LingoGet Reviews: Language Learning Device Worth It?

LingoGet Reviews: Language Learning Device Worth It?

We desire to learn a new language for a variety of reasons. The reasons may vary from person to person, but they may include increasing employment chances, helping you to travel more successfully, allowing you to give good public speeches, and allowing you to form interpersonal relationships with individuals from across the world. LingoGet will help you in this situation.

As a result, you’ll need to be familiar with the varied meanings of a variety of terms and phrases in the language you wish to study. We desire to learn a new language for a variety of reasons. The reasons may vary from person to person, but they may include increasing employment chances, helping you to travel more successfully, allowing you to give good public speeches, and allowing you to form interpersonal relationships with individuals from across the world. As a result, you’ll need to be familiar with the varied meanings of a variety of terms and phrases in the language you wish to study.

Check out some of the best instant translator and how it can help you. Let’s dive into LingoGet Review with us!

What is LingoGet?


Learning a new language may be a frustrating process that makes you want to quit up. It is well known that children are better at acquiring a new language than adults. Without any formal instruction, children acquire their first language. Adults, on the other hand, are almost impossible to teach themselves a new language without assistance.

Fortunately, LingoGet assists you in the language learning process by making it simple. Lingoget is a cutting-edge language-learning gadget and software that uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology to mimic the functionality of a smartphone. Over 30 new languages may be learned, spoken, practised, and acquired at various ability levels with the gadget. You may learn any language in no time if you choose to utilise this gadget.

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Features of LingoGet

The physical and technical characteristics of this device enable it to translate over 30 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Swedish, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, and others. This product includes the following features at a glance:

  • More than 30 languages are supported by the language translator.
  • People can pick from three different levels of difficulty.
  • More than 10,000 words have been deposited.
  • Because it is portable and compact, it is perfect for travelling.
  • The white design of Lingoget gadgets is appealing.
  • Due to its extended battery life, it can operate for up to 12 hours of continuous study.
  • Because of its quick reaction time, the product allows for more efficient learning.
  • With a single click, users may change the language.
  • It’s really easy to use.
  • The idea of repetition is used, as well as speech recognition technologies.
  • It has a wide range of language options.

How does LingoGet work?

To teach you the language you wish to learn, the Lingoget gadget and app use the concept of repetition and speech recognition technologies. Furthermore, it is equipped with a microphone, speakers, and buttons that allow you to set and modify the language you wish to study, much like a recorder. Translator mode is one of the buttons, and it allows you to speak and translate whatever is being said around you.

The spoken words are transformed to text and shown on your smartphone. The instructor mode is the other option available in the programme. It allows you to hear the words and sentences of the language you’re learning. Aside from that, the mode generates words and sentences for you to practise pronouncing when learning a language. The Lingoget will utter a word to you in teacher mode, and you will repeat it.

You must first download the Lingoget app to your smartphone or tablet before using the product to learn. The app is available for both Apple and Android phones. Because Lingoget is Bluetooth enabled, it works well with phones and is simple to use. After that, connect your phone to the voice recognition software. From the installed LingoGet app, you may choose from over 30 languages and your desired difficulty level.

There are three degrees of difficulty in the product. There are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and master or advanced. The novice stage is simple, and if you choose it, you may learn over 1000 common words in the language of your choice. You may study and utilise short phrases of the language at the intermediate level. It also allows you to conduct roughly 98 percent of a day-to-day and real-life discussion. The advanced level is for those who have learned the foreign language and can converse fluently in it.

Technical Specifications

  • Built-in lithium battery: 3.7 V, 800 mAh
  • Transmission distance: 10 meters
  • Speech recognition distance: 1 meter
  • Language: Chinese (Simplified / Traditional / Cantonese), English (US / UK / Australia / India), Korean, Japanese, French (France / Canada), German, Spanish (Spain / Mexico), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese (Portugal / Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt / Saudi Arabia / International) Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS
  • Dimensions: 12.5 * 3.5 * 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 65 g

What problems does LingoGet solve?


