Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump: Read Before Buying

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump: Read Before Buying

A neck traction may be the best option for you if you want to decompress your neck. There are various devices available to meet the requirements of each individual. A neck hammock and a posture pump are two of the most popular types of devices. Read the comparison between Neck Hammock vs Posture Pump.

Which is better, the neck hammock or the posture pump? Discover your options and choose what is best for your health.

How to Pick the Best Neck Device for You: Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump

Your budget and what you are looking for determine which neck device is right for you. Using the posture pump is a great option if you do not want to attach a traction unit to a door or pole, or if you are on a budget.

For a more relaxing position, grab a neck hammock if you prefer to lay down while getting traction. People with TMJ or other jaw issues should think about grabbing a neck hammock instead of a posture pump because the hammock doesn’t put pressure on the jaw and chin.

Neck Hammock Posture Pump
RelievesMuscle Pain, Neck & Shoulder Tension,Tension Headaches, Tension Headaches, Stress LevelsTECH NECK, Decompresses &Hydrates Compressed DiscS
ImprovesPosture, Relaxation & SleepDecreases Disc Bulging Shapes &Restores the Proper Neck Curve
Ease of useEasyEasy
PortableSuper PortableNormal Portable
Durable Less Durable Durable
ShapesSimple Hammock ShapeCervical curve shape to get natural neck curve
Design Sleek Design Simple Neck Curving Shape
High Quality Material100% pure with no additives100% pure with no additives
Money back guarantee30 – Day Money-Back Guarantee60 – Day Money-Back Guarantee
Tracking OrderYesYes

Are Neck Hammocks Safe?

You should consult with your chiropractor, physiotherapist, and/or family doctor before using any type of medical device such as a neck hammock to ensure that traction is the right treatment for your condition. The use of neck traction is not recommended for all illnesses, in fact, it can make some issues worse.

Dr. Sudell, a licensed physical therapist, developed the Neck hammock. After working with people like you for more than 10 years, he developed the Neck Hammock.

If you need traction to relieve pain, you can use the Neck Hammock without any risk. Follow all instructions that come with your device and the advice of your physician.

What is the Neck Hammock?

Neck Hammock

Neck hammocks are slings that hold the head in a comfortable position. In the hammock, the straps attach to any door, and your head is supported by the sling. The hammock holds the head in a posture that relieves tension, stretches out the neck muscles, decreases neck pain, and increases mobility. The hammock can be used in conjunction with physical therapy to achieve maximum relief.

You may easily tuck the Neck Hammock into your bag and carry it on your trip with you. Due to its simplicity of setup, all you need is a door handle and a flat surface to lay on.

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Features of Neck Hammock

A Neck Hammock offers many features that make it an excellent relaxation device.

Long Straps: Almost any tailing or post pole can be wrapped around the long straps. In this way, the neck hammock can be set up in different settings, and different objects can be used as anchors.

Eye Mask: Light and other distractions are blocked out by the eye mask, that increases relaxation. You can relieve your neck pain by placing the eye mask on, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply

Spandex Bag: It is easy and convenient to store the neck hammock in the bag, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Door Hanger: By utilizing this simple but essential feature, people will know that you are using the door. Using the neck hammock at work, at home, or at a friend’s house means fewer interruptions.

Sleek Design: As it is simple, minimalist, and easy to use, its design makes it even more stress-free.

Therapeutic and Medical Grade: An FDA-approved neck hammock offers a wide range of applications due to its versatility.

Foam and Comfortable Pads: Foam completely surrounds the contours of the head, providing greater comfort, especially around the ears and the base of the head. Consequently, the hammock can support the entire weight of the head.

Does it really work?

In addition to being easy to set up and easy to use, the neck hammock offers effective pain relief and stress relief. Patients with inflammatory arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and bulging discs have given it positive reviews.

Having said that, many people complained of malfunctioning of the neck hammock, as well as a lack of instructions on how often to use it. Safety precautions and warnings were also omitted. A number of people reported worsening neck conditions as a result.

How to use Neck Hammock?

Neck Hammock

Neck Hammocks are easy to use. The hammock should be positioned approximately two to four inches above the ground. The straps can be adjusted to achieve this position.

The neck hammock will provide a greater stretch if it is elevated above the ground. The extent of this stretch will, however, depend on your body type. An adult male, for example, would prefer to have the Neck Hammock 3-4 inches above his head.

Listen to your body and act in accordance with its signals. In order to provide more or less tension, the straps can easily be adjusted. They should be comfortable to wear. The Neck Hammock may need to be adjusted daily depending on how stiff you are on a particular day.

By lengthening out problem areas, the Neck Hammock increases mobility in areas where muscles were previously constrained. Using it regularly is the most effective way to use it. Getting relief for your neck instantly and at home has never been more affordable.

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From where to buy?

There are many places where you can purchase The Neck Hammock, including on the company’s website. Here you can find out more information about the product, its use, and people’s experiences with it. If you have any questions about Neck Hammock before or during usage, you can contact them directly.

What is the Posture Pump?

Posture Pump

It is an air-filled pillow that is pressurized. During the procedure, your spine is lifted and lowered in order to shape the curvature of your neck and decompress your joints, while also drawing disc fluid into the neck bones to help lubricate your spine.

The Posture Pump is placed on the ground, with the head and neck positioned on top. For maximum stability, comfort, and tension relief, your head and neck are then securely strapped together.

In addition to being lightweight, this device is easy to use and is fantastic for reducing and correcting poor neck posture.

Posture Pump Features

Despite having minimal features, the Posture Pump works well to reduce neck tension and correct posture.

