iMemories vs CostCo: Complete In-Depth Difference

iMemories vs CostCo: Complete In-Depth Difference

When I was a child, I remember when recording life’s special moments required planning and expensive equipment. Whatever the occasion, my parents were always there to record it on the Panasonic VHS camcorder, whether it was my sister’s kindergarten graduation or my first play. Find the difference between iMemories vs CostCo with us.

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find modern equipment that can play VHS tapes, so it’s harder for us to share these memories with the next generation. We have both spent years helping people digitize their old media into modern digital formats at iMemories and Costco.

Today’s article is about iMemories vs CostCo. Two companies that do pretty much the same thing, so it’ll be interesting to see which one wins out in this battle.

iMemories vs CostCo Comparison

f you’re looking for services similar to iMemories or CostCo, these are very good options. The problem with both of them though is that you never know exactly what your memories will look like until they’ve already committed to giving you something (generally DVDs or USB drives). If you want something more tangible then check out services like Shutterfly or Lifetouch; if not, go ahead and try iMemories or CostCo .

iMemories Digitization Process


In addition to providing everything you’ll need for shipping media, the SafeShip Kit streamlines the process. Kit consists of a waterproof bag, a crush-proof box, and shock-resistant bubble cushions. In addition to these features, iMemories offers free shipping through FedEx, which delivers industry-leading performance. 

iMemories begins digitizing your media after you’ve sent it to them. In addition to digitizing most formats Costco can digitize, iMemories also works with more modern formats, such as DVDs and MiniDVDs. iMemories also allows for a faster digitization process overall.

Depending on the media that you receive, you can choose from digital downloads, DVDs, 8-GB USB drives, and iMemories Cloud. iMemories Cloud is accessible from any device with the iMemories app. It allows you to download your files at any time, allowing you to save storage on your favorite devices to capture new memories. 

Who should prefer iMemories?

iMemories is perfect for those who like to download their memories and do what they want with them. If you like to take your time and edit videos yourself, then iMemories will work well for you; if you need something quickly, or don’t know how to edit videos, then this might not be the company for you.

Video Digitizing through iMemories

Media digitization and restoration services are provided online by iMemories. It was launched in 2004 during the early days of digital media. Through the years, they have gained a wealth of experience that allows them to solve nearly any problem that is thrown at them. Over a million customers have been helped, and a satisfaction guarantee is offered. 

Costco Digitization Process


You must send your media to Costco via the mail with a UPS prepaid label in order to have it digitized. Depending on the digitization process, you can expect to wait between three and four weeks. Tracking your order and checking the status of your order are both available online at any time. Costco will oversee the security of your media once it receives it. Costco keeps a digital backup of your media for 90 days after digitization.

Videotapes, film, photos, slides, and other kinds of media can be digitized by Costco. Videotape formats supported by Costco’s photo center include VHS, S-VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Video8, Hi-8, Digital8, DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, and DVC. 720p x 480p is usually the resolution captured when video formats are digitized. Videotape resolutions are typically lower, but the final product will still look like the original. Your digital copies can be obtained through a USB stick, a DVD, or by using the photo centers’ online storage service, MemoryCloud. 

Who should prefer CostCo?

CostCo is perfect for those who want to have a tangible product after they’ve given their memories away. iMemories will deliver, but they won’t ship a physical product unless you specifically request it. CostCo is great for people who need something simple and easy right out of the gate, or who doesn’t want to spend time having to give orders on what they want from their memories later on.

Video Digitizing through CostCo

Almost anything you could need is on the shelves of Costco in bulk and at great prices. Now you need to expand your idea of what Costco can do, as it can also digitize your old tapes and files through its Photo Center. Adding this service to Costco’s extensive portfolio is as simple as outsourcing it to YesVideo. Costco has a bit more revenue as a result of this business relationship, while YesVideo has a broader reach and more clients. 

Comparing Costco Video Transfer to iMemories Digitizing

In terms of digitization services, Costco and iMemories both offer compelling solutions. How do they compare? At Costco, digitizing is just another service offered through its Photo Center, whereas it is the main feature of iMemories. The specialisation does not necessarily indicate a superior product, but it does help to differentiate each company’s approach.

Supported Digitizing Formats

While both companies digitize many formats, one stands out because it uses a more modern approach. iMemories can digitize all kinds of older tapes and films, including Costco, as well as more recent formats such as DVDs.

File Storage Solutions

The solutions offered by both companies when it comes to storing your newly digitized media are similar. If you prefer, you can download the files for free. If you prefer, you can wait for them to ship you the files on DVD or USB stick. Costco offers 90 days of free storage on their cloud. The cloud storage provided by iMemories is free, but you can keep your files indefinitely.

iMemories includes an app for accessing and sharing your files from anywhere. Although Costco may offer cloud-based storage that is cheaper in the short term, iMemories is a more permanent and premium solution. 

Shipping and Handling

Both companies offer prepaid labels for sending media to their digitization centers, but iMemories also offers alternative shipping options. The SafeShip Kit is the best way to safely send your media according to iMemories’ extensive experience.

SafeShip Kits don’t contain anything you couldn’t make yourself, but it’s a convenient option you might not save money on. 

If you trust iMemories with your media, you can rest assured they’ve handled over one million orders and have never lost a “memory” at any of their facilities.

As soon as your media arrives at YesVideo’s facility, you will be able to monitor it 24-hours a day. Your package from iMemories may arrive up to a week earlier than your package from Costco when it is finally time to get your media back. 

Average Cost

As a matter of fact, both services are pretty similar in terms of price. The prices at iMemories are custom-quotes, whereas those at Costco are flat prices. The Costco price breakdown was more difficult to understand than iMemories’ and was also somewhat more expensive. Comparing iMemories to Costco, iMemories emphasizes customizing the digitizing experience for the customer, while Costco is more focused on a professional corporate approach. 

Summary – iMemories vs Costco

iMemories comes out the clear winner here for picture and video products, hands down. Photo books are better value if ordered directly through Costco, but their DVDs and USB drives aren’t even in the same league as iMemories .

The overall service offered by iMemories is better. Digital media has been a part of their business since the beginning, and they have a proven track record. Known for their reliability, they have streamlined the whole process into an intuitive one.

The only advantage of Costco is that you can visit a local representative in person, but they don’t do any digitizing themselves. By outsourcing the digitization to YesVideo, they keep costs down, however, their staff may not have all the answers. In terms of prices and turnaround time, both services are competitive. Costco’s project is not as important as iMemories, which focuses on digitizing old media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats of older analog memories does iMemories accept?

If it was used in the last century to record family memories, iMemories accepts it. The following formats are accepted:
Videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroMini
Movie Films: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm
Photos: Photo prints, slides, negatives
Note: We do not develop film (e.g., Kodak film canisters) or digitize audio cassettes

Can iMemories make DVDs or Blu-rays for me that I can watch on my TV and computer?

Yes, iMemories can put your videos and photos onto premium quality DVDs or Blu-rays that will play on your TV and computer. Only at iMemories can you fully customize your DVDs or Blu-rays.
You can edit, label and organize your videos and photos and choose exactly what memories get preserved on your DVDs or Blu-rays. iMemories DVDs and Blu-rays are premium quality and professionally packaged. Not only do they make great long term digital archives, our DVDs and Blu-rays make wonderful gifts for family and friends.