Photo Stick Vs AlbumSaver: Which One To Select?

Photo Stick Vs AlbumSaver: Which One To Select?

Photo Stick vs AlbumSaver: You will never want to lose your essential and loving memories, but many a time, due to many reasons such as a computer crash, you end up losing every document and never able to restore them to your device. That is why it is always essential to back up your important documents at a regular interval of time so that you can keep them safer and away from losing them.

If you need to store them and keep them safer for a long time, then it is essential to carry out the backup of those documents. If you are here to know about the device that can help you back up the things and want to buy something that can easily back up your memory, you must continue reading this article. To find more information about Photo Stick, you can read this Photostick review.

There are many different types of devices available in the market, but here we will compare two different flash drives: Photo Stick vs AlbumSaver. Both the devices are good at their curse. Both are one of the most successful devices in their working capacity and had proven that both the devices could safely store your documents for a very long time. Many points make them unique from each other, and there are different criteria where they differ from each other.

Photo Stick vs AlbumSaver

Photo Stick vs AlbumSaver

Both the Album Saver and the Photo Stick are fantastic USB devices that function admirably. They provide a secure and safe environment for storing and backing up your essential information. With a little variation, these smartphones provide nearly identical features and specs. However, both devices offer nearly identical performance, with the exception of the picture stick USB, which has a slight advantage.

Using AI technology, the Photo stick USB comes out on top. It works with a single click and is completely hassle-free. The picture stick USB not only organizes images and movies based on many criteria, but it also preserves the best version by eliminating duplicates. Album Saver also offers some fantastic features that might make it difficult to make selections, but Photo Stick is the leader in data storage with some outstanding performance. The picture stick also outperforms all other devices when it comes to backups and file transfers. As a result, in the Album Saver vs picture stick comparison, the photo stick USB device emerges as the superior alternative.

What is AlbumSaver?

It is one type of USB storage device that can store many different images and videos at one location with safety. This is a very compact and portable device that you can carry anywhere, and you can quickly complete your task of downloading videos and images easily. It will help you to store your important videos and photos at one location for a very long time.

An image of AlbumSaver

You may have seen that we have many photos and videos present on our device, and you have also experienced that it occupies lots of space in our device. Hence, it is always better to store them in an album saver where you can keep them safe for a very long time. You can easily store your significant and cherished memories in this device as it provides the space for up to 70,000 videos and photos that can safely stay there for a long time.

The most important thing about this device is it’s working, which is completely simple and straightforward than any other device available in the market. You can complete all your task of transferring your documents very quickly and smoothly. Also, it is provided with the technology capable of detecting duplicate files, and you can remove them, storing your valuable space. Even if your computer gets crashed, you can maintain your essential documents safer for a long time.


  • It has a unique ability to detect the duplicate files present in your device. So with the help of this feature, you can remove the files that are already present on your device, and you will be able to save a lot of space on your device.
  • As we know, it is one type of USB drive so you can easily use it without facing any trouble or difficulty. You need to insert it in the empty slot of your device and wait for some time until it detects all the documents present in your device.
  • With the help of this very compact and portable device, you can easily share and transfer your files and other documents within just minutes and without heading into any trouble. Also, it will not occupy any space in your device.
  • In this device, you can store up to 70,000 different images and videos. The space is enormous, and you can save valuable space on your PC or MAC.

Why AlbumSaver Stands Out?

  • The best thing about this storage device is that it is very flexible to different devices, and it is straightforward to use. You can use it on different computers and MAC, and you don’t need to buy a separate device for each computer. Just plug it in the empty slot of your computer and start using it,
  • This storage device can support any windows or a MAC.
  • The most important reason because of which most of the people use to select it is its security. It can keep all your valuable documents safer for a long time without getting lost. Even you can store your essential data and memory if your computer gets crashed, stolen, or damaged.
  • From children to professionals, any type of person can use it as it is straightforward to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge to operate it.

Pros and Cons

  • You can turn physical photos to digital photos
  • It is having a capacity to detect duplicate files
  • You can get large space to store your valuable documents 
  • It is one of the most greatest drive space
  • It can organize your data so you can search them whenever you want them
  • Very simple to use 
  • You will find this product in its official website only, it will be not available in any shop in the market.
  • There are only a few devices are available

What is Photo Stick?

An image of Photo Stick

If you search for a device that can safely store all your essential data, then USB is the best option for you. Photo Stick is one of the best USB drives where you can safely store all your valuable and important documents. After storing all of your essential photographs in Photo Stick, you don’t have to worry because you are now not going to lose any of the photos, and also, they all are kept in one place, which makes it easy to find them. You don’t require to gain any knowledge or any other training for operating it. It is effortless to use, and anybody can use it. Also, this storage device is very flexible for almost all kinds of computers and Mac.

PhotoStick has the feature of copying your every file and back them all up in a single click. It will automatically transfer all your essential documents from your device to the flash drive. Using this drive, all your human work will be eliminated, and you don’t need to worry about scanning your documents because it will do all your tedious works in seconds.

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Some Features

  • It can automatically detect all the files and documents
  • It can remove similar files, which will save your space
  • This is a very compact and lightweight device, and it weighs around 18 grams.
  • You will also be going to receive a good warranty if you buy it from its official website
  • It is flexible to every type of PC and Mac
  • It is wireless, so you can use it anywhere you want
  • You can back up your things in just minutes
  • It doesn’t require the use of any activation key

Pros and Cons of Photo Stick

  • You can able to transfer your videos and photos very easily and quickly
  • You can operate it very easily
  • As it is one type of USB, so it is straightforward to carry it along with you
  • Selectivity of Photo Stick is very high so that you can select the Photo Stick of your requirement
  • It is entirely safe and secure
  • It is very fast backing up the device
  • These are available in various sizes
  • During first time use, you may find the features are pretty complicated for you to understand during your initial phase of use
  • Many time it is seen that It is not provided with the feature of organizing your pictures it randomly put them all together
  • And at the time of transferring the media file, it will transfer all the files that are present on your PC

Conclusion – Which out of two USB Storage Device is Better?

So, at last, it is time to select one USB drive from this two. Both the devices are best at their curse, and you can’t tell which one is better. These devices have a unique capacity to store your essential files safely in one place for a very long time without worrying about losing them.

These devices are very similar in their physical resemblance, but they are pretty different in their function.

One thing that makes Photo Stick different from an album saver is that it is provided with AI programming, which makes it very easy to work, and you can complete the things in a minute. Also, Photo Stick can transfer things very quickly than an album saver.

So, at last, we can say that Photo Stick is ahead of album saver in many ways, and according to my suggestion, you must select Photo Stick over an album saver. We hope your doubt about Photo Stick vs AlbumSaver is over now.

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