Miracle Sheets Review: Does This AntiBacterial Sheet Really Work?

Miracle Sheets Review: Does This AntiBacterial Sheet Really Work?

Are you getting exhausted from washing your sheets only for them to get stinky and grimy once more? You have to continue perusing since this item that my sister found makes them awaken sparkling! It’s finally time to bid farewell to sweat-soaked restless evenings! Miracle Sheets will help you.

This Miracle Sheet Review will shed light on it! Let me start by saying I have consistently battled with perspiring in my rest. Awakening to perspire recolored sheets that waited with BO was typical for me. It generally made me reluctant to have somebody rest over in a similar bed as me. 

Regardless of what I attempted, I could not shield my sheets from remaining clean for over a day or something like that. I abhorred awakening feeling terrible, unrested, and unmotivated to begin my day. My confidence was enduring, and even my skin was continually breaking out. IXwallet provides the best review on gadgets and these kind of products.

What are Miracle Sheets?

Miracle Sheets

Miracle Brand has created the first-ever hygienic luxury sheets – Miracle Sheets. These bedsheets utilize natural bacteria-fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness. It also features modern temperature-moderating fabrics so that you stay comfortable all night long. No more excessive laundry loads, bad odors, and unhealthy skin!

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Helps Fight Bacteria Growth: The miracle sheets are impregnated with silver, so they have inherent anti-bacterial features. It does not harbor microbes like your traditional bedsheets.

Temperature Regulating: This feature is not readily available on most other bedsheets in the market but in miracle sheets. You get an excellent and sound sleep with the miracle sheets, irrespective of what your surrounding temperature is like.

Luxurious Supima Cotton: The Luxurious Supima cotton used in the miracle sheets is durable and long-lasting. It ensures that you do not sweat excessively while sleeping and not retain dirt.

Helps Increase Glowing Skin: Your bedsheet can affect how you look. Traditional bedsheets hurt your skin without you knowing it. The itching that comes with conventional bedsheets leaves your skin rough and dry. The miracle sheets give you the glow you deserve.

3x Less Laundry: Your traditional bed sheets get dirty quickly and will require hours of countless laundry. You spend money on buying then spend even more on keeping it clean. Save yourself from stress by going for the miracle sheets.

Prevents The Growth Of Odor-Generating Bacteria: The miracle sheets do not produce odor or foul smell. This is because most beddings smell because of cellular wastes from microorganisms accumulated in them. The miracle sheets are anti-bacterial, so they will not harbor bacteria that will cause them to smell bad.

Self-Cleaning: The silver impregnated in the miracle sheets makes it a ‘self-cleaning bedsheet. This product has an inherent ability to stay clean longer than your traditional bedsheet.

Saves Money: Why spend a fortune on bedsheets that will still disappoint you when you have the miracle sheets. You save money while making a purchase and still save more in keeping it clean. With the miracle sheets, you get more value for your money.

How does Miracle Sheets work?

Miracle Brand is an organization owned by Aloft. Miracle Sheets and towels are made out of antibacterial silver so you’ll have multiple times less laundry and no more odor. Sound unrealistic? Continue reading.

These sheets and towels are made out of antimicrobial silver. This compound can kill up to 99.9% of microorganisms when compared with standard fabrics. You will discover pretty much all that you are searching for when you put resources into Miracle Brand, as well.

The Miracle by Aloft sheets is a portion of the organization’s most famous products. The sheets come in four colors – stone, white, sand, and sky blue – alongside queen, full, king, and twin sizes. The sheet sets are intended to remain cool and clean, offering an luxurious vibe that you will totally love.

With regards to towels, they have many to bring to the table, as well. The Miracle Washcloth, for example, comes in a similar shading choices as the sheets. At the point when you purchase, you’ll get one washcloth that not just feels soft and comforting all over, yet in addition kills practically all microorganisms.

The organization even delivers pillowcases, as well. This is one of the most significant product offerings for you to consider, since microscopic organisms tends to develop on your pillowcase. This can make skin break out on your face, or for your allergies to be set off.

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What are the Miracle Sheets made of?

an imagine explaining quality of sheet

All our bed sheets are made in Bahrain and our towels are made in Turkey. All of our products are shipped from the US, domestic and internationally! Our sheets are manufactured from the world’s most famous USA grown Supima cotton grown from the central part of California.

