KeySmart Review: Does Key Organizer Really Help?

KeySmart Review: Does Key Organizer Really Help?

It’s not the first time I hear about KeySmart, so I decide to give it a try and find out if it is a scam? Is it true? I ordered this product two days after it was ordered, and it was delivered two days later. My keys are organized and I have no more thigh soreness or pant rubbing problems. Setting it up took me two minutes, and it can hold up to ten keys. Since I have dropped it many times and soaked it in water, its lightweight design and durable construction make it more convenient for me. However, it has not corroded or damaged yet.

Sadly, digital locks aren’t always available, and therefore it is more common for people to have to leave the door with a bunch of keys that are noisy, bulky, and annoying. The risk of losing a bunch of keys is high, so having a bunch is synonymous with responsibility. If you have a lot of keys to organize, KeySmart is your best choice. Using the keysmart key organizer has been a great help for me. I will share my experience with it. Let’s take a look.

What is Keysmart?

KeySmart is a smart key holder that organizes multiple keys in one location. These are designed for those who need to carry many keys, such as desk keys, keys for Almirahs, keys for vehicles, etc. In addition, the keys can be stored serially so they can easily find them. It is very attractive because of its S design and it can hold more than eight keys. It looks like a Swiss knife when I take it from pocket to open desks or other compartments. I store my keys in spaces where I can easily find them. It is perfectly okay to keep up to 10 keys without running into any problems.


Mike is the inventor of the smart and handy device because he faced the problem of losing keys, damaging pants, and poking thighs. When we carried the keys in our pockets, both you and I experienced these problems. My house’s main gate key was lost once, so I had no alternative keys and I became a nightmare to me. Next, I decided to make copies of the keys in order to keep them organized. The aluminum metal it is constructed from prevents rust and is strong enough to withstand anything. The small smart key holder can store all types of keys.

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Features Of KeySmart

KeySmart key organizer has excellent value for money even when you consider taking it out of your pocket. According to my experience, here are the top 5 features of the KeySmart. 

They are mentioned below:

  1. Security: A maximum of ten keys can be organized and collected with this app. You will be much less likely to lose your keys when you leave the house if you get rid of the notorious set of keys.
  2. Convenience and Comfort: Smart keychains can organize your keys and add various types of accessories including bottle openers, USB drives, and gadgets such as EveryKey and XY Find It. Don’t you think it’s pretty?
  3. Greater savings of money and time: Losing your key pack or constantly checking that you always have it with you is annoying, boring and a nuisance. If you lose it, it will be necessary to pay for them to be redone.
  4. Affordable and accessibility: Anyone can purchase KeySmart for a low price. In addition, it is a great low-cost and original gift idea for any occasion, such as a birthday party or Christmas.
  5. Ultra-resistance and lightweight: The material used for this product is stainless steel and special aluminium alloys, which means it can withstand any environment such as snow, water, etc. and is lightweight.

Why I Like KeySmart

This device’s resemblance to a Swiss army knife is one of the reasons I enjoy KeySmart. Keysmart has a uniquely designed S-shape that allows you to easily store keys on each end.

I was able to alternate the placement of each key while using the keyboard so that the keys would slide out easily and not stay together. With a sturdy steel post at each end, it is also sturdy enough to prevent keys from falling out at random.

In addition, KeySmart has a newer design that incorporates steel posts and a loop. The loop allows you to attach the key fob used to unlock the car doors, release the trunk, and activate and deactivate the alarm. It’s a little feature, but it’s useful for something as frequently used as a vehicle key.

KeySmart claims its expansion kit can accommodate up to eight keys. This organizational device is compatible with all types of keys, including longer, shorter, and foreign keys. However, it appears that the claim that it can accommodate up to eight keys only applies to smaller keys, as even a single larger key can occupy multiple slots.

