Boltz Pro Charger Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

Boltz Pro Charger Reviews: The benefits of mobile devices cannot be overstated: quicker and more fluid communication, access to a variety of information, photo and document archives, and so on. However, as useful as they may appear, they will be rendered worthless if the battery is depleted; therefore, charging your mobile device is vital. Despite the fact that virtually all mobile devices come with a charger, we frequently misplace or break the charger over time.

The majority of common adaptive chargers on the market today have issues like sluggish charging, continuing to charge your mobile device even after it is fully charged, generating a lot of heat, and requiring you to wait for one device to be entirely charged.

Fortunately, Boltz Pro comes to our rescue with an excitingly new and innovative method of charging your mobile device, which, among other things, relieves you of the burden of having to wait a long time for your gadget to be fully charged. Boltz Pro can charge your phone extremely quickly, allowing it to be completely charged in a matter of seconds. This review will help you understand the advantages of Boltz Pro and why you should own one.

What is Boltz Pro Charger?

Boltz Pro Charger

Boltz Pro‘s super-fast charging is made possible by the newest QC 3.0 technology, which makes it four times quicker than any other charger. Simply said, it charges your battery from zero to seventy percent in about 35 minutes. Its architecture also makes it backward compatible, allowing it to provide additional rapid charging for both QC 2.0 and QC 1.0 devices. Because of its four-port design, it helps to declutter your workspace by eliminating the need for several chargers for different devices. With QC 3.0 compliant devices, the top port pumps a steady current for rapid charging at 18W. At the same time, at a 5V output, the bottom three ports automatically adjust the current rating for devices.

Boltz Pro features a patented technology, also known as Smart Integrated Circuit Technology, that uses Intelligent Current Recognition to automatically detect the plugged-in device and regulate the output according to its needs, according to the company’s website. This function reduces the risk of harm to your device or battery, as well as the potential of overheating. Boltz Pro’s unique selling proposition is a combination of speed, safety, compatibility, and superior modern-day technology.

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Features of Boltz Pro Charger

Boltz Pro Charger makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide consumers with a whole new way to charge their mobile devices. Boltz Pro’s qualities that make it efficient and exceptional are listed below.

  1. Intelligent Surge Protection is now available: Boltz Pro is equipped with full-spectrum current identification surge protection to avoid overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting of your device. Surge protection helps assure energy efficiency, prevents heat radiation, and disconnects your device once it is completely charged, which is one of the benefits of Boltz Pro.
  2. Most Gadgets are Compatible: Boltz Pro is intended to work with a variety of devices. This adaptable charger is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. It works with iPhones 6/ 6Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, and 11 models. Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung Note 8, Note 9, S6 Edge, S7, S8/S8 Plus, S9, and S10 are also supported. However, unlike the devices stated above, Boltz Pro does not support Motorola One Vision, iPhone, Google Pixel series devices, or any other “NON-quick-charging device;” as a result, rapid charging and other benefits may not be available.
  3. Materials that are resistant to fire: Boltz Pro is made of high-quality, non-hazardous materials for maximum durability. These materials are fireproof, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of fire from sparks or other sources.
  4. Time and space are saved: Boltz Pro saves customers time and space when charging their mobile devices due to its ultrafast charging capabilities and ability to charge several devices simultaneously. It can also prevent wire clusters.
  5. 4 Ports that adapt: Boltz Pro features four adaptable charging connections for numerous devices. The topmost port is used to detect QC 3.0 fast-charging devices, while the other three ports may be used to charge both fast and regular devices.

How is Boltz Pro different from others?

Boltz Pro Charger

Boltz Pro isn’t only for QC 3.0 anymore! It can charge any of your gadgets with a USB connection, including older fast charging devices. Simply insert the USB cable into the port, and the clever current identification system will detect your device and give the appropriate power. At the same time, you may plug in many devices that demand different current, such as cellphones, iPads, tablets, Kindles, speakers, and so on. The charger recognises each port’s specific output requirements and changes the required precise current level as needed. Boltz Pro will not “fry” your gadget by overheating, overcharging, or short-circuiting it.

The built-in surge protection will cease generating current if the voltage reaches the maximum safe level of 33W total. It’s completely safe! When reading reviews, there are a few aspects that jump out and are the reason why over 1,000 people have given this product a 5-star rating: Boltz Pro is not only compatible with contemporary QC 3.0 technology, but also with older versions. For rapid charging, previous generation devices with QC 2.0/QC 1.0 can be plugged in.

