in certain rooms? The extended range provided by TriFiBoost makes that problem disappear forever, and you can add more units to extend your range even farther!

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Pros and Cons

  • TriFiBoost is lightweight and portable.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • It is completely user-friendly.
  • TriFiBoost provides enhanced signal strength and reduces dead zone.
  • TriFiBoost has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, which filters the signals and prevents them from overlapping.
  • It comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Limited stock.
  • It can only be bought online, though it’s not a problem because most people already purchase different products online.

TrifiBoost TroubleShooting and Manual

Some of the users may experience problem while using the TriFiBoost. All the information has been provided except the complete setup guide. Please check the manual below for any troubleshoot problem.

TriFiBoost Manual

What does the Boost button do?

Use the Boost button to increase TriFiBoost’s power by 25% from Eco mode. This helps amplify your Internet signal during busy times. The LED ring light will light up during use. You can also switch back to Eco mode to save power when Internet use is at a minimum.

TrifiBoost Reviews Consumer Reports

Where To Buy

There are many TriFiBoost knock-offs on the internet, but very few even come close to TriFiBoost’s capabilities. Its powerful triple antenna setup is arduous to replicate, making it the most efficient for WiFi range coverage. Be careful when you see similar products online, and only buy TriFi Boost on a trustworthy site. 

You can purchase TriFiBoost from ixWallet. There is a promotion going on right now that gives a 50% discount to TriFi Boost purchases. If you hurry, you can get it 50% off too! The store even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your product. So what are you waiting for? Grab a TriFi Boost and say goodbye to lousy WiFi!

TrifiBoost WiFi Booster Price

The company is currently providing the TrifiBoost Wifi Booster at 50% Discount. You may need to select the type of plug you need: US, EU, AU, UK. Check price below:

  • 1 + US Plug for $69.99
  • 2 + US Plug for $139.98
  • 3 + US Plug for $157.48

Note: Price may change for the type of plug you select.

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What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x TrifiBoost Wi-Fi AP/Router
  • EU Plug
  • US Plug
  • 1 x Quick Installation Guide
  • 1 x RJ45 Cable

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Is TrifiBoost compatible with US outlets?

Yes. When ordering from the website, you may select the adaptor that fits your outlets. Available options are for US, EU, AU, UK.

What if my home internet is not wireless?

You may use TrifiBoost to enable a wireless internet function. If you have a wired network, select the Wireless AP Mode. Alternatively, if you have a cable modem, select the Router Mode.

How many devices can I connect to the to TrifiBoost’s when in router mode?

There is no limit to the devices you can connect to the router. However, connecting 5 or more devices may cause the internet speed to slow down.

How do if it suddenly stops working?

Check all cables and connections. If all is in order, try resetting the device by pressing on the reset button for 3 seconds. If the issue persists, call customer support.

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