Inflater Reviews: Portable Air Pump

Inflater Reviews: Portable Air Pump

It was Sunday evening when I came to know that I had to attend this business meeting the next morning in another city which is around 350kms away from my current location, and my promotion depended on it. I tried using Inflater which is a portable air pump. Read the review and find out, is it worth?

All the flights were already booked so I had no other option than to go by road. I packed my bag, jumped into my car, and started to drive alone around 8:15 pm.

Then, I was halfway to my destination when I realized there was some problem with my tyre.

Also, then I stepped down and looked at my tyre, and I was disappointed to see that it was almost flat. No chance I can drive any further. I went to get the spare tyre, but I realized it was already punctured.

I said to myself, “How could I forget to fix the spare tyre?”

It was almost midnight. I had an important meeting lined up tomorrow morning, and there I was, stuck on a deserted road. I tried to call for a tow service, but he said: “Our towing vehicles are already at work, so you have to wait till the morning.”

That was like the final nail in the coffin. I was in a state of panic. I sat down on the road with the support of my flat tyre with no vehicle passing by.

After almost 1 and half hours, I finally saw a car coming my way. I waved at it and signaled it to stop.

How this Stranger was an Angel Sent by God?

A car on road

The driver came to me, and I told him about my situation. He said: “As you can see, we both are driving different cars. No chance my spare tyre will fit in yours but don’t worry, I will fix your tyre in no time.”

I was shocked and said to myself, “What a joke, he’s going to fix my tyre here without any tools.”

Then he took out a small machine with a glowing torch on it almost the size of my hand. He fixed it on the nozzle of my tyre. I was still not sure what good this small good-for-nothing machine was going to do.

After 2 minutes, he said: “Done you’re good to go now.

I was dumbfounded after seeing the tyre, which was back in running condition again.

Without wasting any time, I asked him about this miraculous machine. He said: “This is the inflator, easy to use, handy, a money saver, and very useful. 

I hit the road again and reached my destination.

Both my night and promotion were saved by this small yet fantastic device and, of course, that person who helped me.

The very next day, I ordered the inflateR myself.

What is InflateR?

Inflater in hand

Compact and easy to use, InflateR is completely wireless, small, and compact.

Besides plugging into the device and the tire, it has a nozzle that goes on top of the device. You’ll be able to see your tire PSI on the LED display the moment you plug it in.

The InflateR inflate the tire almost immediately once the PSI is set on the device’s base and it is turned on.

The InflateR will shut off automatically when the preset PSI amount is reached, which means you can start it, set it down, and continue working as usual.

Besides inflating, the portable power bank also serves as a power source! You can charge it in your car with the Micro-USB charging cable and the car adapter so that you don’t have to worry about losing it. Even your phone can be charged in your car with it!

InflateR isn’t just for car tires either, it can work with anything.

With its ability to pump up to 150 PSI, this device is the ideal tool for inflating bicycle tires up to 120 PSI. A hand pump cannot accomplish that.

Smaller than a water bottle, it can easily be carried around on your bike wherever you go.

My personal favorite uses of InflateR are:

  • Basketballs, Footballs and Soccerballs.
  • Bike Tires
  • Car Tires
  • Inflatable Tubes
  • Inflatable Air Mattresses
  • So much more
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Features of Inflater

Pump up to 150 psi: Pump a bicycle tire with ease with this portable pump that can pump 150psi.

Portable and Mobile: A wall outlet is required to charge similar pumps. Pumps are not appropriate when their primary use involves being on the go. Without a power outlet, the InflateR can pump up to 4 tires to full, without taking up much space in your backpack or glovebox.

Emergency Light: If something goes wrong, it goes VERY wrong. With the InflateR’s emergency light, you can always see in the dark thanks to the auxiliary power source built into the device.

Built-In 2000mAh Powerbank

You can charge your phone and GPS with the InflateR‘s built-in power bank when you’re in a hurry. It’s a device that never runs out of power.

Works With All Inflatables

Basketballs, soccer balls, basketballs, inflatable tubes, automobile tires… There are many more. This pump comes with attachments for pumping up all kinds of inflatables.

Easy to Use

To turn the unit on, turn the PSI dial to the desired amount and hit the power button. If you plug InflateR into anything, it will start pumping and automatically shut off when it reaches the desired PSI.

But by now I’m sure you’re thinking…

How did I select the best tyre inflator for myself?

