Keyless Pro Review: Is It The Best Laser Keyboard?

Keyless Pro Review: Is It The Best Laser Keyboard?

Keyless PRO has become the most important gadget in the bag of a lot of commuters and just those who need to get some work done when on the go. Easy to use and reliable, it is considered by many to be the future of keyboards.

Are you also a smartphone, tablet or laptop user? I bet you are! People all over the world use technology for working or entertainment. Well, sometimes you need to be all day on the go. Have you ever wanted to complete an important task but you haven’t got your laptop with you? Are you sick of always need to pack everything in your laptop bag and carry it around for hours? If you want to try a different approach then there might be a solution for you.

What is a laser keyboard?

A laser keyboard is a keyless keyboard and instead uses holograms instead of solid keys for keystrokes.  Unlike normal keyboard with physical keys, Laser keyboards come with a keyboard that is projected onto a solid surface with all the keys. You simply tap on the projected key and key is tapped in real-time.

They are small and almost always smaller in size than a smartphone. They are versatile and most of them are compatible with a lot of smart devices.

What is Keyless Pro?

Keyless Pro is a virtual keyboard that ensures relief from typing a small keyboard on the smartphone. It is easy to connect with any smart devices via Bluetooth. After turning on the device, the holographic keyboard will magically take shape on the surface you want to use. It can be used with any device, with a tablet, computer and mobile phone. 

This is a reasonably futuristic technology as you can write the text of your messages using a hologram that will be projected on the surface you wish to use. With this projected keyboard, the words will be displayed on your mobile, computer or tablet. By following a few steps, you can quickly write emails, posts and messages directly to your mobile phone using Keyless pro.

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  • English QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Compact and ultra-portable for mobility.
  • Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery.
  • Truly portable design: perfect for on-the-go.
  • Superior durability (No moving component inside).
  • Full size key pitch and shortcut keys for ease of operation.
  • Without physical keyboard, small size, easy to carry, this projection keyboard can adapt to most of the working environment.
  • Easy connection via Bluetooth 2.0 HID profile Ver. or USB. connection to main devices , like Tablet PC,Smartphone, Desktop PC and Video game .
  • As a new input device, using the built-in infrared laser transmitter to project the standard keyboard on the working surface, you can locate the click position and input the information by the method of optical identification

Technical Specifications

  • Pattern Projector keyboard layout Approx. 19mm Pitch
  • Light source: Red laser
  • Keyboard(mouse) size: Approx. Width : 240mm, Height: 100mm
  • Keyboard(mouse) Location: Approx. 80mm from the bottom of device
  • Project Surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface
  • Recognition Rate: Approx. up to 350 characters per minute
  • Operating Surface: Any firm flat surface
  • External Power Supply: USB Power / less than 5V 500mA
  • Battery & Capacity: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, 700mAh(MA X) @ 3.7V
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 150min
  • Battery Charging Time: Approx. 90min
  • Bluetooth(bm20730): V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
  • Frequency Range: 2402-2480MHz
  • Channel: 79Modulation: GFSK
  • Product Size (mm): 78mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • Product Weight (g): 60gcolors: white, black

How To Use Keyless Pro?

Keyless Pro

Keyless Pro is a compact device which uses laser and infrared light to project keyboard on a smooth and plain surface. It is very easy to plug in to this device from your smart devices.

Let’s go through the usage:

  1. Choose a plain, smooth and non-reflective area. Keyless Pro doesn’t work efficiently if proper surface is not chosen.
  2. Switch on Keyless Pro and wait for the blue light to be on.
  3. Choose the smart device to which you would like to connect Keyless Pro
  4. Activate Bluetooth in your smart device and pair it with Keyless Pro
  5. Open the page/browser/email where you intend to type
  6. Instead of typing from your smart device, type from Keyless Pro
  7. A small beep sound is heard each time a character is keyed in through which you can ensure the key is typed.
  8. The keyed in character will be read by the Infrared light-CMOS combination and will be displayed on the targeted page
  9. Besides Bluetooth, you can also connect the Keyless PRO keyboard via a USB cable, ideal for devices which do not have Bluetooth or when you want to use the keyboard and another device at the same time.
  10. Keyless Pro can be used as a mouse as well. When you move your fingers across the virtual keyboard, the device detects your movements and functions as a normal mouse.
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How to connect this laser Keyboard?

