Lumenology Review – LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

When it comes to security problems, illumination is crucial to illuminate your house, store, or other property that you want to safeguard. Adding a level of protection for your portable motion sensor light may include purchasing the Lumenology method for the most delicate LED portable motion sensor light. 

This portable LED light comes with additional functions, making it an excellent choice for home and office use. Anywhere there is a need for light, you can install it. The motion sensor detects movement and enables the system to function when required, conserving energy and ultimately reducing the amount of money in your pocket. Lumenology LED portable motion sensor is the most efficient light available for its type, allowing it to function as the best motion sensor light on the market.

What is Lumenology?

An image of lumenology - motion sensor light

You can use Lumenology to illuminate spaces quickly and efficiently, which allows you to move them around and set them anyplace. Lumenology is simple to use. Just point where you need light, and Lumenology delivers professional-quality light in seconds. Lumenology is very simple to use. Since it comes with a tripod and a magnetic base, which allows it to be installed almost anywhere within seconds, even if you have no DIY abilities or electricity knowledge. If you can operate a light switch, you may easily install Lumenology at whichever location is required.

Lumenology’s motion-detecting mechanism helps it stand out from the others. The light contains a motion sensor, and it will light up if it detects motion. No need to install a light switch or remote control. Lumenology allows you to place the light wherever you need it, and then you can tell your motion sensors to turn the light on when you need it.

To order a Lumenology light kit, go to the Lumenology website ( and add all the light kits to your cart. You get everything you need for a successful Lumenology installation and use the light with every light kit. There are savings on 3, 5, and 8-light light-emitting diode (LED) package deals, which may cut the cost to $ 25 per Lumenology light-emitting diode (LED) kit.

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In the interest of being fair, we must first discuss the many characteristics this product provides before getting into the beautiful things a lumenology system may provide.

Powered by AA Batteries:

AA Batteries in motion sensor light

To power the Lumenology light use three AA batteries. Since AA batteries are inexpensive, they are a low-cost option for light sources. AA batteries are available in packs of eight, which allows you to get more batteries at savings, enabling you to get additional batteries for your flashlight. Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is on the lower end of the market as far as lights of its sort are concerned.

Due to the usage of AA batteries, Lumenology is relatively portable. This is especially useful while doing tasks where you may not be able to use other devices due to their limited availability. Whether you’ll be using it for camping or on any other outdoor trip, Lumenology light is ideal for the task. Always keep a couple of additional batteries in your backpack. You have easy access to new batteries when the current ones wear out.

AA batteries are readily available practically everywhere, and they’re also relatively inexpensive. This affords you the accessibility of using them for your illumination without difficulty, all while simplifying your process. Lumenology light replacements are relatively economical, and Lumenology light works instantly after installation.

The light from AA batteries has a significant amount of freedom regarding how it is used, as opposed to other sources of light that need continual energy to work; lumenology light is particularly well-suited for off-grid usage. You need to change the batteries when the light goes out, and the light will come back on immediately.

IP43 water-resistant:

Water Resistant - LED Portable Motion Light

The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is IP43 water-resistant. As a result, it works excellently outdoors. Use it in your backyard or take it on the road, you see only excellent results. Lumenology light is a solar-powered system that is weatherproof. But if you’ve located a location where you’d want to put it, I advise you have it mounted now. Preventing direct rain is an extra advantage and may lead to the more excellent overall value in the long term.

Powerful Motion Sensors: 

Motion Sensors

This Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light comes with a movements sensor that can detect motion even in the dark. The sensors can cover a total of 100 degrees of vision while only having a 13-foot range, which enables them to catch even the most minor amounts of movement without issue. This innovative device can detect any action from head-on or side to side. It is effortless to turn on Lumenology light sensors; all you have to do is place it in an “auto” position. If you are in a place where there is sufficient movement, you should see the lights come on for around 30 seconds and then turn off again. This signals that the sensors are ultimately charged, and when they detect further movement, the lights will turn off.

Bright Lights:

Bright Light

The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light effectively illuminates all spaces. The LED bulb has a Lumen count of 148 and a brightness of 146 Lumens. The result of this is that the Lumenology light is successful in using bright lighting.

The light is very adaptable, having 360 degrees of rotation. Pay attention when obtaining a constant and maximal brightness, and make sure the light points in the direction of your preference.

