SharperMate Review: Knife Sharpening Tool

SharperMate Review: Knife Sharpening Tool

It might be a tricky task at various times when you are looking for something special to sharpen the kitchen items. Like if you are using a knife that has no sharp edges then it results in excess workload. Use SharperMate for best results with your kitchen knife.

To sharpen every different kitchen items you should consider Sharper Mate that has brilliant properties. The tool is suitable for every kitchen today and is available at an exclusive price discount to purchase.

The company offers a 45-day refund policy and free shipping on the orders. It is advised to read this special review about the product before going for your purchase of the item.

What is SharperMate Knife Sharpening Tool?

SharperMate is the ideal at-home sharpening tool for all your knives. It’s cordless, compact, and portable so it’s perfect to use anywhere in your kitchen or in the shed! SharperMate’s slotted guide adjusts to any angle for your many knives. It’s one easy tool for all your knives!

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Over eight types of knives can be sharpened: kitchen knives, steak knives, serrated bread knives, prunes, filleting knives, scissors, cleavers, and even your garden shears.


  • Makes sharpening easy – To sharpen the blade at the perfect angle, choose from six different guides. From kitchen knives to gardening shears, you can sharpen anything.
  • Motorized sapphire stone – Surely, will your knives sharpen and refine to perfection? It is just the right tool for home cooks who need to sharpen rusty blades and fixer-uppers.
  • Portable and cordless – No worries about cords and clunky machinery. Sharper Mate is for taking anywhere. Connect 4 Double-A batteries, and it’s good to go.

Why Sharper Mate?

SharperMate has been designed and manufactured with elbow grease and hard work. Many months of entrepreneurial testing has produced this all-in-one sharpening solution for every knife from your kitchen to your tool shed. Sharp knives are safe knives. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 60mm
  • Batteries: 4x Double A
  • Weight: 230g
  • Color: Green

How to use SharperMate?

How to use Knife Sharpener Tool?

The process of using this knife sharpening tool is pretty simple. Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Press Button on the side
  2. Slowly Slide Your Knife Through the Slots.
  3. Razor-Sharp Knives in Just a Few Strokes!

What are the benefits?

  • Sharpens Over 9 Kinds of Knives
  • Compact and Safe Design
  • Reuse Old Knives and Save Big!
  • Compact, versatile, portable

SharperMate Price

To get a SharperMate device, there are several packages offered on the official website, which include:

  • 1 SharperMate ($59.99 /Per Unit) – 40% OFF
  • 2 SharperMate ($54.99 /Per Unit) – 50% OFF
  • 3 SharperMate ($50.00 /Per Unit) – 55% OFF

Get lifetime replacement coverage and warranty for only $12.00.

Manufacturer Details

USA Customer Service Phone: +1-609-256-4523

By Email:

Think Tech Sales Limited

Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building,

402-406 Hennessy Road,

WAN CHAI, Hong Kong


13507 Van Nuys Blvd # 4701

Pacoima, CA 91333

United States

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