Benefits of KeySmart

  • Metal alloy makes up the KeySmart, providing weatherproof protection and durability.
  • With a capacity of up to ten keys and a weight of only two ounces, I never feel concerned when on the road. The gadget works well with my car’s ignition key, as well.
  • Design-wise, it is outstanding due to its S shape and Swiss knife style. It is patent and has a unique and stylish design, so I never feel bulky like with other key holders.
  • The USB flash drive, pocket clip, and mini knife with keys are for my convenience. Additional items can be added upon request. It is made from titanium, which makes it durable and sturdy.
  • Because it has enough space, it can hold old keys without a problem. Whenever I use my car keys, I’m never worried.
  • Customized with my name from the jewelry store near me, it looks gorgeous. There are different colors available, and I’m using blue KeySmart for now.

Which person need the KeySmart?


Customers seeking comfort and safety find it extremely popular. Also, it’s perfect for homeowners who have many keys to open their front door, pump chamber, master door, desk, cabinet, and roof door. Besides multiple keys, it also holds USB drives, pocket clips, folding knives, and other necessary accessories. Never give a child a metal accessory as a toy since metal accessories are not safe.

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How does KeySmart work

This smart key holder lets you store, organize, and use your keys comfortably, saving you space and preventing them from getting lost. Designed to be extremely durable, it is designed to withstand any weather condition. In the shape of an S, the design follows the manufacturer’s guidelines so it occupies less space in your pocket and is easier to use.

Key Smart opinions highlight the fact that once obtained, it must be reassembled. Due to this reason, it was designed to be assembled easily without causing further flapping. Additionally, you can personalize it by choosing your favorite color: red, blue, yellow, black, pink, purple or gray. The local jewelry store can customize it for you if you wish.

Additional Accessories

I like the extra accessories and customization options of the Keysmart key organizer. The following are the additional 

  • USB flash drive: It can be fitted with a USB drive in the form of a key, so we can easily transfer files wherever we are. Low ground clearance won’t cause any problems when connecting the USB to a laptop or computer.
  • Bottle opener: Soft drinks and beverages are popular among us, so the bottle opener comes in handy.
  • Pocket clip: Most of the time, our pockets were full, so the pocket clip allowed the pants to move freely when hung with the hanger.
  • Titanium upgrade: The KeySmart is strong, durable, and stylish thanks to its titanium material.
  • Quick connect: It makes it easy to open and lock accessories within seconds so that we can move more quickly.
  • Mini Light: We can add a mini light to make it easier to move at night or in dark areas.

The accessories are sold separately and we can use them to fulfil our daily tasks.

Pros and Cons of KeySmart

  • Durable aluminium frames make it durable. 
  • With keys you can add accessories like USB, clip, lights, etc. 
  • Up to ten keys can be stored, and old keys can also be used. 
  • With its S shape design, this product has a stylish, elegant and sleek appearance. 
  • You can customize it according to your needs. 
  • It is resistant to water, scratches, and corrosion.
  • With extra accessories and car keys, it becomes heavy.

How to use it?

Besides keeping keys to my house, I also use it to keep a folding knife. This SmartKey still works after 3 months. The screws didn’t need to be tightened. Neither the keys nor the smart key rub against the paint. My key no longer has to be searched and found, which was an unexpected advantage at first. The key can be found however it is found. Over time, you will be able to remember which key you need. My key is ready when I get to my door. That’s very convenient when you’re busy! It’s fantastic!

Is KeySmart Good?


In addition to holding up to 10 keys in one place, the keysmart key holder can reduce frequent key loss due to carelessness or a poor memory when leaving the house. Durable aluminum construction ensures long-term use. The finish and color quality of the key chain are also excellent. Accessories that we use every day such as bottle openers, Nano lights, USBs, and pocket clips can be added. Your key collection keeps you from losing keys unexpectedly and wasting money on unnecessary costs. In addition to connecting bags, luggage, and other items, it makes life a lot easier.

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How many keys can this hold?

It efficiently organizes, classifies, and centers keys and minimizes the risk of unexpected loss. This organizer can store a maximum of ten keys. As well as a bottle opener, a folding knife, and a USB cable, it has functional accessories. Besides that, it has a separating hook for finding just your car keys and those of your office. It is convenient to separate the keys you need most in this way.

