Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper: Detailed Comparison Guide

Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper: Detailed Comparison Guide

So, not able to decide between Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper? Not anymore, as we explain the differences between the both so that you will be able to take your decision by the end of the article. 

One of the biggest problems that arise during selecting devices for storing your essential memories and documents is their choice. There are so many different options available in the market, so it is pretty confusing to select one from them. You have to decide between PhotoStick and Picture Keeper most of the time. Both the devices are similar to each other, and there is not much difference between them.

If we talk about their price in the market, you will find that a 64GB PhotoStick will cost you around $50 while a Picture Keeper of similar size will cost you around $200. According to my suggestion, you must prefer to buy a PhotoStick rather than a Picture Keeper, and a PhotoStick will provide you with a similar function as that of the Picture Keeper at a lesser price.

There are many reasons for selecting a PhotoStick over a Picture Keeper, such as:

  • It is cheaper than Picture Keeper
  • Shipping is speedy in case then Picture Keeper
  • It has the inbuilt program of automatically removing duplicate files
  • It is easy to use
  • Doesn’t require internet connections

One of the reasons for selecting a Picture Keeper is its storage capacity. If you want to store more than 70000 to 80000 images, you should prefer buying a Picture Keeper.

Photo Stick Vs Picture Keeper: Complete Difference Explained

Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper

Both of the devices are pretty similar to each other in their physical resemblance as well as in their function, but there are few areas where they differ from each other such as:-

  • As we have already studied, the only difference between the devices is their storage capacity.
  • You can carry Picture Keeper on your long journeys and long tour, whereas PhotoStick is most suitable in short-run
  • Editing features are different in both the devices; in Photo Stick, you can modify the background, add some landscape in your background, and edit features such as color and contrast are available in Picture Keeper.
  • From Photo Stick, you can transfer only photos and videos, while in Picture Keeper, you can transfer many different documents.
  • One of the critical differences between Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper is that nowadays, the PhotoStick is more flexible towards mobile software such as iOS or Android. At the same time, Picture Keeper shows more flexibility toward PCs and Laptops.

If you are the one who likes to edit photos, then PhotoStick is the best option for you because you can get various editing options.

Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper – Similarities

  • Both the devices don’t require external software as they are provided with inbuilt programming
  • Both the devices are easy to use, and you can complete your work with a single click
  • Anybody can use this device without getting any technical training and information
  • Both the devices are compatible with gadgets such as mobiles, Laptops, and PCs.
  • Both the devices will be going to organize your documents effectively, so you don’t have to waste your crucial time behind it
  • The devices are physically solid and free from any viruses

What is Photo Stick?

Photo Stick

If you are worried about losing your valuable images and videos and keeping them safe for a long time, then a PhotoStick will be the best option for you. Photo Stick is also one of the straightforward devices, and you can do all of your crucial work with just a few clicks. With a single click, you can save and transfer your documents such as photographs, videos, and recordings.

One of the advantages of using a PhotoStick is that it is effortless to use, and anybody from your family can use it without facing any difficulty. Any member of your family can complete their work of backing up images and videos at a single location. First of all, the only procedure you need to follow is to insert your PhotoStick drive into an empty slot of your Pc or Laptop, and then you have to press the ‘go’ button to start backing up your images and videos. As PhotoStick is provided with the inbuilt program, as soon as you click on the ‘go’ button, your PhotoStick will automatically start copying all of your documents.

Also, PhotoStick is one of the solid USB devices that is entirely free from viruses and physical damage. PhotoStick is the most suitable device for you if you want to back up advanced information. Now you don’t have to bother about buying the costly memberships, and your dependency on the online databases will also be reduced.

The Photo Stick’s storing capacity is also outstanding, and you can store up to 70000 photos in it .With the help of Photo Stick, now you can transfer your thousands of photos in just a few minutes, and you can keep them sorted with artificial intelligence programming.

Read the Photostick Review for more information.

Advantages and Features

PhotoStick is one of the best devices for anybody from any background who is dealing with backing up their information. In a single PhotoStick drive, you can store up to 70000 photos and videos for a very long time without any hesitation of losing them.

Some of the significant advantages and benefits of PhotoStick are listed below:

Ability to detect duplicate files

Most of the time, you have faced that your maximum storage place has been occupied due to the repetition of your already existing files. And it is challenging and time-consuming to check all the repeated files and delete them, so if you don’t want to face such issues, then PhotoStick will be the best option for you. PhotoStick usually has an inbuilt AI programming that automatically detects all the documents, and it removes the duplicate ones.

One best thing is that it will not remove all the documents on its own. It will ask you for permission to remove them, so if you want to keep them, you can keep them with you. Otherwise, you can allow it to delete them. It can also choose the best media file from the duplicate one and protect it while deleting other photos.

It will keep the best duplicate file for you and remove all the unnecessary documents not to occupy the valuable storage place.

Ability to organize and scan automatically

PhotoStick can go through each document, and it will automatically back up every single document that is present on your device, so you don’t need to go through every single document to scan it. Hence, it will complete your work in just a few seconds.

PhotoStick drive is provided with the inbuilt function of naturally detecting all your essential documents from your device and transporting them into another gadget.

It will reduce all the time-consuming work, and now you don’t have to do any human work for scanning your documents, with the assurance of scanning each file.

Also, PhotoStick has the unique ability to organize your documents according to their size, date, type and based on various factors. As PhotoStick has acquired AI programming, you don’t have to waste your crucial time arranging and organizing the documents.

Here’s why customers love Photo Stick

“This thing is amazing! Plugged it into my iMac and it found all my pics and saved them. 85,000+ pics saved! Saved storage space on my computer and now I have all of these memories over the past decade saved in a safe place.” – Tenny S.

