SmartDOT Reviews: Does This Anti Radiation Sticker Work?

SmartDOT Reviews: Does This Anti Radiation Sticker Work?

SmartDOT Reviews: Electronic gadgets are everywhere around us. They are all over wherever you go. We all have smartphones in our pockets. Done we all have laptops at our home in which we watch our favorite stuff. We all have desktops at offices that we work on. We all have wifi routers at our homes, officers, restaurants, and many more.

And of course, we cannot forget Television. All these gadgets, in one or the other way, work on electromagnetic radiation that is not visible to the naked eye, but they are there.

This short-wavelength radiation is harmful to the human body and has proven to cause severe medical disorders as much as cancer. To protect you and your loved ones from this radiation, you can make use of SmartDOT.

What is SmartDOT?

An image of SmartDOT Sticker on Mobile, Laptop

Now that we are surrounded by 100 million times more by electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) than we were 50 years ago because of the harmful devices that we regularly use, such as our mobile, desktop, and wifi. The World Health Organization classifies EMFs as “likely carcinogenic to humans.”

This is the main reason, why they have developed smartDOT, an EMF safety system that retunes electromagnetic frequencies at their source to make them non-toxic to the human body.

SmartDOT is a device designed to return and absorb toxic electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to maintain the body safely. When using a cell phone, the component is designed to restore non-harmful electromagnetic frequencies to the body, retuning EMF and alleviating symptoms of electrostress. It is compact and magnetic, with an adhesive component that adheres to the cell phone’s back.

This technology can entrain EMFs to change the user’s protection levels by harmonizing and neutralizing the dangerous frequencies. The smartdot device is the only electronic device for you in the market that has been explicitly designed to return EMFs. The best feature of this EMF aspect is that it operates without electricity or power.

After purchasing, adhere it to the back of your smartphone and observe the effects. Additionally, consumers experience increased stamina, more minor complaints, enhanced sleep, increased focus, and a greater sense of peace.

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Several of the features that distinguish this device as an exceptional electromagnetic protector on the market include the following:

  • No replacement necessary – After you’ve bought the part, there’s no need to repair it; clip it to your work phone or another smartphone and use it before your phone fails.
  • Easily connects on any gadget – If you wish to use the intelligent dot on your work handset, phone desktop, WI-FI router, or any other device, you have nothing to fear since it is compatible with all forms of gadgets.
  • Protects from electromagnetic radiations – SmartDOT is quality checked to have the most effective magnetic safety and electromagnetic radiation reduction. Thousands of users will testify to the product’s advantages.
  • Lightweight and Small – Once it’s connected to your phone, you’ll hardly notice it’s there and might even worry about it. It is a small and magnetic unit and is fully self-contained; you will never have to handle it again.
  • Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials – The producer of this device employs quantum technology to serve as a harmonizer against EMFs, which radiation energy and only uses premium-quality materials.

It provides a complete defense against symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and discomfort, among others. A 90-day money-back guarantee backs Energydots to ensure the highest service for the buyer.

How to use SmartDOT?

How to Use SmartDOT?

We see in the news that many people use electronics for extended periods. Most are fascinated by the prospect of mitigating radiation’s consequences without jeopardizing their efficiency.

The gadget enables the consumer to have increased stamina, a healthier lifestyle, increased concentration capacity, and a lack of headaches. Therefore, if you wish to feel the least amount of electro-radiation possible, it is recommended that you do it on your tablet, desktop, or somewhere else that emits electromagnetic radiation.

The technique for attaching it to your device is straightforward: put the smartDOT in the desired location on the device using the self-adhesive back. If your children are used to mobile devices, smartDOT is the perfect option for protecting them from dangerous magnetic frequencies.

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Product Specifications

  • Operating radius: 1 meter
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Material: Magnetic Sheeting and Acrylic Vinyl
  • Dimension: 34*34*1 (millimeter)
  • Color: Orange and White
  • Weight: 1 gram

How does SmartDot Anti-Radiation Sticker Work?