FSA/HSA Approved: With its FSA/HSA approval, the Posture Pump is suitable for many uses

Shape and Design: Posture Pumps are a unique device for easing pain caused by stiff necks, fatigue, and headaches. By preventing disc bulging, decompressing, hydrating, and shaping the neck, it decreases disc bulging. Additionally, the design increases neck flexibility and range of motion, along with correcting forward head and neck posture.

You can choose from a wide variety of models. Unlike the Model 1000, the Comfort VisorTM is a step up from the previous model. As it gently shapes and straps to the forehead without contacting the jaw or chin, it is more effective and comfortable than other products.

Single EED® Air Cell: In the Single EED® air cell, adjust your posture gently in order to avoid hyperextending your neck. You feel deep relief and more comfort with moderate pressure levels that decompress and hydrate your discs.

Manufacturing: Designed with long-lasting materials, it is manufactured in the United States.

Hand Pump: It is possible to control the amount of air pressure that is applied to your neck using the hand pump. It is important to note that the longer the air cell remains inflated (for example for 15-20 minutes), the better the results you will see in regards to postural restoration.

Does it really work?

One or two times a day is sufficient for using the PosturePump. To achieve longer lasting relief, it decompresses joints, expands spinal disc height, and shapes and restores the natural cervical curve.

Accordingly, it should not be used by people who have the following medical conditions:

  • Fracture
  • Spinal instability
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Serious pathology, disease or malignancy
  • Implanted spinal hardware
  • Have had spinal surgery
  • Acute traumatic injury
  • Extruded disc fragments
  • Inflammatory disease and/or infections

It should also be stopped if the symptoms spread or worsen.

The neck and shoulder pain of people who have used it has significantly improved. Also, people have reported a decrease in headaches and a change in their neck curvature.

How to use the Posture Pump?

Although it is easy to use, a doctor should be consulted before using the Posture Pump. To avoid serious injury, follow the more detailed steps carefully.

  1. Place the deflated pump near your tailbone while seated. Bend your neck back and forth as you do so.
  2. Position your neck in the cradle by leaning back gently against the deflated pump.
  3. Rock your pelvis back and forth as a warm up.
  4. Fasten the Comfort VisorTM snugly across your forehead.
  5. Inflate, wait 10 seconds, then deflate. Then repeat 15 times.
  6. Once inflated to a comfortable level, lie down for 15 minutes, then fully deflate.
  7. Slowly rise up, unbuckle yourself, and turn your head around again.
  8. At least three times a week, repeat daily.

The steps listed here are not exhaustive. Read the manual for your posture pump if you have one.

From where to buy?

On the Posture Pump website, you can find and buy the pump. In this section you can view videos, learn more about the product, explore some of the research that has been conducted on the Posture Pump, and explore some of the different models. Posture Pump can also be contacted directly for questions before and during the use of the device.

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump: Pros

Besides traction devices, posture pumps are also popular.  The device is simply placed around the neck, velcro-secured, and pumped up with air until you feel it pulling.  

Both neck hammocks and posture pumps are easy to use, inexpensive, and portable.  How are neck hammocks superior to posture pumps?

  • Position of the body that is more relaxing
  • Do not apply pressure on the chin and jaw
  • It is suitable for people of all sizes of head and neck

Body Position: You place the hammock around your neck while lying down on the ground. Once you have put the sleep mask on, you can close your eyes.  If you lie down and close your eyes while performing neck traction, you will be in the most relaxed and de-stressed state.

Jaw and Chin Pressure: You pump up a posture pump by placing it around your neck. A pressure is applied to your head to move it away from your shoulder.  The device stretches your chin and jaw by using your chin and jaw as the contact points. 

As your teeth and jaw muscles are forced together, you can feel the pressure in your face. People with TMJ may suffer from this. The solution is to use a neck hammock.   

One Size Fits All: People with larger heads and necks tend to have larger heads.  If you have a thicker or larger neck and head, a neck hammock that adjusts to any size of head would be better for you. Close the pump securely, its opening isn’t great for people with larger necks, so it’s best for those who are no bigger than average in size.

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump: Cons

For some forms of pain relief, posture pumps are better than neck hammocks.

  • More Affordable
  • Ease of Use

Budget Friendly: There is no difference between the price of a posture pump and a neck hammock.  This would be a better option for people on a budget who need traction for relief

Easy to Use: Place your neck around a posture pump while you are sitting up.  Once you feel the pull, you secure the pump.  There is no need to attach it to a door with a special strap like a neck hammock, which can be inconvenient for other people in the house.

A posture pump also does not require a lot of space.  A neck hammock is intended for use on a specific part of your head or neck.  Using a posture pump, you can quickly and easily get it set up and started. It requires no special instructions or videos.

Facts About Neck Traction Device

Neck hammocks are devices for traction of the neck, similar to those you might use to relax in a hammock.  To secure it, it is attached to the door knob, door handle or door jamb. It can be taken anywhere with you and still offer the benefits of neck traction.  By removing your head from your neck, the device provides neck traction.

By decompressing the neck, muscles, and spine, more blood and oxygen are delivered to these regions.  This helps to alleviate pain and improve mobility.  Using the Neck Hammock will save you money on physiotherapy and chiropractic visits.


Can The Neck Hammock replace physical therapy?

No. While The Neck Hammock achieves many of the same benefits of physical and massage therapy, it is not meant to replace these modalities.
Instead, it’s meant to be a compliment to these therapies which can be used every day to help relieve pain and protect against future injury.

Does Neck Hammock work on all doors?

Pretty much! It’s designed to work on any swinging door with a handle or knob.


We hope the information above was helpful in deciding between Neck Hammock vs Posture Pump. All the major points has been discussed to make your selection process a whole lot easier.