“The Photo Stick works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on the stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures.” – Linda W.

How much does it cost?

  • The small version of The Photo Stick, which has 8 GB of storage and can store up to 3,500 photographs, costs $34.99. You can avail up to 30% discount.
  • The medium version of The Photo Stick, which has 64 GB of storage and can store up to 30,000 photographs, costs $49.99. That’s 40% off the original price.
  • The large version of The Photo Stick, which has 128 GB of storage and can store up to 60,000 photographs, costs $79.99. That’s 50% off the original price.

It’s also worth noting that The Photo Stick comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. The guarantee begins on the shipping date. If you order The Photo Stick and it doesn’t work to your expectations, you can simply return it for a full refund.

About Picture Keeper

An image of Picture Keeper

Picture Keeper is also one type of USB flash drive. It is specially designed for someone who doesn’t like to back up their images and videos from the traditional method. Like a Photo Stick, it is also portable, and you can carry it with you anywhere you travel. And one best thing about a Picture Keeper is that it is straightforward in operation. You can carry your Picture Keeper on your road trips too. Also, Picture Keeper can be operated on any device such as a PC or Laptop.

For operating your Picture Keeper, you just need to follow the directions that it tells you after plugging the Picture Keeper USB drive. One best thing about using a Picture Keeper is to use more than one image keeper if your storage gets full. In case your storage becomes full, you need to unplug your USB drive and plug in the new one.

Features and Advantages

  • It has an inbuilt program that can transfer and save all of your images, and you don’t need to follow the complex procedure
  • No external software is required to transfer your files
  • It is compatible with any type of devices such as Computers, Laptops, and Mac

You can also quickly transfer all the necessary pictures and videos directly from your mobile phone to any other device. Backing up your images and videos is very important either you are using a new phone or an older one because you always need space to create new memories without removing the older ones .by backing up your images, you can always find some space to include more new memories, and you will never have to face “no storage” sign.

Picture Keeper is the best solution to all of your problems regarding the storing and transferring of your valuable images and videos, there are so many different advantages and feature you will get by using a Picture Keeper, few are mentioned below –

1. Account safety

Once you start using this device, you don’t have to take the tension of your account safety. It is one of the devices that never transfer any information to any other persons without your prior permission. Every work that you do on this device is entirely encrypted. Also, they provide you with the feature of locking your account, and due to this function, even kids can operate it.  You can give them separate space by creating a separate account.

2. Ability to form more than one account

The flexible thing about using this device is to create as many accounts as you required. This account may or may not be of the same person. It is having the capability of supporting new backup files from any different account. The best part is that it is effortless to use, and anybody can learn to operate it within no time. Due to its simplicity in operation, you don’t require to take prior training before using it. Due to its multi-account facility, you don’t require to buy a separate device for each family member; you can create multiple accounts of your family members on the same device. So ultimately it will save you valuable money and you are able to save your images and other documents without any harm.

3. Memory

The one advantage that you don’t get in any other USB file is its capacity to copy duplicate files, but you can benefit from your Picture Keeper. It is having a unique capability of remembering and copying duplicate documents. Hence, when you start using your device, it will automatically copy all the files other than those that are already existing. Also, it is having an inbuilt function of informing you about the files that are already present in your device if you are trying to save it again to save your space, and your data will not repeat.

4. Flexible to use in windows and Mac

Like a Photo Stick, you can use this flash drive on Windows and Mac. So you don’t have to bother about the type of software you are using because it applies to any type. The only thing you need to do is plug your flash drive in the empty slot of your PC or Laptop and wait for the magic to take place.

5. Backup everything

As I have mentioned above, it is a device which you can carry anywhere you go, because of its comfort and ease of transport you can keep it with you anytime and anywhere. If your phone storage is on the urge of completion, then you can transfer all of your valuable images from your mobile to any other device in just a few minutes without losing them. Also, you can connect your Picture Keeper to iOS or iPhones.

Customers review on Picture Keeper

“I love how uncomplicated this is for my iPhone, plus gives me back up storage of the data, plus it remembers what it backed up and doesn’t duplicate it. I am sure that true technology savvy people would say “” you don’t need that, you can do this, that, and then go here, without paying that much”. But for me, would forgets if I don’t do it regularly, off doesn’t keep up with all the new and latest storage technology, it works for me . Plug it in, back up… plug it into computer if you want down load it….very easy.” – Deb

“I was looking for a jump drive that “knew” duplicate pictures and wouldn’t copy them. It’s working so far. I have a ton of pictures on my phone. You do have to make sure you are at 100% power before you start or you have to cancel in the middle, but that’s to be expected. You just have to start where you left off.” – Kaeti


The picture keeper device comes in various internal storage size and price may differ for every selection. Price are mentioned below:

  • 16GB for $90.99
  • 32GB for $109
  • 64GB for $128.99

Conclusion: Selection Between Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper

Both the devices are perfect and have their benefits. According to my preference, you should buy a PhotoStick because it is cheap, safe, secure and works with multiple computers. If you want to create more than one account on a single drive, then Picture Keeper is the best option for you.

We hope that your confusion about Photo Stick vs Picture Keeper is clear now.

Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Which computers can I use ThePhotoStick® on?

ThePhotoStick® is compatible with nearly all modern computers using Windows and Mac Operating Systems:

Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
Mac: Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later.

How do I start ThePhotoStick®?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

To start on Windows:
Plug ThePhotoStick® into an open USB slot.
From File Explorer, double-click on ThePhotoStick®Windows.exe.
Hit ‘Go’!

To start on Mac:
Plug into an open USB slot.
Double-click on the USB icon labeled as PHOTOSTICK.
Double-click on ThePhotoStick®Mac.
Hit ‘Go’!

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