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How does it work?

The battery is made up of two electrodes (one positive and one negative) and an electrolyte that can accelerate the process that transforms chemicals into new ones. Ions – atoms with too few or too many electrons — build up in the electrodes over time, pushing electrons to the battery’s negative external terminal and charging your phone. This is a standard process that Boltz Pro goes through in order to ensure efficient charging.

These chemical processes only happen once in non-rechargeable batteries. The reaction is “reversible” in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power smartphones. The chemical process creates electrical energy when the battery is depleted, and it absorbs electrical energy when the battery is charged. As a result, we’ve figured out how the battery charges and discharges. Charging utilising high-quality products like Boltz Pro helps to extend the phone’s life. However, you must learn how to do it rapidly.

Because we’re talking about volts, the BOLTZ PRO charger has enough volts to charge the gadget. Here’s a refresher on amperes and watts from the debate. Voltage is measured in volts, current is measured in amperes, and electrical power is measured in watts. A garden hose is a popular analogy: Volt is equivalent to the hose’s water pressure; current is equal to flow; and wattage is equal to the nozzle’s volume. The product of volt and ampere is watt, which is volt (V) multiplied by ampere.

The Boltz Pro charger can charge the battery quicker by using greater current and higher voltage, however they have a limited capacity. When electricity is sent through, the smartphone battery is charged. Faster charging is possible with higher current and voltage, but the capacity of the batteries is restricted. When compared to other charging devices, Boltz Pro has an infinite charging capacity.

The charge controller (IC) keeps current spikes to a minimum. The Boltz Pro charger’s controller chip manages the overall current in and out of the battery. Lithium-ion controllers, in general, define the charging current (in amperes) by monitoring the current and voltage of the Boltz Pro charger and then changing the current pouring in. To alter the input voltage, some employ DC-DC converters, while more modern integrated circuits ramp the current by adjusting the resistance between the charger input and the battery terminals.

Who can use Boltz Pro?

Boltz Pro is a great option for those that are always on the go, travel, and appear to work in more than one or two locations every day. Whether it’s a trip from your house to the workplace to a client’s building or a train ride with six passengers sharing a single socket, the Boltz Pro solves your charging problems faster than others around you.

How to use it?

  1. You need to eliminate the charger from the pack.
  2. Partner the charger to the standard power connection.
  3. Partner the USB connection of your device to the given ports.
  4. Supplement the contrary completion of the USB connection to the device you need to charge.
  5. Switch on the connection and see your contraption charging 4× speedier than a standard charger

What Customers Say About Boltz Pro Charger

How much does it cost?

Boltz Pro features a number of promotions centred around the product. Everyone has a realistic offer, whether you desire one for yourself, each family member, or each colleague in your organisation.

The Boltz Pro is available at the following prices:

  • $29.00 for one charger
  • Three chargers costs $23.00
  • $17.99 for a set of 5 chargers

Customers may pay with PayPal or credit cards, and their websites are secure thanks to the usage of an SSL protocol. Furthermore, this American-owned firm provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the charger. The firm is also providing a 3-year warranty and extended protection coverage to all new clients, which may be purchased at the time of purchase:

  • Extended Warranty for 1x USB Quick Charger $7.20
  • 3x Boltz Pro USB Quick Chargers $13.80
  • Extended Warranty on 5x USB Quick Chargers $17.99
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Where To Buy Boltz Pro Charger

Buy your Boltz Pro device from the official website if you want high-quality products at a fair price. The best thing is that it will be available at a 50% discount. There are three different packages available on the website right now, and the more you buy, the more you save.


Is there a G-type plug for use in Europe?

No. Although the voltage is compatible with most European voltages, it is not compatible with the US voltage. If you buy it in the United States, be sure you have an adaptor for the plug.

Is it possible to charge Apple devices via the QC 3.0 connection without their overheating?

Yes. The QC 3.0 connector allows Apple devices to charge rapidly without overheating.

Is it possible to charge the Kindle Fire HD8 and HD10 tablets with this charger?

Yes. Both can be charged with it.


With Boltz Pro, you can now simplify your charging and assure the safety of your smartphone while charging. Boltz Pro introduces QC charging and four adaptive charging connections, redefining charging. This gadget is absolutely amazing. Visit the official Boltz Pro website to learn more about the gadget and how to use it.