PestOff Pro Review: Ultrasonic Pest Controller

PestOff Pro Review: Ultrasonic Pest Controller

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to kill another spider or set another mouse trap in your house? Thanks to this brand new device – PestOff Pro, millions of Americans never have to worry about seeing another spider or rodent in their house again. Every house in America has a nasty pest problem.

Whether it’s creepy spiders crawling around, a cockroach infestation or rodents getting into food cabinets, we all wish they would go away. 

Up until now, we’ve had to resort to primitive ways of dealing with these pests. Grabbing a napkin and squishing that icky spider will leave most of us with goosebumps. Taking a bottle of Raid and spraying it all over the house is hazardous to our health. And if you like animals, you may not want to resort to killing that poor little mouse with a trap.

What is PestOff Pro?

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It is a cruelty-free ultrasonic pest repellent. It produces an ultrasonic wave (un-hearable by humans) which disturbs the neurotic system of pests like mice and cockroaches.

The mice are disturbed and try to get as far as possible from the source of the sound. In the same time, it disturbs the reproduction cycle making it a perfect repellent.

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  • Immediate Repelling Action
  • Stops Rats Reproduction
  • Multiple Pests Repellent
  • Easy To Use Plug & Play
  • Double Conversion System
  • Low Power Consuming

How does PestOff Pro works?

The working principle of this ultrasonic pest controller is simple. The device emits different frequency waves which makes mouse unable to adapt.

PestOff Pro will not kill the pest but keep it away from the place.

Tips: to keep the pest from coming back continued use is recommended

Why do you need the PestOff Pro Ultrasonic Pest Controller?

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PestOFF Pro is a great offer for private houses which are often target by large pests such as mice.

This alone implies a lot of benefits as it improves the hygiene, avoids the dangers and diseases these pests are famous for spreading.

Imagine a family with little kids around, placing mouse traps and poisons is not ideal and it may harm curious children.

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PestOFF uses ultrasonic technology to keep a variety of pests away including mosquitos, fleas, rats, mice, and many more.

Dual Speaker for seriously big coverage – PestOFF works in spaces up to 200 m2.

360-degree protection so it doesn’t matter which way the device is facing.

PestOff Pro Review

We have had a problem with rodents in our garage for the past few months. We have had an exterminator come in to try to rid us of the mice, but we were still finding mice excrement everywhere in the garage. My husband suggested we try one of these ultrasonic pest repellers, so I bought this one after reading the reviews. In the past week since we have used this, we have not found any mice excrement anywhere! We will be buying more for our house, since we also have an ant and roach problem in our bathrooms in the house. These are a great alternative to mouse traps, since I always worry our kids might step on them. If you have a rodent problem, you should give these a try!

How much does it cost?

The company is offering this Ultrasonic Pest Controller at very affordable price. Check below:

  • 1 x PestOff Pro – $59.00
  • Buy 2 PestOFF Pro, GET 1 FREE – $109.00
  • Buy 3 PestOFF Pro, GET 2 FREE – $149.00
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