IOnic Spa Shower Head Review: Is It Really Helpful?

IOnic Spa Shower Head Review: Is It Really Helpful?

iOnic Spa Shower Head Review: Did you know that that tap water in your shower is full of toxic substances that gradually harm your skin and hair? Search “toxins in tap water” on any search engine, and you will find several of them. This is the reason many people have moved on from using traditional shower heads to using filtered ionic shower-heads.

Are you still using a normal shower head? Did you know that there tap water is full of toxins? Try searching for “toxins tap water” on Google or YouTube. The truth might shock you. 

Ordinary shower heads do little more than wet your skin. But now, people have raised their standards. Thankfully, the IOnic Spa Shower Head is easy to replace and is being labeled as the saviour of the industry for a reason. Most competitors lack the power to truly clean the user.

If you are one of the many people who are asking for a quality experience every day, then the iOnic Spa Shower Head is going to change your morning routine.

What is iOnic Spa Shower Head?

An image of ionic spa shower head

Ionic Spa Shower Head is a small shower to install in large or small bathrooms. It contains stainless steel and polycarbonate and does not rust with water.

Spa Shower is high pressure & water saving shower head for dry skin & hair. Adjustable Handheld double filter system reduce chlorine & absorbing harmful substances from water.

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Bio-Active Mineral Beads

These beads are responsible for filtering the water in your shower so that you receive softer, purified water, free from toxic substances.

Customizable Shower

This product has three different settings that allow you to customize your showers to your preference. You can choose from Rainfall, Jet Spray, and Massage. You can also go with Rainfall plus Massage. I particularly liked Massage.

Removable and Washable

For increased hygiene, the IOnic Spa Shower head is removable and washable. So when you feel like cleaning everything, just take it apart, clean all the parts, and replace it with ease.

35% More Water Pressure

The shower head has been proven to increase your water pressure by 35%. This saves up to 30% of the time you’d use with a standard shower head. It also saves several gallons of water in the long run.

How does IOnic Spa Shower Head work?

A girl using Shower Head while taking bath

The water that you get in your shower head contains impurities such as chlorine, iron, bacteria, and other heavy metals. Ion Shower Spa has filtering materials such as KDF 55, Calcium Sulfite, Alkaline Ceramic Balls, and activated Carbon, among others, which remove these impurities.

The showerhead contains white energy balls which balance the pH levels in your shower water, making it a little alkaline and safe to use. The rust-colored mineral balls remove impurities, chlorine residues, bacteria, and heavy metals from the water. This helps you get healthier skin and a scalp that doesn’t itch anymore. The dark gray anion balls generate a range of useful minerals by breaking down water molecules into smaller ones. The minerals help your skin regain its elasticity with its quick absorption.

Ionic Shower Spa Head has 288 spray holes for your water to flow through. These dense holes are the reason why the water pressure is increased by almost 200%. Thus, it also helps in saving water by about 30%.

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Who could benefit from using the iOnic Spa Shower Head?

Ionic Spa Shower Head

Anyone who works hard, or has one of the various health complaints that can be alleviated by a pressure shower.

Your body will tell you when you’ve had a hard day at work. The fatigue can set in before you even get through your front door. iOnic Spa Shower Head makes showering an enjoyable experience, where the weight of the world is lifted like the oils that build up on your skin.

If your muscles ache after exerting yourself at the gym or if you have been for a jog, the massage setting can really target the areas that need the most attention. The pressured jet of this function is famous for its powerful sensory experience.

The iOnic Spa Shower Head is also recommended for anyone with skin complaints. Because of the Jet setting, it works like a lighter massage with a regular shower to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

For those who care about the appearance of their bathroom, it is also beneficial. The sleek design will not be intrusive to the current look of your bath or shower room and is available in two designs. The ionic balls are natural giving your shower an organic feel.

How to install?

Installation Steps

Please follow these steps for installation process:

  1. Place the hose gland on the hose connector to prevent water leakage.
  2. Tighten the shower and hose.
  3. Installed on the base of the normal water.


  • More powerful, much healthier hair
  • Moisturized, more youthful looking skin
  • Stimulated hair follicles
  • Cleanser, softer water
  • Faster cleaning process
  • Spa-level experience
  • A premium, lasting built
  • Completion of the residue in the shower.