An image explaining how does anti radiation sticker work.

It’s a well-known fact that the electromagnetic radiation released from mobile phones is harmful to the human body. While you do not notice these consequences immediately, they will eventually catch up with you. Researchers also discovered signs that repeated phone usage results in increased resistance to EMFs and fields, which can trigger various health problems over time, including fatigue, headaches, anxiety, frustration, and cervical pain.

Typically, these EMF devices use a low-powered magnet to return energy released by the mobile phone to the component, thus alleviating symptoms and harmful effects of EMFs.

There is no specific placement for this electronic component on your cell phone; the process is straightforward. Adhere to every part that you believe would cause you a minor inconvenience. It will immediately activate and begin improving the experience of using your cellphone and every other gadget you are currently using.

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Why is this EMF Protection Sticker special in comparison to other solutions? 

SmartDOT‘s advanced quantum technology is made from the finest material. It is the only alternative on the market that has been independently studied, evaluated on thousands of patients, and shown to protect children and adults against the harmful effects of EMFs (via double-blind placebo-controlled tests).

Overall, the smartDOT is exceptionally successful at mitigating the impact of cell phone exposure on the human body.” –Dr. Thornton Streeter, Biofield Sciences Centre.

This device will protect you from all sorts of devices. This will include –  

  • Game consoles
  • Baby monitors
  • TVs
  • Smart meters
  • Wifi routers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Ideally, each system should have a single smartDOT.

Essential Facts You Must Know About the EMF Radiations and this Product

The large multinational cell phone firms have a significant financial incentive to conceal EMF threats. (Secure Yourself Immediately)

Essential Facts You Must Know About the EMF Radiations and this Product

When the World Health Organization classified mobile phone radiation as a “possible human carcinogen” in 2011 — alongside lead, DDT and jet fuel — the multibillion-dollar multinational cell phone industry put aside a quarter of a billion dollars to develop work to refute the WHO. Numerous influential companies have a substantial financial stake in maintaining this secrecy.

In 2005, a meta-analysis examined the “funding bias” between industry-backed and privately funded science. It discovered that almost all independently financed research discovered an increased incidence of gliomas (a kind of brain tumor), although most industry-funded research observed the reverse.

Cell phone and utility firms already spend more on lobbying elected leaders than Big Pharma and the health products sector combined? As a multibillion-dollar company whose advertisement dollars help and heavily impact media outlets and medical journals worldwide, the mobile phone industry is often capable of exercising significant control, not just by relentless lobbying that affects and often even forms government agendas, but also through significant campaign contributions.

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Some patients suffer from previously undiagnosed effects: 

Millions of people worldwide suffer from headaches, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, dizziness, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity.

When these individuals present with problems but the practitioner cannot diagnose them, they are often advised by physicians that they are insane or that “it’s all in their brain.”

The majority of the time, these effects are triggered by individuals being exposed to EMFs regularly – not only by the computers they use (smartphone, desktop, computer, gaming machine, etc.) and from the constant addition of 5G towers across the globe.

Scientists Discover A New Method Of Protecting Us (And Everyone We Love) From EMF Radiation, Which Is Now Available To The Public – SmartDot

Today’s radiation levels are 100 million times those of 50 years ago. Cell phones. Wireless LANs. Laptops. Tablet computers. Video game consoles. Numerous studies have established that our bodies consume radiation from these instruments in the same way that a sponge absorbs water.

The American Cancer Society outlined one research in which participants kept a phone to their ear for 50 minutes. It discovered significant differences in brain tissues, but only in the brain region near the phone. Two hundred fifty-two autonomous scientists from 43 countries have also signed a letter to the United Nations asking them to end the irresponsible global expansion of EMFs. Several of their comments on this subject include the following “The majority of twentieth-century civilizational disorders, such as suicidal thoughts, diabetes, neoplasms, malignant, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc., are not solely the result of dietary choices.