How do you put keys on KeySmart?


Putting the keys on the KeySmart was a bit of a challenge at first. I will show how I use it now that it is easier for me.

  1. The plate is separated by opening the screws.
  2. Keep the keys facing inward and add keys according to my serial number.
  3. To make it easier, I put 8 keys in spaces, but you could add more by removing the space.
  4. I then added the second plate with screws and tightened it by hand. For perfect fitting, you should use a screwdriver.

Tips For Assembling

  1. Start with the smallest and most delicate keys.
  2. Try adjusting the key placement on each post.
  3. Add any desired accessories after adding the keys.
  4. Keep the screws in a secure location to track them.
  5. If you do not have a little screwdriver, remove the screws with a penny.

Keysmart Alternatives

EM Compact Premium Key Holder

EM Compact Key Holder

The EM Compact Premium Key Holder is made from a type of metal typically employed in aviation buildings. Similar to the KeySmart, it equally distributes the keys between two posts and includes a sturdy metal shell and frame.

The simplistic form makes it easier to locate the desired key and reduces the amount of space required to carry it. This key holder is equipped with an interchangeable key chain and a removable pocket clip. In addition, rubber washers secure the posts.

A viable option if you wish to keep things straightforward.

KeySmart Pro with Tile

keysmart pro with tile

KeySmart Pro with Tile is manufactured by the same company. The most significant difference between the two gadgets is that this one has a Tile, a tracking device that prevents you from losing your keys.

To use Tile, you must download an application to your smartphone or other device. This application enables you to locate your lost keys on a GPS map or send a signal to the device that causes it to beep. I would still prefer a KeySmart without Tile because the feature feels excessive and significantly increases the entire price.

Is KeySmart a scam?

My pen friend told me about KeySmart and I bought it to test it out: is it real or a scam? During my usage of it, I found it not to be a scam, but rather a real gadget that allows us to organize our keys in one place. When I pack and wrap luggage, it saves me time. With the extra hook, I can easily access my car key. With the space it provides, I am able to separate up to 10 keys at once. Despite getting wet in the rain and my KeySmart also damp, I made it home after 7 hours. As a result of its sturdy aluminum frame, it didn’t rust and the color was as bright as new. Moreover, I added extra accessories, such as a USB drive, folding knife and pocket clip, from a jewelry shop.

Does it have a warranty?

A shipping guarantee is provided for buyers of this product. KeySmart typically arrives immediately after purchase. Money-back guarantees are granted by the manufacturer for 30 days or one month. Defective products will be replaced or returned to the customer in case of damage.

Keysmart Reviews Consumer Reports

Price and Money-back Guarantee

The Classic or KeySmart Pro versions of this key holder range in price from $21-$60. You can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

How can I purchase KeySmart? The tool can be obtained by going to the manufacturer’s site and using available discount codes. Additionally, you can save money by purchasing bundles of 1, 3, or 5 key organizers.

Depending on whether it’s a bottle opener or a 16Gb USB 3.0 device, the accessories are priced differently.

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Where To Buy KeySmart

I recommend purchasing KeySmart directly from their official site, but it is available in all online shops. If the product is broken or damaged, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the official website.


I have long keys, will they fit on the KeySmart?

Yes! KeySmart is designed to accommodate nearly all foreign key and long keys.

Will my car key or key fob fit on the KeySmart?

Yes! We include a loop piece FREE of charge with every KeySmart so you can attach your car key.

How many keys will fit on the KeySmart?

Nearly all of your keys should fit! KeySmart holds up to 8 with your FREE expansion pack.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a businessman or a student, you would surely dread shifting through your keys and the myriad holes in your pockets. With this organizer you can make your life a little bit more efficient. Never again do you have to dig through a jumble of keys or worry about losing your key.

Several reviews agree that you will enjoy the efficiency and peace of mind this organizer offers. Now’s the perfect time to get one for yourself.

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