Our manufacturing partners, located in Bahrain and Turkey and have over 50 years of experience in the textile industry. The natural silver fiber is made in North Carolina and shipped to the manufacturers to be spun and blended with our high quality cotton.

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Comparing Miracle Sheets with Traditional Sheets

Miracle SheetsTraditional Sheets
Less frequent visits to the laundryYou need to check the laundry regularly
Temperature regulationYou have to apply sticky sweat and stains
Allows you to grow a healthy skinAcne, blemishes and skin diseases
Keeps you fresh, healthy and wholesomeKeeps a lot of dirt for health. Makes you dirty
Anti-odor agentBad breath is a regular part of life
Bacteria aim to kill before they reproduceProvides an excellent breathing ground for bacteria

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What Are The Benefits

The following are the benefits a user can derive from using the Miracle Sheets:

  • It Saves time and Energy: You don’t need to wash the bed sheets frequently and you can be able to have time to do other things. It also saves the energy and stress of laundry.
  • Therapeutic: Resting on a very comfortable bed and with proper and comfortable beddings as companions can help promote sound rest and relieve stress.
  • Comfortable: The Miracle sheets are very comfortable and body-friendly. It eliminates sweat and irritability. Efficient to use.
  • It helps to promote sound sleep: Bedsheets haven’t seen innovation in years. They are a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and dust mites. Miracle brand has created the first-ever hygienic luxury sheets.

These bedsheets utilize natural bacteria-fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness. It also features modern temperature-regulating fabrics so that you stay comfortable all night long.

  • No more excessive laundry: It is self-cleaning and reduces how many times you take your bedsheets for laundry.
  • Regulates and Adapts to Temperature: The Miracle sheets are thermoregulating, meaning you sleep at the perfect temperature all night long.

Pros and Cons of Miracle Sheets

  • Miracle sheets reviews are that it helps to fight with bacteria
  • Give you a cool temperature all night
  • Material is sumptuous Supima cotton
  • Not costly, under your budget
  • Prevents acne growth
  • Skin becomes a glow
  • Free with bad odor
  • Self-cleaning
  • Comes in 30 days guarantee
  • Not too much stock in the market
  • You can only purchase online

Why should I invest in miracle sheet?

Miracle Sheets can do a lot for a busy, sensitive person. What they can’t do is eliminate laundry day altogether. These sheets and towels do need to be washed at some point.

We humans are messy, disgusting creatures on the microbial level and there’s no getting around that. But a product like Miracle Sheets can take some of the edge off of that experience.

Sure, if you sweat or drool in your sleep, that sweat and drool will be in your bedding. The anti microbial protection means it will just keep it from smelling like it would otherwise.

Creature comforts aside, Miracle Sheets are a true blessing for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, or sensitive lungs, you can’t put a price tag on the quality of sleep you’ll get from having Miracle Sheets on your bed.

And this review wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the risk free 30-day trial. You have 30 days of good, clean sleep to make up your mind if Miracle brand sheets are worth your money.

Size Guide for Miracle Bed Sheets

Check out the size guide below:

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King & Full

Fabrics: Extra Luxe, Signature

Size guide: Imperial


Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 54″ x 75″ x 18″

Flat Sheet (W x L).  – 86″ x 98″

Pillow Cases (W x L).   – 20″ x 27″


Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 39″ x 75″ x 18″

Flat Sheet (W x L). – 71″ x 98″

Pillow Cases (W x L). – 20″ x 27″


Pillow Cases (W x L). – 20″ x 27″

Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 60″ x 80″ x 18″

Flat Sheet (W x L).  – 94″ x 102″

King / Cali King

Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 76″ x 80″ x 18″

Flat Sheet (W x L). – 112″ x 104″

Pillow Cases (W x L). – 20″ x 37″



Fitted Sheet (W x L x D).  – 99cm x 190cm x 46cm

Pillow Cases (W x L). – 51cm x 69cm

Flat Sheet (W x L). – 180cm x 249cm


Fitted Sheet (W x L x D).  – 137cm x 190cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L). – 129cm x 249cm

Pillow Cases (W x L). – 51cm x 69cm


Fitted Sheet (W x L x D). – 152cm x 203cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L). – 239cm x 259cm

Pillow Cases (W x L). – 51cm x 69cm

King / Cali King

Fitted Sheet (W x L x D). – 193cm x 203cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 284 x 264 cm

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 51 x 94 cm

What is Silver-Infused Technology or Silver Fibers?