The Lumenology light must be carefully balanced so that it does not accidentally slide and then direct light to another location when pointed in a specific direction. This toy was professionally constructed to be solid, sturdy, and secure. When it comes to the LED bulb’s illumination, the amount of power used is lower than other lighting sources. And when it comes to light brightness, the LEDs have a higher standard of quality. The Lumenology light produces adequate light to illuminate a large surface area, ideal for use as a security light in your front or back yard.

Lightweight and Portable:

Lightweight and portable

One of the qualities that set Lumenology LED portable motion sensor light apart from the competition is that it is adaptable, enabling you to position it wherever you wish for the most beneficial results.

This LED sensor light comes with screwable tripod legs that are fixable at the bottom portion of the sensor. These legs securely keep the light in a place with a sturdy foundation created. These are no ordinary legs; they are wrappable, providing you with the flexibility to securely install the Lumenology light around posts or anything similar. The support is strong and can support your Lumenology light securely.

How Does Lumenology Work?
Working and Mounting of Lumenology explained

Additionally, Lumenology has three components that must be attached to the light and used in any environment, including:

  1. Magnetic base
  2. Flexible tripod legs
  3. Motion LED light

You may screw the flexible tripod legs onto the rear of the LED light, which can then be used as a tripod. You may either use the provided screw to attach the magnetic base to the rear of Lumenology or use the screw in the magnetic base to connect to Lumenology. This magnetic base may be used on various flat surfaces, and it will also adhere to metal surfaces. There are several methods to use Lumenology, and it is simple, regardless of whatever route you use.

Some individuals utilize Lumenology in the outside environment to illuminate fencerows, barbecue areas, walks, driveways, and other outside locations.

Other users use Lumenology to mount light fixtures in gloomy places, such as in the hallways of buildings or on the stairways in older homes.

To sum it up, Lumenology says the light is best for the many sections of an entrance, such as doors and hoods, as well as for patios and gatherings. To see the light from 40 feet away, make sure to put Lumenology in an area where there is enough open space. In its marketing literature, the light bulb promises to provide illumination equivalent to a standard light bulb in any area that may be able to accommodate one – such as a tiny room or closet. While it is neither big enough to light up a whole backyard or big room nor meant to do so, it is enough for the task at hand.

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Why Buy LED Motion Sensor Lights?

An unwanted person entering into house and motion sensor light gets activated

Many new LED lighting fixtures and fixtures are outfitted with advanced lighting settings. One of the most common of these elements is motion sensor technology, which may be used for inside and outside LED lighting. The motion sensor LED lights are commonly fitted with a microwave sensor or a PIR sensor.

A microwave motion sensor can tell whether there is movement. This attribute of the devices’ ability to handle delicate tasks and wide-ranging places means they’re great for security purposes and more extensive areas.

PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors, which are often used in motion sensors, detect changes in heat signatures. While PIR sensors are most effective in locations with a regular and predictable activity pattern, such as corridors and outdoor walks, they work well in other smaller areas such as bathrooms. While not as sensitive as microwave sensors, PIR sensors are advantageous in environments with constant movements, such as areas with offices and stores where the light should not power (e.g., trees blowing in the wind). 

However, because PIR sensors are temperature sensitive, it is essential to use microwave sensors in situations known to have differing temperatures. Whether or not you will want to use a motion sensor will depend on the sensors you are going to use, but there are several reasons why you should purchase LED lights with motion sensors.

Indoor Motion Sensor LEDs: 

Indoor Motion Sensor LED. - Lumenology

In big, open spaces, such as warehouses, workshops, and factories, it is much more apparent the need for safety. Still, it should also be considered in smaller spaces like private homes and places of employment, particularly in places where there are several employees. Motion sensor actuated lighting is a great safety addition for workers since it can instantly make any workplace feel more secure.

However, the most often encountered issue when installing motion sensor-equipped LED lighting inside is a significant energy saving. A fixture using LED bulbs for facilities that do not need constant illumination will save energy and operating expenses by shutting off after two minutes of inactivity. Instant-on brightness maybe had just by walking inside the sensor’s 80-foot detecting range. Be ready to receive light when required and use energy and money efficiently when it is not.

Likewise, areas such as offices and residences are subject to the same concept. Under-cabinet LED illumination with motion sensors is the best way to ensure that no one makes unauthorized journeys to the kitchen or basement at night. Flemming’s RADAR light bulbs, or motion sensor versions of ordinary A21 and BR30 flood light bulbs, may be used to retrofit any location with the security, safety, and energy efficiency of LED motion sensor lights.