General Ionic Spa Shower Head Test

We wanted to know more and tried Ionic Spa Shower Head for ourselves. Already during unpacking we noticed the well processed quality. If you hold your head in your hand, you will notice that quality was the order of the day here.

The cultivation was then child’s play. Simply turn off the old one, then turn on the new one again and tighten as much as possible. Done! We turned on the water afterwards. It is not only nice to watch how the water gets through the stones, but also the shower jet is much more pleasant on the hand. A real shower afterwards was extremely relaxing.

The jet can also be changed by rotating the shower head. This is completely simple. Again, the quality was noticeable. What feels bumpy with other manufacturers, as if one would break something, was here much more robust of the condition.

Altogether we were very satisfied with the device and would like to recommend it to others. We believe that such a morning shower will give you a lot more energy during the day and provide optimal relaxation.

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So, is the iOnic spa Shower Head Well worth Getting?

Definitely! It isn’t frequently that you get the opportunity to acquire a life-altering shower head. When you have actually felt the power on your skin, you will certainly never ever wish to use a different item. There are no challenging features and changing between the 3 various settings could not be less complex. As soon as you have actually fitted it, the iOnic Medspa Shower prepares to go.

The innovative filter rocks clean the water before it cleans your body. By getting rid of chlorine it will detoxify the water, and boost the rate at which you take in nutrients. The enticing price and resilience of this shower suggest it represents worth for money that is hard to get your hands on somewhere else.

Rating of Shower Head

Rated five stars by many users, we found out that this product is way more than just a showerhead. The product has helped over 200 000 people from across the world to shower safer through the reduction of toxins, bacteria, hard metals, and chlorine. Also, the shower head has been proven to save several gallons of water. It comes with high pressure functionality. We compared IOnic Spa Shower head with another product and found that it has 35% more water pressure.

My shower water happens to be hard, so I used a digital meter to measure the hardness of the water before and after passing through the showerhead. The water became softer after passing through the showerhead.

The IOnic Spa Shower head comes with three settings, so you can easily customize the shower. You can choose to go with Rainfall, Jet Spray, or Massage. I liked the fact that the shower head is transparent so you can see the bioactive stones in the shower head’s handle. And unlike many similar products, this shower head is washable, which means better hygiene.

iOnic Spa Shower Head Reviews – What Users Are Saying?

“I have lately changed my job and recently have been facing a lot of work pressure. After, I come back from the office feeling stressed and full of anxiety. I hated my life as it was becoming hell. Found myself longing for a spa or massage more often. Not only it was becoming expensive, but it was also time-consuming. One day I saw an advertisement for Ionic Spa Shower and thought of giving it a try. It was a rejuvenating feeling for me. It not only gave my body the soothing ness it longed for but also massages my body to feel relaxed. “- Sarah, 37, USA.

“I have been dealing with hair fall since we moved into our new house. The water is very hard here and chlorinated. Not only did my hair start to fall off, but my skin also became dry and chapped. I tried using body oils and creams but none worked. Then, my husband heard about this product and bought this for our bathroom. It worked wonders and my hair started becoming healthy. I love this product.” – Suzaine, 42.

“ My hair has always been beautiful and I boasted about it. After I got married my hair started getting thinner and soon became frizzy. I started feeling ashamed of myself. I understood the problem was the water but found no way to make it right. Then one day my mother told me about Ionic Spa and I purchased it. After using it for a few weeks the change was noticeable. I will always be grateful for it.”- Mary, 35, New York.

How much does it cost?

The company is offering IOnic Spa Shower Head at very lucrative discount. Check below:

  • 1 for $79
  • 2 + 1 Free for $137
  • 3 + 2 Free for $197

Note: Get 3 years warranty for just $14.

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Have Questions? Read Some FAQs

Why shower filters are necessary?

Basically, without a filter, you are showering in a pesticide (which chlorine is, it kills harmful pathogens in water and beneficial bacteria in our body). … Here’s an overview of the risks, demonstrated by medical science, the benefits of shower head water filters and if they are really necessary for every household.

Are ionic shower heads any good?

Negative ions are generated naturally by moving water, and regular showerheads are a good source of them. But ionic shower heads generate more. Negative ions have been associated with the following: Mental improvement and life satisfaction.

How can I soften my shower water?

The ONLY WAY to soften water in a shower is by using resin beads through a process called “Ion Exchange”. This involves using a much larger volume of resin than what would fit inside a shower filter. And the resin needs to be regenerated with salt water.

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