Connection Methods of Keyless Pro:

  1. Besides Bluetooth, you can also connect the Keyless PRO keyboard via a USB cable, ideal for devices that do not have Bluetooth or when you want to use the keyboard and another device at the same time.
  2. You can use it as a mouse as well. When you move your fingers across the virtual keyboard, the device detects your movements and functions as a normal mouse.

How Does Keyless Pro Laser Keyboard Work?

They are easy to use and connect to your phone wireless or via USB, using an external device that is compact, projecting a keyboard onto any flat surface. It works like any real keyboard, using the sensors to detect which letters and buttons you are pressing before typing it up on your device.

They are great for writing long emails or typing up something that you know is going to take a while.

What are the benefits?

Suppose one is there on a bus, train, café, or any other place and some urgent work are there. One need to complete that work urgently; then one does not have to rush back. Just one need to open this device on the flat surface with the smartphone attached to it and it work could be done there easily.

As this device design is portable and lightweight, it could be carried easily to anywhere one go and work over there on it. One does not have to worry about the laptop along every time to do the work. It is much easier to carry the device while travelling as it does not include much into the luggage.

One can use this device on the conferences and seminars. The battery of it lasts around two hours, which is a considerably good time to complete the task, and if required, it could be charged again. It is easily compatible with the Windows, Android or iOS devices.

What makes Keyless PRO special?

Keyless Pro

Keyless PRO is a tiny device that works by projecting a virtual keyboard onto the flat surface of your choice using the infrared laser transmitter. It completely eliminates the need of carrying a computer since you can simply connect Keyless PRO to your smartphone or tablet and just start typing.

But that’s not all! Not only this pocket-size device gives you the freedom to move without the hassle – smart gestures also allow you to have a precise virtual mouse, and you can even use Keyless PRO as a Bluetooth speaker or a powerbank!

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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to carry
  • Highly durable
  • Great substitute for a physical keyboard and mouse
  • Bright and accurate
  • Recognizes 350 words per minutes
  • The projection distance is not as high due to the device giving more attention to brightness

Keyless Pro Reviews by Consumers

I was trying to find a gift for my tech employed son who usually has everything he wants. Not only did he LOVE this but he had not seen it to buy for himself! It even worked pretty well on my daughter’s jeans! I worked best worked when she added a cloth napkin on her lap! – Louise Palmer

I was skeptical so I went with this less pricey one, just in case. But I was pleasantly suprised at how well it worked! Its pretty cool. My 26 yr old son, who us very “tech” minded, dug it. He had it up and running immediately after opening it. I would buy this again as a gift for sure! – Charlene DeVei

How much does it cost?

When one speaks of a device as hi-tech as the KeyLess PRO, it is natural to assume that the device may cost a bomb, considering the functions it is capable of delivering. However, this device is surprisingly affordable costing only $109.69 with a bonus of free worldwide shipment! How cool is that?

The company also guarantees its buyers that no buyer will be left disappointed if they consider investing in this smart-product. You can place an order online through the official website of this gadget to get hold of the best deal for it.

At the moment, the company is running a 50% discount on the product along with the below-mentioned offers:

  • 1 KeyLess PRO – $98.90
  • 2 KeyLess PRO – $196.82 ($65.62 each)
  • 3 KeyLess PRO – $296.73 ($59.34 each)
  • 4 KeyLess PRO – $248.81 ($62.20 each)

Once an order is placed based on product availability, the company informs the buyer of an anticipated time of delivery and mostly this is done within 30 days from the date of order.

Where To Buy Keyless Pro

Of course, it is our responsibility and duty to inform the customer about the precaution in purchasing any product. So, we advise you to visit our official website to get the original product. Go to our website and make the purchase of the product of your choice.


Is this device waterproof?

No, make sure to keep this device away from water as the projections of devices and keyboards are not waterproof.

How often do I have to charge Keyless PRO?

This device has Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, with a 700mAh capacity. It has a long-lasting battery that can last up to two days.

How many hours does it take to fully charge?

You can charge the device with a USB cable and to get fully charged, you only have to wait an hour and a half which equates to 150 minutes of use.

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