It is the first (and currently the only) approach of its type, and it is efficient. Thousands of consumers have now benefited from smartDOTs. Customers report having more stamina, a more positive attitude, and fewer headaches. And these are only a handful of the many advantages of reducing EMF radiation in the body.

Are EMF waves harmful?

Through a range of mechanisms, EMFs affect the metabolism of cells in the human body. Since a high degree of electromagnetic energy absorption can change the electrical current in the body, electromagnetic fields can disrupt the chemical structures of tissue

SmartDOT Benefits

Benefits of EMF Radiation Sticker - SmartDot

SmartDOT is a portable magnetic and electric harmonizer designed to shield you from harmful electromagnetic fields in your home or workplace. The exciting news is that the component is low-powered, magnetically driven, and utilizes intense vibrating energy to retune magnetic and electric energies from nearby devices.

Why should I invest in this Anti Radiation Sticker?

  • Safe: Numerous experimental studies on this technology have revealed no adverse effects on either the consumer or the wireless system. Additionally, no consumer of this device has ever come forward to express concern regarding any adverse consequences associated with this technology.
  • Universal Compatibility: The device’s vendor has ensured that it is compliant with other computers. The significant part is that it does not mess with your phone’s features.
  • Maximum Protection From Electromagnetic and Electric Radiation: Both regular household devices send EMF, and because we cannot stop them entirely, the safest course of action is to use smartDOT to shield your families. This way, any EMF emission hazards involved with these instruments would be filtered out.
  • Relieves Symptoms of Electro-Stress: According to studies, if you regularly experience muscle aches, anxiety, exhaustion, or other associated symptoms when using your mobile, tablet, or device, you might be experiencing electro-stress. These energydots work by harmonizing and retuning the EMF radiations that cause these symptoms. With smartDOT, you can use your smartphone safely and efficiently.
  • Test by Independent Research: When it comes to your wellbeing and the health of your kin, you must trust smartDOT technologies to safeguard you from toxic radiation such as emf. If you read the numerous statements and user feedback, you’ll see that this wireless component is very successful.

Additionally, smartDOTs have been the subject of substantial independent study and widespread endorsement by thousands of fields and organizations worldwide.

Does the SmartDOT work?

Yes, surely. With smartDOTs, you can comfortably and safely use your device. Smart dot magnetic device is completely safe, as it poses no risk to your device or skin. In contrast, the unique energy present on this gadget retunes EMF and alleviates EMF radiation effects. If you have children, you have no cause for concern because the product is absolutely harmless to them. In addition, smartDOT is superior and completely secure for your device.

Does EMF Blockers Work?

This question has been asked to intellectuals and especially EMF blocker company owners, but none have ever given an authentic 100 % guaranteed trusting reply. You require EMF blockers in today’s era. Their need is increasing every second as we are developing new and new electrical gadgets and developing in the technology sector.

The problem of EMF radiation has been going on for a very long time, and It is increasing every second, and we are unable to do anything about it. Many manufacturers desperately try to make products that can work as EMF blockers. But none has seen any significant progress.

SmartDOT is one such company that has tried its best in making the ideal EMF blockers. They have succeeded quite a bit. With the present technology, no company can guarantee 100 %, but smartDOT has some potential; maybe it can help to reduce the chances at least.

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Is there any scientific research or studies to back this up SmartDOT EMF Sticker?

Absolutely. Our double-blind placebo-controlled research, including medical thermal imaging and blood microscopy, is available here. These independent studies confirm that EMFs physically affect our body in an unnatural way and indicate how energy dots undo this process.

There are also a series of scientific and government papers that consider the health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted from Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, and more. In 2011, these were further brought to light when the World Health Organisation listed EMFs as a class 2b carcinogen, amongst the likes of lead and asbestos.

We are so confident in smartDOT’s technology that we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on every purchase.

Refund policy and Money-Back Guarantee

To reassure customers of the product’s accuracy, the retailer gives a 90-day money-back guarantee. They have 48 hours to return it to the company and get a complete refund. However, statements may be factual only if the consumer initiates a refund within 90 days of purchase; otherwise, the procedure will be void.