Outdoor Motion Sensor LEDs:

A women checking the motion sensor light set outside her house

It is undoubtedly the most well-known and most significant reason to buy LED lights with motion sensors since this increases security. The motion sensor lights may be set to flash when someone or anything passes by, alerting anybody present that there is no danger present. While many outdoor lighting systems incorporate motion sensors, the majority have a 5000K color temperature and brightness. Additionally, these lights are often built to be floodlights, which will result in the most even light dispersion. The light-emitting diodes of this sort are very dependable, safe, and straightforward to replace for high-wattage halogen lights.

One of the most common characteristics of outdoor LED motion sensor lights is their ability to be customized for detection range, sensor sensitivity, standby duration, and more. Several types of LED security lighting fixtures meet residential and commercial safety requirements. The essential 2-head security light is simple to install and effectively provides many illumination directions, making it a solid option for a backyard or driveway.

As a result, for a more heavy-duty security lighting solution, our recommendation is as follows. Go for an industrial LED motion sensor floodlight that is waterproof and has an adjustable mounting handle and shatter-resistant glass. For larger driveways, storefronts, and community spaces, consider LED flood light models between 30 and 50 watts. These models offer maximum output and can be seen farther away than the floodlights that use more power (100-200W). More extensive models (100-200W) or LED shoebox pole lights are ideal for many places. Some of them are commercial loading docks, parking lots, streets, and anywhere else that needs high-output security lighting. To provide light output up to 40,000 lumens, a 300W LED motion sensor street light has to use LEDs with a luminous efficacy of at least 300 lm/W.

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Why Do I Need Motion Sensors?

Cover your whole property with motion sensors. You can scare anyone by the activation of your floodlights. Place these far away from your building. So, inform the police beforehand, if you have an expansive yard.

Expensive-powered lights left on all night use a lot of energy and result in high electricity bills for you and your family. However, when conventional floodlights are continuously on, they generate many lumens, making them very bright and energy-intensive. These may annoy your neighbors if left on continually at night.

Outdoor motion sensor lights gets activated only when they are triggered. By incorporating a motion sensor into your floodlights, you pay for just the lumens you need in an emergency or when you wish to utilize them.

Solar-powered lights do not provide enough brightness to frighten away an intruder. Additionally, they will not work all night. To resolve your issue, you will need a motion detector or motion sensor. Use these in combination with your existing light fixture.

Benefits of Lumenology

Lumenology light stands out among the other types of light stands. This fantastic creation has been developed to serve your light-related requirements. Now that we know why you want to acquire the system let’s dive into the reasons.

Simulates Natural Light: 

One of the most significant advantages of natural lighting is that there’s no way to beat it in terms of clarity, and being able to replicate it is a nice bonus properly. In layman’s terms, Lumenology light accomplishes just that. It has comparable brightness to natural sunshine, and that serves to offer a flawless view of anything you’re looking at.

Highly effective:

The primary function of any light system is to illuminate the area. This Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light performs precisely what it is meant to accomplish. It offers a robust 148 Lumens with ease, enabling you to have the most significant output of essential light. 

All-weather enabled:

Anytime the system is in use, it is always successful. In addition, it is water-resistant and hence not susceptible to damage from rain. The Lumenology light will still operate even if it snows on a clear night. It is created to serve you regardless of where you are located.

Saves Energy:

Only a tiny amount of movement is detected within the scope of the fitted motion sensors, after which the system is lit up. This feature saves energy since the light turns on when movement is detected and turns off when no movement is detected. The built-in motion-sensing technology eliminates unnecessary light energy use, which helps keep the initial cost low.


Light is multifunctional, with many applications, which is why it is referred to as light lumenology. It will be able to provide illumination where it is required the most. Pick your favorite location to camp in the woods, whether in the yard, garden, or somewhere in the woodland. This lamp was meant to be functional in all locations.

You may make it the way you want it to be by fixing it permanently in your desired position. In addition to stabilizing the Lumenology light with the tripod legs, you may utilize the tripod legs where you see appropriate. In addition, you can put the light in your bag for use around the home or in outdoor locations. The system is very dependable and somewhat diversified in how it is used.

Because Lumenology battery-powered light can use readily available AA batteries. You don’t have to worry about the lack of energy to get the light to work or to be recharged. Once you have a sufficient amount of batteries, you will no longer have to worry about using the flashlight.


At $ 49.99, the Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is not the cheapest motion sensor light available, but right now, there is a SALE, and thus the price is on sale. It is now available for $ 39.99 for a limited time. Therefore, if you were planning on purchasing Lumenology, you should expedite your order as this sale deal will not stay forever.

