ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses Review: Is It Really Worth?

ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses Review: Is It Really Worth?

Do you get tired of switching your glasses every now and then? It’s one of the most popular issues for us, if you’re anything like me. That is why I have ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses review for you today.

Because of the increased number of blue light-emitting devices, vision issues are more common than ever. We’re mostly surrounded by these machines, and our way of life prevents us from escaping, which causes eye pressure and other eye related issues.

What are the visual problems we face?

Visual Problem

Perhaps we all are well aware of the fact that visual problems are manifold in human life. But there are four among them very common. Let’s have a glimpse of them together.

Hyperopia or Far-sightedness:

This is one of the common eyesight problems where your face no difficulty in long-distance, but face problems in a short distance. The main reason for Hyperopia is the shorter eyeball or cornea.

This causes the retina and cornea to come closer than normal. And the light from the objects makes images behind the retina. But this doesn’t happen when the light comes from a long distance.

Myopia or Near-sightedness:

As you can derive from the name, Myopia means a good vision at a short distance, but a poor sight at a long distance. It is just the opposite of Hyperopia.

Myopia is when your eyeball becomes longer than usual. It can be dealt with eyeglasses, RK, PRK, etc.


This is another eyesight problem where you begin losing the flexibility of your eye lenses. So, it becomes difficult for you to remain focused on a single object.

This happens with most middle-aged people as it cannot be prevented, being a natural phenomenon. However, corrective lenses can provide some respite in this untenable situation.


Astigmatism is known as distorted vision due to some problems in the cornea. This problem can be visible by strains, headaches, or other symptoms. This is a major issue in old age.

In most cases, this problem doesn’t require any action. However, corrective glasses can be useful. And in certain cases, Lasic surgery may be needed.

What is ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses?

An image of ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses

ProperFocus is an adjustable eyeglass that gives you the clearest vision ever. You adjust the dial to control the magnification and leave it at a setting that gives you the most accurate view of things.

Whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, ProperFocus has a setting that will provide you with crystal clear sight. The glass makes use of sliding glass technology, which makes it easy to customize each eyeglass to whatever level you prefer.

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Key Features

  1. Lightweight pair of best adjustable glasses: The ProperFocus Glasses are made up of lightweight material, making them easy to manage. Moreover, one does not have to adjust these glasses while working, reading or performing any other chores.
  2. All purpose eyeglasses: Many people have to wear different eyeglasses for work, reading and watching TV. ProperFocus Adjustable glasses can serve all kinds of purposes. You can wear these eyeglasses while reading, working on laptops or watch TV.
  3. Rust free materials: ProperFocus eyeglasses have premium quality materials. They may not rust because of sun rays, water, long use or snow. Further, these glasses are more durable than ordinary eyeglasses. Apart from that, the coating of these specs does not remove even after a long period of time.
  4. Adjustable Frame: Normal specs are impossible to adjust while ProperFocus eyeglasses can adjust according to your eyes. They make your vision more precise while studying, reading or viewing far objects.
  5. Adjustable lens: The key feature of these glasses is the adjustable lens technology. All you need is to rotate your glasses. Thanks to this feature you can adapt your vision to any situation be it reading or driving.
  6. Impact resistant: Are you afraid it could fall off from you? Do not worry even if you have the tendency to drop your glasses every once in a while. ProperFocus spectacles are exceptionally well built. Even if you were to drop them, your ProperFocus glasses will be just fine. 
  7. Easy to maintain: Forget about those inconvenient lens cleaning clothes. Wash ProperFocus lenses under running water with a drop of soap.
  8. Scratch resistant: Special anti-fog and scratch resistant coating covers ProperFocus. Even if you are not too careful with your glasses, rest assured, ProperFocus can endure it all.
  9. Affordable: You can save a fortune by opting for ProperFocus. No need to switch between glasses, going to optometrist’s appointments, and changing your glasses every time your vision improves and vice versa.

How does ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses work?

Working of ProperFocus explained

The secret of these glasses is the dual sliding lens technology that essentially allows you to have two pairs of glasses in one. As you slide the lenses you adjust the power of them and adapt to your vision.

Generally speaking, ProperFocus features two thin plates that slide over each other when you adjust the dial on the frame. How you position these two plates is what determines the power of your lenses.

That is why ProperFocus is the only eyeglasses that can be switched between reading and regular glasses. Customise the power the lenses to correct from -6 diopters of nearsightedness to +3 of farsightedness.

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Why should you buy these ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses?

