KeySmart vs KeyStax: Which KeyHolder Is Best For You?

KeySmart vs KeyStax: Which KeyHolder Is Best For You?

The keysmart stainless steel key holder is lightweight and can conveniently hold all of your keys, plus it has a loop for extra keys. Making the right choice is easier if you compare keysmart vs keystax.

The majority of the time, I feel that I have too many keys. On the days when I do not, I usually lose a few. In the daytime, I am a janitor at my local college, and in the evenings I am a convenience store assistant. It is common for me to carry around a large number of keys throughout the day. While changing shifts, I might mix up my keys, resulting in some lost time.  I have replaced several keys as a result. In order to find a safe and suitable key holder, I compared key stacks with keysmart.

Keysmart Vs Keystax – Detailed comparison

The Material: Stainless steel is used for the keystax holder in conjunction with polycarbonate, whereas aluminium and stainless steel are combined for the keysmart, providing a relatively stronger product. When dropped accidentally, the keystax holder is more prone to damage and may not last as long as the keysmart holder

The weight and capacity: Keystax can hold up till 8 keys but the keysmart can hold up to 14 keys. While both key holders have loop slots for expansion, the keysmart holds more keys. There is a 10x difference in size between keystax and keysmart

The size of the holder: The keystax holder measures 88 mm long, while the keysmart measures 76 mm. With only a few millimetres difference, the keysmart is now more portable and pocket-friendly. Carry both of them in your pocket without being cumbersome.

Maximum key length: If you carry a keystax, you can carry keys up to 80 mm long. The keysmart, however, recommends a maximum of 80 mm. Keys shorter than 3 inches are also accommodated by the keysmart. Also the keys that are longer can’t be stored compactly in the key holder. Keys of larger sizes will protrude from the key holder and make it difficult for you to carry them in your pocket.

Comparison Table

ProductKeystaxKeysmart Review
Capacity8 keys14 keys
Weight0.32 ounces3.2 ounces
MaterialStainless steel and polycarbonateStainless steel and aluminium
AccessoriesLoop includedloop included

What is KeySmart?


Keeping your keys organized and neat was the goal of the keysmart.  With this Keysmart, you will no longer have to deal with noisy tangling keys and you will be able to organise your keys.  Keys with a thickness of less than 80 mm can be accommodated by the standard keysmart.

The designers added a loop attachment that allows you to install larger keys and remotes. The keysmart will also protect your clothes and bags; you won’t poke holes in them. With its edges, it keeps sharp parts from scratching your designer bags and clothes. With its high quality aluminium and stainless steel, this key organiser won’t be too bulky. Stainless steel, rust-free, lightweight, and designed to last.

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Pros and Cons

  • Portable; it’s not too bulky
  • Easy to use
  • You won’t need to tighten the screws
  • Expensive

What is KeyStax?


You can get rid of your bulky keychain with Keystax. This keychain has a loop piece on one side that can be attached to car keys and larger keys.  You can store 8 keys on it.  As you walk into the office or any place with delicate decor, you can hold more keys and create fewer jingles.

With this holder, your keys won’t fall out of your pocket every time you’re seated.  With the keystax holder, you do not have to have any custom keys fitted. You can stack your keys and still keep them neatly arranged. Although the key is made out of steel hardware and polycarbonate frames, it comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons

  • It is very affordable
  • Organises any size keys together
  • Maybe too BULKY!

The verdict (KeySmart vs KeyStax)

In comparison with the keystax, the keysmart is quite expensive, but its functionality is excellent. It’s great to be able to keep all my keys as well as my car key in one place. Aside from this, it is made of steel and aluminum, which means that it won’t break when it falls, and it will last me for quite some time. My office and house’s locks will not have to be changed or I will not have to buy any extra keys. Thus, you in turn save a lot of money!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many keys will fit on the KeySmart?

Nearly all of your keys should fit! KeySmart holds up to 8 with your FREE expansion pack.

I have long keys, will they fit on the KeySmart?

Yes! KeySmart is designed to accommodate nearly all foreign key and long keys.