Silver-infused technology is an amazing feature of all the Miracle Brand’s products including bed sheets! Both the Signature and the Extra Luxe bed sheets are made up of 95% cotton and 5% anti-bacterial pure and natural silver.

But why silver? Silver has ions that have a positive charge that is able to draw in bacteria like a magnet to help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in the fabric and prevent it from replicating and spreading throughout the sheet.

By eliminating bacteria in your sheets, you are able to keep them cleaner for longer and prevent acne that is usually caused by bacteria bred by oils, dirts, and sweat in your sheets. We promise that your skin will thank you for switching over to bed sheets made with silver fibers.

How to use the AntiBacterial Fabric Bed Sheets?

How To Use Miracle Sheets?

Step 1 – Miracle has two different product categories, the first step to take would be to choose among the two. You should also choose the size of the sheets depending upon the kind of bed you are using.

2nd Step – Tuck the sheets in your bed and see if you have the best sleep you have had in a long while.

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What material are miracle sheets made of?

High-quality Supima cotton is used to make both sets of sheets. Both are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means they are made without any chemicals that could be harmful. The silver-infused design of Miracle sheets makes them stand out.

Care Guide

Although our products prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, we recommend washing your products as dirt and dust have a way to get caught in home linens.


  • Machine wash warm using mild, liquid detergent
  • Wash similar colors together
  • Tumble dry low and remove promptly
  • Warm iron, if necessary
  • If there are any loose threads, please cut them with a scissor instead of pulling
  • Do not wash with zippers, hooks or anything that can get caught with the fabric
  • Don’t use fabric softeners or powdered detergent
  • Not use household cleaning products
  • Avoid personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids and chlorine bleach. These items may include: skin care and acne medication, hair products and dyes, cosmetics, toothpastes and other toiletries


  • Machine wash cold using mild, liquid detergent
  • Wash similar colors together
  • Tumble dry low and remove promptly
  • Warm iron, if necessary
  • If there are any loose threads, please cut them with a scissor instead of pulling
  • Do not wash with zippers, hooks or anything that can get caught with the fabric
  • No use of fabric softeners or powdered detergent
  • Do not use household cleaning products
  • Avoid personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids and chlorine bleach. These items may include: skin care and acne medication, hair products and dyes, cosmetics and other toiletries.

What is the difference between Miracle Brand Signature and Extra Luxe Sheet Sets?

While Signature sheets are made from high-quality long-staple cotton and woven in a percale weave to keep users cool and comfortable throughout the night, Extra Luxe sheets are made from Supima cotton grown in the United States and woven in a sateen weave for an ultra-luxurious, silky feel. The cost of miraculous sheets varies based on the set that the consumer selects. While the Extra Luxe set is at the upper end of the sheet price range, the superior materials and workmanship may be enough to persuade some purchasers to pay the greater price.

One fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases are included in the Signature Sheet Set, while the twin set only provides one pillowcase. The Signature Sheet Set comes in three different sizes. Miracle also sells duvet covers and other bedding items in addition to the Signature pillowcases, which come in pairs. The Extra Luxe sheet set has the exact same components as the Signature sheet set. The Extra Luxe set is more costly than the Signature set because it contains sheets with a 500 thread count sateen weave.

Miracle Brand offers two bedding bundles in addition to sheet sets: the Miracle Home Bundle and the Miracle Move-In Bundle. In addition to the other products stated above, the Home Bundle contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, two pillowcases, two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

The Move-In Bundle comes with double the number of sheets, pillows, and towels as the basic bundle. Purchasing the Extra Luxe bundles is more expensive than purchasing the Signature bundles.

Is Investing in Miracle Sheets a Good Idea?

Miracle Sheets have several advantages, including fewer washes, better-smelling sheets, reduced acne, and temperature regulation, which allows them to keep the user’s skin cool even when it is hot. These Miracle sheets would be appreciated by a hot sleeper who perspires profusely at night. They are more sanitary than traditional sheets, meaning they are healthier and require fewer washes while remaining wrinkle-free and clean.

Miracle Bedding, in my opinion, is a wonderful purchase for anyone who wish to keep their skin cleaner while without having to wash their sheets as regularly as they normally would. For the high-quality sheets they supply, they are a good value. The antibacterial silver and cotton combination effectively prevents musty and mouldy aromas from entering and being lodged in the textiles.