Someone filling air in car tyre with Inflater

Is there a way to determine the correct pressure for my tyres?

A sticker that you can find either close to the fuel filler cap or around the driver’s door indicates the correct tyre pressure for each tire. It’s usually on the door frame or edge in the latter case.

Different wheel sizes often have different pressures on the stickers. A tyre’s size and width are determined by a number or letter that indicates its identity. The sequence on the wall of your tyre should match the sequence you found on the tyre.

Tire pressures range from 30 to 40 psi (or 2 to 2.8 bars).

How to test your tyre pressure?

All of the inflators I tested had a gauge that gives you a quick readout that lets you know whether the tyre needs pumping. 

The air hose is simply pushed over the valve on the tyre and a catch is pressed or released to clamp it in place after the dust cap is removed. It is best to use your own equipment to test tyre pressure when using tyre inflators found at gas stations.

How often should you check your tyres?

Check your tyres every two weeks and do this when they are cold. This is because they increase slightly in pressure as your tires warm up over time by driving. A tyre under-inflated by 15 psi (1 bar), according to Michelin, will cost about 6% more in fuel and increase your stopping distance by 5m at 56 mph.

What should I look for in a tyre inflator?

The largest factor is likely to be size. These small inflators are about 20 x 20 cm, so they won’t take up a lot of space in your car. All four valves are easier to reach when the power lead and air hose are long, which is why the best pumps don’t skimp on this feature. The majority of inflators are capable of stopping inflating when the tires reach the correct pressure.

Batteries are included in larger inflators, which are portable. When you’re pumping up bicycle tyres, for instance, these are a better option than dragging the bike next to your car. For tyres requiring higher pressures than average, such as those on vans or campers, a larger air compressor may also be needed.

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What’s extra in Inflater?

Inflater used for filling air in Cycle tyre

Adding mini torches, adapters and USB ports to tyre inflators may make them seem like toys, but the features can be quite handy. A light source, adaptations, and a pump are useful for pumping balloons, bicycle tires, and children’s toys late at night.

The 12V ports on some inflators can be used to extend the power of your car’s power to other accessories. You can charge a tablet or smartphone while on the road if your car does not have a USB port.

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Customers Opinion

Sounds Great, But How Much Does it Cost?

A tire inflator you can find in a shop is not something we want to spend a lot of money on. For entry into that market, you’ll have to spend at least $100.

A lightweight, cordless, portable blowing device I’ve never heard of before that trip doesn’t require any plugs!

Retail price is $75 + S&H. A great deal better than a trip to the mechanics, tow truck, or a brand new tire!

Furthermore, it relieves you of a lot of mental stress. It’s always a concern to check the tire pressure before a trip… Did I do this? Is that correct? In what timeframe can gas be refilled?

I wouldn’t mind paying $67.00 to remove all my worries with ease.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend buyers to InflateR. With this high quality air compressor pump, you can easily inflate tires and they are portable, compact, and easy to use.

The benefits of InflateR are not just related to its functionality, but are also connected to their convenience when used. As discussed in every subheading of this buyer’s guide, we can see how convenient it is to use one. Because it can be used for cars and sports equipment as well as camping equipment, it is multifunctional.

To be on the safe side, all car owners should invest in high-quality tyre inflators like InflateR due to the fact that their tyres could deflate at any time.

InflateR is a useful, dependable, guaranteed, and mandatory tool for all car owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control PSI? I want to use for latex balloons so I need 10-40 PSI for that.

Due to the lack of a regulator, you cannot set it to output just a specific amount. The gauge will show you how much water is being pumped and the higher the pressure will be the longer it runs.

What does inflator mean?

Using an inflator, air can be pumped into something.

Can you inflate a flat TYRE?

Inflators and pumps can be used easily to inflate a flat tire.

What happens if there is too much air in tires?

It’s just as hazardous as having flat tires with too much air in them. Tires can explode due to wear in the center of the tires. A tyre that is over-inflated comes into contact with the road less and keeps bouncing. Your stopping distance increases as well as your traction.

How does the digital tyre inflator work?

Digital tyre Inflators are becoming necessities to carry with you while you drive, just in case you get a puncture. This battery-powered cigarette lighter plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in your car.
Set the PSI mark for your tyre. Each tyre has a specific PSI mark. Once air gets filled, it turns off automatically. Due to its lightweight and portability features, it could be carried along with you easily.

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