If a report is submitted after 90 days of purchase, the buyer can receive a refund or receive a new product if the prior one has quality problems. However, suppose a buyer gives a legitimate excuse for not returning the goods during the agreed number of days. In that case, the retailer is responsible for paying a portion of the purchase price.

The seller can reimburse you only if the pack remains unopened and in the same state. And also, the sales reciept is a must. Therefore, If you follow any of the above conditions, you can return the item to their address.

The producer will obtain the commodity and begin inspecting it instantly. They would also deliver an email to the consumer informing them of the refund’s status. You can request for a refund within 48 hours.

Here’s Why Customers Love smartDOT

How much does this Anti Radiation Sticker costs?

If you’re happy with this analysis and want to place an order, the process is straightforward. Before placing your order, visit the company’s official website to review details about the current deals.

Although you can purchase this component from other online retailers, ordering it from the official website ensures buying an authentic product at a reasonable price. If you’re considering purchasing a Smart dot from a department store, your efforts would be futile since they are not available anywhere other than the official website.

Price range of SmartDot

You can pay via Shopify, credit card, debit card, PayPal payment options by the manufacturer. If you want to buy one smartDOT, the price would be $ 19.99 plus shipping and handling. And if you buy two energy dots from the official website for $ 59.97. You can get one of these items for free, subject to extra shipping and handling charges. This ensures that each smartDOT would cost you $ 13.33, saving you money.

If you purchase three smartDOT devices for $ 59.97, you will get three smartDOTs. Hence, this ensures that each of them will save you $ 11.99, saving you an incredible $39.98. That is preferable to buy one get one back! Therefore, if it weren’t enough, the manufacturer promises free delivery to all customers in the United States.

You can proceed and share an offer that meets your specifications.

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SmartDot Review

I am Mona Donald from New Jersey, and after reading the smartDOT Review, I searched about the topic in detail on the internet. I went through a lot of articles and researched about the radiations. Everything I saw shocked me, and since then, I have forbidden electronic gadgets to my children until they at least get to 12 years of age. At present, I have no way that can prove that the product is effective or not, but even if It reduces the chances of those horrible diseases to 1 %, I am willing to use this.

EMF Hazards for Children

EMF Hazards for Children

Children ingest ten times the amount of EMF radiation as adults. And childhood cancer rates have increased by 27 % since 1975.

  1. Children’s lifetime risk is far greater than that of adults.
  2. Immune systems of children’s are less evolved than those of adults.
  3. Children’s cells replicate at a faster rate than adults.
  4. Midbrain tumors are more lethal than temporal lobe tumors.
  5. Children consume more energy from the same phone than adults.

Children are continually interacting with their computers, laptops, gaming machines, and television sets – many of which emit potent and dangerous radiation. They’re a prominent option for parents with young children. The peace of mind that comes with ensuring their children are shielded from the risks of EMF radiation more than compensates for the expense.


SmartDOT is a significant product that one must have in today’s world. No person living a decent life today can abstain from electronic gadgets like mobile phones, TVs, laptops, etc. Not only yours but your neighbours devices can also prove harmful to you. Therefore, we highly recommend using this product as these radiations can prove to be harmful. 

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Is SmartDOT legit?

Yes, smartDOT is a legitimate company. Even though its claims have been challenged, the company is legit, and they have a few excellent customer reviews.

Where on a device should I stick a smartDOT?

A smartDOT can go anywhere on your device. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be stuck to the device to function. On a mobile phone, we recommend placing it centrally on the back of the phone or inside the phone case, as long as it is secure to prevent it from loss.

Can I move a smartDOT from one phone to another?

The adhesive of smartDOT is particularly strong, so if you need to move it from one device to another, for example, if you upgrade your phone, we recommend you do this only once to avoid damaging it. If you have a phone or tablet case, simply slot the smartDOT in the back rather than removing the adhesive sticker – this way you can transfer it from device to device.

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