MedReminder Review: Medicine Reminder Device

MedReminder Review: Medicine Reminder Device

MedReminder Review: When it comes to our loved ones, we always want to stay them healthy and fit. But what will happen if they get ill and forget to take medicine on time.

We would be worried, right? At hospitals, there are many patients and it is difficult to remind every patient to take medicine on time. The traditional ways require human efforts to remind them to take medicines on time.

One should not take his/her health lightly and if you are advised to take medicines, never compromise!

What is MedReminder?

What is MedReminder?

MedReminder shows you what time you need to take certain pills and it will give you an alarm to let you know that you need to take that pill.

No more need to keep an eye on your clock or leave your important work. MedReminder will help you in this case.

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How does this device works?

Working of Medicine Reminder Device explained

If you want visual reminders as well as alerts by phone, then MedReminder has got you covered.

This pill dispenser holds four daily doses of medication. It also doles out digital reminders like lights, beeps, and phone calls — with its own cellular connections, which means it doesn’t need to be linked to a phone line or the internet.

MedReminder has certain features that make it ideal for caregivers who are helping others manage their medication schedules.

For instance, caregivers will also receive an email, text alert, or phone call if a dose is missed. Weekly summary reports are available as well.

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Features of MedReminder

  • 4 Set Timer for One Day
  • Clock function with alarm
  • Loud alarm beeps for 1 minute continuously
  • Modular Build With Easy To Clean Compartments
  • Works With A Common CR2032 Battery Cell
  • Anti Sliding Containers


Specifications of MedReminder

Now, that we have discussed about the features and what is this device. Time to read the specs of this amazing gadget.

Colour: White with 7 colours

Weight: 83g

Size: 12 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm

Why Do I Need This MedReminder Medicine Reminder Device?

You can see your pills and capsules stored in the field. Each compartment lid has a raised lip inside the middle for smooth starting and snap securely. MedReminder facilitates keep music of drug remedies you take different times in a day and clean to keep in a purse or bag.

It has label for each day and 4 times of every every day in in step with week.

  • Easy To Use Automatic Reminder
  • With Seven Days Modular Colored Containers
  • Precise Electronic Timer With Reminders
  • Modular Build With Easy To Clean Compartments
  • Portable Design With Anti-Sliding Containers
  • Works With A Common CR2032 Battery Cell
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Medicine reminder device
  • Works on batteries
  • Portable and compact
  • Colored containers for easier sorting
  • The alarm can get annoying if it rings for a while; then again that is the point.

MedReminder Review

I used to forget to take my medications a lot, then i came across MedReminder and I never miss my medication again. It is a must have if you are like me that keeps forgetting.

A perfect gadget for anyone who takes medicine regularly and often forgets it. Read the MedReminder Review before buying.

MedReminder Price

  • 1 MedReminder for $49
  • 2 MedReminder for $35 each
  • 4 MedReminder for $31 each

There are also 2 special offers:

  • Buy 2 MedReminder, get 1 FREE for a total of $98
  • Buy 3 MedReminder, get 2 FREE for $135 in total

Note*: The manufacturer is offering this product at 50% off for a limited period of time. Grab yours now!

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Where To Buy MedReminder

Just press the button given below and it will take you to the official website. All the prices above are after 50% Off. The website is completely SSL Secured and accepts all major payment methods.

If in case, your product is not working or you receive it damaged. You can refund it as well in period of 30-days.

Manufacturer Details (Company)

Phone Numbers*

International: +44 20 3808 9234 – 24/7

Brazil: +552135003992, between 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

Hyper Sls Ltd

1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

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