InfinitiKloud for iPhone: How Does it Work?

InfinitiKloud for iPhone: How Does it Work?

If you are wondering if Infinitikloud for iPhone works or not, then this article throws light on how this magical device works well for iPhone. We will discuss its features and how to set up Infiniti kloud for iPhone, so let’s begin.

What is InfinitiKloud?

It is one of the most advanced and highly recommended tools for dealing with the problem of storing and keeping their valuable documents safe and secure for a longer time. As you know, the backup of your important documents is very crucial after some time.

Hence, it is one type of USB backup device that will help you back up your important files within seconds. This device will back up all your essential data present in your device, and you can keep your data for a long time even if your device gets damaged.

Infinitikloud combines a conventional USB drive and a traditional cloud. Hence, as soon as you enter your documents and data into the Infiniti Kloud, it will automatically store them inside a cloud.

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Features and Working of InfinitiKloud for iPhone

Infinitikloud used for iPhone charging

There are so many different features that are provided by this advanced USB back up device that protects your valuable data from getting lost; some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Flexible to many languages

This is the only USB backup device that supports many languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Chinese. However, it can be used by anybody living in any part of the world and is still working on adding more languages.

  • Benefits of VIP subscription: There are several different features that you will get on purchasing a VIP subscription that you will not find on any other USB drive.
  • Wireless device with one click back up

The best thing about this device is that now you don’t have to spend your valuable time backing up your vast data as it can do all your work with just a single click, you can complete all of your task such as saving, backing up, transferring and organizing in just one click.

  • Back up with customization

Also, this device is provided with customization; if you want to back up only a few data and files, then you can customize in that way through settings. Hence, now you don’t have to back up everything present on your device.

  • Air transfer: As mentioned, this is a wireless device, so you can quickly transfer and back up everything very conveniently within the range of 33 feet or 10 meters.
  • Feature of managing the device

It is provided with the feature of tracking your USB device through which you can monitor your device, and you can keep an eye on the available space. Also, it will inform you about the type of data that is storing maximum space.

  • Function of emergency documents

This function will help you to excess your essential data whenever you need them and keep them safe and secure for a long time.

You can always keep your important memories and documents alive even if you lose or damage your device. Infiniti Kloud will help you to store and keep all your legal documents safe and secure for a long time.

Why you should get this device?

The best part about using an Infiniti Kloud is that anybody can use it without facing any trouble or difficulty, and it can back up all your files in minutes. And it is one of the most reliable devices that assure safety to its users.

Also, you will be surprised to know that this device operates wirelessly, and now you don’t have to bother about handling those heavy and oversized hard drives that are very expensive and time-consuming as now you find an alternative to it.

Once you buy an Infiniti Kloud, you can easily back up all your important documents within seconds. The best thing about this device is that you don’t require to buy any costly subscription after purchasing it. Infiniti Kloud is provided with the inbuilt AI programming software that quickly detects, organizes, and backs up all your images and other files.

Many times you find difficulty in saving and keeping your documents safe someplace, and you always worry about losing them; for such cases, the Infiniti Kloud is the best solution to all your problems as it can keep all your data safe for a long time and it doesn’t matter on what device you are working either Laptop, computer or any other. It has a unique tendency to operate with 1TB memory cards and provides infinite space to store your data. A maximum of seven users can operate this device, and hence your family members can also have access to it. It is also included with the emergency feature that will help you safeguard your valuable files.

InfinitiKloud for iPhone Supported Formats

This is provided with the unique feature of working with so many different types of media files and devices such as:-

Videos: AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG, mp4, mpeg, quick time, avi, wmv, mov.

Music: WMA, MP3 Audio, Ogg Vorbis Audio, mp3, wma, wav.

Photos: Vector images, animated images, personal photos, icon files, etc.

Documents: ppt, pptx, doc, odt, wpd, pdf, xlr, xlsr, ppt, txt, docx, rft, Text, Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop.


Here in this article, we have included everything you need to know about a USB InfinitiKloud. I hope this article may help you get a clear idea about InfinitiKloud for iPhone device.

Read Some FAQs

Is InfinitiKloud compatible with iPhone?

Yes, InfinitiKloud device is completely compatible with iPhone.

InfinitiKloud is long-lasting?

Yes, it is a physically powerful device, and it can easily last for ten years or more.

Is Infiniti Kloud is a safe device to work with?

Like other USB devices, hackers do not easily hack and provide complete safety to their customers.

How to purchase InfinitiKloud?

The only way to purchase this device is from its official website, and you will not find it anywhere else.

What is the cost of Infiniti Kloud?

There are different USB drives available in the market, such as 64 GB and 128 GB. For a 64 GB drive, you need to pay around $ 50, and for a 128 GB drive, you need to pay around $ 70.

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