The light’s price is meager, but it also outperforms all other lights on the market. Choosing to purchase a cheaper LED light instead of a costly one makes sense. But it’s better to go with a top-rated LED model when it comes to functionality. It performs a great job, therefore making it an asset.

How to Use Lumenology?

When using Lumenology, there are two basic methods to use:

To stabilize the tripod, you may wrap the tripod legs around an item. Both the tripod legs and smartphone tripod legs function similarly. They can wrap around a piece of equipment (they’re flexible). If you’d like, you may make the legs firm to provide a stable foundation for the light.

Alternatively, you may attach Lumenology to a magnetic surface using the magnet, which will function on any magnetic surface.

The gadget will run either in an always-on mode or a motion detection mode as long as the batteries are in Lumenology.

Lumenology Battery Life
Lumenology Battery Life Explained

Lumenology has an electrical cord with three AA batteries connected to it. According to the literature, the three batteries should last for a whole year on a single charge or roughly 1,000 activations.

In the case of Lumenology, if you utilize their always-on setting, the light will be on more often. When you keep the light on all the time, the light will only last eight hours. It is safe to assume that Lumenology will have lasted for one year if you use the motion detection method. With the purchase of this item, you do not get AA batteries. If you want to utilize Lumenology, you will need to acquire AA batteries.

At Get, over 10,000 five-star reviews validate the claim that Lumenology is legit.

Where this LED Portable Motion Sensor Light is best suited?

Lumenology works well regarding both motion detection and illumination. It should be enabled whenever motion is sensed within several feet of the device.

Lumenology works well in heavy rain, wind, and snow and remains operational over many months of use while exposed to low temperatures; the user also states that the batteries continue to operate perfectly after many months of twice-daily use.

You can use Lumenology both inside and outdoors to light up a place in an inexpensive method. Lumenology performs as stated, which is to light up an area without the hefty expense of a professional electrician. You can set up Lumenology in seconds, use it anywhere, and your house lighting will be professional wherever in and around your house.

Lumenology Review

Lumenology Review by an user

I am Cameron Darby, and after reading the Lumenology review, I purchased the device. Because I want to set it up in the area near my dog run, so when I let my dogs come in from their nighttime playtime, I won’t have to wonder about with a flashlight. I was worried that it wouldn’t be light enough. It’s terrific. We experimented around with it to get the most extensive coverage area.

I have it placed beneath the roof eaves, but it shines over to the grass area for the dogs to do their business. Even though it is up over my head, it still picks up the motion from the dogs as they pass by. When my dogs have puppies, they often pick up the puppies. At this time, I do not know how long the battery will last, but this little flashlight performs quite well. Because of its magnetic qualities, we fixed the plate to the roof eaves and secured the light that way.

How much does it cost?

The price of the Lumenology kit is $39.99. However, if you purchase many kits at once, you may get a 15% discount.

  • 8 Kits: $ 199.96 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Kits: $ 149.97 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Kits: $ 99.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 1 Kit: $ 39.99 + $ 4.99 Shipping

Every package contains the Lumenology light, a magnetic base, and a tripod base.

Cost of Lumenology

Refund Policy

Customers may return lightbulbs for a full refund within 30 days. The following information allows you to seek a refund within 30 days of the purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the software for any reason.

In terms of refunding transportation expenses, the manufacturer will not provide a refund. All items must be returned in their original packing and undamaged. You will be responsible for your return shipping costs.

Contact customer support staff to begin the refund process. Customer support staff may be reached by email at or by phone at 855-843-4828.

Final Word

The lighting system utilizes motion sensing, brilliant white LEDs, and unique light sensors to illuminate any area. You can ‘install’ the light in a matter of seconds. Instead of using a separate tripod or magnetic base, just utilize the one that’s supplied with the lamp to set it in different locations throughout your house. It is good to place something somewhere to use later (to illuminate a closet, walkway, or backyard). You may either carry it with you or put it in your bag. For roughly $ 40, the Lumenology all-in-one kit gives you everything you need to test a variety of lights quickly. Refunds are provided for all kits that are bought for a total of 30 days. Check our complete motion sensor light guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know whether it has a warranty?

The Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a 1-year warranty.

Is it possible to use motion sensors with LED lights?

Yes, they indeed do. The integrated motion sensors in the Lumenology LED Portable Motion Sensor Light are effective, yet there’s still room for improvement.

Is Lumenology lighting a good investment?

It is true; they are. A Lumenology light is the best option when you recently moved into your new house or if you want to dissuade thieves who may attempt to break into your property.

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