SolVolt Solar Charger Reviews: Legit Or Hoax?

SolVolt Solar Charger Reviews: Legit Or Hoax?

We all don’t want to be in the situation when our phone battery runs out. We don’t have to do anything since our phone is dead or has a low battery. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll just have to rearrange your phone activities. Read the SolVolt Solar Charger reviews.

Not only may you miss out on key events due to your rescheduling, but you could also lose out on critical information. It would not be a problem if it was about accessing the internet, watching a movie, or playing games.

But wait, there’s more! You can miss out on something incredibly vital and real. Imagine missing a key call from an interviewer that may get you your ideal job, or an emergency call from a loved one, or being denied vital information that could make you yell Jackpot! However, you lose out on that information or update since your phone is dead. If that hasn’t occurred to you yet, make sure it doesn’t since it is very aggravating.

Also, even if your neighbourhood has a consistent source of electricity, you can’t leave your phone plugged in all the time. What if you’re out in nature, on a hike, camping, or on a road trip? Because there are no socket outlets around, how can you keep your phone’s battery charged?

What if you want to watch Netflix, phone friends and family, make a video chat, or post anything on social media? What if you’re lost in the woods and need a Google map, or if you need to phone 911 in an emergency? Even when you’re not at home, your phone has a lot of capabilities. And if there’s one bit of advice you should remember today, it’s to never let anything die. It might save your life.


Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned about any of them anymore. With this approach that our team discovered, you can keep your phone alive for hours or even days. This solution or product is now shaking up the online retail industry, and its popularity stems from the fact that it is a unique, inexpensive, cost-effective, and efficient device that preserves battery life and keeps your phone active at all times. Everyone who sees this product wants to take it home with them. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to be left behind on this. So, what exactly is this item? The Solvolt Solar Charger is its name.

Due to its adaptable ports, the Solvolt Solar Charger is making waves in the online retail market as a power bank that never runs out of juice and can be used to charge any device, including a laptop, MacBook, mobile phone, and headphones. It’s a battery saver that can restore your phone’s battery life to 100%, and you may use it in tandem with your other devices without the Solvolt charger running out of juice.

Users of this device claim that you can charge your phone anywhere and at any time with this Solvolt Solar Charger, and that you never have to worry about running out of juice. Many buyers and users have endorsed this product. It’s more like the town’s conversation. Take a look at this one.

What is Solvolt Solar Charger?

SolVolt Solar Charger

If you’ve been looking for a portable but powerful solar charger, your quest is over. This system has the ability to charge two gadgets at the same time. It’s simple to use, can be transported fast, and can be used almost anyplace. This is a lightweight yet durable gadget that will last for years. It’s created in the United States using the most cutting-edge current technologies available.

The Solvolt Solar Charger is marketed as the finest gadget for emergency scenarios since it comes in handy when you need power the most but are unable to access electrical energy. For example, if you don’t have access to electricity, you can use it to contact a rescue team or the police.

SolVolt is a solar battery charger that is ideal for use in the outdoors. With it, you won’t have to worry about your phone battery dying in the middle of a webinar, and you won’t have to worry about your laptop battery dying in the middle of a webinar. Yes, a dead vehicle battery in the middle of a trip might be frightening, but with Solvolt, it will be the least of your concerns.

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Features of SolVolt Charger

Safety On The Go: Go hiking, camping, climbing, or on long journeys without worrying about losing touch. As long as there’s sunlight, you can quickly and easily connect back to the world.

Charge 2 Devices At Once: Plug in any two USB devices simultaneously for a full, sun-fueled charge up.

High Volume Energy Capacity: 10,000mAH can charge a Samsung or iPhone 3+ times before the unit needs refueling.

Fully Waterproof: Safe to use in the rain without concern of damage.

Shockproof: No need to treat it like a delicate piece of equipment! The SolVolt is made for ultimate survivability in all conditions.

All-Weather Durability: The SolVolt is built to last in rugged mountaineering conditions including rain, snow, wind, and dirt.

Compact and Portable: Easily fits into a backpack for easy carrying.

Easy to Use: Simply snap it on the back of your backpack while hiking or lay it out in the sun to recharge the unit.

Built-in LED Flashlight: Use the flashlight as a backup in case of emergencies so you’ll never be without light.

How does it work?

The Solvolt Solar Charger is the most user-friendly charger. All you have to do is leave it out in the sun for two hours. It will then be billed as well as shopped by solar energy.

You may attach whatever you want to charge to the device’s two USB ports. The two USB ports can both be used at the same time. This tool’s features are also simple to use because they can be accessed with only a few clicks. Even if you have no prior technical experience, you will be able to operate the Solvolt Solar Charger effectively.