Learning a new language may be an exhausting and difficult process. Furthermore, you may need to engage a costly instructor or employ a variety of online language learning methods. Thankfully, the Muama LingoGet translation software is ideal for a successful language learning experience. The Lingoget gadget was developed by linguists and neuroscientists, according to the official website.

To make language learning a rapid and straightforward step-by-step procedure, they used the concept of repetition with speech recognition technology. When you utilise the gadget and app, you can count on it to assist you in correctly pronouncing a variety of foreign words and phrases. Furthermore, the gadget tests you by presenting you with words and phrases from 30 other languages that you may practise with.

Aside from that, its technology allows you to operate the gadget using your smartphone as an interface. Furthermore, according to a lingoget review, the device’s language learning process is eight times more efficient and faster than traditional learning techniques.

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Main Advantages

  • Easily Learn a New Language: The Lingoget gadget and software combine cutting-edge technology to help users quickly acquire and understand the language. When compared to traditional learning techniques, Lingoget employs the concept of repetition and speech recognition technology to help you to learn the languages offered eight times quicker.
  • The Language Learning Gadget Has A Large Vocabulary: The Lingoget device and app are useful language assistants since they include at least 1000 words in the language you wish to learn. The programme will provide you with the vocabulary you’ll need for everyday discussions and experiences.
  • There Are Several Difficulty Levels To Choose From: It is tough to learn a language, especially as an adult. Fortunately, the learning assistant is appropriate for all levels of learners. Lingoget will place you where you are comfortable, whether you are a novice or an expert. According to a lingoget review, the software offers three levels of learning, from beginner to expert. Lingoget evaluations reveal that its customers were able to collect 98 percent of the languages’ words and phrases at each level.
  • Longer Battery Life: Lingoget has a built-in lithium battery with a 3.7V and 800mAh capacity. The device can operate for around 12 hours without stopping thanks to its battery. As a result, you may study and utilise the gadget without worrying about it running out of juice.
  • Durable And Rechargeable: This language translator is built to last and requires very little electricity or energy. As a result, Lingoget lasts longer on your journey. In addition, the translating gadget comes with a USB cord that may be used to recharge it when the battery runs out. It does not shatter or crack easily, according to a lingoget review, even when it slips out of your hands.

Why is LingoGet necessary?


A device that comes with Satisfaction Guarantee surely should be tried out. If in 30 days you do not like the way this device works then as per the company’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy, you can return the product and ask for a refund.

One of the reasons that this device became instantly viral is that it helps to learn a new language is a very less time. Now that travelling has become a huge trend, people are learning about new cultures and languages. And this device is a perfect one if you love travelling to new countries.

The language experts have said that this device is going to be a big help for people who want to make their career in linguistics. Thus, people are praising this language device.

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How Can This Benefit You?

  • Lower cost than expensive language learning courses, textbooks and other required learning methods.
  • Ability to choose from 30+ languages.
  • Speak a language by studying less.
  • Go against traditional and ineffective language learning methods to get better and faster results.
  • Save your time because the 10-15 minutes, bite-sized lessons will easily fit in your busy schedule.
  • Get fluent in a language while sitting around in your pajamas!

What Is the Best Way to Set Up Your LingoGet Device?


You must fully charge your LingoGet after receiving it. In the meanwhile, you should get the LingoGet app on your phone. It works with Android, iOS, and other popular smartphone operating systems. Simply disconnect the gadget and connect it to your phone over Wi-Fi after it is fully charged. To use the gadget, you’ll need access to your phone’s internet connection. Only an active internet connection will allow the gadget to function.

You may choose the language and other settings for your device using your smartphone. Choose from three different difficulty levels to suit your needs. You may choose between two distinct working modes on the smartphone. The first is the translator mode, in which you may use speech recognition technology to convert any foreign language into a language you understand. Another mode is teacher mode, which gives you a full lecture in the language of your choosing.

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How to use LingoGet?

To use this language learning device, first of all, you need to download the LingoGet App on your mobile. After that, you need to make paired your mobile with the device using Bluetooth.

When the setting is in the right process, just you need to switch on the device for starting to take the learning process. Press the button to select the language one after another whatever you like as per your choice.