When compared to traditional linen and other antimicrobial sheets on the market, Miracle Sheets are a terrific product. They have a plush and inviting feel about them. Another notable quality of the firm is that it takes sustainability seriously and has had a third-party organisation certify that their product is ecologically friendly.

Hot sleepers will appreciate the temperature regulation of these sheets, which will keep them cool throughout the night. This helps to reduce nocturnal sweats, which can lead to acne and make bedding dirty more rapidly. These Miracle sheets are perfect for persons who have evening allergies, acne, or sleep hot owing to body heat. So purchasing these sheets is never a terrible idea. In fact, it is the one-in-a-million finest option any individual can make in terms of excellent health and decent sleep.

Miracle Sheets Reviews Consumer Reports

Where To Buy

Orders are best placed directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer also offers special offers that buyers can take advantage of. These include not only one of the sheets, but several. This advantage can of course be used if you want to equip yourself well with the Miracle Sheets.

Furthermore, the offers have the advantage that they can be used within the Offer formats are much cheaper than a single order. It is therefore worthwhile to take advantage of them. If you have the opportunity. But be careful: The offers are only limited in time!

Miracle Sheets Price

Each Miracle Laundry Detergent purchase is equipped with 32 loads/sheets. Summarized below is the price breakdown based on the quantities ordered:

  • 1 Box (32 loads): $24.99 each ($19.99 under the subscription plan)
  • 3 Boxes (96 loads): $16.66 each ($13.33 each under the subscription plan)
  • 5 Boxes (160 loads): $14.99 each ($11.99 each under the subscription plan)

Regarding the subscription plans, the aforesaid prices are for loads delivered monthly. Individuals also have the option to get Miracle Laundry Detergent delivered once every 45 and 60 days as needed.

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Miracle Sheets Review Amazon

I was looking for a basic sheet set that was great quality and that is what I got! The sheets are soft and a great material. The pillow covers are a perfect fit and the pockets allow your pillow to be completely covered and not sneak out after use. Small detail that I loved, the fitted sheet have tags to tell you “short side” and “long side”. No more trial and error! Highly suggest!” – Amaz Custy

Great buy! Happy customer!

I bought these for my boyfriend who complains often of allergies and is a “change the sheets” fanatic. I am a nurse and know of the antibacterial benefits of silver, therefore knew this would appeal to him. He was thrilled! Whether it is psychosomatic or not I cannot be certain, but he is sneezing and coughing less when lying down to go to sleep and is certainly less congested. He also likes that the sheets are quite “temperate”, as they do not make him too hot or too cold. I bought him the first set. He is planning on buying a second.” – Karen O’Donnell

Planning on buying again!


How do you wash Miracle Sheets?

Make sure to follow the instructions that come with Miracle Sheets when you wash them. You can clean them with a detergent, but be careful not to use one with bleach or powder on it. These sheets should be dried flat. This will keep them from getting smelly. If you have sensitive skin, you should wash them often to keep them in good shape. At least every two to three weeks, you should wash them.

What is the thread count of Miracle Sheets?

The Signature is 350-thread-count, while the Extra Luxe is 500-thread count. Both contain all natural silver. The thread count is used to determine the quality and not thickness of sheets. The high thread count in our sheets guarantees that they are softer than traditional sheets.

Are miracle sheets healthy?

The miracle sheets keep your skin healthy and glowing because they kill bacteria. It saves you money because you have to do less laundry. Sheets are usually a good place for germs to grow, but the miracle sheets change that by stopping anti-microbial infestation.

Does it have strong chemicals?

All of our products are OEKO-Tex Certified which means that they are free from any harmful chemicals.


What can someone do to get a good night’s sleep?” has always been an easy question. Doctors recommend that you get four to eight hours of sleep each night. Will someone who sleeps in a shabbily adorned bed, on the other hand, receive a good night’s sleep? The answer is emphatically no. So having the correct bedding is one of the most critical parts of getting a good night’s sleep. 

Bed sheets, however, are one of the few consumer goods that have not witnessed substantial innovation and development over the years, aside from apparel. They’ve always been of poor quality, with little regard for bugs and germs. They provide a breeding habitat for a wide range of germs and dust mites.

Miracle Brand Sheets, on the other hand, has created the world’s first sanitary luxury linens. These bed sheets contain natural bacteria-fighting silver, resulting in better skin and improved cleanliness. It also has modern temperature-regulating materials to keep users warm and comfy throughout the night. There will be no more unneeded loads of washing, bad odours, or unattractive skin.

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