Photovoltaic or pv modules will undoubtedly charge this device when exposed to sunshine. The same cutting-edge technology is utilized to power satellites. The energy is harvested from the sun and stored in the gadget, where it can last for several days. So, if you need to use your phone when away from a power source, make sure you fully charge it and bring it with you. It will be able to charge your other gadgets in the same manner that electrical energy would.

How is SolVolt Solar Charger Different From Others?

SolVolt Solar Charger

Despite the fact that there are a plethora of portable power bank alternatives, SolVolt has a number of advantages over the competition.

Ideal for outdoor activities

You may continue your explorations without missing any crucial updates, emails, or reminders if you are an adventure seeker who enjoys spending time outside, close to nature. SolVolt would be available to assist you charge your electronics and connect to the rest of the world as long as there is sunshine.

Option for dual charging:

With a SolVolt charger, you can charge two phones, two laptops, or a phone and a laptop. Check the battery before connecting these devices in to charge; otherwise, they may not be fully charged.

High-efficiency energy use:

SolVolt is a high-efficiency battery with a 10,000 mAH capacity. It is sufficient to charge your phone many times over the course of several days.


SolVolt includes a built-in flashlight that may be utilised in an emergency when there is no power and no light. Because it lasts longer than the normal flashlight, you may use it to find your way on camping or trekking trips.

With all of these features, SolVolt appears to be something you should never leave at home. It is a must-have for everyone because of its ease and simplicity of use. This gadget will connect you to the rest of the world no matter where you travel or what the weather conditions are. It has passed all of the safety testing and has been determined to be safe for the phone.

When you have your charging device with you, you won’t have to worry about a low battery. You may watch as many programmes as you want or take as many images as you want without worrying about your phone turning off.

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Main Benefits

Because the need to charge your gadgets—mobile phones, computers, and even automobile batteries—is never far away, the advantages of this solar battery charger (SolVolt) are all around you. With Solvolt, you can perform all of these things from anywhere.

SolVolt is small and light, so you can take it with you everywhere you go to charge your device’s battery. The major advantage of utilizing this charger is that it allows you to charge your smartphone without the use of an external power source. It comes in handy when doing outdoor activities.

You may take it with you when you go out for a picnic or a party with your pals. By using this unusual charger, you may stay connected with your friends and family members while you are away from home and do not have access to a power source to charge your gadgets.

There are also some less obvious advantages. One example is environmental friendliness. SolVolt produces no emissions, trash, or leftovers after it is made. In the event of an unexpected battery drain, the SolVolt solar battery charger can save the day. It can assist in extending the life of a stationary vehicle’s battery. It’s also environmentally friendly, so it can help you cut down on your carbon impact. After all, it may be worthwhile to invest.

How To Use SolVolt Charger?

It’s a piece of cake to use the SolVolt charger, which makes it ideal for all outdoor activities such as picnics, family gatherings, weddings, and family excursions. It guarantees that you don’t have to sacrifice your phone’s charge just because you don’t have access to a power source.

  1. Before you go, charge the SolVolt power bank with electricity or solar power.
  2. Connect it to your phone using the USB connector and the phone charger.
  3. Use two devices at the same time. Without doing anything, the billing would begin immediately. When you’ve used your SolVolt solar power gadget a few times, remember to recharge it. Its battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAH and must be recharged before usage.


  • Easy to use.   
  • Shockproof, dust-proof, and waterproof   
  • It can charge two devices at a time  
  • Portable   
  • LED flashlight for emergencies   
  • It uses a polycrystalline panel to charge through sunlight  
  • Dimensions are 2.2 inches (width) and 4 inches (length)   
  • Highly energy efficient   
  • Works well both on iOS and android   
  • Comes in different colors   
  • Capacity is 10,000 mAH  

What makes SolVolt Solar Charger special?


Solvolt solar charger is an outdoor charging device or outlet that uses solar energy, or energy derived from the sun, to keep your phone charged for as long as you like. It is designed to allow users to keep their phones charged while participating in strenuous activities. Because of its efficiency, this one charging gadget has blown up the market. We continue to receive orders and testimonies concerning this item on a daily basis.

You may go on a stroll, travel, trek, or go camping in the wilderness with this gadget and never have to worry about your battery dying. It’s a slim, portable, and tiny gadget that can connect to any device, not just your phone.

Having all of your device batteries charged while on vacation is like having your barrels full of juice and water during a drought, in my opinion. That’s how you feel. Solar photovoltaic technology is used in this Solvolt charger, which is not a new invention. Agencies, particularly NASA, have employed this technique to power their spacecraft. Photovoltaic technology has emerged as the primary source of electricity and energy for satellites circling the globe in space, according to research.

Isn’t it cool? It doesn’t end there, though. Science has intervened to ensure that you and I profit from this more efficient technological improvement. Since then, attempts have been made to develop products that utilise solar photovoltaic technology. And to make gizmos that aren’t too big and heavy. Compact, elegant, and portable gadgets, on the other hand. So, with the help of a team of experts, the makers of the Solvolt charger created this elegant, portable, and effective charging gadget.