Here are the steps that you can follow to use this effective language device-

  • After receiving your order, put the device on charge for at least 3 hours
  • Once the device is charged, you can start using it by switching it On
  • Download the LingoGet app on your phone
  • Select the language that you want to learn or want to listen to
  • The buttons for “speak” and “listen” are available on the device, you can press the one as per your need
  • Once done, you can turn it OFF and place it aside

Setup Instructions

  • Select language – Choose one of the 30 + languages you’ll quickly master.
  • Select an apprenticeship course 
    • “Beginner” can teach you 1000 words in any language.
    • “Intermediate” level will allow you to use short sentences and manage up to 98% of the most popular conversations in real life.
    • “Advanced”: get the promotion you deserve, impress your peers, forget about social awkwardness, master a foreign language, and speak better than a native.
  • Controls – A two-step, genius learning process. Forget about books and tests: use one key to communicate and the other to listen. Designed and perfected by European linguists of the highest level.

LingoGet Price

You can avail 50% off on purchase from the official website. There are other websites selling the device, but it is best to purchase it from the official website. It guarantees that you get the right and genuine product. You can choose from five different packages depending on your needs:

QuantityTotal PricePrice of Each Device
Buy 3 Devices, Get 2 Free$ 265$ 53
Buy 2 Devices, Get 1 Free$ 177$ 59
1 Device$ 89$ 89
2 Devices$ 138$ 69
4 Devices$ 220$ 55

The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee where you can get a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the working of the device. You need to email the customer service department and ask for your refund. You need to ensure that the device is in good condition and not damaged in any way. However, you will be required to pay a 15% restocking fee. You’ll get the remaining amount back.

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What Customers Are Saying About LingoGet

Package Contents and Description

When you order, the package received contains the following:

  1. LingoGet Device
  2. User manual
  3. 1 x USB cable

There is an integrated battery in LingoGet which allows it to operate for 12 hours without needing to be recharged. There is also a charging cable in the box for charging your gadget. In order to use the device, you need an app. Android users can find it in Play Store, while iOS users can find it in Apple Store.

In the palm of your hand, the device is a simple-looking and handy device similar to a remote control device for your television. A speaker and microphone button are the only buttons on the face of the device. Moreover, the phone also has a volume up/down button and a power button.

Where To Buy LingoGet

Keep in mind that the gadget is only accessible over the internet. According to a Lingoget review, the best way to assure that you get an authentic lingoget language learning gadget is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, ordering through the manufacturer’s website ensures that you will receive the best price available, allowing you to save money.

The first step in the ordering procedure is to choose how many LingoGet devices you want. After that, enter in pertinent information such as your first and surname names, as well as your email address and phone number. The third stage of the order procedure is to fill in your address, after which you pay for the gadget. There is also a trip package offered on the website. A phone cover, standard USB charging cable, a power bank, cables, and a Wi-Fi router are included in the travel kit.


How many languages can I learn?

40 Languages + Dialects! From global languages like French or Spanish to local ones like Telugu or Egyptian Arabic – Lingoget has you covered!

Do I need a special adapter?

Not at all! Lingoget comes with micro USB cable and can be charged anywhere. It takes 4 hours to charge it fully. Portability guaranteed!

Can my kids / parents use it? They struggle with technology.

Absolutely! Lingoget is designed with simplicity in mind. Two button controls: that’s all it takes! Learning a language is hard enough, why make it overcomplicated?

How is it better than any other language assistant on the market?

Lingoget is laser-focused on real-life speaking skills: it teaches you correct phrases, checks your pronunciation, helps to distinguish between words that sound similar even to a native speaker. It is the best portable speaking tutor you could want!

Final Verdict

The gadget uses advanced voice recognition and repetition technologies to help users learn a new language. Lingoget is a personal language assistant that assists you in learning a new language. It operates as if it were a genuine language instructor, teaching effectively and swiftly. This device is the most cost-effective way to learn over 30 languages. Simply visit the manufacturer’s website, place your order, and begin learning a new language in no time.

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