A person using Properfocus to read letters

It is estimated that no less than 40 percent of those who need to wear reading glasses are wearing the wrong prescription. Because they are not worn all of the time, people do not prioritize the time and expense of going to the opticians for a prescription, and instead, rely on generic reading glasses that they can pick up from anywhere.

The problem is that you have to either guess which ones are right for your eyes or try on numerous pairs. There is no such fear with the ProperFocus glasses; you can adjust them in the comfort at your own home and in your own time. 

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Main advantages

  1. Glasses based on state-of-the-art sliding lens technology. They have very flexible temples to adapt to your face. In addition, its mount is very strong, with an iron cover making it difficult to break with any blows to the face.
  2. Adjust these not only for near vision, but also for far vision. Use these in a multitude of activities such as running, skiing or for a picnic.
  3. You can adjust the lens easily and intuitively. Just cover one eye and adjust the lens by turning the wheels until you feel what you see clearly. Afterwards, you must adjust the other lens. The vision is totally clear and with pure detail.
  4. Glasses suitable for wearing with any outfit. They’re a unisex model for men and women. You can take them to be in the office or simply for a walk around the city.

How to use ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses?

Using ProperFocus

Using ProperFocus is incredibly easy. There are only simple steps you need to follow to adjust your new ProperFocus glasses.

  1. Put your glasses on like you regularly would
  2. Adjust temple arms while looking straight into the mirror
  3. Identify the exact height of glasses on your nose
  4. Check for slipping or other issues
  5. Make your adjustments accordingly
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ProperFocus Glasses Ratings

The dials of these reading glasses are located on both sides of the mount. With this, you can change simply one lens without truly impacting the zoom of the various other. With this, it’s likewise among those adjustable focus reviewing glasses that will appropriate vision over time.

Apart from this, it includes an adjustable nose item for slide-free glasses. The products utilized are likewise really resilient production and scratch-resistant. Being among one of the most promoted lens producers, you can depend upon it as a great opt for the cash. Because of this, it is worthy of 4.8 from 5.

Properfocus Adjustable Glasses Review

Jones Wilson (Israel) says: “This product Proper Focus Glasses proves to be very helpful for people like me who have different eyesight problems; the advanced feature of adjustable glasses provides me clear view while drinking or while reading. The adjustable and rigid structure of its frame provides comfort to the user. Even the stylish structure allows me to wear it all day long.”

How much does it cost?

The cost price of ProperFocus is $117.97. There is a a direct 50% discount on the cost price and hence you can own one ProperFocus for $58.98 only. You are eligible for special discounts by the manufacturer of ProperFocus.

There is the availability of discounts on multiple units of ProperFocus as well. Following are the different offers on bulk buying of ProperFocus:

  • You can buy two units of ProperFocus at $88.98. Each unit of ProperFocus is available at $44.48 under this offer.
  • You can go for “Buy 2 ProperFocus and Get 1 FREE” that provides you three units of ProperFocus in $108.97 only. Each unit of ProperFocus is available at $36.32 under this offer.
  • You can buy four units of ProperFocus at $128.96. Each unit of ProperFocus is available at $32.24 under this offer.
  • You can go for “Buy 3 ProperFocus and Get 2 FREE” that provides you five units of ProperFocus in $148.96 only. Each unit of ProperFocus is available at $29.79 under this offer.
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Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The organization gives 100% unconditional promise to the purchasers for 30 days.

You send the bundle to the return office given by its client care delegate. With delivery you should contact client care again and give their following number. After the organisation acknowledges and favors the return, you will get an email affirming the return.

Where to buy ProperFocus Adjustable Glasses?

ProperFocus is currently sold exclusively online. The checkout process is very easy, 100% secure and fast. 

There is a variety of payment options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Get a 50% discount and  free worldwide shipping on every order.
  3. Get ProperFocus today and enjoy every daily activity!
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ProperFocus review can save you thousands of dollars on expensive glasses. You will be able to decide on a pair of glasses that have worked for several years for your modified viewing number.

You can essentially change the dial to suit your necessities until the vision gem is clear. It’s actual straightforward.

No gadgets are required and the body of the glasses is scratch-safe so you can wear a similar piece quite a long time after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean my ProperFocus?

It is easy to clean your ProperFocus using a simple cloth.

How to find the ideal adjustment of ProperFocus?

You can stand in front of the mirror and with the help of its adjusting screws can reach the ideal adjustment.

What is the material of the ProperFocus?

It is made up of the best quality materials and high-quality glasses that are scratch proof.

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