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How to charge it?

SolVolt solar chargers include two charging methods: one uses solar photovoltaic panels to collect sunlight and create energy, while the other uses a battery. You must choose a clean location with direct sunshine and keep the gadget there for at least two hours to do this. It can be completely charged in under two hours.

The second alternative is to charge SolVolt batteries using an electric source. You’ll need an electric source and a connecting cord for this. Connect it to the outlet for two hours and then unplug it after it’s completely charged. Both of these methods are beneficial, simple, and practical. They do not necessitate any special technological understanding on the part of the user.

How much effective is SolVolt Solar Charger?

SolVolt Solar Charger

Now, let’s talk about what’s been on your mind since you’ve been reading this. Allow me to assist you with your thoughts. Solvolt is effective! Not only does it function as a gadget, but it also functions in a mind-blowing manner. The Solvolt Charger can charge your phone to 100% (battery full) 3-5 times before it runs out of juice and has to be recharged.

This means that this supplementary charging device can keep your phone and other gadgets charged for days, if not weeks. Let’s take a break for a moment. Have you noticed that this charging gadget differs from what has been stated? Let me say it again so you understand. The Solvolt charger charges itself by using the sun. This means that when the item runs out of power, you won’t need to use any electricity or electrical energy to recharge it.

The Solvolt may be powered up and charged once the sun is out, regardless of the intensity, low or high. Let’s talk about the weather. You could wonder if this charger can be used in any weather; well, it is my responsibility to inform you that the Solvott is unaffected by the weather; this gadget is described as a robust charging device. It is made to endure every weather condition, including heavy snow, rain, dust, and strong winds.

It was designed to be tough since one of the most common complaints people have about other solar chargers is that they are not lasting and can be ruined in harsh weather, even with a simple change in weather. You uncover a damaged charger with just a droplet of water. Solvolt has created the world’s first tough charger, and you can rest confident that your device will be safe no matter what the weather throws at it.

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SOLVOLT Solar Charger Vs Other Chargers

Can charge different devices: Unlike other chargers, SolVolt solar charger can be used on various devices, not just the phone alone; that is not the case with commonly available power banks. 

Instant flashlight: it offers instant access to an LED flashlight that is much needed in the case of an emergency. You can also use it as a torch if there is no torch available. 

Works without electricity: it can also work without electricity as it can be charged through the sun. Wherever you go, the sun is always there, and it will never stop shining. So there is no reason this device would disappoint you in any way. 

Safe investment: compared to all other options, SolVolt comes with all necessary information regarding the product and the company manufacturing it. Plus, the company also has a refund policy to cater to unhappy customers. 

Where To Buy SolVolt Solar Charger

You may place an order straight from the product’s official website and take advantage of all of the available deals and discounts. It’s also less expensive and more dependable.

The product is exclusively available to residents of the United States. If you are from another nation, you will not be able to obtain it. The firm gives a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, however you must cover the postage costs when returning the item.

Pros and Cons

  • Huge battery capacity
  • Solar powered charging
  • Two USB ports
  • LED flashlightlight for emergency illumination
  • Lightning fast charging
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Compact and portable
  • Compatible with various devices; Android, iPhone etc,
  • Can charge two devices at once
  • It can only be bought through the official website.
  • Stock is limited due to increase in demand

SolVolt Solar Charger Reviews Consumer Reports

How much does it cost?

First and foremost, only purchase The Solvolt Solar Charger from their official website. Purchasing it anywhere else does not ensure that you will receive the original product. You’ll spend $89.99 on a single Solvolt Solar Charger.

If you purchase two Solvolt Solar Charger devices, you will receive a discount and will pay just 79.89 for each unit. The discount grows as the number of units purchased increases. Each product will cost just 69.98 if purchased in multiples of three, and $59.98 if purchased in multiples of four.

The greater the discount, the more units you purchase. If you have friends or family members who also require the Solvolt Solar Charger, you may combine your resources and purchase many units. The firm provides free delivery, and the merchandise should arrive between 10 to 18 days.


This device is for you if you frequently go to locations that are off the grid. It’s made for camping excursions and emergency situations. This gadget will keep you charged and connected at all times. It’s reasonably priced, and you may save a lot of money if you buy many units. The best part about this device is that it won’t harm your batteries and works with both iOS and Android smartphones. Overall, this item is well worth the money you invest in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What devices can I charge with SolVolt?

SolVolt charges all the leading smartphones and computers.

Do I have to recharge SolVolt with sunlight?

You can use the solar panel or simply plug in SolVolt to recharge it.

How long does it take to fully re-charge the SolVolt?

SolVolt takes roughly 2 hours to fully re-charge, depending on the power source.

Can I use my own power cord with the SolVolt?

Yes, any USB cord can be used.